The Secrets of Tantric Meditation – Introduction to the Path of Bliss – Stockholm

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This week, on 26th feb, I will keep a lecture about tantric meditation in Stockholm.

Meditation has been defined as “the state that appears whenever the flow of attention, which is oriented towards the target of concentration, becomes uninterrupted”. However, this definition carries the greatest degree of practicability, as it represents a genuine common denominator for the various spiritual systems which have used meditation as one of the basic methods for individual development.

Moreover, even modern studies on brain functioning have confirmed this fundamental approach on meditation, from several standpoints. Even so, when nowadays tantric meditation is brought up, one can hear an entire range of speculations and sometimes even important mistakes in approaching this topic. These particular mistakes are defended by invoking apparent chief differences between the traditional yogic path (of ascetic character) and the tantric path.

tantric meditation

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The Wrong Approach to Mind Control And Mental Manipulation

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Mind Control – What Is Wrong in Reality?

Is mind control wrong in itself or is the direction in which it is applied wrong? So much talk nowadays about the “bad guys” controlling the masses through mind control. But is it not true that someone else can control your mind only if you do not control it yourself? If you “drop” the control of your mind, anyone else can“pick it” up and use it. The problem is not to keep people away from other people’s mind, the problem is to bring back people in control of their own mind – and then, nobody else can control it.

Mind control – the question is “who is doing it?” and not “are we doing it or not?” What is the mind control referring to? Is it right to push forward the idea that controlling the mind is always wrong? How about  controlling our own mind?

Basically, the one that has the control decides upon what course the action can take. Therefore the one controlling the mind will have the options and in order to make things right the owner of the mind should be the one controlling it. This is the essence of what i was calling “Spiritual immunity”, a reliable solution to protect the citizen against any attempt of manipulation. Once you get control upon your attention and concentration, nobody can manipulate you anymore.

Watch full talk on: Who is holding the remote control of your mind?
(Extracts from the annual International Conference for Spiritual Human Rights, Copenhagen 2013.)

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: The Root of Integral Yoga (third part)

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The Spiritual Journey as a Practical Pursuit

yoga patanjaliIn the first verse of the second chapter, Patanjali explains the Yoga of Spiritual Action that will naturally lead to an evolutionary process within the frame of daily existence. Validated by the daily life, spiritual results therefore become an achievement that is no longer lost through the waves of life.

This involves the self-assumed discipline, Tapas; self-introspection reflected through the validation of the sacred texts Swadhyaya; and Ishwara Pranidhana which is the devotion toward God or the Supreme Being. This last one represents one of the most delicate concepts presented in this work, a subject of controversy and innumerable speculations in the modern interpretation of this fundamental work.

Not being biased by any anarchic attitude toward a Supreme Spiritual authority – as many people are today, without even realizing it – Patanjali is introducing the notion of the Supreme Being, Ishwara, that should be the support of the individual aspirations, ideals and devotion. Read more…

Meditation Retreat Denmark – An Inner Journey Through Silence

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Advaita StoianAt the end of last year and beginning of this year the annual Meditation Retreat in Paradise Retreat Centre took place. Every year this event gathers over one hundred participants divided in two modules. These modules differ in their level of difficulty, therefore participants can choose which one to join according to their level.

This year was a wonderful confirmation for me of the fact that the systematic guidance that is provided for the participants allows many of them to achieve amazing levels of profoundness in meditation, spiritual revelations and peak experiences that would otherwise take them many months of solitary practice. Of course these are the seeds that are planted within their being and in the extent to which they practice afterwards they will grow these seeds into big spiritual realizations.

