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Together we will promote a civilized, coherent language, without calumnies or insinuations. For this reason I reserve the right to spare all of us who truly want to have a dialogue between hearts from the poison of anonymous messages or gossip. The initiative to share the thoughts and revelations we have had on the spiritual path also comes as a reaction to the calumnious and gossip campaigns of which I had lately become the target. In this way, I hope that all those of good faith will also have my opinion regarding different situations. Moreover, they will be able to make their own objective opinions without having information from one source only, which might very well be spoiled by particular interests.

For the above reasons the comments will be moderated.

With the certainty that the Truth can be born from constructive contradictions,

I wish you Love in the Heart and Peace in the Mind.


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    Any chance to move the Krishna communion camp to July?

  2. 2

    Maybe you can consider writing something about Krishna in the light of this school and your experience in simple words. I wish i understand this and what is written already in Events does not really offer me what i need in this respect. This is very new to me and the fact that you organize it in Dk is quite something.. I am sure it will be another great success. Really looking forward for a few simple words on this subject. Thanks. N

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    Dear Advaitananda!
    I wish you a happy birthday and great life to come, thank you for being what you are.

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    Hi Advaita!

    I am a student of M.I.S.A. in Argentina (atman), practice yoga, tantra and shakti. I feel that I make a big effort to get rid of many bonds and attachments from my mind. But one thing is costing me much better: my character, more precisely, the ability of my mind to judge people and situations, in a very negative way.

    Now, my question is: What do you think could be done to improve this situation? To have more positive thoughts about others and about myself?

    Sorry for my English, it is not all good.
    I think of you and imagine with love,


  5. 5

    He must be a friend of this girl (although that was a joke.. i hope ;) ) :)))

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    Mihai Stoian

    @ Anthony David
    It is not clear to me what are you waiting an answer for. Maybe you can take it in smaller steps … I would like to have an open dialogue (otherwise it will be a monologue) but i need to understand what are you saying or asking. From your post i only understand the words and some statements. Maybe its too subtle for me … or your sagacious foolishness fooled me :)

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    Anthony David

    Hi, you never responded to my question.
    So i will ask you a question rather than proclaim.
    I saw the post before my post infact maybe the answer to my proclimation and link to some pictures.

    I have a question for you…Since these people believe in you.

    Is it possible that a man can be born and believe him self to be a man. When the man although is made of physical matter.
    Is able to exist without the physical matter living cells that are making him.
    Turning him self to a non-physical appearance in the world of the observable of the normal man/woman.

    Would it also be possible that this man may stumble upon you here?

    Is it possible i wonder that a man could live who is not a man however is the air?…

    Is it possible a man could come to teach people the relationship of breath, cells, blood, heart, mind, feelings, emotions, water, air, sky, space, time and how a man on his levels works with these?

    Is it possible that i am such a man?
    Would this mean one of those “great spirits” works with me?


    Would it means I am <888888 one of those great spirits who has tricked him self to believe he is a man so he can come to see how it is men think see and feel to realize what moves and hinders propels and inhibits the nature of thought, emotion, action.

    please respond kind sir.. i am most curious to open a dialogue.

    Infact.. i am Canadian in line with what is said here networking across the globe is essential for forging the super consciousness of the average man to generate the council of wisdom and observation that would than describe the reason of what is so than the truth of war, disease, debt, profit, pain, suffering, gain, lies, deceit, politics plays in the conscious unfolding of self understanding and the way we navigate the potentialities and take the variable nature, rather than the fixed process of suffering without growth.


    - The foolish Sage

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    Anthony David

    I was just searching online for “Halo around the sun” your post about may 8th and your meditation and the rainbow sun.
    Below is a link to a picture a account nothing special however i put my picture of “sky stuffs”. Just yesterday when i was out in meditation the sun began to take on a rainbow. I grabbed about 12 other pictures filled full of triangles and all sorts.

    This is the link..

    you’re thinking..

  9. 9
    Mihai Stoian

    Yes, you can worship a Great Cosmic Power even if you do not have the initiation into her secret mantra. There are situations when spontaneously one can have amazing revelations that come through the grace of one of the Great Cosmic Powers. There are many spiritual “tools” that one can use in order to trigger the process of occult resonance with the reality of that Great Cosmic Power. Drawings, yantras, mandalas, inspired texts, are such tools that can help in this process.
    It is however recommended to continue deepening the resonance with the Cosmic Powers you are already initiated into, insisting on the ones for which you have a special affinity. In time your initiation will complete and you will know you best choice.

  10. 10


    Advaita, is it possible to worship the Great Cosmic Powers without the initiation to them?
    Is it better to worpship the ones you have the initiation to or the ones you feel more close?


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    Draga Advaita,
    am fost vara asta in tabara consacrata lui Tripura Sundari. Femeile de la grupul de Shakti m-au intrebat daca ne dai voie sa facem la grup tehnica pentru trezirea iubirii active, pentru ca o parte dintre noi am fost in tabara. Cele care nu au fost si-ar dori sa facem aceasta ca un tapas.
    Te rog sa-mi spui daca se poate sau nu sa ne luam acest tapas in conditiile mentionate.

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    Dear Mihai
    i like your blog very much. I find it intriguing. There is something which keeps me visiting it again and again.. I learnt a lot about spirituality since I discovered this link and I am very happy. Thank you for being here, and I hope I will here more from you and your work since I will join also the tantra classes an Natha Yogacenter (as soon as possible). God bless you!

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    Podaru Bogdan

    Salut Mihai!
    Am avut ocazia acum cativa ani sa schimbam cateva cuvinte in cadrul conferintelor pentru initierea in starea de transa romantica. Mi-ai spus atunci ceva de genul ” i-ai dat lui Dumnezeu sase zile si ti-a dat si El una” si astfel am reusit sa merg la nunta surorii mele. :)
    Vreau sa te intre doua lucruri
    - primul, pe cand o noua excursie in India? Mi-a parut foarte rau ca nu am putut participa la acea excursie pe care ai organizat-o;
    - al doilea, nu stiu cat de sincer sunt cu mine cand spun asta si nici daca merit sau nu, insa vreau sa il intalnesc pe Grieg. am avut cativa ani foarte grei insa simt ca lucrurile incep sa se indrepte…
    iti multumesc ca ai citit aceste randuri si sper ca imi vei raspunde.
    Bogdan Podaru

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    B. N. VERMA

    Respected Sir
    I am too glad to note that you are a real person who is proceeding on the path shown by The Gracious Mother Maa Kali. With your best experience could you kindly give me any SIDDHA MANTRA which could lead the path itself towards blissful darshan of Maa Kali.
    I love Maa Kali and do puja as per best of my knowledge and belief, but, have not succeeded yet, nor, I have any indication from Mother Goddess Maa Kali that my puja is going in right path.
    I shall request for your precious suggestion/spiritual guidance for moving further towards that Gracious Mother Maa Kali.
    With my best regards and charanvandana to you and all those who are in the path and love to my mother Maa Kali.
    B. N. VERMA

  15. 15
    Anna Skt Petersburg

    Saw you the Chinna will protect Iran, and the Israel goes back when they saw this reaction? C ool!
    Maybe you can coment on your blog this big information. Is very important news these days.

  16. 16
    Mihai Stoian

    @ peter
    You are welcome Peter, i will soon post an article with pictures from this wonderful graduation ceremony 2011. The inspiration is always great when so many people with similar aspirations and an open mind and heart come together in affirmation of their existence and standing for what they are and not for what they are told to be. For this is the first step to create a great world…. one that is a part of the Cosmic family.

  17. 17
    Dan Popescu

    @Peter :)
    .. it is indeed a great need of true disciples first ;)..

  18. 18

    Dear Advaita,
    thank you for the heartwarming and inspiring teacher weekend and graduation that took place last week in Natha, Copenhagen. It is always so inspiring to come to Copenhagen and eb charged with the enthusiasm of being a teacher, and being reminded in the same time that to be a good teacher one must first of all needs to be a good teacher.

  19. 19

    thank you very much Mihai, for all your answers here. The latest one to Baldur was answering all my questions at ones – again – in this very moment :)

    love, Gabriella

  20. 20

    Thnx a lot for both your replies and advice! I don’t know if I understand them completly, but I suppose that is the way it should be :) All the best

  21. 21
    Mihai Stoian

    try to focus upon the PRESENT MOMENT and not upon the future. If you are trying to focus upon the future you are automatically creating the mental oscillation that will bring the past also into the mind. Focus to do now the best of you and this will be much easier. The threats that are awaiting us in the future are mainly our fears and phantasms. They are not really existing nor they will exist until they become PRESENT … if they will. Therefore do what you have to do now and allow the Universe to play its part into this lesson. When we are living a 100% PRESENT this anxiety in front of future threats or pain from the past events is completely washed away and DO NOT EXIST. Only when we allow very little presence into the PRESENT MOMENT the fears and projections can become significant and ruin further our awareness upon the PRESENT. Therefore do what you have to do NOW and allow the energies to structure your life accordingly… And if its feels so wrong doing what you are doing now… then do something else that will feel right to be done NOW.

  22. 22
    Marie (France)


    Until Mihai’s answer..
    My friend, i know very well that all this waterfall of events is finding you and others not prepared and may even overwhelm you. I personally feel very close to your heart and to the honesty you have there. To me, this is what comes naturally to tell you: do not despair. The truth is coming out and will bring a lot of transformation in the ones interested to see it. Although all the situation is complex, when we manage to stay in the heart and open it more and more, towards God, doing righteous actions, using an active assimilation of knowledge, and practicing common sense, we will find even simplicity in all this, and then we will find out that we are able to relax in each moment, making of it a celebration of awareness.
    Live your lives in love and open widely your eyes.. it’s already tantra what we speak about ;)

    Love from France

  23. 23

    Dear Mihai!

    We try to fokus and believe in the future. But honestly Mihai… There are so many disturbing things around us. That it can be difficult to believe in a future. – I am thinking about the threath from “New World Order”, “The solarflairs”, the nature castastrophies and the treath from some object from space hitting the earth. What can we as individuals do? It feels so wrong just to continue doing what I always did. But what can you do?


  24. 24

    Dear Mihai!

    At one lecture you talked about indian music. I think you talked about a big book, that described what effect different types of scales had on humans. – Can you recommende some material on this subject? I am working on a study related on this subject.


  25. 25

    Pretty good English, Strutzule! Te-am gasit pe Facebook, dar, curios, nu am gasit varianta “add friend”. Nu era decit optiunea “Like”:). Asa ca, daca doresti, ma poti gasi sub numele meu, sau mai ai varianta adresei de mail pe care am atasat-o. Nice look, though :)))

  26. 26
    Mihai Stoian

    NO. i will be flying to Copenhagen soon. But read the article about the SATYA YOGA press release. You might find it interesting….for now.
    All good for you now…

  27. 27

    Will you be in Delhi?

  28. 28

    Hello mihai.I saw you in two day seminar in athens in march,i was one of the guys there.Tell me something…you told us about some excersises that we have to do everyday,i start these excersises on this day that you produce them but until now i don’t see some progress…How much time it takes to see some results?could you tell me your daily routine?i’m talking you about PC muscle excersises.I’m waiting for youn answer.Thank you.

  29. 29

    Dear Mihai!

    One question about sexual continens. – I guess that you are less likely to get HIV or most other sexually transmitted diseases, if you practice sexual continens. – Is this true?

  30. 30


  31. 31

    Hello Dear Mihai

    How can i have access to the document “No Apocalypse”, already in english?

    Thank u so much!


  32. 32

    ai inteles? :)

  33. 33

    Hello Mihai,
    can you tell me if there is an english translation of Griegs ‘Damar Tantra’ available?
    Or anytime soon?
    wish you all the grace

  34. 34

    @ Ioana ,de ce crezi tu ca s-a exagerat in acest caz?
    Sa stii ca ,dupa parerea mea,asa este.Eu intotdeauna am urmarit sa fiu cat mai obiectiv, insasi natura muncii mele ma “obliga”sa fiu astfel. Grieg a reinviat si a facut accesibila o cunoastere spirituala atentica ,o comoara =TANTRA, care apartine intregii planete iar Mihai continua ca un dicipol exemplar aceasta cale. Iar validarea acestor afirmatii, de fapt a acestor adevaruri o constituie insasi transformarea in bine a sute, a mii de oameni pe aceasta cale.
    Iar eu pot sa-ti confirm aceasta prin tot ceea ce am realizat: nu am mai fost bolnav de peste 10 ani, nu mai am luat nici un medicament in aceasta perioada, sunt mult mai eficient in munca mea (conduc mai multe firme)etc. Asa ca nu mi se pare nici o exagerare aici, trebuie sa fim obiectivi si sa ne recunoastem valorile si sa le pretuim in acelasi timp.

  35. 35
    Un zeu

    @ Ioana Esti cumva atinsa de aceste cuvinte? Cu ce te deranjeaza? Imi poti da macar trei exemple de romani (hai dc n-ai un raspuns poti sa treci in scena intreg mapamondul) care predau mai bine si mai mult tantra (in afara de Grig :) )?
    Sau poate ca nu esti de acord cu faptul ce e un discipol direct al lui Grig :) ?
    Sau poate ca Grig e categorisit prin adjectivul legendar?
    Hai spune-ne si noua ce te doare mai tare?
    Sau combinatia 3 in 1 e prea naucitoare pt tine?

  36. 36
    Mihai Stoian

    @ ioana
    multumesc pentru sfat. iti doresc acelasi lucru.

  37. 37

    ”Mihai Stoian is a rare spiritual treasure in today’s decadent society. He is a direct disciple of the legendary Tantric master Gregorian Bivolaru…” :)) Cred ca nu mai ai simtul masurii. Trezeste-te la realitate!!!

  38. 38
    Mihai Stoian

    @ catalina
    I am in Buenos Aires now ;)

  39. 39

    Hi mihai
    I would like to know id you’re going to Argentina…

  40. 40

    Hello Mihai!
    Such an inspiration to read this blog – You are doing very well!
    I am still thinking about all the things you taught us in the camp in India, and looking forward to your next visit here.
    I send to you my greetings from Chennai.

  41. 41

    What does Copenhagen promote to tourists?

    I was passing today by Kongens Nytorv area in Copenhagen and in the small park there, I saw that Museum of Copenhagen has installed a big panel consisting of 4 big touchscreens where you can select and see pictures of several areas of Copenhagen from different periods of time. Also you can take a picture of you, include it in the image you selected on the screen and send it to an e-mail address, like a postcard. It all sound very nice but the big surprise for me was that every 1 minute or so, there was an image of a bus that was passing through all the 4 screens and the number of the bus is 666. What can we say about this?


  42. 42

    Hello Mihai
    I have a question. It is about this situation with the spiritual life and freedom because I see that many people have a hard time putting the two things together and I hope you can clarify this point for me. Why is it that when in a spiritual school and having a guru that then people often think their freedom is taken away from them? I have been in Natha in Copenhagen for 6 months now and I didn’t see anything which made me think that my freedom was at risk as long as I am in the school. Until now I only had very beautiful experiences which have broadened my horizons and opened my mind and I also feel that my heart is beginning to open. So I am a bit surprised when I see what people have said about this school and about this path and I wonder why it is that things get interpreted in such a negative way. Coming from the west I notice that freedom is a very big issue for people these days, they all want to preserve their freedom, but really I have never felt so free as I do when I practice yoga. How then can this become something which could take away my freedom? I sincerly hope it’s not really possible!
    Thank you

  43. 43

    @ Mihai Stoian,

    Have you heard about Chemtrails?

    Those streaks of white clouds trailing behind aeroplanes, turning the sky into a murky haze. We never take any notice of them – personally i assumed they were part of the aircraft – maybe waste from the engine. What we innocent civilians do not know is that we are being sprayed with toxic substances – with the consequence of damage to wild life, crops and human life!


  44. 44

    Dear Ed,

    You can build your house next to mine!

    And Ed it does take courage to explore oneself, and there is a right moment when things unfold and we are more able to naturally make life changes. For example i could never imagine myself without a cigarette or not getting drunk, but suddenly without any effort or external pressure i naturally stopped :-)
    In the same time we have to want it, and this came for me in time, then (at the time i was smoking) i think i had a lot of Grace, and now i see that the most important thing is that i have to want to evolve myself with all i am, to have a gigantic aspiration,its not easy, it requires training and effort, but its normal we have to make efforts in life for the things we want; if we want to be a marathon runner or an Olympic swimmer we have to train for hours every day. The same with evolving oneself, we have to know what we want and then it requires a huge amount of self discipline, I want to be able to ‘truly’ meditate, to expand my consciousness and to become One with God, for this i know i have to train in meditation hours every day. (not the 15 – 30 minutes that i pretend to myself with my eyes closed!) I have to put my thoughts towards my objective constantly, but constantly i forget, and then constantly i remind myself…

    I wish you luck and that you find your map…

  45. 45

    Dear Isobel,

    You are welcome to build your house next to mine :-)… I am joking..but I liked what you said, I don’t have the courage to enter a retreat, i am afraid of the silence and what i might see, I am afraid of what I know and don’t know about myself, (but thats a secret). What you said inspired me though, it made me think about where I am building my house; I would say it is on rocky ground :-) , that part of the desert in the middle of nowhere that is barren without water or anything growing, the only sign of life is a few cactus and some vultures flying around. Hey, I can also find somewhere else, it is so far from anywhere else here, I will need a good map to get me to some fertile land! I am not without hope.
    Tell us how it goes with your new plot!


  46. 46

    @Mihai Stoian

    Hello Mihai,

    I have been in a small retreat and would like to share what i experienced with you :-)
    It was actually much more difficult than imagined it would be, I thought I would have a blissful and peaceful time getting to know myself and God. I craved the silence for such a long time, but there wasn’t much silence, my mind was constantly talking, making plans and trying to keep one step ahead of me and in control all the time. It took me a few days to see that this ‘being in control’ was a trick my ego was playing to prevent me from deepening my experience.. it made me wonder why do we sabotage ourselves? What a funny way God made us.. He Loves us so much and wants us to return to Him, but He made is in such a way that we have a constant challenge within ourselves to get there..

    Anyway, what the retreat mainly did was give me a lot of space to see myself.. and when i was able to turn down the volume a bit, i was quite surprised to find out somethings about myself, I saw clearly my life ..and i would use an analogy to say that my life is a house i am building and I have built this house on sinking sand, I built this house on false icons, fantasies and dreams.. I saw all the crushed dreams and suffering and longing, the scenarios and the scandals, the pleasure and the desire.. and i saw clearly that this is why this house has no foundation, because it was never built in the right place. But you know what i don’t mind that, I don’t feel stupid or regretful, because I can see it, at last I can see I have been building in the wrong place, and it is not too late too build my life in the only place that can possibly matter, in the heart of God, this sounds cliche.. and i take a big risk when i say this, also because the ego is already looking for ways to keep me in the sand. I want this Mihai, I want to discover God, now i know this, how can i keep this way?


  47. 47
    sanjay jain

    what is the basic difference between Soul and Spirit

  48. 48

    This little girl is an angel. Is she one of those indigo/or crystal children?
    And how can she be protected from the evil forces that will try to monopolize and manipulate her – like they do with the other gifted/charismatic people?

  49. 49
    Mihai Stoian

    @ mudava
    fiecare este acolo unde ii este locul … numai ca de multe ori oamenii nu stiu sa vada aceasta nici despre ei nici despre ceilalti. de aceea cred ca se afla acolo unde de fapt ei nu se afla, ratand in acelasi timp sa se bucure de locul si timpul pe care il ocupa de fapt.
    poate ca daca iti amintesti cum jucam eu baschet iti amintesti si ce faceai tu in acest timp ;)

  50. 50

    Bai Strutule, mai tii minte ce mai jucai tu baschet in curte la MF1 ? eu tin … erai parca mai la locul tau atunci … tu ce zici ?

