A Gift of Love

Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates Christmas, and a Happy New Year to everybody. Here is a modest gift with Love.
This is one of the most special times of the year, there is a buzz and an excitement in the air, a sense of anticipation everywhere, something magical is about to happen,…It is the [...]

Swine Flu and The Wall of Silence Around It

This article is a continuation from the previous post: Swine Flu Vaccinations are they Weapons of Mass Destruction?
The news around Swine Flu continues, in the following I will present some sensational news that gives an unexpected confirmation to what was previously labelled as being “conspiracy theories”.

This information is surfacing again while the “swine flu scam” spreads among naive people [...]

Lies In Court And Their Result: Injustice

I write this here for all those who naively believe that a liar can only harm himself and therefore we have to let him do whatever he wants. As you can see a LIAR will also harm the people around him, he will become a danger for himself and even a danger to society.
The [...]

Swine Flu Vaccinations are they Weapons of Mass Destruction?

Swine flu is it real threat or a real scam?

This article about swine flu addresses all those who are open minded enough to explore the information and have the courage to get out of  the “official box” where everything is seemingly safe, but in fact it is not because the responsibility for this ‘safety’ has  [...]

The Sleep Of Reason Creates Monsters

Last week I was given the occasion (I cannot say unfortunately because it was a good lesson for me) to see one of the persons who little more than a year ago pretended to be my friend, lying in court about the yoga school without any problem! And he was committing this cowardly act driven [...]

Music – The New “Kali” Cd Is Available!

You can find it on their page: ISIS MUSIC
The new CD covers a large spectrum or resonances in the sphere of power of KALI, the Great Cosmic Power of TIME.
I was amazed to see how much the final version of the CD had improved from the demo versions that I [...]

9/11 – Let’s Not Forget That Day

This date should not be forgotten by anyone with a responsible attitude in life, either fanatic believer of the official theory full of conspiracy, or a seeker for the truth about the attacks among the “conspiracy theories”.
If you are on either side, i invite you to see this movie and meditate deeply upon the fact [...]

9/11 -Another Step For The New World Dis(Order)

9/11 has become the day in which we question the world we live in, especially its power structure!
9/11 is the day selects those who dare to question from those who are are too attached, too weak, too scared, too important, too insignificant, too stupid, too many to ask any question.
This is the [...]

The Magician

I wrote this for the Tantra Summer Camp 2008
The following text is an adaptation of an essay that has been published on the internet. Its beauty lies in its splendid description of the game between Shiva and Shakti, between the feminine and the masculine. It may well be regarded as a story between either a [...]

Drops of Love – In Adoration of Shakti…

Drops  of love  is a new chapter where I want to share with you beautiful quotations, inspirations and feelings.
I invite you all to post your heart’s contributions to make here a place for the soul to blossom.

I was inspired to write the following poem by the wonderful manifestation of Shakti in all the women [...]

Kim Schmock Has Shown Us The True Dimension Of His Mental Problems: The Case Becomes Dangerous!!!

“Schmollum” brought in the “orcs” and the involvement of the “all seeing eye” starts to appear clearer.
After we made the invitation for Kim to live in one of NATHA’s ashrams, after I wrote to Kim, Celia and Karsten (K&C&K) on this blog in the [...]