The entire retreat was structured as a step-by-step trip within one’s own being, a deepening of the most important aspect of the person until the practitioner is able to peel off the personality and remain only with the Self. Many people that considered themselves advanced in meditation were afterwards confessing that this way of presenting meditation is revolutionizing their practice, making it effective and transformative. Read more…

Elmar Brok’s ‘Fingerprints for Foreigners’ Sparks Revenge of the Shadow Puppeteers

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Elmar Brok and his Proposal to Take Fingerprints from Foreigners who Abuse Social Benefits in Germany

Elmar BrokIn an ongoing attempt to suppress genuine spirituality, parts of the Romanian media are constantly attacking the yoga movement MISA and its supporters. Now the situation is again being taken out of the local arena with attacks being made on anyone who dares to raise the problem at an international level. This has been done before and now they are striking again. And now it’s the turn of MEP Elmar Brok to stand in the Romanian media spotlight.

Elmar Brok is a well-known and very well respected Member of the European Parliament, where he has held a seat since 1980. He is a Member of the Group of the European People’s Party (Christian Democrats) and Chair of the Committee on Foreign Affairs.

In relation to Romania joining the European Union, Brok has openly criticized the system in Romania several times, but now he is being publicly attacked for suggesting that Eastern European immigrants, namely Romanian and Bulgarian, be fingerprinted when they enter Germany. Read more…

EU Commissioner Viviane Reding’s Live Talk on the Romanian Misuse of EU Mechanisms in Relation to the Gregorian Bivolaru Case

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There are an increasing number of officials being made aware of the illegalities and abuses by the Romanian authorities in the Gregorian Bivolaru case. Some have even questioned the very fabric of Romania’s justice system. Voices from the Supreme Council of Magistrates in Romania reached the EU Commission last year, leading them to complain about the political interference and pressure that magistrates are suffering in Romania. Dozens of MEPs wrote letters of concern in which they requested information about the human rights case of MISA and Gregorian Bivolaru. Read more…

Yoga Sutras of Patanjali: The Root of Integral Yoga (part two)

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Yoga – Final Destination and Spiraling Evolution

yoga posturePatanjali’s Yoga Sutra is divided into four sections or Padas. Even if the structure described in it is a holistic one, each part is having their role just like the organs in the body are having their particular role while fulfilling their general place in the whole. And since the definition of the whole in itself becomes quite difficult Patanjali does not get to talk about the Ashtanga Yoga, the Yoga of Eight Limbs, until the 29th verse of the second Chapter “Sadhana Pada”. And even there it is only sketched because, without the right context and preparation based on direct experimentation, such a complex system will easily become only a self limitation.

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The “whole” will become a separate category that will exclude its component parts, a fortress that is heavily defended by the zealots of this concept in their attempt to keep it away from the waves of diversity that are coming from everywhere. THE WHOLE risk to become a dot in the ocean of EVERYTHING. Read more…

Mind Manipulation and Brain Washing-The Price of a Predictable Society

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Soteria International – Bringing Forth Revolutionary Ideas

In their attempt to create a safe and secure society, the architects behind its design often fall victim to their own obsession for power. It is for these reasons I decided to attend the annual International Conference for Spiritual Human Rights, Copenhagen 2013.

This year’s topic was “Freedom of conscience and belief at a crossroads in Europe – self-determination and spiritual teachings”. While preparing for the conference and reading the background materials, I was surprised to realize that many of the efforts to eliminate the insidious maneuvers of different power structures are oriented in the wrong direction. So I decided to change the topic of my contribution as it is more important to work on defining the right direction of action than to debate one particular aspect of it. Governments are frantic to implement new laws across Europe, claiming to act in view of protecting the citizens. And one of the newly emerging concerns is so-called “mind manipulation”.
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Spiritual Human Rights Conference 2013

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Freedom of conscience and belief at a crossroads in Europe – self-determination and spiritual teachings