  51. 51
    Mihai Stoian

    @ kalin
    since you know some of the participants … why don’t you ask them how is the camp? After the end of it i will make a review with pictures also.

  52. 52

    @ Mihai Stoian
    How is going Maha Vidya Yoga Camp?
    I heard they are hundreds of people.
    I know some of them and they are very enthusiastic…

  53. 53

    Dear Mihai,

    i use this opportunity here to ask some questions regarding Jesus that are longing to be answered and might be of interest for others as well …

    Since last Christmas Jesus Christ came into my life and is getting more and more alive in my Heart. I am very happy that there is no conflict at all, being a yoga student and teacher in a tantric school and loving Jesus .. i can only thank God that He let me see clear enough to being able to embrace both paths. Yet there are some questions that you might have an insight that could enrich the interested readers and my perspective.

    One very basic question that pops up, rarely but here and there, while reading the “Great Gospel of John” by Jakob Lorber, is if Jakob Lorber was such a pure channel that all the words can be directly and undoubtly taken as of Jesus. There are some statements that seem to not fit at all with what I learned here, and I am not doubting our teaching nor His teaching, I blame my limited consciousness that cannot grab the truth behind the apparent opposites. But one component, the person Jakob Lorber himself, about whom I dont know if he was a perfect channel continously, allows doubts in some of the words of Jesus in his books to appear, which I would like to master.

    If you know more about this, I would be glad to hear, being ready for the next question :)


  54. 54
    Mihai Stoian

    @ baldur
    Your question is not so relevant since the porno as a phenomenon is a reaction to some factors. In the same way we cannot say pain is good yet sometimes pain is a great friend because it is giving useful signals about the state of health.
    As a tendency of degrading the view upon sexuality in order to stimulate only the lowest aspects of it, pornography is a damaging aspect of our culture. The puritanism that is generated as a reaction to it is also a damaging part of the culture, both are just illnesses of the human soul. For sure there is no solution for the one having some disfunction in their sexual life from pornography or from the opposite puritanism. Yet there is a solution that can help when approaching sexuality with an open and lucid attitude, learning its mechanisms and looking upon this chapter of our life free or all inhibitions and misunderstandings. This help can come from examples of a refined eroticism that is making the difference and open other perspectives to people.
    In fact the sexuality that we can see promoted in porno movies is very poor and boring, it is just a faint glimpse of the real erotic experience which one can have when truly learning what and how to do. The spiritualization of the sexual act is not an option – as many naive people would like to believe – it is the condition for having access to the real sexual experience that become in this way a rightful part of our life.
    Banning pornography will not solve the problem but sexual education and teaching people the other option about their sexuality will make pornography disappear as an obsolete notion.
    Tantra is one of the spiritual sciences that is giving the right methods and background to understand and practice the spiritualization of the sexual act to an extent that all the sexual impulses are reused as powerful sources of energy for transformation. And from this perspective pornography will loose its sense without necessary having to ban it or act against it at all.

  55. 55

    Dear Mr. Mihai, thxn for this blog, and the opportunity to as you questions! I want to ask you about your opinion about porno. Do you think porno is good or bad for a culture. Should it be banned or not? Could porno be doing good for some people (like people that for some reason do not have a functioning sex life), or is not doing anything good?


  56. 56

    Dear Mihai,

    Please could you expand on the reply you gave to Solarcora about God, maybe to write an article… i long with all my heart to hear about more about this.


  57. 57
    Mihai Stoian

    @ solarcoral
    It is not God that is directly moving us toward some people or away from other people. It is our choices in the context of this universe with its Divine laws (made by God) that are doing this to us. When we like or dislike a person we are subjected to a complex phenomenon of resonance and this is an universal law. When we love a person we are channeling the Divine Love and this is coming from God. But it is us who decide what to do in the name of that love. If we just get attached to the person we love and suffocate our lover with all kind of expectations, requests, desires… then this fact alone and not the Divine Love will push that person away from us.
    We cannot blame God for all that we are doing in life nor we can take the full credit for it. IN reality we are permanently learning the lesson that we receive from the Divine Teacher and we are together with God in it. This is the reason why we cannot say He is the only one responsible – because we are also participants as students – but we cannot say we are alone doing everything … because we are not.
    Regarding our relations with the others, better we take care of our own problems and interact with them as well as possible and the rest is God who will do it.

  58. 58

    Cititi la, un articol despre Gelu Voican Voiculescu, mason si informator al securitatii, precum si despre alti ziaristi masoni.

    Cateva fragmente edificatoare:

    “Realitatea TV, principala televiziune a concernului falimentar Realitatea-Caţavencu, ce are o gramadă de masoni în conducere (să îi menţionăm aici doar pe Emil Hurezeanu şi Sergiu Toader), a publicat un interviu prin care s-a încercat negarea imaginii de informator al Securitaţii a lui Voican Voiculescu. Rezultatul însă a fost că acesta s-a încurcat în minciuni şi s-a contrazis în mai multe afirmaţii într-un mod penibil.

    Emil Berdeli, un fost angajat al ziarului masonic Gardianul, este renumit pentru subiectele science-fiction despre MISA. Recent el a primit cadou o nouă jucărie masonică cu iz KGB-ist prin care vrea să lanseze campanii de dezinformare. În urma câtorva întâlniri cu vechiul său prieten Gelu Voican Voiculescu, Emil Berdeli a încercat să neutralizeze recentele dezvăluiri care îl desconspiră şi îi aruncă în aer toată munca de dezinformare făcută până acum cu privire la Gregorian Bivolaru şi MISA.”

  59. 59

    Dear Mihai! Does God move us towards certain people and away from others? In other words, are our relationships in life predestined – by God??? or are they merely random coincidences????

  60. 60
    Mihai Stoian

    @ filosoful
    Chiar daca este greu de acceptat, sunt mult mai multi dintre cei care lucreaza in mass media (mai ales cei care se bucura de un oarecare succes) care sunt implicati in sisteme oculte. Sunt chiar loje masonice printre ziaristi si acestea nu sunt putine. Dupa ce se incheie “renoavarea” blog-ului voi publica mai multe despre ziaristii masoni din romania. Poate mai gasesti si tu informatii pana atunci ;)

  61. 61

    Mihai Stoian@
    Imi amintesc ca acum vreo cativa ani am avut ocazia sa discut cu un redactor incepator la ziarul Ziua care era victima “inocenta” a manipularilor mediatice. Nu putea sa accepte deloc ipoteza existentei pozelor semnal (masonice) din ziare si se opunea cu vehementa. Spunea ca daca ar fii asa, inseamna ca totul este doar o mare minciuna. Refuza sa creada pentru ca daca ar fi admis ipoteza, aceasta ar fi declansat o furtuna in interiorul lui care l-ar fii impins catre actiune, catre verificare. A preferat varianta comoda a acceptarii pasive

    Nu ne ramane la indemana decat sa folosim mijloacele la care avem acces, asemeni acestui blog, si arareori cate un canal de televiziune sau un redactor cu bun simt care investigheaza cu profesionalism. Imi amintesc de acel redactor de la TVR care a facut 2 reportaje obiective despre MISA acum vreo 2 ani si le-a difuzat la TVR1 cu promisiunea ca va reveni cu emisiuni clarificatoare ulterioare. Bineinteles ca nu a mai fost lasat sa continue. De ce ?! Pentru ca reporterul care isi facuse treaba intr-adevar cu profesionalism, investingand in cadrul MISA, ajunsese la concluzia ca MISA este o grupare in cadrul careia oamenii sunt invatati despre spiritualitatea autentica, despre cum sa isi vindece singuri anumite boli prin mijloace profund binefecatoare si naturale, despre cum sa integreze armonios in societate, despre cum sa aiba o viziune transfiguratoare si plina optimism in viata etc. Si ghiciti cui nu i-au convenit toate aceste adevaruri??

  62. 62
    Mihai Stoian

    @ filosoful
    Manipularea mediatica este la ora actuala o stiinta pe care unii o studiaza cu mare asiduitate. La nivelele inalte trusturile de mass media sunt controlate cu mare eficienta prin aceste mecanisme care se cunosc deja foarte bine si ale caror efecte le putem vedea foarte clar in ceea ce ziarele si televiziunile fac si spun. Insa daca ii acuzi de manipulare ei se ascund in spatele unei taceri suspecte sau unei negari puerile (care este totusi suficienta pentru a prinde la mase). Este normal ca manipularea sa nu se vada la prima vedere (asa cum cer ei sa se demonstreze) deoarece este facuta cu mare indemanare.
    Apoi ei ataca pe cel care a criticat cu aceleasi argumente insa repetate de sute si mii de ori de canalele mediatice aservite aceleiasi puteri. Ceea ce oamenii nu inteleg insa este faptul ca in aceste structuri majoritatea celor care lucreaza sunt la randul lor manipulati astfel incat ceea ce fac pare ca este de buna credinta si astfel buna lor credinta devine un scut care ii apara chiar pe cei care le-au inoculat schemele mentale pe care acum le servesc cu atata sarg. Iar ego-ul omului mediocru (care a devenit in zilele noastre o adevarata religie) il tine apoi pe acesta departe de adevar pentru ca el nu poate sa recunoasca faptul ca a gresit si ca a aparat o cauza gresita. Astfel este cu putinta ca oameni care au o anumita valoara profesionala sa dea dovada de un infantilism uimitor in momente cheie cand arata o lipsa aproape totala de inteligenta sau discernamant. Putem vedea aici corul imens de “bocitoare” mediatice care apara administratia americana de orice suspiciuni cu privire la evenimentele din 9/11, majoritatea dintre ei fiind oameni care in alte conditii si-ar da seama imediat de absurdul situatiei si ar cere ei insisi investigatii serioase si raspunsuri imediate. Iata ca in acest caz ego-l lor (si o manipulare bine realizata, mult mai atent facuta decat chiar asasinatele de la 9/11) este cel care ii tine in starea de catei de paza al asasinilor.
    Practic sunt putini cei care cu buna stiinta aplica manipularea in mod direct, restul (adica majoritatea) sunt doar niste victime ale manipularii cu singura deosebire ca ei sunt de partea cealalta a baricadei ;)

  63. 63

    Un articol f interesant despre Manipularea mediatica:

    Un citat semnificativ:

    “Orice suspiciune este transformată de cititor în adevăr (prejudecata afirmativă)

    Când auzim la radio sau TV o întrebare, sau citim în ziar un titlu formulat interogativ sunt şanse foarte mari ca în următoarele ore acele aspecte să devină realităţi definitive în mintea noastră, nu nişte aspecte la care să reflectăm. Diferiţi psihologi au arătat prin experimente bine puse la punct că transformăm în afirmaţii interogaţiile al căror sens îl înţelegem foarte uşor.
    . Acest lucru a fost denumit în psihologie prejudecată afirmativă. Cu cât o frază este mai uşor de înţeles, cu atât creierul îi creează o reprezentare mentală mai greu de şters.

    Prejudecata afirmativă are consecinţe profunde asupra viziunii pe care o avem despre politică sau diferite personalităţi „aduse în faţă” de mass-media. “

  64. 64

    Very interesting: MISA is teaching yoga courses in India- the country were yoga came into the world. This is another sure proof of MISA authenticity.

  65. 65

    Foarte interesant: MISA are curs de yoga in India, adica in tara unde s-a nascut Yoga. Sa mai zica cineva ca ceea ce se face la aceasta scoala spirituala, MISA, nu este autentic.

  66. 66

    In India, Chennai (old Madras), it is a Yoga school, branch of MISA. They are practicing and studying Yoga, Tantra, etc. They have also spiritual camps as the Enlighten Camp sustained by Mihai this summer. The teachers have been studied in Occident within MISA yoga school.

  67. 67

    @ aum

    In India, in orasul Chennai (fostul Madras) este deschisa de cativa ani o scoala de yoga, avand aceleasi cursuri de la MISA, in cadrul careia se desfasoara cursuri de Yoga, Tantra etc. De asemeni au loc tabere spirituale asa cum este Tabara despre starea de Iluminare ce a fost sustinuta de Mihai Stoian vara acesta.
    Instructorii sunt occidentali formati la MISA.

  68. 68

    Spui despre o Tabara de Iluminare. De ce tocmai in India? E la moda?!

    English version

    What do you mean with Enlighten camp in India? Why Mihai Stoian was keeping a camp in India? It’s on fashion?!

  69. 69

    @ mircea

    Au fost spuse la una din conferintele de la Tantra Camp din iulie 2009 din Danemarca.
    Am inteles ca Mihai a facut referire la aceste aspecte si in cadrul unei conferinte despre Bagavad-Gita sustinuta in cadrul Enlightement Camp din India, anul acesta in iunie.
    Daca imi amintesc bine, le poti gasi in cadrul seriilor de conferinte despre Princiipiile Spirituale Tantrice de la Costinesti 2008 si 2009 care au aparut pe dvd-uri.

  70. 70

    @ filosoful
    E boala bine impamantenita, asa cum zici, focalizarea mai mult decat este nevoie asupra greselilor. E bine sa ne dam seama de ele si sa extragem invatamintele necesare, dar nu sa ne incrancenam sa vedem numai greseli. Daca picam in capcana pesimista ne sapam singuri groapa sau asa cum se spune “unul incarca, doi descarca”.
    Optimismul, transfigurarea sunt aspecte esentiale la indemana omului (initiatului). Fara ele nu e posibil nici un pas inainte.
    In ce conferinta prezinta Mihai Stoian aceste aspecte?

  71. 71

    Multumesc, Mihai!
    Urmaresc sa aplic expansiunea constiintei. De asemeni sa imbunatasesc atentia in diferite domenii ale vietii. In ceea ce priveste relaxarea este de exersat pentru a atinge maiestria. Daca ma relaxez prea mult trece intr-o dulce trandaveala. Atunci cand am multe actiuni de facut ma fara agitatia si uit de relaxare ;). Continui cu entuziasm experimentarea…

  72. 72

    @ alin
    Ma intrebam unde ai disparut;).
    Am studiat toate postarile tale. Ma bucur ca sunt si altii interesati de acest domeniu fierbinte la ora actuala.

  73. 73

    @ alin
    multumesc pentru sugestie. intr-adevar subiectul satyagraha este de mare importanta acum si am sa sciu aici un articol pornind de la unele observatii din actualitate.
    Revin cu articolul completare la ceea ce am spus in introducerea de la Invisible Empire.

  74. 74

    Ar merita dezvoltat un pic subiectul acesta:
    Cred ca e de mare actualitate.

    Mihai ai promis ca vii cu niste explicatii in postarea despre Invisible Empire. Le asteptam cu interes.

  75. 75

    Ma bucur ca ti-a folosit :).
    Daca ai informatii interesante de acest gen, te-as ruga, sa imi dai referinte. Oricum sunt sigur ca mai sunt si alti interesati.
    Ma preocupa domeniul si putem schimba impresii, informatii, intelegeri etc

  76. 76

    @ mircea
    este foarte adevarat ca aceasta cale este o cale ce trebuie parcursa cu foarte mare atentie si luciditate, fara nici un fel de compromisuri. Cei care se complac in a simplifica aceasta cale au parte de mari surprize mai tarziu, cand constata ca ceea ce au lasat in urma se intoarce si ii conditioneaza. De aceea la baza caii tantrice se afla acest principiu al expansiunii constiintei, acesta fiind si un fel de element de asigurare pentru cel care paseste pe aceasta cale foarte directa. Atata timp cat constiinta iti expansioneaza si nu se muta pur si simplu catre alte experiente totul merge foarte bine iar evolutia se produce. Pentru cei care isi iubesc mai mult ego=ul decat evolutia spirituala aceasta expansiune a constiintei este inlocuita de o tendinta subconstienta de simplificare si omisiune a tot ceea ce nu se potriveste cu limitele impuse de ego. In acest fel, prin aceasta simplificare a vietii un asemenea om ajunge sa traiasca intr-o aparenta stare de armonie dar asta numai pentru ca tot ceea ce le-ar da un semnal negativ este cu dibacie eliminat.
    Pe unii care nu isi constientizeaza aceste tendinte simplificatoare a caii spirituale ele (tendintele simplificatoare) chiar ii fac sa devina adevarati impostori spirituali, investind o mare parte din energia pe care ar trebui sa o investeasca in practica si evolutie pentru a isi face imaginea personala cat mai buna in fata elevilor (cum a fost de exemplu cazul lui Virgil Catalin din Italia despre dealtfel care am sa public in curand un material video incendiar in care impostura sa va fi demascata).
    Continua si ramai atent si relaxat…

  77. 77

    Salut Mihai!

    Asa cum inteleg si experimentez pe pielea mea, calea tantrica nu este asa simplu de urmat, cum ar putea parea la o prima vedere. Sunt putini cei care merg cu adevarat pe aceasta cale, chiar daca avem un Ghid spiritual care ne arata neincetat acest exemplu al abordarii intr-un mod integral al caii tantrice.
    Este necesar sa expansionezi constiinta si sa inglobezi toate aspectele vietii. Dar de multe ori refuzam sa facem aceasta si lasam aspecte pe care le consideram neimportante undeva “in afara” noastra. Iar apoi ne va “costa scump” si vom fi foarte nedumeriti atunci cand viata ne va pune in fata toate limitarile si aspectele “neimportante” pe care ar fii trebuit sa le fi rezolvat si asimilat deja. Intr-o asemena situatie “ne paste” pericolul negarii Ghidului spiritual,al negarii caii spirituale. Ni se pare ca Ghidul a luat-o razna, in timp ce despre noi credem ca suntem pe calea cea buna. Cam asa a facut “marele” Claudiu Trandafir cu toata , “Il maistro”(alias Catalin Calin) in Italia si altii care barfesc si injura scoala de Yoga MISA pe la colturi.
    Nimeni nu este scutit de tentatii chiar daca a trait stari de revelarea sinelui si se crede un mare revelat. Este foarte adevarat ca pe calea tantrica mergi ca pe taisul cutitului; nici nu iti dai seama cand ai cazut si te departezi in mare viteza…
    Cum procedezi ca sa te mentii mereu pe calea cea buna?!

  78. 78
    manoliu valentin


  79. 79
    manoliu valentin

    Care comunism? Care Comunisti? Pardon, KOMINTERNISTI CRIMINALI SI TERORISTI

    Regele Mihai si semnatarii Declaratiei din 16 iunie 1989 de la Budapesta mercenari si teroristi kominternisti si copii lor comunisti emigranti cu ajutorul securitati in Europa si America in perioada Comunista au atacat Romania in decembrie 1989, 15 martie la Targu Mures si 13 -14 iunie la Bucuresti pentru implantarea armelor sioniste criminale si teroriste : PRIVATIZARE, RESTRUCTURARE SI DISPONIBILIZARE, arme cu care au scos romania la vanzare si au distrus industria si economia Romania si cu care lupta pentru exterminarea poporului roman.

