Overwhelming and Definitive Triumph of the Divine Justice in the Unfair Trials Against Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru

Gregorian Bivolaru is Innocent!
On the 23rd April 2010 I was announcing ‘a great victory for our yoga school’ since at that moment the court decided that my spiritual guide Mr. Gregorian Bivolaru is innocent. Since Monday the 14th March I can now even more happily announce the final triumph in the court, since the appeal [...]

Exterior Revolution is Not a Solution – Part One

“In capitalism we deal with the exploitation of man by man. But in communism the situation is inverted.“
(Urban folklore from the communist period in Romania)
I wrote this post before the development of tensions in the Arabic countries and the Middle East. Considering the recent events in Egypt, Tunis, Libya,  I can see that the post [...]

Urgent Message from Gregorian Bivolaru, Spiritual Guide of the Atman Federation of Yoga, Regarding a Possibil Catastrophic Solar Flare

My dears,
Please read carefully, a few times, the article at the end of this message. You can see that at the level of the solar system the events intensify. Now the time has come for us to take our hands out of our pockets and to stop shrugging our shoulders, and to stop saying in [...]