Soteria Conference In December 2013 I was invited to the annual conference organized by Soteria International with the subject on Spiritual Human Rights that took place in Copenhagen. Co-hosted by several other international organizations, the subject was far more interesting than one might intuit from the title! The current state of affairs of spirituality in Europe is not at all a model of freedom and cooperation. It is however very important now for all those that are the players of the spiritual field to start debating about the view upon the freedom of spiritual practice and the way it is treated today. New laws against mind manipulations, some being reenactments of laws used by dictatorial regimes in the past (such as “the plagio law” of Mussolini during fascist Italy) are now specifically targeting the new religious and spiritual movements. The inquisitorial squads from the pseudo anti-sect NGO’s, secretly sponsored by governments (such as the FECRIS organization sponsored by France) are running rampant across EU and the mounting human rights files against them in the Strasbourg Court for Human Rights speak for their actions. This is the climate that made Soteria’s 2013 annual conference a very interesting opportunity to see both sides of the story and to look more closely at some real solutions. Read more…

Yoga Sutras of PATANJALI: THE ROOT of INTEGRAL YOGA (part one)

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An Integral Yoga System as a Holistic structure

Yoga positionWe owe to the great Sage Patanjali a workable Yoga system that became the blueprint of most of the Yoga practiced today. Patanjali’s amazing wisdom comes not only from the knowledge he is teaching but mostly from his ability to collect and assess and later present the science of union in YOGA SUTRAS. This system popularly known by the term ASHTANGA YOGA or the Yoga of Eight Limbs is the most integrated, comprehensive and even holistic view of Yoga that we have transmitted today from the ancient cultures.

Unfortunately today one can find a lot of ASHTANGA YOGA places that are only teaching asanas, little pranayama and little concentration. With other words from the eight limbs of the integral sistem of Yoga described by Patanjali, only three or maximum four are integrated into the commercial spirituality that we can find today.

Dating Patanjali as an author and the YOGA SUTRA as a literary work is difficult, and many eminent authorities have placed Patanjali as early as one thousand years B.C. Others have put him in the sixth century in this Christian era. He is one of the three colossal spirits that have opened not a new religion or a tradition but have given to the human spirit the idea of using methods and the spirit of doing it.

Charaka brought to light the science of life, Ayurveda. Panini brought the science of language and structure, Sanskrit grammar. And Patanjali revealed the science of transformation, Yoga.

One cannot be far from truth on noticing the mysterious presence of the Trinity coming through these three ancient sages. Three ancient Sanskrit sources make a similar quote; “Charaka purified the body with Ayurveda; Panini purified our tongue (language) with his grammar; while Patanjali purified the mind with his Yoga.” Read more…

The International Summer Yoga Camp 2013, Costinesti, Romania

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A Spiritual Vacation at the Black Sea

yogacampcostinesti2013 03Update: for those of you who does not know Romania here is a very beautiful glimpse into its beauties.

Every summer the humble seaside town of Costinesti, on the shores of the Romanian Black Sea, is transformed into the privileged destination of one of the world’s most significant and highly-anticipated spiritual events. Serving up a veritable smorgasbord of yogic delicacies and spiritual delights, the Costinesti International Yoga Vacation Summer Camp is unparalleled in its dimensions, content and scope as an event of high spiritual importance in the western world. Catering for both the yogic connoisseur and beginner alike, it is a peak moment in the year when yogis and lovers of spirituality come together to share their love of the spiritual and to celebrate the joy of life under the brilliant summer sun.

Held every year since 1992, this annual event hosted by MISA Yoga School takes place in August and the first week of September and is one of the largest yoga camps in the world, attracting participants from more than 30 different nations including most European countries and bringing people from as far afield as Argentina, Australia, Great Britain, USA, South Africa and Guatemala.

Since its inception, the camp has continued to grow in numbers and strength every year, and this year was no exception. True to its principles of expansion and transformation, year after year the camp continues to captivate the hearts of the many spiritual seekers it attracts, offering them new and inspiring conferences, initiations, and a plethora of possibilities for broadening their spiritual horizons. It is a peak moment of the year which can bring radical inner transformations and pave the way for the year to follow. For many, this annual camp has marked some of the most important spiritual moments in their lives and has helped to shape their lives.

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