    Cine a provocat LOVITURA DE STAT in 23 august 1944?
    Regele Mihai care l-a arestat pe Antonescu si a predat Romania unei comisii Americane, Uniunii Sovietice si Marii Britanii, iar dupa instalarea guvernului sovietic Groza, regele Mihai a semnat toate decretele din romania, incepand cu infiintarea TRIBUNALELOR POPORULUI SI CONDAMNARILOR LA MOARTE sau la munca silnica a celor care se impotriveau COMUNISMULUI ORI DEPORTARILOR ABUZIVE IN Siberia Sovietica pana in 30 decembrie 1947 cand a abdicat la sugestia aliatilor si a plecat incarcat cu aur si tablouri si a primit si o pensie.
    Cine a adus KOMINTERNISTI agenti NKVD in Romania?
    Regele Mihai care impreuna cu acesti kominternisti agenti NKVD evrei-rusi Leonte Tismaneanu, Walter Neulander, Silviu Brucan si alti, au vant si ucis cetateni romani si sunt criminalii si tortionarii poporului roman in perioada 1944 -1962.

    Despre care comunisti ori KOMINTERNISTI vorbim?

    Cine instiga romanii sa iasa in strada sa lupte impotriva comunismului si striga fara comunisti?
    VLADIMIR TISMANEANU, EMIL HUREZEANU, CRISTIAN PREDA, HORIA PATAPIEVICI SI ALTI CARE sunt copii tortionarilor poporului roman in perioada comunista 1944-1962 pentru ca sa ajunga ei la putere si sa distruga si sa jefuiasca romania si sa extermine poporul roman, la ordinul lojei B’nai B’rith din America, actionarii de la FMI si la toate corporatiile evreiesti planetare.

    Si cum au procedat?
    Au atacat institutiile statului Roman, armata si politia-militia cu bolovani si sticle incendiare si acum sunt REVOLUTIONARI SI VICTIME ALE MINERILOR si vor despagubiri de zeci de mii de euro in perioada 15 decembrie 1989- 15 iunie 1990 si sute de mii de euro despagubire de la poporul roman pentru crimele si nenororcirile comise de parintii lor kominternisti agenti NKVD impotriva poporului roman in perioada 1944-1962.

    Problemele sunt foarte grave, cetatenii romani sunt cobai si au ajuns sa doarma pe strada si sa manance din gunoaie, nu mai avem industrie si economie, dar avem asociatii, fundatii, ONG-uri pentru care Romania se imprumuta la FMi sa le intretina, dar nu sunt bani pentru pensii si salarii pentru cetateanul roman si sunt bani pentru asociatii si cainii care primesc fiecare caine cate 500 de euro pe luna si nu sunt bani pentru salarii si pensii.

    Priviti ACADEMIA ROMANA si urmatiri cate asociatii sunt aciuite-alipite pe langa acaesta institutie si sunt platite din credite de la FMI, dar nu sunt bani pentru cetatenii romaniei si sunt KAKADEMICIENI care manaca Kakat cu polonicul si lupta impotriva Romaniei si a poporului roman.

    Despre ce vorbim?

    Despre programe guvernamentale, casa verde in care romanii toti platesc peste 6000 de euro pentru fiecare casa care instaleaza sisteme energetice solare, dar alti le folosesc.

    Marul, rabla, Cornul si laptele care costa 6-7 ron in realitate si la firme costa 120 de roni un corn si 200 de gr. de lapte pe zi.

    Romania nu mai are armata, dar platim armata din bani de la FMi sa atace si sa ucida cetateni nevinovati pe aceasta planeta pentru COLONIZARE EVREIASCA PLANETARA SI este vorba de 360 de milioane de euro anual, dar nu sunt bani pentru romani.

    Se fura tot se rade tot si ce trebuie sa facem?

    Cune la ucis pe Zelea Codreanu?

    Regele Carol II

    Cine l-a ucis pe Antonescu?

    Regele Mihai

    Cine a dus tezaurul romaniei la rudele lor evreisti sovietice bolsevice de la Moscova?

    Regele Ferdinand

    Eu sunt dispus sa sustin si un caine sau gandac, chiar daca a fost comunist, legionar, regalist , monarhist, liberal, taranist si ce vreti voi care lupta pentru salvarea Romaniei si condamnarea tradatorilor si asasinilor poporului roman.

    Sunt satul sa tip ori sa scriu odata pe 15 martie de ziua maghiarimi comunsite sioniste si sa privesc tot anul cum BOZGORII jefuiesc si distrug Romania si infiinteaza REPUBLICA TRANSILVANIA si de 20 de ani muntii romaniei sunt cheliti de paduri si anual mor sute de oameni si mii de animale in inundatii si sute de mii de gospodarii sunt distruse si despre ce vorbim?

    Vin Comunisti.

    Prefer Comunisti de nationalitate romana, decat KOMINTERNISTI EVREI RUSI, CUM SUNT TISMANEANU, BACONSKY, PATAPIEVICI, care in perioada 1944-1962 parintii lor au vanat si ucis romani si acum ei condamna ROMANIA SI poporul roman pentru crimele lor impotriva romanilor.

    Despre ce vorbim?

    Copii Kominternistilor sunt la putere dupa LOVITURA DE STAT din decembrie 1989 si incercarea de lovitura de stat din 13-14 iunie 1989, adica TISMANEANU, BACONSKY, PATAPIEVICI, EMIL HUREZEANU actionari la corpoaratiile evreiesti FMI< FORD, EADS, Bechtel si altele si sunt beneficiarii creditelor de la FMi si noi ce facem?

    Trezirea si UNITATE Romania nu mai are Guvern si Parlament din 2005, dar are comisii alcatuite de mercenari si teroristi care au semnata declaratia din 16 iunie 1989 de la Budapesta, ungaria si romanii dorm sau tipa fara comunisti, dar astia ce sunt?

    Pardon, fii KOMINTERNISTILOR AGENTI NKVD care au vant si ucis romani care se impotriveau implantarii comunismului in Romania si deporatarilor in Siberia.

    Aceste comisii asculta telefoanele romanilor si pe urma cu STS, CSAT, SRI fabrica dosrae penale cetatenilor romani pe care ii baga la puscarie pe o simpla rezolutie semnata de MEMBRI CSM si a procurorilor DNA alcatuite din membr GDS _ Radio Europa Libera semnatarii decalaratiei din 16 iunie 1989 de la Budapesta, ungaria.

    Despre ce Comunisti vorbim?

    Comunistii din PSD, PNL, PNT care au furat si jefuit Roamania ori mercenarii si toti escrocii comunisti fugiti din toate partidele in PDL sau UNPR care asculta orbeste de cel mai mare infect si escroc din Romania TRAIAN BASESCU.

    Poate doriti sa vorbim de comunisti din PRM si de Vadim Tudor care s-a nascut in 1952 perioada cea mai rea pentru poporul roman 1944-1952 cand kominternisti agenti NKVD si aramata sovietica impusca romani care se impotriveau implantarii comunismului ori deportarilor in Siberia si cand Ghiorghiu Dej se lupta sa elimine din institutiile staului kominternisti agenti NKVD, viitorii membrii GRU.

    Comunisti din PRM au scris si luptat impotriva distrugerii si jefuirii Romaniei, iar alti au atacat PRM si pe Vadim tudor si-i pupa in kur pe Tismaneanu, Baconsky si alti, care cumpara avioane americane si scut racheta AMERICAN in numele poporului roman si fac regionalizarea romaniei si infiinteaza republica Transilvania.
    Despre ce vorbim?

    Despre invatamant?

    Care invatamant?

    Copii Romaniei, VIITORUL ROMANIEI au dreptul la numai doua examene pentru a obtine diploma de Bacalaureat ori pentru admitere la liceu, si aceste examene le dau in prezenta politiei si jandarmilor, iar de 20 de ani se aduc cetateni straini din RUSIA< UCRAINA< BELARUS, R. Moldova si altele la studii gratuite pentru inlocuirea cetatenilor romani in institutiile statului roman si romanii sunt aruncati in strada, disponibilizati.

    Priviti la EUGEN TOMAC cetatean Ucrainian adus la studii gratuite este angajat ministru secretar de stat in MAE, participa la fraudarea voturilor romanilor si negociaza si cumpara avioane americane in numele poporului roman.

    Mai doriti sa vorbim de petrolul si gazele Romanie, tezaurul Romaniei, Rosia montana?

    De salarii si pensii, sau CRIZA cand Romania in 2009-2010 a facut cele mai importante credite la FMi, dar banii nu sunt pentru romani, ci pentru firme particulare ale clasei politice si corporatiile straine evreiesti jidanesti.

    Romania Trezirea si Unitate si nu va mai pierdeti energia cautand himere cand avem dusmanii in fata si zilnic ne ucid, saracesc si jefuiesc si ii platim sa distruga si sa jefuiasaca romania.

  80. 80

    ma bucur ca ai putut sa simti toate aceste efecte in urma participarii la acel grup. grupul respectiv este un grup de aprofundare si la el participa cei care sunt selectati (asa cum stii). de aceea cred ca nu s-a anuntat la cursuri, nefiind ceva de interes general…

  81. 81

    Greetings fellow truth seekers,

    Steven Greer, the expert in UFO’s and the guy behind the ‘Disclosure project’ will be visiting Europe soon, he will be around Stonehenge area between 16th to 23rd July. Check out this link to get more info:

    Dave TS

  82. 82

    Foarte interesant articolul despre cartile de identitate! Multumesc!

  83. 83

    Salut Mihai!

    Am participat la grupul de tantra din Romania si am fost foarte placut surprins de efervescenta oamenilor. Majoritatea participantilor erau transfigurati si entuziasti. Apoi am fost captivat de modul cum ai prezentat: simplu, clar si eficient, fara speculatii inutile. Am realizat ce mare valoare au analogiile cu aspecte simple, cunoscute din viata de zi cu zi. Intelegi foarte repede, intr-un mod concret si apoi iti reamintesti mult mai usor. Se vede ca in Romania oamenii sunt mai pregatiti, din punct de vedere spiritual, decat in Occident pentru ca se simtea cum erau avizi de cunoastere si primeau mult.
    Ma asteptam cumva sa imi fie cunoscut cea ce vei prezenta, insa nu a fost deloc asa. Totul capata noi intelesuri. Am constatat ce bogatie de sensuri are limba romana incat poti exprima aspecte foarte nuantate. De asemeni am remarcat modul tau jovial de a spune lucrurile, dar direct, fara ocolisuri, la obiect, apasand pe rana cand e cazul, pentru ca oamenii sa isi dea seama ca e o problema care trebuie adusa in constiinta si rezolvata.
    Am trait o stare de entuziasm si de efervescenta. Mi se deschideau noi orizonturi de intelegere, se expansiona constiinta.

    Ma gandesc ca ar fi bine sa fie anuntat si la cursuri despre posibilitatea participarii la acest grup de tantra (asa cum toate celelalte grupuri si cursuri se anunta).

    Multumim pentru acest grup si te asteptam cu entuziasm la viitoarele intalniri!

  84. 84

    În ziarul elveţian Zeit Fragen, Prof. Dr. Eberhard Hamer din Germania întreabă, “Cât de Suverană este Europa?”
    (Adresa acestui articol este )
    El analizează problema şi concluzionează că Europa are prea puţină, dacă se poate numi aşa, suveranitate. Profesorul Hamer scrie că drepturile suverane ale europenilor ca cetăţeni ai statelor naţionale s-au dizolvat odată cu intrarea în vigoare a Tratatului de la Lisabona la 1 decembrie 2009. Drepturile persoanelor au fost mutate la un comisariat politic la Bruxelles. Francezii, germanii, belgienii, spaniolii, britanicii, irlandezii, italienii, grecii şi aşa mai departe, au acum “Cetăţenia europeană orice ar insemna acest lucru.” Rezultatul agregării naţiunilor este reducerea participării politice a oamenilor. Autoritatea parlamentelor şi a consiliilor locale a fost afectată. Puterea este acum concentrată în noile structuri ierarhice din cadrul Uniunii Europene. Cetăţenia “europeană ” înseamnă o participaţie indirectă şi slabă a oamenilor. Regula autonomiei a dat cale liberă pronunţării autoritare de sus în jos.Apoi, profesorul Hamer analizează Comisariatul UE şi concluzionează că, de asemenea, lipsit de suveranitate, acesta s-a subordonat, bunului plac al Statelor Unite. Problema nu este numai faptul că europenii duc un război neconstituţional comandat de către Statele Unite într-o regiune a lumii în care Europa nu are nici un interes.

    Existenţa statului marionetă Europa îşi depăşeşte cu mult serviciul său de mercenariat pentru Imperiul american. UE a dat la cererea Washingtonului “accesul liber la datele bancare ale furnizorului central de servicii financiare, Swift, în Europa. Toate fluxurile financiare în Europa (şi între Europa şi restul lumii), vor fi monitorizate de către CIA şi alte servicii de informaţii americane şi israeliene.” Monitorizarea va include transferurile în cadrul Germaniei, de exemplu, şi în interiorul oraşelor individuale. “Datele, chiar şi date ale cetăţenilor complet nevinovati, trebuie să fie stocate timp de cinci ani, desigur, în detrimentul băncii şi clienţii lor.”Cât de suverană este UE, atunci când aceasta se află în imposibilitatea de a proteja viaţa financiară privată a cetăţenilor săi de guvernele străine? Cu ceva timp în urmă, Zeit Fragen a raportat presiunea Washingtonului asupra guvernului elveţian de a încălca legea elveţiană statutară pentru a se conforma cererilor americane de a monitoriza fluxurile financiare în Elveţia şi între Elveţia şi lume. Scriitorii îşi arată uimirea faţă de dispreţul total al Washingtonului pentru suveranitatea altor ţări, precum şi pentru dreptul la viaţă privată al cetăţenilor lor.Noi, americanii, nu ar trebui să fim surprinşi. Ne opunându-ne actelor cu putere de lege, dreptul nostru la viaţă privată este de mult apus. În SUA viaţa privată a devenit o glumă crudă şi costisitoare. Aceasta înseamnă că părinţii nu pot afla notele de la colegiu ale unui fiu sau fiice fără permisiunea fiului sau a fiicei. Aceasta înseamnă că societăţile de carduri de credit, băncile şi alte instituţii financiare sunt obligate să cheltuie bani pentru a trimite un flux continuu de ” notificări de confidenţialitate” pentru clienţi cu privire la utilizarea informaţiilor clientului. Aceasta înseamnă că un american nu poate obţine informaţii despre contul lui prin intermediul propriei companii de card de credit, telefon, cablu, precum şi a furnizorului de servicii de Internet, bancă, societate de utilităţi sau nu poate face nici o modificare în contul său fără a furniza unui străin Numarul său de Securitate Socială sau alte informaţii private, în plus faţă de nume, adresa şi numărul de cont. Această rutină este o glumă atunci când guvernul are acces la toate informaţiile. Face parte din lumea noastră orwelliană faptul că, confidenţialitatea este protejată prin cerinţa de a oferi străinilor informaţii private prin telefon. Oile americane au acceptat în linişte distrugerea completă a dreptului la viaţă privată. Încurajaţi de succesul în doborârea poporului american, Washingtonul a distrus acum viaţa privată a europenilor. Într-adevăr, guvernul “libertăţii şi democraţiei” spionează întreaga lume şi trimite avioane-ţintă programate în ţări străine pentru a-i ucide pe cei dezagreaţi de Washington.Washingt on-ul denunţă alte guverne pentru încălcarea drepturilor omului în timp ce el însuşi violează drepturile omului în fiecare zi. Washington-ul intentează liderilor străini procese pentru crime de război, în timp ce el săvârşeşte crime de război în fiecare zi.Ce se va întâmpla atunci când dolarul va cădea şi Washington-ul nu va mai avea bani pentru a mitui în conformitate cu cerinţele sale? Când va veni acea zi, libertatea va reapare. Pregătiţi-vă pentru ce este mai rău. Legea americană a asigurărilor de sănătate va fi impusă în toată lumea, fie că ne place sau nu. America a fost un experiment, din păcate reuşit.

    English version
    How Sovereign is Europe? Washington has Murdered Privacy Rights at Home And Abroad
    The adress for this article is: globalresearh. ca

  85. 85
    manoliu valentin

    Dan Diaconescu arestat, inchizitie 2010 (1/6)


  86. 86

    The translations for the last post:

    You can read an interesting article at about “ The Sorceress Congress”(see the Bilderberg meeting) that took place this year, and lasted four days, at La Sitges, Spania, Catalunya, starting with the 3rd of June.

    Of course that everyone considered guilty for the present financial crisis was present: Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Paul Volcker (president of the Federal Reserve of the United States), Goldman Sachs – the boss, Peter Sutherland, and others.

    The agenda contained the following issues: a possible attack over Iran and the future collapse of the UE currency – euro, wrote the Spanish newspaper Nueva Tribuna.

    They also proposed as a solution for overcoming the financial crisis, which had been planned a long time ago, as we well know (since 1870, when Albert Pike was in charge): a world government , a single Masonic government which would then enslave the whole humanity. In other words, a worldwide dictatorship which will be presented, as a defiance, the saviour that will chase away the crisis, the terrorism, and so on.

  87. 87

    @ filosoful
    tocmai am pregatit tot articolul pentru a il pune aici… o sa mai fie si alte evenimente asa cum anuntam si mai demult pentru ca agenda pe care o urmaresc aceste cercuri este in plina desfasurare. dar si surprizele pe care le vor intampina sunt pe masura ;)

  88. 88

    Puteti citi un articol interesant ( despre “congresul Vrajitoarelor” ( a se citi intalnirea grupului Bilderberg) ce a avut loc, anul acesta, timp de 4 zile La Sitges in Spania, in Catalunya, incepand cu 3 iunie.
    Au fost, bineinteles prezenti toţi cei care sunt consideraţi vinovaţi de criza financiară actuala: Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Paul Volcker (preşedintele Rezervei Federale americane), şeful Goldman Sachs, Peter Sutherland, etc.
    Pe ordinea de zi au fost: un potenţial atac asupra Iranului şi viitorul colaps al monedei euro, scrie ziarul spaniol Nueva Tribuna.
    De asemeni, a fost propusa soluţia iesirii din criza financiara, care fie vorba intre noi, este stiut ca se planuieste de mult timp (de pe la 1870 de pe vremea lui Albert Pike): o guvernare mondială, un guvern unic masonic care sa aduca in sclavie intrega umanitate. Cu alte cuvinte o dictatura mondiala care, culmea sfidarii se autointituleaza salvatoarea crizei, a terorismului etc.

  89. 89

    In toata lumea sunt introduse simultan sisteme de identitate high-tech, smart card-uri, sisteme biometrice conectate la mega baze de date, pentru a se putea urmari fiecare miscare a populatiei. Este aceasta o coincidenta?

    Detalii importante sunt date in articolul “Cartile de identitate: o perspectiva globala” din Nexus Magazine

  90. 90


  91. 91
    firma contabilitate

    Motiunea de cenzura a fost respinsa! Guvernul ramane in functie, iar salariile si pensiile vor fi taiate. Romania intra in faza a2a a crizei. Rata mortalitatii va creste considerabil datorita lipsurilor financiare, o duceam foarte prost pana acum insa acum devine un cosmar. Cati batrani or sa moara ca nu au ce manca, nici nu mai vorbim de medicamente, cati oameni or sa rabde de foame?

    Situatia in urmatoarele 3 luni va degenera complet, la sfarsitul anului va incepe faza a3a a crizei, prabusirea monedei si lipsa resurselor de energie.

    Dumnezeu Sa Ne Ajute!

  92. 92
    Contabilitate Bucuresti

    Ce bataie a fost in parlament.

    Doamne la ce s-a ajuns, nu stiu ce sa mai zic caci ma lasa si fara cuvinte parlamentarii astia ai nostrii. Ramane sa vedem daca or sa taie salariile si pensiile. Probabil ca da.

