(English) The Revolt Inside The Secret Services in The Case of Gregorian Bivolaru – Misa

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8 Responses to “(English) The Revolt Inside The Secret Services in The Case of Gregorian Bivolaru – Misa”

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    It is shameful that people have to constantly be looking over the shoulder and defending themselves from things they didn’t do, an it is even more shameful that all this energy is wasted and put into attaching the ones who bring light into this world. Freedom right now it’s an illusion and it is being undermined everywhere. We should not be arrogant to the point to think that this only happens to our ”neighbors”. Hopefully consciousness will be raised and people will stand up for justice, independently of who or what is being attacked or where the attack is happening.

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    At last, someone speaks the truth about these things. We all new it but now we also have the confirmation of it. From one point of view, you could say we’re not alone in this world anymore… Things are starting to come to us. We, the whole society need a brake-up from all these unhealthy, inhuman treatment. We want to see the light of truth and freedom again. It will be a long process, but it starts with each and everyone of us. And I hope other colleagues of this secret service employee read this letter and joint the “good church”. At some point everyone has to chose anyway!

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    I remember well how happy the first two letters (of the secret service agent) made me some years ago when reading them and for those who want some really juicy Sherlock readings in their spare moments I can warmly recommend them here on the blog or on natha.net :-)
    This third letter is a final clarification for me in some respects: it is obvious now that the secret services-mass media-politics blocks in Romania are not to be thought of as thoroughly black any more! The miracle of the Gandhi type of perseverance in the right way of acting have not only obtained that two times Mr. Bivolaru was found innocent and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FROM THE INITIAL ACCUSATIONS COULD BE PROVEN IN COURT, but much more than that it made so that the yogis’ way starts becoming exemplary for the Romanian society and this is already a double victory showing that honesty and respecting the divine principles in the end WILL TRIUMPH … FOR SURE! Hopefully – with God’s help – tomorrow 21st March will be that providential moment.

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    I’m very surprised to read this kind of information on a public blog. I think things are going somehow towards the right direction since agents start talking…
    I wish it were the same where I’m from also… but who knows…

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    This is not very new. This guy opened his mouth before and it was a great revelation. It’s a good thing he did. This shows that more and more people are starting to think for the community and they are willing to sacrifice something for it also.
    500 years ago this wouldn’t have been a issue in Romania. Most of the people would have defended their community with every price (which they did), but in the dark times we’re passing now, with such a huge percentage of materialism, of people who betray their own kind for a penny, this is a ray of light. It shows that we’re not dead completely…

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    Good to know.. but too sad that this is really happening in our society..
    As this person from the secret services, there will hopefully very soon come upfront others.
    It is a time of transformation for everyone, everyone has a big chance now so why not just take it and expose even more of such criminal gestures. There must be a solution that is enclosed right in the problem itself. I even expect this to be done with the help of such secret service officers as the one that spoke now.

  7. 7

    this really confirms what B. Fulford said about the transformations that appear in the world.
    My God, this is really happening. Well done, guys stop being the instruments for fear and destruction and begin to work FOR the people, just like it was intended a very long time ago.
    Intelligence agencies from nowdays turned into Mafia like institutions, but if their employees stop doing the wrong thing the elites will remain without “legs and arms”. I think freedom it’s starting to blossom… even if it’s just the beginning, it’s a pretty good one..
    Continue like that…

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    What? Is it so bad in Romania? Oh, my god! Mafia in Romania is not on the street, is where you think you will be safe. SHAME ON YOU, romanian justice.

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