    Dumnezeu Sa Ne Ajute!

  93. 93

    Dearest Daniel
    I have also been living in Prema. The experience to live in ashram like that was extremely transforming and i treasure much of what i learned here and I thank you for your good thoughts and greetings.. However even if i agree with much of what you write, then i don´t with your point of not responding to evil words or intentions towards you is bad, even if it yes – in some people´s opinions could make you “look bad”. It is important to stand up for the truth and to let others know your experiences and truth. Especially when this can help others to wake up from e.g. the mass media´s manipulation or the poisons from tongues of gossip and lies. What we saw earlier is that indeed – the accusations against our school had effects on some people but when we stood up against these accusations if not in the newspapers (who cowardly refused to bring our replies) at least on the net and where else we could speak – this had an even greater and very positive effect. First of all it affected the people who had doubts to see the true version and the intentions that was behind what happend. To see the scam of the medias and understand better what powerstructures are behind the scenes. Also it woke up many to remember and realise maybe in a deeper way than before some of the treasures that we truly have in this school and which indeed – are worth standing up to and correcting any slander that might be held out against it. What we have in this school is somehting so genuine and deep that rarely have i seen it so fully developed other places. It is a very whole system that is including even this world we live in and that is why it sometimes takes “punches” from the society, because it deals with for the world sensitive subjects and even thouches what are taboos to some. It is worth to speak against bad intentions and people trying to degrade or even destroy what is here.
    I felt to write this to you because before my own attitude was very much like yours – that if you just know what is true inside – that is enough and God knows anyhow the truth. So why to speak up, why to “defend” ? I see after this experience we had that there is a very good reason to share your truth and speak out when there is injustice done to you: for this reason that showing the world your side of the story and spreading this truth – can be of help, to let the light of the truth shine unto others that might be dilluted by the lies or calumnies that takes place.
    It is easy maybe from outside to say “why to bother” and just follow your heart – but sometimes the heart can be very loud :) – having alot to say. If you know the danish expression “to have something on the heart”? – that is what can be also sometimes: the need to even very loud speak out when it is needed, when your heart and what it burns for is being told lies about to others – others that could have been spiritually nourihed by that too. But yes for sure, nomatter what the others say i agree with you – to keep going and not be affected in this sense.

    I wish you also much love and light and to be on the path right for your heart too.

  94. 94

    @ Daniel
    Thank you for the suggestions and for the support. I wish you to receive the Divine Grace on your path and to have Love in your heart.

  95. 95


    I am an ex-student of Natha Yoga center in Copenhagen, I was even living in Prema Ashram for quite some time where I got to know some of the present Yoga teachers in Natha. I have not been in touch with the Yoga-universe for quite a while. However, I am a bit sorry to hear and read about all the conflict and confusion going on, with Bhoga, and the video films etc.

    I just want to say, that if your intention is true, if you desire that which is best for your brother and sister in front of your own needs, if your intention to be of good will is true, then bother not with all the turmoil around you, ignore their accusations and follow your heart. Don’t respond to vile accusations, but keep going. Show those who attack you that you are capable of responding to them with love and forbearance. No need to attack them back, or even try to defend yourself, mixing with the energies of their accusations will only make you look bad.

    Remember, listen to your heart, your feelings and instincts, trust your feelings and what they try to tell you. And don’t forget to pray to God our Father, the most important of all spiritual practices. Pray for help, guidance, strength, and to follow his will. I wish you all the best, and I will never forget you, much-encompassing, smiling and loving beings, especially those who I shared my life in Prema with.

    Love and Simplicity

    May God be with you



  96. 96

    Thank you for informing us, thanks a lot. I’ve added your site to my favorites.

  97. 97

    the translation of the joke from filosoful:
    Putin and Medvedev have a chat:
    - We need to get rid of the time zones, they create only problems! says Putin.
    - Why? ask Medvedev.
    - Well… i call Beijing to congratulate them and they tell me it is tomorrow, i call Warsaw to express my condolences and they tell me the plane didn’t take off yet…

  98. 98

    @ alin
    you’re right, there is no search facility on the site in this moment. But i just discovered the tags and their use recently so … it takes time until learning to use this program. I will ask my friends that are helping with the administration to give a solution to this searching function.
    And i started already the first post in the new chapter that will be about disclosing the occult powers and especially the freemason’s activities. And i will start with a good quality video of Juri Lina’s film THE LIGHTBRINGERS. I know Juri Lina and i want to ask him some questions as an introduction for the movie.
    The joke is excellent! Thank you.

  99. 99

    @ mirabilis_mundi

    Thank you for your inspiring words and the memento mori.. It, together with what admin wrote to you, reminded me of a saying i was taught as a child: “vivir con miedo es como vivir amedias ” I dont know if the spanish is correct but it means something like: – to live in fear is as living life only half.
    Not only remembering death (and life and love..) but to live the intensity of their presence and the confrontations it brings. It is an important quest to go against the inecreasing field of fear that exist in society today. It is difficult to understand how we became that scared?
    What you wrote reminded me to consciously chose otherwise and sieze the moments more. Especially the small important ones :)- And to remember this all the time is so challenging yet so crucial! there is no retired enlightenment! to wake up just now and then is not enough.. so thanks again for reminding me.

    Love, S

  100. 100

    Its a very good ideea to create a special section, permanently updated. Something like the humor article (by the way, something funny here; ), with youtube videos and short articles or a new special section.

    I don’t see on your site a search facility (or maybe is not visible for me). I think it would be very usefull to have one. I was trying to find if someone else posted on your blog Juri Lina’s movie about freemasonry THE LIGHTBRINGERS: The Emissaries of Jahbulon (History of Freemasonry). I hope it wasnt posted already.

  101. 101

    @ alin
    The romanian MP that you can see talking here was ANTONIE IORGOVAN and he was the leader of the Constitution committee in romania after 1989. He was also called “the father of romanian constitution”. As you can see the man was strong and without problems when recording the interview and suddenly he died of an accelerated pancreas cancer. But what was not translated in this video was the comment that there are several evidences that under his working chair was found a radiating device. As a person that was involved in many political groups one could imagine that ANTONIE knew what he was talking about! After all he was the coordinator of one of the most important political projects that gave the country something more than just vain promises (as most of the politics is doing today). The points that he is making in this video are of a person that saw and heard all these things and he was not deceived by the lies he was served unlike many others around him. The man was considered by many as an intelligent and highly moral person, with a lucid approach on life. It is interesting that like him there are many now that know the truth about freemasonry but they prefer to keep silence and a death such as ANTONIE’s is a powerful argument ;). Yet, the images on the background of the interview are genuine, they are filmed in masonic rituals performed by very known personalities from romania, many of them in public places. The interview was given to the national TV 1 and i heard many comments after the broadcast that were telling about ANTONIE’s dangerous game. Being given the position and the public irreproachable image that he have had and the content of this interview one can easily understand why in this case it was taken such a radical decision to eliminate him physically.
    In the same line you can see here excerpts from the public conference that Gregorian Bivolaru was keeping in Paris in february 2004, one month before the CHRIST operation to start. The arguments given by Grieg are simple and impossible to ignore if you have common sense, this was also the reason why he was so severally attacked immediately after this public lecture in Paris.
    I propose we focus some attention in disclosing more of these masonic links in religion, economy and politics today because the information available now is very vast and connecting dots becomes highly significant. If there will be enough interest i will make a separate section only for debating about masonry and its involvement in different operations across the world.

  102. 102

    Putin şi Medvedev stau de vorbă.
    - Trebuie să desfiinţăm fusurile astea orare, creează numai probleme, spune Putin.
    - De ce? întreabă Medvedev
    - Pai sun la Beijing să-i felicit, şi-mi spun că e mâine, sun la Varşovia să exprim condoleanţe şi-mi spun că avionul încă n-a decolat…

  103. 103

    this was a great article, thoroughly enjoyed it, going to have to reread it i’m sure.

  104. 104

    Thank you for the wonderful and inspired words. I totally agree with the fact that surviving our life is not the same with living our life. Many fear death because they also fear life. Remembering about death is not possible without remembering about life for they are the two faces of EXISTENCE. This is why “memento mori” is in the same time “memento vivere“.
    But we are constantly reminded about life and death by the problems that we face when we are not attentive. When awaken and attentive to our life (and to our death) then the problems loose their scary face and become just phenomena which we detachedly contemplate.
    And since you have started with this interesting tabu subjects, i will open a chapter with the tabu subjects and i will quote your comment as the first article (unless you are against using it). Then my proposition for tabu subject number 2 is LOVE. In this way we can develop a separate discussion under each tabu and why not, transform the taboos into lucid life experiences…

  105. 105

    A romanian MP died of sudden cancer a few months after these statements and other about the freemasonry:

  106. 106

    Tabu subject no.1 Death

    There are some subjects that we are allienated from, as a culture. Allienated in the sense that they are avoided tendentiously. One of them is death. The presence of death is illusorily covered, we are mesmeraised into believing in eternal youth. So we have built a net of images that are continously projected on ourselves, which we uncousciously ingurgitate, daily: media image is of a youth that is more youthful from decade to decade. We live in a society of uplifting, wrinkle decreasing creams. Even the more or less spiritually orientated choices of life have suffer from this blinding infusion and we are facing the Enlightenment rush or How to avoid death \spiritual\ agendas.
    Why we are running away from death? It is the most inevitable thing that will happen to us in our life. The human society use to have rits and tales about death. Today, still unexplained fully from the scientific point of view, this part of life is covered and we are teached to postpone facing it. What it will happen if people’s awareness would be turned towards becoming consciousness that we are approaching death with every minute we live? Would our life become more meaningful? Would we stop chasing material fortunes, be less individualistic, care more for the loved ones, love more, be present more, here and now? Would we stop running blindly to work and back, and kids, and loans for cars and houses, and stress and high blood pressure, and divorces, and loneliness? Would we be able to stop the circle moving? Would the awareness of the inevitably approching death give more meaning to the moments when we truely love, when we truely see, when we touch the face of the ones we love – the child we gave birth to, the mother elder now, the friend, the lover? What would we do differently? How would we build our lives as a individual, as a family, as a community, as a society? What would be our priorities, our values?
    The life we live is our power and strenght, our force of tranformation due to the mystic hiatus called death. And here stands the whole magic: we become eternal not by running away from death, or denying its inevitability but by passing through it while still alive.

    I wish you a magic Kali day tomorrow to everyone!

  107. 107

    The president who told the TRUTH

  108. 108

    @ alin
    thank you for the great contribution here. It is great to see (and read) that are more and more people daring to look into the truth without all the fears generated by the “consensus reality”.

  109. 109

    I agree with you. I suggest that we start together to put up some happy-happy posters. Because the more the merrier and thus we can best use the advantage of working together for a beneficial purpose.
    Even if just for the 0,1% who are spiritual seekers it is worth spreading the message of the consciousness and of the spiritual awakening, so that those who are searching and us as well will benefit greatly.
    I hope that at a certain point, sooner or later, according also to the effort we make to awaken from the collective trance of inertia and spiritual sleep, humankind will reach a threshold starting from which the openness and the spiritual awakening will spread at an exponentially growing speed. Still, until we reach that point let us use the beneficial chances and opportunities which we are given and to share with the others our knowledge and accomplishments.
    Personally I think that this blog offers many answers to the spiritual seekers regarding the correct approach of a spiritual path in the difficult times we are living, indicating at the same time how to show others the real face of the world, of the nowadays society and how to best integrate in this society.
    This is made possible by the support of the spiritual school which offers solutions to all who have the aspiration to search.
    I have been on other forums and blogs and I was very surprised to find out that this blog is one of the best structured. Here the information presented is authentic and the debates are meaningful. On many other forums people either have meaningless talks or simply fight with each other.
    Therefore I consider it worthwhile to draw the attention to these maleficent posters and commercials which have become a part of our daily life, and they condition and influence us to an extent we cannot even imagine.
    How was the pizza? Maybe (it is very likely) due to a television or newspaper commercial you have “chosen” (you were programmed without even noticing it) to buy a pizza which in reality is not even good for you. Then you wonder why your stomach aches, or you have bad dreams, or you are sad and apathetic, or… ;)
    I invite you to join me in a fruitful cooperation so that through our example we can inspire the others.:)

  110. 110


    Din dorinta de a informa lumea cat mai bine despre ceea ce se intampla in Romania, si nu numai, iata o lista cu orasele in care sunt montate instrumente psihotronice sau care sunt influentate puternic de astfel de dispozitive, orele la care se fac emisii, si mesajul lor. Cei care veti citi acest post, aveti grija cat mai mare la mentalul vostru. Fara frica oameni buni. Doar fiti atenti la gandurile voastre si “verificati” de doua ori inainte de a accepta ca un anumit gand este al vostru. Multe dintre ele sunt “puse” acolo, pentru ca majoritatea dintre voi sunteti foarte neatenti la ceea ce ganditi!

    Orasele principale afectate de astfel de instrumente:
    1. Bucuresti
    2. Brasov
    3. Cluj Napoca
    4. Iasi
    5. Galati
    6. Constanta
    7. Arad
    8. Timisoara
    9. Craiova
    10. Focsani

    Orele de emisie: 00, 04, 09, 12, 15, 18 si 21

    Mesaje: de natura sexuala, carnala, mesaje de tip propagandist la adresa politicii, mesaje de tip revoltator la adresa comportamentului oamenilor, mesaje cu ura si furie, crime si atacuri fizice.

    Deci, multa atentie la gandurile voastre si emotiile pe care le emiteti. De cele mai multe ori NU sunt generate de voi. Influentele acestor instrumente se face simtita zilnic si afunda omul si mai mult in superficialitate, ura, furie, lipsa de armonie si separare.
    Asta nu va scuteste insa de disciplina. Fiecare e responsabil pentru faptele sale. Astfel, faceti ce puteti pentru a evita sa fiti influentati subtil, si nu puneti vina pe nimeni altcineva. Voi puteti sa fiti vulnerabili sau puteti sa fiti stapani pe gandurile voastre. Este o decizie ce trebuie sa o luati personal.

    Armele psihotronice sunt dispozitive de manipulare in masa, realizate pe baza tehnologiei de control a undelor cerebrale. Inductia este realizata printr-o forma de influenta subtila si nu este deloc usor de perceput de majoritatea oamenilor, care nu-si observa gandurile zilnic. La nivel de tara, efectele lor sunt destul de puternice, si afecteaza multimile de oameni atat pe plan subtil, cat si in plan direct: mass-media (TV, stiri etc) si reviste, ziare… Cu totii suntem familiarizati cu stirile de la ora 5 de pe PRO TV si nu numai acelea. Toate sunt pline de lucruri odioase, crime, violuri, atacuri, batai, accidente, toate menite sa “seteze” mintea umana pe un nivel de vibratie foarte jos, incapabil sa observe armonia din lumea asta. Nedreptatile, furturile si justitia corupta sunt titlurile cele mai des vehiculate in mass-media, scandalurile de proportii fiind o alta sursa de manipulare.

    Si totusi, toate aceste lucruri, ce vor a realiza din Romania ? Romanii sunt supusi chimicalelor de pe piata alimentara, sunt intoxicati zilnic fizic si mental, emotional si verbal, si pe deasupra, la conducerea tarii sunt doar oameni ce vor sa se imbogateasca, fara sa conduca poporul undeva. De ce acest haos total ? Pentru ca omul nu este stapan pe fiinta sa. Pentru ca romanul este foarte influentabil si se lasa dus de conflicte si agitatie, de lucruri ce-i starnesc curiozitatea si care-l tin treaz cu actiune, fara sa fie ceva mai profund in spatele lor. Romanul se lasa condus de oameni cu o putere mai mare de convingere. Si toate astea pentru ca nu vrea sa fie mai atent la gandurile sale!

    Oameni precum liderii politici din Romania, guvernatorul BNR, primul ministru si politicienii inutili, sunt cei care sunt lasati la putere pentru ca romanul este indiferent, si manipulat zilnic sa fie indiferent. I se starneste indiferenta cu orice ocazie, este stimulat zilnic sa plece capul, crezandu-se incapabil sa faca ceva.
    Dar ce poate face romanul ??? MULTE!
    Poate sa AIBA INCREDERE ca el INSUSI poate TRANSFORMA ceva. Ca isi poate TRANSFORMA modul sau de a gandi si de a aborda viata. sA TRANSFORME nepasarea din actiunile sale. Toate astea, vor TRANSFORMA tot mai mult Romania. Si este valabil nu doar pentru tara asta, ci pentru toata lumea.

    Armele psihotronice amplifica toata neputinta asta a omului. Si aceasta nu este pentru ca omul nu ar putea face ceva. Armele astea exista pentru ca omul poate face atat de multe, incat i-ar arunca pe impostorii de la conducere direct in mizerie si inchisoare sufleteasca. Omul este capabil de multe actiuni benefice, doar sa creada ca poate face aceasta, sa creada ca EL SINGUR poate realiza multe!
    Ca, odata ce se aduna mai multi, puterea va creste enorm (atunci cand se atinge “masa critica” de oameni treziti, moment in care lucrurile chiar se pot schimba enorm!).
    Nu va mai luati dupa ideea ca “sunt singur, ce pot face eu… ?”. Ce puteti face ? Ganditi diferit ! Coordonati-va viata altfel si schimbati ceea ce faceti cu propria voastra viata si fiinta. Atunci se vor schimba tot mai multe in jur. Credeti in puterea voastra de influentare si veti modela viata voastra mai mult decat ati crede ca puteti. Nu-i lasati pe altii sa decida in locul vostru, nu lasati sa fiti tratati ca sclavi, pentru ca PUTETI SA VA SCHIMBATI VIATA.!

  111. 111

    Dear Bill

    I somehow understand your point about the development in Rock music even though I dont agree with it – and even though I also think that you did not study a little deeper under the surface, which is the reason why the others are mocking you.

    If you do follow some of the links and if you study a bit how the musical “fashion” has developed in time it is clear that intentionally some specific input has determined the couse of that fashion. It started when the freemasons became more powerful, slowly they managed to influence the society by influencing the media (even by creating media); gradually but very persistent through hundreds of years.
    They are resonsible for taking away the word “God” – even in the EU documents today – as they influenced through Marx and Freud and Darwin, gave arguments that God doesnt exist by attacking the belief from different angles (political, psychological and natural science).

    Even though it could never be proved that God doesnt exist or is irrelevant for our beings – though the manipulation of masses – through media and fashions, – gradully (if you care to read litterature or to listen to music how it developed through the years), you can se how God came out of the litterature – both the scientific litterature and the fiction – and you can see how the music got more and more “dark”, “heavy” and towards satanic.

    IF you read about the goals and visions that the freemasons have, then you will see that this development is completely consistent with what they have planned – a conincidence?
    I doubt it very much – who likes to be depressed!

    If you study the human nature – when unenlightened – you will also notice how easy we change our likes and dislikes according to the crowed and fashions.
    The fact that GOD was denyed and came out of our daily attention had the very sad sideeffect that we (as humanity these days) lost more and more the connection to our soul, and following that to virtues, goodness, love, harmony, altruism, selfabandonment and all what is beautiful and wonderful and divine. It made our world darker, egoistic and materialistic and becoming pray to the materialistic viewpoint – which is the dominion of Satan, we are exactly where the freemasons want us to be: without soul, without strong true inner values, without integrity = super easy to frighten and manipulate.

    All it needs is to give these little “guidelines”, persistently and continously – they dont even have to do it anymore because the crowd, who now belive it likes satanic music and they even seem to believe that it is good to train to be in hell (like some official trancemusic parties I saw with very big gatherings) they willingly and gladly continues in the same line and thus all are influencing each others in this direction because it is embarrasing to be the one standig up and saying: hey – this music is really shitty and it makes me depressive and I would rather like to experience true beauty and happiness.

    So dear Bill. In order to give you a more compassionate and friendly explanation to why the others seem agressive to you, I wrote this and I invite you to study.

    I wish you good an interesting and intensive study
    with Compassion

  112. 112

    For skeptics:
    “Conspiracy theorists, they were crazy… but now they are right..”

  113. 113

    My short answer would be “no”. Actually I don’t understand why you think I am self-righteous and aggressive. In my opinion I have just put an alternative explanation using down-to-earth arguments. And I have not attacked anyone personally, unlike Observer that directly or indirectly say that I lack common sense, morality, humanity and heart. Further more I am lazy and ignorant! Wow! I would say that he/she is aggressive.

    And also you, Ed, you made a post just accusing me for being aggressive and self-righteous, thus you are attacking me as a person instead of putting arguments! Don’t you have something interesting to say? It is a little silly to debate me, since I am anyway anonymous – don’t you think?

    In all communities, sects, societies etc. there usually appears a certain consensus view upon the world and those who question that are deemed heretic and people react in an aggressive way because their world-view a questioned. This is kind of sad since true spirituality is about daring to put questions and keeping an open mind!


  114. 114

    WOW this site is really hotting up! Its getting more juicy than the tabloids!!!

    By the way Bill, do you have a bit of a problem with aggression and being self-righteous? :-)


  115. 115

    Andersen and observer:

    The answer to the question why there is a cartoon making the devil symbol is quite simple in my opinion. People listen to rock music!!! Where is the mystery??? It is not like everybody naturally hates rock music and then suddenly somebody decides to pervert the world and everybody starts to love that music. Where you not teenagers once listening to rock or similar? Didnt you see thousands of young people going completely crazy in a concert. They really like that music.

    Part of the “point” with rock music is to be defiant, rebellious and even “satanic”. That is why you see many rock musicians having aggressive attitudes, being provocative, making the devil symbol in concerts etc. etc. etc. There is nothing new in that. And of course when you advertise rock music you use the same symbol as the people that you are trying to reach. Where is the mystery?

    So if you don’t want to see this kind of posters change the world so that people will not at all like aggressive music (if aggression is wrong? It is part of the human nature…)

    And how to change to world – start with you self.

    Observer: What is your problem?


  116. 116

    Un link interesant despre “Papusarii” care conduc din umbra:
    An interesting link about the “Puppeteers” that lead from shadow.

  117. 117

    Toata lumea se afla la acest moment, intr-o criza diabolic orchestrata de inalta elita mondiala, in special, familiile Rotschild si Rockefeller, cu scopul de a spolia toate popoarele lumii de bogatiile pe care le au si de a-si indeplini visul secular, acela de a conduce, pe fata, nu din umbra ca si pina acum,intreaga planeta.
    Aflindu-se pe ultima suta de metri, elitele au conceput aceasta criza, adica lovitura finala, acum 16 ani, prin conceperea bulei imobiliare din Statele Unite (Fannie si Freddy) si mai ales a bulei derivativelor. Au reusit prin coruptie si prin folosirea mass-mediei, care e 100% in mina lor, ca guvernele sa inchida ochii la escrocheriile unor escroci mai mici sau mai mari, gen Maddoff, sau la devalizarea a 125 Miliarde de dolari in Iraq, etc.
    Astfel ca la momentul pertinent, au denunutat chiar ei, escrocheriile ce se desfasurau, amplificind efectele prin presa si televiziune, declansind astfel criza.

    Criza au declansat-o cu scopul distrugerii tuturor sistemelor bancare ale statelor lumii, bazindu-se pe cea mai mare escrocherie si bataie de joc: BAILOUTUL BANCILOR FALIMENTARE IN SUA si UK; sa se dea din banii contribuabilor fonduri bancilor, fara nici un control din partea statului, fara sa le ceara actiuni in schimb, sau sa li le impuna conditii in favoarea cetatenilor. De altfel, primind acesti bani fara nici un control sau sistem de a fi verificati, bancherii imediat si-au permis sa-si acorde niste bonusuri nesimtite, dupa ce ca tot ei au adus bancile in pragul colapsului.
    Semnarea acestui bailout de 780 Miliarde $, a fost posibil prin fortarea politicienilor sa semneze un document de 1600 pagini, numit Stimulus Bill, fara nici o prezentare prealabila a continutului, ci doar cu o ora inainte de semnare. Politicienilor li s-a spus ca daca nu semneaza, guvernul va declansa legea martiala.
    Justificarea semnarii acestui act a fost, pasamite, sa ajute economia americana (indirect, cea globala ce ar fi fost afectata de caderea firmelor de asigurari), prin crearea de noi locuri de munca si prin impulsionarea sistemului economic. De fapt banii au ajuns cca 80% la banci si nu s-au creat locuri de munca. Restul au fost canalizati spre
    diverse firme `’prietene`’ a celor din sistem.
    Ce este socant e, ca nici pin azi, Banca Rezervei Federale, nu vrea sa spuna unde s-au dus, la ce banci, cele 2,2 TRILIOANE de dolari din banii contribuabililor.

    Banca Mondiala, pentru cine nu stie, este organic legata de Banca Rezervei Federale a SUA, care este o BANCA STRICT PRIVATA, nu se afla sub controlul guvernului SUA si unde actionari sint familia Rotschild 80% si Rockefeller, 20%. De asemenea FMI este un organ foarte “eficient” al acestor elite.
    Ca sa nu mai existe nici un dubiu, ca actuala stare este cauzate de conspiratie: Banca Rezervei Federala a stopat din 23 Martie 2006, publicarea cantitatii totale de dolari in circulatie, pentru a se pregati pentru viitorul de acum. Astfel se tiparesc bani fara acoperire, in nestire si nu se stie exact valoarea inflatiei:

    Comisia de verificare a bursei americane, SEC, a fost informata acum 10 ani, ca escrocul Madoff desfasoara un joc piramidal tip schema Ponzi (Caritas), dar nu au luat nici o masura sa investigheze.
    De altfel, in ultimul film, The Obama Deception (Inselaciunea lui Obama), patriotul si luptatorul american impotriva Noii Ordini Mondiale, Alex Jones, ilustreaza foarte sugestiv ce s-a intimplat in lume in ultima vreme.

  118. 118
    Elitele vor sa introduca cipul la toti oamenii, cu scopul de a obtine un control complet. Si la noi,in Romania, doresc introducerea peste noapte a buletinelor, permiselor auto si pasapoartelor cu CHIP, sub motivul ca asa e modern, dar de fapt e etapa pregatitoare pentru implantarea CHIP-ului RFID, in mana (RFID=Radio Frequency Identifying Document).
    Astfel au timp sa realizeze reteaua utilizata la citirea chip-urilor, de la distanta si creaza o obisnuinta in a accepta aceste chipuri.
    Vedeti aici ce-i spune Nik Rockefeller lui Aaron Russo (pentru ca a spus lumii acest secret, Arron a fost ucis, desi amandoi sunt evrei!).
    Chip-urile au o mica baterie de litiu, care doar la o mica fisura, se scurge in fluxul sanguin. Acest litiu e o otrava puternica, care produce moartea in niste chinuri groaznice.

    Deoarece, schimbul liber de informatii intre oameni, pe internet, este FOARTE DERANJANT pentru aceste elite, care fac eforturi enorme sa blocheze orice informatii in mass media controlata de ei, au inceput sa ia masuri de a DESFIINTA forma actuala de internet. Astfel ei preconizeaza implemetarea accesului pe baza biometrica la furnizor si siteurile vor trebui “aprobate” . Acestea au fost deja implementate si testate in China, unde functioneaza perfect. Vor incepe de la interzicerea site-urilor pentru adulti, de jocuri si in final vor interzice site-urile “deranjante”. De altfel, politicienii corupti din Romania, au si votat pe ascuns, in perioada summitului NATO la Bucuresti, ascultarea telefonului, interceptarea mailului si inregistrarea siteurilor pe care navigam. Deci impreuna cu chip-area, se doreste un control absolut, a ceea ce facem, unde ne aflam, citi bani avem, ceea ce cumparam, ce mincam, la ce filme ne uitam, ce ziare citim. ELITELE (MASONICE) VOR UN CONTROL COMPLET!!!

    Si daca noi INDRAZNIM sa ne razvratim, vor da comanda de blocare a CHIP-ului. Din acel moment, omul inceteaza sa mai “existe” social. Acesta e genul de control pe care il doresc.

    DE ALTFEL SCOPUL FINAL AL CRIZEI, va fi ca dupa distrugerea completa a economiilor si sistemelor bancare, oamenii sa fie atit de ingroziti si de terifiati de lipsuri de tot felul, incit vor cere guvernelor sa faca ceva. Atunci, elitele, care asta de fapt si asteptau, vor aduce in prim plan, BANCA MONDIALA, cu O SINGURA MONEDA, VIRTUALA, care va fi introdusa electronic pe chip-ul din mina. Ca urmare a foametei si a lipsurilor, oamenii vor ACCEPTA DE BUNA VOIE ACESTE CHIP-uri:

    Dupa consultarea acestor materiale, cred ca nu mai aveti nici un singur dubiu, ca este o monstruoasa conspiratie mondiala, impotriva sanatatii, libertatii si in final, a existentei umane.
    A fost prezenta global, o situatie ce se prezinta extrem de grava si periculoasa pentru viitorul nostru si al copiilor nostri.

    Va rog sa transmiteti aceste informatii tuturor prietenilor si cunoscutilor, situatia este atit de grava incit nu permite nici o intirziere. Daca nu va ginditi la voi, ginditi-va la copiii dvs. si la cei dragi, care vor avea de suferit daca nu luam masuri acum imediat.

  119. 119

    Pentru ca … un om informat este un om puternic …

    In Romania, bancile austriece au amenintat ca vor falimenta piata bancara europeana daca nu primesc fonduri de la statul roman. In consecinta politicienii autohtoni, au fost chemati la Bruxelles, unde li s-a cerut ca Romania sa angajeze acest imprumut. Acesti politicieni corupti, multi fiind pe statele de plata ale masoneriei mondiale, au elaborat rapid un plan de aservire a Romaniei printr-un imprumut debilitant, CEL MAI MARE IMPRUMUT FACUT DE ROMANIA VREODATA!

    Ca sa va fie foarte clar ca e o conspiratie:
    1. SECRETISM (aflam din UE, prima oare, ce bani luam noi)
    2. GRABA (repede, repede, au si venit sacalii FMI)
    4. Nu s-au organizat intruniri mediatizate, cu participarea cremei economistilor romani, unde sa se dezbata clar, pe fata, daca avem sau nu, nevoie de imprumut
    5. Se evita declararea sumei totale! Asta va permite marirea ulterioara a sumei, la oridecit e “nevoie”. Unii afirma, 20 miliarde, dar e putin probabil, deoarece o tara, mai mica, ca UNGARIA, imprumuta 25 MLRD, iar noi numai 20?
    6. Nu s-a indicat un organism clar de control, un sistem de indicatori de verificare a sumelor date
    7. Dat fiind marimea sumei si conditiile globale deosebit de grave, precum si faptul ca in final, poporul roman va returna imprumutul, ar fi trebuit sa fie tratat cu o transparenta TOTALA, in mass media; deasemenea, sa se publice o lista cu ce bani se dau si cui?

    Deci, acestea sint definitorii unei FRAUDE DE PROPORTII, care i se pregateste poporului roman.

    In Ungaria, au argumentat inca de anul trecut ca au nevoie de 25 Miliarde. Au imprumutat si tot nu au putut evita recesiunea.

    Sa vedem, in continuare, ce se va face in mod real cu banii. Banii vor intra “virtual” in BNR, iar de aici vor fi dati in proportie de 80%, bancilor straine. Acesti bani, impreuna cu banii strinsi de la populatie, prin dobanzile mari oferite (atentie romani!) vor fi transferati in strainatate, la bancile mama. Dupa care vor declara falimentul aici, local. Intre timp se vor stradui sa reduca si limita minima de siguranta in BNR, ca impactul sa fie si mai devastator (cum a fost si facut, de curind, cu o variatie mica, e drept, dar s-a facut ca sa se testeze reactia publicului).
    Cu restul de bani, dupa cum era de asteptat: avem campanii electorale, politicieni care nu au prea avut de furat in ultimul timp. Vor fi abonati la borcanul cu miere!
    Deci romanii, se vor alege cu PLATA IMPRUMUTULUI + DOBINZI.
    Nu numai aceasta, caci imprumutul e conditionat de acceptarea de catreguvern a urmatoarelor conditii:
    - banii trebuie sa “AJUTE” bancile austrice in dificultate in Romania
    -cresterea taxelor, TVA, impozit profit
    -reducearea bugetlui sanatatii si invatamintului
    -obligativitatea CHIP-arii (la inceput pasaport, dupa aceea buletine si permise auto, gradual, si in final in corpul uman)
    - obligativitatea montarii camerelor de luat vederi peste tot
    - implementarea statului politienesc absolut, cum a fost arat in romanul orwelian “1984″ si in care romanii au trait timp de 50 de ani
    -obligativitatea vaccinurilor (vedeti HPV si acum vedeti contaminarea cu Gripa aviara in Cehia, Austria si Germania)

    Cititi aici pe linga ce pericol am trecut (nu se stie sigur, daca a trecut!):
    Ca urmare, va rezulta imediat o devalorizare accentuata a leului, la cca 7…8 RON/EURO, se vor mari de cca 8 ori a impozitelor pe proprietati, se va mari TVA si in general toate taxele, cu scopul de aplati datoria. In urma procedurii de Asasinat Economic, tara va fi la dispozitia “firmelor prietene” FMI, care vor veni ca hienele sa se infrupte din ce a mai ramas din tara noastra. Vedeti aici cumactioneaza FMI:
    Daca nu credeti, aduceti-va aminte de anii ‘90, ce s-a intimplat in Romania.

    Cine sustine cel mai vehement acest imprumut? Dl. Guvernator Mugur Isarescu, care face parte din Comitetul executiv al Comisiei Trilaterale, unul din organele importante ale conspiratiei mondiale: Lista cu membrii Comisiei Trilaterale 2008
    Daca domnia sa a afirmat acum doua luni ca totul e OK, ca avem suficiente rezerve, cum s-a schimbat atit de radical situatia, incit va fi nevoie sa imprumutam asa o suma mare, CEA MAI MARE DIN ISTORIA ROMANIEI?
    Ideea este ca acesti tradatori, vor aduce diverse date, diverse calcule si statistici contrafacute, sa-si ascunda hotia. Trebuie ca poporul roman sa fie ferm: daca actualul guvernator nu se pricepe sa administreze Banca Nationala, cu ce avem in acele conturi, sa plece!
    Guvernatorul Bancii din Islanda care A FALIMENTAT VOIT ISLANDA a fost fortat de popor sa plece:
    Trebuie sa ne trezim inainte ca sa ne falimenteze!

  120. 120


    I totally agree! It’s very worth looking for answers to such questions. And the more you look into it the more you discover that there’s not just a couple of infernal rock posters adorning the city’s walls, but something much more sinister going on, because indeed as you said, why would such a strange attitude be encouraged by being promoted a very visible place in the center of the city? Anyone with common sense and a little bit of morality can instantly perceive the idiocy in such an attitude and in the encouragement of it. But for that I guess you’d need a bit of humanity and heart which small minded creatures like Bill have suffocated with their ignorance and laziness, and unfortunately they make up the majority of the population, which is of course what the freemasons rely on and why MISA is such a major threat!

  121. 121


    you are what you eat! ;)


  122. 122

    Dear mr. Andersen

    I like very much how you present little examples from the society about how the freemasonic symbols is placed in important places all over the city (and other ways that they are placed, made), which clearly shows the intention to influence the common people in a malefic way.

    thank you

  123. 123


    Start with yourself. You can just start to put up some happy-happy posters.

    99.9% of the world is not very “spiritual”. And the 0.1% of the “spiritual” people have different ideas of what a spiritual life is. Thus the chances that you will find yourself in a world that is aligned with your ideas are very, very small. Personally i dont think that these posters are worse than the movie i saw yesterday or the pizza i will eat later today ;-)

    If you think that you have the answers then start practice and be an example. If you do good maybe someone will copy you.

    Good luck!


  124. 124

    Priviti cum politicianul nostru aservit intereselor globaliste il denigreaza pe fostul presedinte polonez asasinat: .
    Cum se face de ras fiind, asa cum spunea Caragiale, un “linge blide” deghizat in “mare politician atotcunoscator”.

  125. 125

    For some months now you can see on the upper side of the building at the entrance of the Tivoli amusement park a billboard which advertises rock concerts.
    When you look at it carefully the billboard reveals its maleficent significance: a demonic character with a defiant grin making the gesture “el diablo” with both hands (the index and small finger forming the letter U, as I explained in a previous post). The message is very simple: “come to rock concerts where you can listen to so called music which connects you to the inferno (the satanic spirits).”
    How come, for many months, such a poster has been in a very visible position in the center of the city?!
    Why not having posters which show how people can improve their life and begin to think in a profoundly beneficial and optimistic way?
    It is worth making an effort to find answers to these questions ;)

  126. 126

    Inca ceva interesant. Un rus care a sustras documente secrete din arhiva fundatiei lui Gorbaciov nu gaseste pe nimeni interesat sa le publice desi ele sunt senzationale dezvaluind agenda globalista a fostului presedinte sovietic.

    Documents from the russian archives which reveal the Gorbachev secret globalist agenda find no translator and publisher in the western world. Someone tries to defend once again the myths (lies) of the official history.

  127. 127

    Masonii de la varf se tem de trezirea care are loc la nivel mondial:

    Totusi inca sa nu ne bucuram.. Teama aceasta poate sa devina exterm de periculoasa. Disperata ca pierde putere Fiara poate face multe victime:

    For English readers: The masonic hierarchy fears the global awakening. But in that fear of loosing the power they will probably try to kill as many people as possible to regain control of the remaining. For details see the above youtube links.

  128. 128

    I found the link ( where the murdered president of Poland kept the speech in which he strongly supported the national interest instead of globalist interest:
    “…despite the PRESSURE of the larger European countries to accept the solutions that were previously proposed, we succeeded in pushing through all the important articles FOR POLAND(!!!): … the Ioanina compromise which makes it easier to BLOCK BAD DECISIONS for our country, the energy solidarity protecting us from extortion and keeping the PRIMACY OF POLISH LAW over the EU’s(!!!). It pays to be firm in defending the POLISH INTEREST(!!!).”

    It is OBVIOUS that the president fought against globalization. And of course they killed him.
    This is the real “democracy” and the “safe” world in which we are living and this is the way how the UE “take care” of the liberty and independency of members countries.
    We can say that UE promotes the terrorism, slavery etc.
    We should pay attention to all these aspects.
    And to apply what andersen@ said “So let us awaken as fast as possible from this MALEFIC TRANCE to which we are subjected daily through television, theater, movies, and so on and let us tell also others how to open their eyes”.

  129. 129

    Many of the comments on this page and other pages are not in English, I tried to translate the pages in google but the results are obscured. Please can those who write in another language also write at least a summary of their comments in English, so those who do not understand can also follow the discussions.
    Thank you

  130. 130

    On the streets of Copenhagen there are some posters advertising for the Republique Theater which contain masonic signals.
    On one of the posters it is written in capitals “REMEMBER” and there is also a hand which makes the V gesture with the index and middle finger. Here is the significance of this gesture: the hand with the index and middle finger forming a V is a symbol introduced by Winston Churchill, meaning “victory”, later adopted by the hippie movement, and then also used in rock concerts. It is a symbol of the horns of the Devil and it is called “El Diablo”. It later derived into the masonic signal “U” – made with the index and the small finger – meaning “united”. There is also the “W” representing the same satanic horns, this time made with the knuckles of the middle and ring fingers, meaning “World Order” – Novus Ordo Seculorum. We find these signals everywhere: newspapers, television, and even presidential inaugurations.
    In other words the poster is meant to remind the “knowledgeable initiates” (masons) that they need to propagate the sign of the Devil (V) so that the masses of people would get used with it and accept it unconditionally.
    The so called democracy and social freedom are nothing other than slavery which the masons seek to impose insidiously through the media, politics, and so on.
    For example in this situation, ordinary people make the gesture V thinking that they do it out of their own free will. But in reality the V gesture has been intentionally propagated by those who secretly govern the world and since “habit is the second nature of man” the masses of people came to think that it is natural to make a satanic gesture.
    On another poster of the Republique Theater there is a close up of a hand holding a skull and the word “RE DE FINE” in capitals.
    The hand is the symbol of the masonry which likes to think it can secretly hold the reins of all nations, governments and peoples.
    The skull is also a Masonic symbol connected to the satanic rituals performed by the masonry.
    The message is: “For us, the chosen ones (the hand) the time has come to redefine our plans of extermination of the population (the skull), so that there is no risk that they can realize it. Some of them have already begun to awaken, so that we must hurry and remove those who disturb us.”
    So let us awaken as fast as possible from this malefic trance to which we are subjected daily through television, theater, movies, and so on and let us tell also others how to open their eyes.

  131. 131

    @ filosoful
    sa stii ca ei (masonii) au o ideologie foarte clara care ii plaseaza pe o pozitie de superioritate fata de ceilalti oameni si ii face sa se creada speciali si alesi. Aceasta ii face sa actioneze in acest fel si sa atraga in randurile lor – mai ales catre nivelele superioare ale ierarhiei – oameni care au intr-o masura destul de mare o anumita dorinta de putere si o viziune egocentrica asupra vietii (chiar daca multi isi mascheaza aceasta cu aparente acte de caritate).
    Pe acest Valeriu Fruntes l-am cunoscut personal si am putut sa observ la el de atunci tendinte de grandomanie si o atitudine aroganta de egocentrism exacerbat. Nu m-am mirat cand am aflat ca este racolat. Te sfatuiesc sa citesti ce a scris pe blog-ul sau si sa vezi ca tendintele acestea au capatat deja forme grotesti la el. Unele dintre pasajele pe care le-a scris denota un caracter cu o rautate maladiva. Ca el gasim multi printre cei care se inscriu in randurile puterii oculte sau sunt folositi de ea.

  132. 132

    Este foarte interesant (de luat aminte) cum actioneaza “fratii” masoni fara nici un fel de scrupul atuci ncand ceva ii deranjeaza.
    In acest sens, va rog sa cititi la adresa articolul “Tentativa disperată a spionului şi masonului Valeriu Frunteş de a închide site-ul”. Nu iti vine sa crezi ca asa ceva este posibil.

    Masonii se cred stapanii lumii pe care vor sa o aduca intr-o stare de slavie din ce in ce mai accentuata. Nici nu ii putem numi fiinte umane, ci bestii insetate de putere care si-au vandut sufletele fortelor demoniace si satanice in incercarea disperata de a subjuga aceasta planeta.

  133. 133

    Am gasit alte cateva link-uri interesante pe tema asta:
    Ce a schimbat moartea lui Kaczynski:
    Si cum asasinatele nu rezolva problemele mafiei masonice decat in aparenta, iata ca tot n-au scapat de spaime:

  134. 134

    Prieteni si colegi mei stiu ce spun.
    Priviti si invatati este viata voastra in pericol:

    In 9 mai 2010 am primit mesaj pe care l-am trimis mai departe:

    Scut american antiracheta pentru care a fost ucis presedintele POLONIEI in Rusia, iar persoanele ranite care au scapat din tragicul accident aviatic au fost impuscate la locul accidentului, sa nu mai ramana martori pentru ca s-au opus instalarii lui in Polonia si a refuzat sa predea autoritatea militara poloneza celor de la FMI.

    manoliu valentin către ExplozivNews
    arată detaliile 9 mai (Acum 6 zile)
    Virusati cu revolutie sa va spalati si sa veniti la CIP

    Si priviti ce am primit azi

  135. 135

    @ filosoful
    daca gasesti pe undeva poti sa postezi si unele parti semnificative din discursul presedintelui Poloniei, mai ales acelea unde el ia atitudine ferma in favoarea interesului national inainte interesului globalist (am citit pe undeva pe net niste fragmente insa nu mai am link-ul). Acolo cred ca poate sa vada oricine cauzele reale ale acestui tragic “accident”. Acum rusii spun ca au investigat ei totul si au dat polonezilor rezultatul “in plic” fara sa acepte o investigatie alternativa din partea poloneza (desi a fost solicitata). Iar seful anchetei: nimeni altul decat Putin, cel care a refuzat sa ceara scuze (in numele institutiei pe care o pastorise atatia ani: KGB) pentru genocidul incredibil de la Katyn. Iar avionul prezidential cade exact in aceeasi padure, si tot rusii se ocupa si de investigarea acestui genocid modern (cum tot ei au investigat initial- dupa razboi- si pe cel realizat de precursorul KGB impotriva ofiterilor armatei poloneze). Sa fie acestea numai niste coincidente uluitoare? Hai sa fim seriosi si sa incepem sa gandim matur.
    Avand in vedere ceea ce a iesit TOTDEAUNA la iveala cand a fost vorba de interesele celor care lucreaza pentru globalizarea fortata si considerand si atitudinea presedintelui polonez (si a grupului din jurul sau CARE SE AFLAU TOTI IN ACEL AVION) eu nu ma mir deloc de aceasta desfasurare a evenimentelor pentru ca agenda globalizarii fortate si controlate a fost mereu sustinuta cu o violenta extrema.
    Este suficient sa ne gandim la inscenarea atacurilor din 11 septembrie 2001, atacuri in care au murit atatia oameni nevinovati, pentru a ne da seama ca nu este nimic intamplator si ca un asemenea atentat la nivel inalt nu ar depasi indrazneala si resursele masoneriei globaliste ba chiar vine pe aceeasi linie de actiune si de gandire.
    Atat ca acum oamenii comunica unii cu altii (si multi incep sa gandeasca cu capul lor facand conexiuneile necesare ajutati si de circulatia informatiei) si se pare ca aceasta noua isprava a globalistilor o sa iasa la iveala mai repede decat se spera. Numai ca atunci trebuie sa fim atenti la metoda “gasirea tapului ispasitor” in care unii sunt experti biblici ;)

  136. 136

    O situatie in care a fost “dat la o parte” un lider care se opunea desfasurarii planurilor francmasonice in Uniunea Europeana: presedintele Poloniei ucis printr-o inscenare de accident aviatic in 13 martie anul acesta.
    In acest caz se verifica afirmatia lui Franklin Delano Roosevelt: “În politică, nimic nu se întâmplă accidental. Dacă se întâmplă, puteţi paria ca a fost planificat sa aiba loc în acest fel..”
    Deci ce putem spune atunci când o bună parte a unui guvern european impreuna cu presedintele este ştearsa într-un singur accident de avion?
    Ori de câte ori politicienii mor “accidental”, este bine sa studiem pentru a vedea dacă politicienii decedati au facut ceva care i-ar fi putut înfuria pe masoni sau Noua Ordine Mondială.
    Conducerea Poloniei a plasat interesele poporului din Polonia înaintea intereselor colectivului francmasonic european cunoscut sub numele de Uniunea Europeană. Apoi, a doua zi, preşedintele Poloniei moare într-un accident de avion, împreună cu numeroşi alţi lideri de top, inclusiv presedintele Bancii Nationale. “
    Ce ziceti de aceasta?!

  137. 137

    Buna ziua

    Sa nu ma intelegeti gresit, dar am vrut sa va trimit informatii cu ce se intampla in Romania si dumneavoastra decideti daca le lasati sau stergeti.

    Foarte multe persoane citesc si nu inteleg ce scriu si de aceea a trebuit sa fac mai multe filme pentru a incerca sa lamuresc lucrurile si sa arat ce se intampla in Romania, iar daca gresesc imi cer scuze.


  138. 138

    @ manoliu valentin
    va rog sa sintetizati mesajele pe care le postati si sa postati de fiecare data numai ceea ce este nou pentru ca cele mai multe din pasaje se repeta in fiecare comentariu. adaugand mereu text la mesajele anterioare se obtine un text mult prea lung pentru a fi citit, ocupa spatiu si face greoaie comunicarea. acesta este si motivul pentru care nu am postat toate mesajele dumneavoastra. va multumesc pentru intelegere si pentru participarea la discutiile de aici care incep sa devina din ce in ce mai interesante, judecand si dupa traficul in continua crestere.

  139. 139


    A VENIT VREMEA sa ganditi cu MINTEA VOASTRA si nu cum vor alti, de 20 de ani.


    Mercenari si teroristi adusi de actionarii de la FMI in Ungaria in 1989 din AMERICA- VLADIMIR TISMANEANU, EMIL HUREZEANU, FRANTA TEODOR BACONSKY, DJUVARA, MONICA LOVINESCU, ITALIA, OLANDA si altele, sa participe alaturi de generali NATO SI GRU -SOVIETIC sa pregatesca refugiati romani si maghiari pentru atacarea militara terorista a Romaniei in decembrie 1989

    Vladimir Tismaneanu fiul tortionarilor comunisti evrei Leonte Tismaneanu si Hermina Marcushon criminalii si asasinii poporului roman in perioada 1944-1964, emigreaza in 1981 in SUA si se angajeaza profesor de stiinte politice la Universitatea Maryland-USA.
    Vladimir Tismaneanu este trimis de CONGRESUL SUA (finanteaza EUROPA LIBERA) in martie 1989 la Budapesta, Ungaria sa participe la pregatirea militara a refugiatilor romani si maghiari pentru atacarea militara terorista a Romaniei in decembrie 1989..

    Mercenari si teroristi semneaza DECLARATIA DE LA 16 IUNIE 1989 DE LA BUDAPESTA, UNGARIA pentru atacarea militara terorista a romaniei in decembrie 1989, provocand REVOLTA de la Timisoara din 15 decembrie 1989 sustinuti de trupe NATO, GRU, agenti CIA, MOSSAD, M16, FSB-KGB, VATICAN-BISERICA CATOLICA, ambasade straine occidentale, ISRAEL si AMERICA acreditate in Romania, agentii de presa straine ale actionarilor de la FMI , respectiv: CNN, NEWS VIS, BBC, EUROPA LIBERA si altele.

    si din 2004 fac parte din comisiile prezidentiale BASESCU INFRACTORUL SI TERORISTUL ROMANIEI care ataca romania si extermina poporul roman la ordinul actionarilor de la FMI.

    Membri in Comisia Prezidentiala pentru Analiza Dictaturii Comuniste DIN Romania si ministrul de externe TEODOR BACONSKY

    Vladimir Tismaneanu a fost numit de presedintele Basescu în functia de presedinte al Comisiei. Din aceasta Comisie au mai facut parte: Sorin Alexandrescu, Mihnea Berindei, IPS Nicolae Corneanu (s-a retras cu cateva zile inaintea publicarii raportului), Radu Filipescu, Paul Goma (a fost inlaturat de Tismaneanu dupa numai 8 zile), Monica Lovinescu, Virgil Ierunca (decedat inainte de finalizarea raportului), Sorin Iliesiu, Gail Kligman, Nicolae Manolescu, Horia-Roman Patapievici, Marius Oprea, Dragos Petrescu, Andrei Pippidi, Romulus Rusan, Stelian Tanase, Constantin Ticu Dumitrescu, Cristian Vasile si Alexandru Zub.

    Comisii PREZIDENTIALE BASESCU alcatuite din mercenari si teroristi actionarii de la FMI impreuna cu generali NATO si GRU SOVIETIC in frunte cu VLADIMIR TISMANEANU se pisa pe CONSTITUTIA ROMANIEI, pe toti romani, pe toti parlamentarii romaniei si pe toate PARTIDELE POLITICE DIN ROMANIA.

    Fabrica legi in 10 zile si CONSTITUTIA ROMANIEI dupa cum doresc actionarii de la FMI din AMERICA: REGIONALIZAREA Romaniei si infiintarea REPUBLICII TRANSILVANIA, iar in R. MOLDOVA vor infiinta REPUBLICA PALANCA..

    Creditele de la FMI se duc de 20 de ani la firmele actionarilor de la FMI -SOROS, EMIL HUREZEANU, TERODOR BACVONSKY, VLADIMIR TISMANEANU si alti, cum spune ILIE SERBANESCU in direct la TV:

    80 de miliarde de euro din creditele de la FMI s-au dus la FORD, EADS, BECHTEL, AIRBUS, RENAULT si altele si sunt scutite de taxe si impozite de alte cateva zeci de miliarde de euro.

    Pentru Romani este CRIZA, dar pentru programele GUVERNAMENTALE in care se duc banii de la FMI, adica la firmele lor private, HOTELURI, RESTAURANTE DE LUX, EUROCONSTRUCT, TEHNOLOGICA RADION si altele, iar romanilor le sunt reduse salariile si pensiile.

    Dopresc sa fac precizarea ca pregatirea militara din UNGARIA pentru ATACAREA MILITARA TERORISTA A ROMANIEI a inceput in perioada martie si a tinut pana in decembrie 1989 si la care a participat personal SOROS actionar FMI si din cand in cand mai pleca in America sau la Londra la ION RATIU, adresa de contact, date si altele sunt mentionate in rapoarte KGB respectiv: Manchester Square, 18 Fitzhardinge Street, London W1H 6EQ UK si il inmforma pe ION RATIU de stadiul pregatirilor militare pentru atacarea Roimaniei pentru ca era bolnav si nu se putea deplasa la Budapesta, Ungaria.

    Soros conduce toata media din R. Moldova si o parte din media din Romaniei si are numeroase FUNDATII in ROMANIA si R. moldova cu care organizeaza actiuni si demonstratii de forta in strada.

    Tot in martie – aprilie 1989 au inceput aplicatii militare comune maghiare -ruse -romane, iar armata rusa conducea armata Maghiara, aplicatii care au avut loc pe teritoriul romaniei si numerose tancuri sovietice au ramas pe teritoriul romaniei.

    In vara anului 1989 au fost invitati un grup ofiteri importanti romani la Budapesta, Ungaria printre care si VICTOR ATANASIE STANCULESCU si IULIAN VLAD (au plecat la date si ore diferite in Ungaria, dar au stat la aceiasi masa in Ungaria) piese importante ale LOVITURI DE STAT DIN DECEMBRIE 1989.

    LOVITURA DE STAT MILITARA in dimineata zilei de 22 decembrie 1989, ora 10.

    Victor Atanasie Stanculescu a permis agentilor CIA, MOSSAD, FSB-KGB, M16 si alti, deghizati in uniforme militare romane afara insemne militare sa traga in militari si civili, a retras armata in cazarmi.

    Iulian Vlad a permis agentilor CIA, MOSSAD, FSB-KGB, M16 si alti, sa se instaleze pe acoperisurile cladirilor din jurul actiunilor militare planificate de NATO-GRU in Romania si sa impuste civili si miltari pentru a creste presiunea cetatenilor si a retras securitatea si militia lasand institutiile statului fara paza si protectie.

    In perioanda martie-decembrie 1989 in diverse centre de refugiati din Ungaria, respectiv DEBRECEN, BALATON si altele, s-au facut pregatiri militare pentru atacarea militara terorista a Romanie la care participau refugiati romani si maghiari si erau invatati cum sa foloseasca STICLE INCENDIARE.
    Sticlele incendiare erau aruncate de refugiati romani si maghiari din randul doi sau trei, pentru ca militari romania sa nu vada ca vin pregatiti cu sticle incendiare sa-i atace.

    Misiunea era sa lase unitati de armata -militie sa se aproprie si acestia trebuiau sa arunce din apropiere lor cu sticle incendiare asupra militarilor romani, lucru care s-a si intamplat si daca urmariti toate actiunile teroriste GDS in 16 – 21 decembrie 1989 si 13-15 iunie 1989 din Romania s-au facut cu ajutorul sticlelor incendiare.

    De asemenea, trebuiau sa dea foc la cauciucuri in holurile blocurilor pentru a scoate cetatenii timisoarei in strada sa se alature actiunilor teroriste.

    Puscasi marini si agenti CIA, MOSSAD, M16, FSB-KGB si alti au folosit cartuse VIDIA impotriva civililor si militarilor, pentru a ucide cat mai multi cetateni romani pentru a creste presiunea asupra cetatenilor instigati de propaganda sionista EUROPA LIBERA, VOCEA AMERICI SI ALTELE sa-l atace pe Ceausescu si institutiile statului Roman pentru ca sa ajunga actionarii de la FMI-SOROS si membri EUROPA LIBERA, ulterior GDS in in institutiile statului Roman si acum dupa 20 de ani pun in aplicare ce au semnat in 16 iunie 198 la Budapesta, Ungaria.


    Revolta din 13-15 iunie 1990 provocata de membri GDS -EUROPA LIBERA sustinuti si finantati de FMI care le-au adus si corturi cu cei de la CRUCEA ROSIE INTERNATIONALA pentru atacarea intstitutiilor statului Roman cu sticle incendiare pentru a ajunge in institutiile statului pentru ca sa conduca si sa distruga romania, adica INCERCAREA DE LOVITURA DE STAT RATATA nu este numita REVOLUTIE, ci MINERIADA.

    Au implentat in 1989 PRIVATIZAREA, RESTRUCTURAREA SI DISPONIBILIZAREA in Romania pentru scoaterea Romaniei la vanzare, asa cum cum parintii lor LEONTE TISMANEANU, WALTER NEULANDER ROMAN au implantat COMUNISMUL in 1944 si au ucis milioane de romania, atunci si acum, prin privatizari ilegale si abuzive aruncand milioane de romanii in strada fara serviciu , salariu si pensie.

    Dupa alegerile din 2004 beneficiarii privatizarilor nu sunt cei care au vrut GDS-EUROPA LIBERA si sunt arestati de Basescu, cazul MARIAN IANCU de la Politehnica Timisoara si sub presiunea ca va face PUSCARIA i-a cedat RAFO care acum este al lui BASESCU-PDL si pentru asta guvernul BOC-BASESCU au virat 360 de milioane de euro in contul RAFO-BOC-BASESCU si romanilor le spune ca este CRIZA.

    Tot dupa alegeri a fost arestat PATRICIU, iar sub presiunea ca va face PUSCARIE trebuia sa-i treaca ROMPETROL pe numele lui BASESCU si PDL si nu in proprietatea STATULUI ROMAN.

    Priviti arestarile din fotbal.

    Acestea se fac la ordinul lui BASESCU care a pus SRI SI STS sa asculte convorbirile si pe urma cu ajutorul comisiei sale juridice condusa de VALERIU STOICA VANZATOR DE COIPII SI ORGANE DE COPII fabrica dosare penale, iar cu ajutorl CSM alcatuit din membri GDS emit avize de arestare si dosarele sunt fabricate cu sigla SRI si nu au voiue sa le vada judecatorul de caz si numai judecatori cu atestate, nu au voie sa vada dosdarul arestatul si nici avocatul sau si se judeca pe un raport emis de DNA pe inregistrari fabricate de STS, SRI si comisia prezidentiala.

    Sub presiunea dosarelor penale si sub amenintarea lui Basescu ca ii baga la puscarie cu comisiile lui prezidentie, multi deputati si senatori au fugit la INDEPENDENTI, adica in subordinea lui Basescu si asa are parlament cu care conduce romania si face legi in 10 zile si va face implanturi cu CIP la ordinul actionarilor de la FMI pentru exterminarea in masa a romanilor printr-o simpla tasta de PC din America, deoarece acest CIP emite unde elctromagnetice care afecteaza ogani vitale din corpul uman si duce la moartea individului.

    Stolojan vrea alocatii doar pentru elevii care vin la scoala si sunt vaccinati.

    Vaccinuri pline de virusi cancerigeni, substante radioactive nuclerare care provoca moartea si sterilitatea individului si altele

    Joi, 29 Aprilie 2010, ora 12:32

    Stolojan sustine ca tendinta la nivel mondial este ca ajutoarele sociale sa fie legate de obligatii ale beneficiarilor.

    Priviti cine indatoreaza Romania la actionarii de la FMI:

    Teodor Baconsky negociaza in numele Romaniei si al poporului roman cumpararea de avioane F16, fiare vechi americane utilizate in razboiul din IRAK, iar motoarele lor sunt distruse de nisipul din asia.
    TEDOR BACONSKY negociaza instalarea scutului antiracheta si trecerea armatei romane si Romania in subordinea militara a actionarilor de la FMI-NATO.

    Scut american antiracheta pentru care a fost ucis presedintele POLONIEI in Rusia, persoanele ranite care au scapat din tragicul accident aviatic au fost impuscate la locul accidentului, sa nu mai ramana martori pentru ca s-au opus instalarii lui in Polonia si a refuzat sa predea autoritatea militara poloneza celor de la FMI.





  140. 140

    @realistul: Apreciez sinceritatea. Vino cu solutii concrete, Realiste.

  141. 141

    @filosoful etc
    Sunteti simpatici. Ca acei copii care se joaca de-a oamenii mari. Daca nu cresteti ca Fat-Frumos, intr-o luna cat altii in sapte ani, va spulbera fiara masonica dintr-o suflare. Asa ca mancati mult si digerati rapid.

  142. 142

    @filosoful: vad ca e rost de brainstorming.

    Un exemplu demn de urmat pentru aceasta tara: Eminescu. Pe linga opera poetica, a avut o intensa activitate publicistica. Ziarul Timpul la care Eminescu era editor ajunsese sa aiba o asemenea putere de impact in viata sociala incat ministrii, ca de altfel intregul guvern tineau cont de criticile indreptatite ale acestuia.
    Iti dai seama ce camp genial de constiinta propaga Eminescu de putea sa schimbe guverne prin opiniile lui. Ce tarie de caracter sa te lupti cu toti masonii si lingaii strainatatii.
    Activitatea lui publicistica a fost cel putin la fel de bogata ca si cea literara, insa a fost extrem de virulenta la adresa masonilor si evreilor-masoni care conduceau tara si faceau toate eforturile sa distruga patriotismul autentic si celellalte valori nationale. Nu e de mirare ca la scoala nu se studiaza aproape mai nimic despre aceasta. Ar fi incomod din motive lesne de inteles.
    “Si mai potoliti-l pe Eminescu”, cuvintele cu care Titu Maiorescu, asemeni unui lui Iuda, l-a vandut si a dat verdictul prin care Eminescu trebuia scos pe o linie moarta ca sa nu mai deranjeze clasa politica. I-au inventat repede nebunia ca sa il discrediteze si apoi povestea stiuta. Cand te gandesti ca la scoala ni se spune ca Maiorescu l-a sustinut si ajutat pe Eminescu. Ce jigodii ordinare! Care ne conduc si ne dau lectii.

  143. 143

    Aceasta este o sansa extraordinara, cu scolile initiatice care sa deschida noi orizonturi pentru societatea umana.
    Istoria se repeta de mii de ani, dupa cum reiese din descrierea pe care ai facut-o societatii Pitagoreice. La fel ca si in zilele noastre, oamenii politici au fost deranjati de forta de a trezi constiintele emanata de a o asemenea grupare. Cu toate acestea au supravietuit inca multe secole transformand in bine vietile multor fiintte umane.

    Un alt exemplu de acest gen pe care l-am gasit zilele acestea este al lui Swami Premananda, un intelept indian contemporan care se afla de 10 ani in inchisoare( Bineinteles aceeasi poveste: in noiembrie 1994 presa a publicat 28 de acuzaţii împotriva lui Swami Premananda şi a ashramului său. Printre acestea: viol, crimă, deţinerea de arme şi de droguri, trafic cu tinere fete, turnarea de filme pornografice, sechestrarea unor copii, practica avorturilor, activităţi teroriste împreună cu mişcarea de eliberare tamil. Este identic cu cazul MISA dezlantuit din 2004.

  144. 144

    @filosoful: raspund la provocarea ta.
    Molotovul acela al tau este o figura de stil, dupa cum lasi sa se inteleaga. Sau este un molotov “filosofic”?!

    Pentru ca esti un cunoscator in domeniu,iti readuc in atentie exemplul faimos al lui Pitagora. In zilelele noastre ni-l reamintim de la geometrie si faimoasa lui Teorema. Insa, mai degraba Pitagora a fost un mare invatat, un intelept se poate spune.El este primul care si-a luat numele tau de philo-shopus – iubitor de intelepciune. A fost renumit pentru prezicerea cutremurelor, furtunilor violente si a altor catastrofe. Era la unison cu elementele naturii putand sa le controleze. Exista legenda ca intr-o zi a salutat unui rau, iar acesta i-a raspuns : “Salut, Pitagora!”. Biograful sau din secolul 4 d.Hr, Iamblicus, spune despre Pitagora “ a studiat in Egipt astronomia si geometria si a fost initiat in toate misterele divine”, iar apoi timp de 12 ani a aprofundat cu inteleptii din Babilon “aritmetica, muzica si alte discipline”. Bine, bine, si ce-i cu toate acestea, ai putea sa ama intrebi?

    Acum vine aspectul cel mai interesant care poate sa dea un raspuns la intrebarea ta cu solutiile intelepte : Pitagora a fondat in orasul italian Crotona o scoala initiatica – Societatea Pitagoreica. Societatea pitagoreica a fost mai mult decat o scoala. A fost organizata ca o societate initiatica a caror membrii vizau inaugurarea unui climat spiritual prin adoptarea unui regim de viata in acord cu legile divine ale naturii. Afirmau ca astfel va apare o noua ”era de aur” bazata pe pace si justitie divina.
    La inceput au fost 300 discipoli care s-au alaturat inteleptului, insa numarul lor a crescut rapid. Erau ghidati direct de catre Pitagora si respectau anumite norme de comportament. Atat barbatii cat si femeile erau admisi, unii devenind mai tarziu chiar faimosi filosofi.

    Acum SOLUTIA: Emanatiile acestei societati s-au raspandit in toate coloniile grecesti incepand din Italia si pana in Grecia Occidentala. Peste tot unde se raspandea aceasta miscare aducea Armonia si Ordinea. Pitagoricienii considerau filosofia lor ca un principiu de viata capabil sa conduca la trezirea inzestrarilor si potentialitatilor sufletului fiintei umane. Legatura cu umanitatea si cu celelalte forme de viata din cosmos erau in centrul atentiei. Adeptii proclamau ca fiecare suflet, in esenta, este un fragment al sufletului universal “prizonier” intr-o forma corporala supusa timpului. Societatea avea ca misiune purificarea sufletelor individuale in vederea reintoarcerii la comuniunea cu sufletul universal. Aceasta se putea realiza printr-o existenta in cadrul careia pitagoricienii isi purificau sufletul printr-un EXAMEN DE CONSTIINTA constant.

    Ei, ce zici de asta???

    Iar continuarea care este aidoma in zilele noastre: dupa apoximativ treizeci de ani de la fondarea acestei societati, un initiat exclus datorita greselilor facute, a contribuit la atragerea atentiei intr-un mod infam asupra acestei grupari. Oamenii politici au fost DERANJATI de puterea sociala exercitata de comunitate si au lansat acuzatiile de erezie si subversiune care ar avea loc in cadrul societatii initiatice, reusind sa manipulaze o parte a opiniei publice. Astfel in timpul unei intruniri, pitagoricienii au fost atacati si multi dintre membrii, poate chiar Pitagora insusi, au fost asasinati. Cu toate acestea, supravietuitorii chiar daca au fost dispersati, au continuat sa mentina nealterate principiile spirituale expuse de Pitagora si aplicate impreuna in cadrul societatii. In acest mod miscarea pitagoriciana a supravietuit inca cinci secole.

    Este foarte clar ca puterea spirituala izbandeste intotdeauna!

  145. 145

    Cand spun ca TIMPUL nu mai are RABDARE, stiu ce spun.
    Priviti ce face GDS -EUROPA LIBERA si REMUS CERNEA omul lor.

    [romania_actualitati] Maine – Decizie importanta a Parlamentului European privind mineritul pe baza de cianuri

    Maine (miercuri) se va lua o decizie importanta in Parlamentul European privind mineritul pe baza de cianuri, cu implicatii directe asupra Rosia Montana!

    Partidul Verde din România va fi reprezentat la Bruxelles de Presedintele executiv Remus Cernea
    sustinator al HONOSEXUALILOR in Romania.

    Detalii aici:

    Priviti RALUCA Turcan deputata PDL care facea publicitate la SIBIU pentru uciderea copilelor nostre cu vacin antiuterin, acum impreuna cu RADU F. ALEXANDRU semnatar al declaratiei din 16 iunie 1989 de la Budapesta, Ungaria pentru AUTONOMIE MAGHIARA si atacarea militara terorista a romaniei, vor sa faca lege care NU ESTE PUBLICA si sa preia TVR, pentru ca asa, zic dumnealor trebuie controlat TVR DE renumita SOCIETATEA CIVILA, adica GDS -EUROPA LIBERA, EMIL HUREZEANU SI VLADIMIR TISMANEANU.
    Sionistii actionari de la FMI au nevoie de control total asupra mediei din ROMANIA pentru a incepe atacuri mai decisive impotriva poporului roman si pentru atacarea IRANULUI.

  146. 146

    Domnule Manoliu,
    Va multumesc pentru raspunsul dvs.

    Referitor la iesitul in strada, ma gandesc ca nu este cea mai buna solutie. Oamenii trebuie sa fie pregatiti, sa aiba un scop nobil, superior pentru care sa “lupte”. Altfel, presupunand ca se iese in strada, imediat dupa aceea, o asemenea “revolutie” va fi confiscata tot de catre aceleasi cercuri oculte care conduc lumea. Ei sunt antenati pentru asa ceva de sute de ani.
    Probabil ca stiti ca cele trei razboie mondiale au fost concepute de catre Albert Pike, supranumit “Papa masonilor”, inca din anul 1871, cu scopul de a instaura mondialismul masonic (Noua Ordine Mondiala, in termenii actuali).Pike si-a expus proiectul în corespondenţa sa cu masonul Giuseppe Mazzini, cel care a preluat conducerea Ordinul illuminati în 1834, dupa moartea lui Adam Weishaupt (fondatorul ordinului Illuminati). Primele 2 razboaie mondiale au decurs “ca la carte”.
    Ramane de vazut cum vor decurge lucrurile in privinta celui de al treilea razboi mondial.
    Personal inca mai sper ca umanitatea va face rapid un pas evolutiv ca nivel de constiinta, asfel incat sa nu se mai treca prin acest al treilea razboi.

    Insa aici intervine rolul fiintelor umane, care asemeni dumneavoastra, au curajul sa faca publice aceste dezvaluiri. Pe linga toate aceste dezvaluiri este necesar insa sa propunem si un MODEL de societate umana bazata pe idealuri profund benefice, pe armonie, pe frumusete, pe deschiderrea spirituala samd. Si in acest sens este evident ca in Romania deja exista un asemenea model pe care scoala de yoga MISA il propune.

    Ganditi-va ca in fiecare an, de exemplu in luna mai, se intalnesc mii de yoghini la Herculane pentru 10 zile si desfasoara diverse activitati spirituale, savureaza din plin viata in armonie cu natura ( chiar acum este in plina desfasurare Simpozionul international de Yoga 2010 la Herculane). Iar oamenii au inceput sa perceapa, sa simta forta spirituala pe care o asemenea grupare de oamenii o degaja. De ce oare credeti ca mass-media romaneasca este asa de pornita impotriva MISA?
    Pentru ca masonii care dirijeaza din umbra sunt ingrijorati de o asemenea forta care le da planurile peste cap. Si in plus, MISA publica si carti in care dezvaluie planurile diabolice ale masoneriei.

    Si de aceea, asa cum afirma toate traditiile spirituale autentice, pentru a putea sa revolutionam lumea, mai intai este necesar sa incepem cu propria transformare spirituala, cu aplicarea lucida si perseverenta in viata noastra de zi cu zi a principiilor benefice. Altfel exista riscul sa picam in conspirationism fanatic si vom fii foarte usor de manipulat de catre fortele oculte masonice.
    Ma rog, asa vad eu lucrurile.

  147. 147

    Apropos de o Romanie mai buna si mai curata… Cum vezi tu aceasta participare?!
    Ca eu ma tot intreb???
    Am citit in ultima perioada cate ceva despre francmasonerie, si vorba unui prieten, iti vine sa iesi cu molotovul(adica o mitraliera, pentru cei care nu stiu)si sa ii impusti pe toti (francmasonii)cand vezi cum distrug lumea aceasta. Dar nu este totusi o solutie inteleapta.Undeva se pare ca avem si noi partea noastra de vina, ca altfel nu am trai intr-o asa lume. Are si Mihai dreptate cand ii raspunde d-lui Manoliu: esential este ca mai intai sa ne transformam pe noi insine prin practica spirituala constanta, aplicata cu luciditate in viata de zi cu zi.
    Cum vezi tu o solutie (@omizerie)?
    Sau orice altcineva care stie asemenea solutii il provoc la dialog!

  148. 148

    Asta e Romania pe care nu ne-o dorim. Aici gasesti mizeriile de care te lovesti zi de zi. Participa si Tu la o Romanie mai buna, mai curata !

  149. 149


    Vladimir Tismaneanu este adus din AMERICA de la UNIVERSITATE AMERICANA in UNGARIA in 1989 pentru a participa la pregatirea militara a refugiatilor romani impreuna cu generali NATO si GRU -sovietic sa atace militar terorist romania.

    Acest Vladimir Tismaneanu impreuna cu viitori membri ai comisiilor prezidentiale BASESCU au semnat o DECLARATIE IN 16 IUNIE 1989 LA BUDAPESTA, UNGARIA PENTRU ATACAREA MILITARA TERORISTA A ROMANIEI si pentru AUTONOMIE MAGHIARA IN ROMANIA ( atentie, atentie este pe NET la: … 55023.html si la : … ismaneanu/) si aveti ocazia sa vedeti semnatarii decalaratiei

    In ianuarie 1990 au infiintat GRUPUL PENTRU DIALOG SOCIAL si acum priviti cine sunt membri GDS si al comisiilor prezidentiale BASESCU care vor PROSTITUTIE, DROGURI SI CIP in KURUL ROMANILOR pentru uciderea in masa a romanilor.


    Semnatarii PROCLAMATIEI DE LA TIMISOARA 11 martie 1990 … cle&sid=67 in care doreau implementarea privatizari, restructurari si diponibilizari si cu care au scos ROMANIA LA VANZARE si au distrus industria si economia romaniei si cu care lupta pentru exterminarea romanilor.


    revista 22 organ al actionarilor de la FMI in Romania si finanteaza GDS si EUROPA LIBERA si ei fac emisiune la TVR si cer DONATII care fac parte din planul de prosteala si saracire al romanilor.

    Membri in Comisia Prezidenţială pentru Analiza Dictaturii Comuniste din România
    care fabrica date si acte sa condamne ROMANIA si poporul roman pentru CRIMELE EVREILOR impotriva romanilor in perioada 1944-1964, la care a participat si parinti lui VLADIMIR TISMANEANU, respectiv LEONTE TISMANEANU

    1-5 decembrie 2009 actiuni si demonstratii de forta in Romania si PIATA universitatii pentru sustinerea lui BASESCU in frunte cu MONICA MACOVEI SI VLADIMIR TISMANEANU care erau la NASU TV.

    Comisiile prezidentiale sunt fabricate neconstitutional si consuma mai multi banii decat tot parlamentul romaniei si mai mult folosesc SRI, STS, CSAT si inregistreaza convorbiri telefonice si pe baza lor fabrica dosare penale, dar fiind fabricate de SRI nu au voie sa le vada decat judecatori cu atestat special si nu judecatorul de caz si nici imvinuitul si avocatul sau si daca este o persoana politica informatiile sunt prezentate mass mediei pentru denigrarea lor si cu ajutorul CSM si a membrilor GDS -EUROPA care fac parte din CSM emit avize de arestare.

    Si acum Basescu un infractor care si-a facut comisii pentru a distruge dosarele lui penale si pentru a distruge date si documente, face legi in 10 zile.

    LOVITURA DE STAT MODERNA de care face zicere dl. Valentin Stan.
    Astea se invata in universitati din america.

  150. 150

    @ one hopefull
    if you really want to make a difference you can read here and it will be a good start.
    The important action one can do in order to start revolutionizing the world is to transform spiritually by a perseverant and lucid spiritual practice.
    When we put the spiritual transformation on the first place in our daily life, then we will set course in the right direction, becoming able to make a difference.

  151. 151


    (filosoful puteti folosi acest mesaj pentru caretea dumneavoastra.)

    LOVITURA DE STAT MODERNA a domnului VALENTIN STAN se aplica dupa LOVITURA DE STAT DIN decembrie 1989.
    Vladimir Tismaneanu este adus din AMERICA de la UNIVERSITATE AMERICANA in UNGARIA in 1989 pentru a participa la pregatirea militara a refugiatilor romani impreuna cu generali NATO si GRU -sovietic sa atace militar terorist romania.
    Nu intru in alte amanunte pentru ca este foarte mult de discutat, dar pot sa spun ca toate persoanele care au participat LA LOVITURA DE STAT din decembrie 1989 au semnat PROCLAMATIA DE LA TIMISOARA si APELUL PENTRU CONDAMNAREA CRIMELOR COMUNISTE IN ROMANIA, iar o parte din aceste persoane se gasesc in COMISIILE PREZIDENTIALE BASESCU, BASESCU FIIND PRIMUL BENEFICIAR SI CONDUCATOR AL LOVITURI DE STAT MODERNE.
    ANI, ICCR, AVOCATUL POPORULUI si altele sunt create pentru a face locuri de munca pentru cetateni rusi-moldoveni-ucrainieni care sunt adusi la studii gratuite pentru a inlocui cetatenii romani din institutiile statului.
    Alegerile prezidentiale din 2009 a facut parte din LOVITURA DE STAT MODERNA prin fraudarea lor si la care au participat studenti straini adusi la studii gratuite in romania rrusi-moldoveni-ucrainieni care au votat de mai multe ori in centre de votare speciale in toata romania, iar cei care au avut cetatenie romana si au fost in centre de votare au falsificat procesele verbale.

    Si acum priviti la EUGEN TOMAC SPION STRAIN INTR-O INSTITUTIE IMPORTANTA A STATULUI ROMAN cetatean ucrainian care a fost adus la studii gratuite in romania si acum este angajat in MAE ministru secretar de stat (prietenul lui EBA) care a dat dispozitie ambasedelor romanesti acreditate in strainatate sa nu trimita documentele de votare pana la noi ordine.

    Si acum priviti cu toti cine negociaza cumpararea de AVIOANE F16, SCUT ANTIRACHETA AMERICAN si CU CINE DORESTE ACTIONARII DE LA FMI sa implanteze CIP in curul ROMANILOR pentru a fi controlati si ucisi printr-o simpla apasare de tasta de calculator din AMERICA care emite unde electromagnetice in organismul uman si afecteaza anumite organe care duce la mortea persoanei respective?
    EUGEN TOMAC si TEODOR BACONSKY ministru de externe, care din fosta functie de AMABASADOR LA PARIS a adus 3000 de voturi fabricate intr-o secunda pentru BASESCU SI care a semnat in 16 iunie 1989 DECLARATIA DE LA BUDAPESTA pentru atacarea militara terorista a romaniei.

    Si Basescu, Petre Roman, Iliescu, Blaga aducea minerii la Bucuresti pentru prosteala Romanilor care si atacul GDS-EUROPA LIBERA cu sticle incendiare asupar intitutiilor statului romana si venirea minerilor face parte din LOVITURA DE STAT MODERNA care a ajutat la instaurarea DICTATURI BASESCU-FMI in ROMANIA.













  152. 152
    one hopefull

    Dear Mihai. i spoke with a friend today. he wanted to save the world – raise alot of money and do a big project in Africa to save the world..And besides that write a book – better than platon did – and revolutionise the way our society is build. he knew it can be made better. but he was also abit confused. he asked me if i dont believe too, that a new world can be born. We spoke some time and i said that i thought also it is good to act cause in this way we transform but when our level of concsiousness is low, really we don´t help all that much. isnt it? all these propagandas – to make people fight cancer or war or nature´s polution.. its all very good if it was to wake up people but i feel our world is spinning somehow just to keep us busy, to keep everyone away from realising what is really important – to have the heart in WHATEVER we are doing.. I write here not because i feel better than my friend in anyway – at least he wants to do alot.. i write because i see this tendency in myeself and many around me who really wants to do good for something – but sometimes i forget i can try to move mountains and believe in my cause: but if it is not first of all driven by the heart and each of my move coming from here – instead of a desperation of the”state the world is in” -what action then is having true value..? it is so easy in this time for the heart to fall asleep and go out and fight for … whatever! – even the socalled spiritual evolution.. But how to realise again and again the transforming power of love in every moment? or is this wrong to put it so? What to do when then again i realised i forgot – i wake up in much action, but that lacks essence. How can i explain this better to my friend.? We are in a world that is so much emphasising the outside. and it seems also hypocritical to just sit still and say – “we have to know ourselves and then the planet will change”, when children are dying and the nature being misused.. And all this with freemasonry – that the world is so little what it shows to be.. it seems all abit overwhelming and confusing for this heart that tries to keep hope. and i want to encourage both my friend and my own heart of course-.. i dont know.- will you please share some light on this.

    one hopefull

  153. 153


    Priviti, in fiecare zi, seara si dimineata ne prezentati situatia grea din romania si jaful national, dar nu vedeti:

    Tribunalul Bucuresti a admis, luni, cererea grupului parlamentarilor independenti de inscriere a partidului Uniunea Nationala pentru Progresul Romaniei (UNPR), coordonat de Gabriel Oprea. Grupul parlamentarilor independenti.


    Acest partid a participat in alegeri si cine a votat acest partid?
    Ce platforma electorala a avut si sigla in alegeri?

    Basescu acum nu tipa si face alegeri anticipate?

    Pai, nu are nici un interes pentru ca este un partid facut la ordinul lui BASESCU din SCURSURI POLITICE SI OAMENI CU DOSARE PENALE.

    Acest partid este mai ILEGAL DECAT UDMR (organizatie extremista, SEPARATISTA si xenofoba, finantata, inarmata si organizata de actionarii de la FMI) care nici macar nu este PARTID si voi ce faceti?

    Il invitati pe ANTONESCU SI PONTA sa ne vorbesca de BASESCU?

    Voi si toata CLASA POLITICA VORBITI DE JUSTITIE, de CONSTITUTIE, de jaful national, de BASESCU un INFRACTOR INTERNATIONAL: FLOTA, Bancorex, MINERIADE a sigurat trasportul minerilor la Bucuresti, RAPIREA JURNALISTILOR, FNI si altele, se PISA PE NOI CAND VREA SI CUM VREA cand in PARLAMENTUL ROMANIEI EXISTA UN PARTID care nu a fost in ALEGERI SI NU a fost votat de poporul roman?


    TREZIREA in strada de urgenta ALEGERI ANTICIPATE.

    Trebuie DESFIINTAT GUVERNUL BOC-BASESCU care distruge si jefuieste ROMANIA si sa nu ajungem precum: DELFINI, CAINI SI ALTE ANIMALE SA NE puna CIP IN KUR prin ordonanta de urgenta si la ordin SIONIST AL ACTIONARILOR DE LA FMI.

    Nu ati inteles NIMIC in 20 de ani.


  154. 154

    Domnule Manoliu,

    Am citit cartea dumneavoastra Dezvăluiri uluitoare despre modul în care este afectată România de gigantica conspiraţie internaţională a Noii Ordini Mondiale” si am fost impresionat de acuratetea informatiilor pe care le prezentati.Va admir pentru curaj si ma bucur ca exista oameni ca dumneavoastra care dezvaluie aceste informatii. Vroiam sa va intreb cum de faceti aceasta si ce anume va motiveaza? Cum puteti rezista presiunilor si amenintarilor dupa publicarea unei asemenea carti? Va rog, daca aveti timp sa imi raspundeti la aceasta intrebare. Va cer si permisiunea ca raspunsul dumneavoastra sa il pot folosi intr-o lucrare personala referitoare la francmasonerie.
    Va multumesc anticipat!
    Succes in actiunile dumneavoastra!

  155. 155
    Shiela Steinke

    I came across your website after performing a search in Yahoo, and I must say it does have a great deal of very good content which I found both fascinating and helpful.

  156. 156

    Very good idea with the program for stoping the spam. I get lots of spams these days.
    I’ve checked the map and it seems that your Icelandic retreat was in the same area with this fucking volcano that is blowing ash over Europe and mess the flights. Good you got out of there in time. I was supposed to fly next week but i guess its time for checking out the trains.
    Take care next time where you go for a retreat so there are no volcanos (or other calamity centers)in that area :)

  157. 157
    manoliu valentin

    Home > Actualitati > Românii vor avea o amprentă electronică obligatorie, pe platforma eRomânia, pentru care vor plăti taxă

    Românii vor avea o amprentă electronică obligatorie, pe platforma eRomânia, pentru care vor plăti taxă

  158. 158

    Long, twisted phrases, big words lacking essence, and perverted ideas. that doesn`t sound like you mihai, no not at all.

  159. 159

    Dear Isobel,

    Happy Valentines!!! (sorry i am late, I have not been able to get on line for a while!)
    I wrote a poem for you

    “Roses are red violets are blue,
    Kali is pushing me to transform,
    so i can be ready for you!”

    Waiting to hear from you.

  160. 160

    @ Dave
    thank you Dave, it is really amazing how much these people lied lately. And it is also clear that things are becoming hectic for the international agenda lately. I will publish soon a review of the main info and their meaning regarding the CLIMATE CHANGE business. If you have anything new post it here because i can see from the net traffic that there are more and more people every day reading here.

  161. 161

    The swine flu scam went quiet, and we haven’t heard much about the climate change scam recently either. There was the whole fiasco with the multimillion pound conference in Copenhagen that apparently generated as much pollution as a small African country! Anyway everybody knows the treaty was a big cover up for them to impose even more control!!
    I was just reading now that one of the main scientists behind the warming theory said that there hasn’t been any evidence of warming for 15 years either – another lie is being revealed! Funny how they come up with these lies to make us afraid and distract us from their evil misdeeds – but in the end the light always prevails over the dark and the truth over lies!

    Dave, always seeking for the truth out there!

  162. 162

    @ kunal patel
    Thank you for the wishes and i hope you are well and enjoy the yoga practice with great results. Maybe next time i travel in India we will meet again.

  163. 163

    do you love the comment? mihai

  164. 164

    For you my love,
    I wish you all your Hearts desires,
    I wish the bliss that radiates in your Divine Heart to overflow upon this world embracing it entirely with His Love.
    I wish you eternal Happiness in His embrace.
    From my heart to yours i send you pure love, my devotion and deep gratitude
    La Multi Ani

  165. 165
    Kunal Patel

    Wish you a day full of wonderful physical, mental, emotional, spiritual experiences,with peace and bliss.

  166. 166

    @ isobel
    you are dating ED and he is preparing for the meeting with the Godess! this is not a dating agency, it is just spiritual dating agency! :)

  167. 167

    Hey Goddess,
    I AM READING! and anticipating our cosmic fusion…
    ED (the Superior guy)

  168. 168

    Hi Ed,
    When you have studied and got to know at least one of the Cosmic Powers, i would consider your suggestion :-)

    P.S – I am a Goddess (i think all women are, we just need to discover this inside ourselves)

  169. 169

    Whats this – an online dating agency?

  170. 170

    Have you got your own superior man at the moment? I was thinking we check each other out and choose some realities together – we could be the perfect Cosmic couple (what do you look like?)

  171. 171

    @Admin and ED

    I looked at the Cosmic Power articles, i hope you also benefited from reading them Ed, as it is a beautiful approach to God.
    And Ed if you want a Goddess, you have to be prepared to meet her – if you know something about karma (we get what we deserve) and resonance (we attract what we are) you will understand these things.. I tell you this through my own personal experience, i have observed that i make my own reality, in every moment i choose my existence (consciously or unconsciously), and after choosing for a very long time to stupidly suffer and always have the same consequences i am starting to choose to keep high states and very optimistic and balanced, even when things are going seemingly in the wrong direction – therefore i can whole heartedly advise you, that as we are the ones who create our destiny we can create it however we want – so if you want a Goddess, be the very best you can be, a God – a superior man,and you will meet her, it is your choice! :-)

    Isobel :-)

  172. 172

    Thanks for the info, i am still waiting for my own real life Honey to appear on the scene. DO you have any suggestions on how i can attract a living Goddess?

  173. 173

    @ adrian cojocaru
    dear adrian, the text you are asking for was presented in the special initiation that took place within the International Yoga Symposium 2009 and for this reason i will not post it here. it was made available only for those that are a part of that special group of initiation and it is recorded. i hope you understand now the reason why i cannot post that material here.

    @ ed
    how is it going with the Maha Vidya study and practice? did any of the Goddesses manifested any sign for you yet?

    @ carbon 12
    welcome on the “dance floor”. i am waiting for your “hits” … if you get to know more about the topics here.
    stay tuned and enjoy the coming articles about the Iceland silent retreat.

  174. 174

    I am reading this blog for a while and this is my first step on the “dance-floor”. You are really challenging some concepts here and have a lot of revolutionary ideas … but i like that ;) Still there are some points where you lost me half way and i will come back on that.
    Seems that guys replying to the articles are really getting their brains hot since some are longer then the article. Its rare what i see here, you must have some impact huh?
    Even the whole crap with the drama of your students that turned cold feet (i didn’t have patience to read the whole saga :)) seems useful for some lads here. Good work. You fry them and even get some interesting angles out of it.
    Well.. this is it for now. i will hit you with some real comments when i get more familiar around.
    See ya around and keep up the good spirit.
    Hi to everyone!

  175. 175

    Can you explain what you mean?

  176. 176

    happy new year to everyone. I hope we’ll have the most spiritual year ever…

  177. 177

    Dear everybody,

    (please don’t repost some of the old posts that were even debated upon… especially if they are not yours ;) . admin)

  178. 178
    Adrian Cojocaru

    Dear Mihai,

    On the Yoga International Symposium Constinesti 2009, you have read a report written when you participated to a Self Revelation Camp, under the grace of Matangi. That report had a wonderful impact on me and the understanding resulted was amazing.

    Can you please share again that report, either by posting it here or by sending it by email?

    Thank you for everything,

  179. 179

    Thanks – its good to know – someone is there!!!
    I was hoping these Goddesses were a bit more attainable in the physical form :-) .. however i will enjoy reading about them and lets see maybe one will manifest for me!

  180. 180

    @ ed
    i will reply to you since you are so eager to know more about those Cosmic Powers or Goddesses. To start, you can study the material from these links that are very good to give you a hint.
    After you’ve read these articles and the related links you know more about Grateful’s Goddesses.
    Wish you heavenly study

  181. 181

    Mercenary, terrorists, communists, agents secret military support of the US-Israel, Russia, France and others for terrorist actions, popular revolts and coups.
    Radio Free Europe

  182. 182

    Does anyone ever respond on this forum? I feel like i am speaking to myself? Would be nice to get some feedback from the people out there .. is there anybody there?

  183. 183
    iulia&romanita&luizao gas

    salut mihai,
    suntem fostele colege de facultate ale augustinei.incercam din rasputeri sa dam de ea pentru ca anul asta sarbatorim zece ani de cand am terminat facultatea si am vrea sa reluam in vara spectacolul de licenta,”Trei surori” de Cehov.intrucat noi nu am reusit sa o contactam,ti-am fi foarte recunoscatoare daca ne-ai putea ajuta.multumim.

  184. 184

    Hi Mihai,

    Thank you for a great New Year camp!

    Especially I liked the lectures on:
    - The hormonal effects of love making and the impact it has on our love relationship. Interesting to note that if we are not careful biology are against our relationship!
    - The intro lecture. Every time i remember that my essence is happiness i can not resist the temptation to be happy :-)
    - The importance and effects of touch.
    - Also there were a lot of good points in the lecture about the spiritual couple relationship. E.g. the “toy” syndrome.

    Thank you!


  185. 185

    Hi Grateful,

    Sounds nice, but who are the Goddess’s that you speak about? I would like to get in synch with them!!!


  186. 186

    On New years Eve instead of going to a party – (where i would in the past i would have got very drunk and wasted time, energy and money on being unconscious) I took part in some group meditations with Tara Yoga school, and i had an ‘internal party’. It was an incomparable experience. At first i thought it would be hard to sit for 3 and a half hours and meditate, but it was incredible, we meditated with the Goddess’s or cosmic powers and each one had a specific music to was help us to get into synch with them, then in the middle was the meditation with Shiva, here i felt i was expanding and stretching and in the same time i felt i was being lifted, it was magical. I was hardly able to find words or speak afterwards.Later on i called my friends and family to wish them ‘Happy New year’ and i found they were not able to speak coherently, due to other intoxicating reasons!! I had a profound feeling – of sadness and in the same time gratitude that i have found this school i am guided to discover the beauty within, and i know this is just the beginning!
    I just wanted to share this with you. :-)

  187. 187

    Greetings and salutations to you fellow Truth Seekers!
    Wishing for you all to find the TRUTH in this NEW YEAR, and live in Love,PEACE and HARMONY!
    Dave TS

  188. 188

    AFRIKAANS gelukkige nuwejaar
    ALBANIAN Gëzuar vitin e ri
    ALSATIAN e glëckliches nëies / güets nëies johr
    ARABIC عام سعيد (aam saiid) / sana saiida
    ARMENIAN shnorhavor nor tari
    AZERI yeni iliniz mubarek
    BAMBARA aw ni san’kura / bonne année
    BASQUE urte berri on
    BELARUSIAN З новым годам (Z novym hodam)
    BENGALI subho nababarsho
    BERBER asgwas amegas
    BETI mbembe mbu
    BOBO bonne année
    BOSNIAN sretna nova godina
    BRETON bloavezh mat / bloavez mad
    BULGARIAN честита нова година (chestita nova godina)
    BURMESE hnit thit ku mingalar pa
    CANTONESE sun lin fi lok / kung hé fat tsoi
    CATALAN bon any nou
    CHINESE xin nian kuai le / xin nian hao
    CORSICAN pace e salute
    CROATIAN sretna nova godina
    CZECH šťastný nový rok
    DANISH godt nytår
    DARI sale naw tabrik
    DUTCH gelukkig Nieuwjaar
    ENGLISH happy new year
    ESPERANTO felicxan novan jaron
    feliæan novan jaron (Times SudEuro font)
    ESTONIAN head uut aastat
    EWE eƒé bé dzogbenyui nami
    FAROESE gott nýggjár
    FINNISH onnellista uutta vuotta
    FLEMISH gelukkig Nieuwjaar
    FRENCH bonne année
    FRISIAN lokkich neijier
    FRIULAN bon an
    GALICIAN feliz aninovo
    GEORGIAN გილოცავთ ახალ წელს (gilocavt akhal tsels)
    GERMAN ein gutes neues Jahr / prost Neujahr
    GREEK kali chronia / kali xronia
    eutichismenos o kainourgios chronos (we wish you a happy new year)
    GUJARATI sal mubarak / nootan varshabhinandan
    GUARANÍ rogüerohory año nuévo-re
    HAITIAN CREOLE bònn ané
    HAWAIIAN hauoli makahiki hou
    HEBREW שנה טובה (shana tova)
    HINDI nav varsh ki subhkamna
    HMONG nyob zoo xyoo tshiab
    HUNGARIAN boldog új évet
    ICELANDIC farsælt komandi ár
    INDONESIAN selamat tahun baru
    IRISH GAELIC ath bhliain faoi mhaise
    ITALIAN felice anno nuovo, buon anno
    JAVANESE sugeng warsa enggal
    JAPANESE akemashite omedetô
    KABYLIAN asseggas ameggaz
    KANNADA hosa varshada shubhaashayagalu
    KAZAKH zhana zhiliniz kutti bolsin
    KHMER sur sdei chhnam thmei
    KINYARWANDA umwaka mwiza
    KIRUNDI umwaka mwiza
    KOREAN seh heh bok mani bat uh seyo
    KURDE sala we ya nû pîroz be
    LAO sabai di pi mai
    LATIN felix sit annus novus
    LATVIAN laimīgu Jauno gadu
    LIGURIAN feliçe annu nœvu / feliçe anno nêuvo
    LINGALA bonana / mbula ya sika elamu na tonbeli yo
    LITHUANIAN laimingų Naujųjų Metų
    LOW SAXON gelükkig nyjaar
    LUXEMBOURGEOIS e gudd neit Joër
    MACEDONIAN Среќна Нова Година (srekna nova godina)
    MALAGASY arahaba tratry ny taona
    MALAY selamat tahun baru
    MALAYALAM nava varsha ashamshagal
    MALTESE is-sena t-tajba
    MANGAREVAN kia porotu te ano ou
    MAORI kia hari te tau hou
    MARATHI navin varshaachya hardik shubbheccha
    MONGOLIAN shine jiliin bayariin mend hurgeye (Шинэ жилийн баярын мэнд хvргэе)
    MORÉ wênd na kô-d yuum-songo
    NDEBELE umyaka omucha omuhle
    NORWEGIAN godt nyttår
    OCCITAN bon annada
    PASHTO nawe kaalmo mobarak sha
    PERSIAN سال نو مبارک (sâle no mobârak)
    POLISH szczęśliwego nowego roku
    PORTUGUESE feliz ano novo
    PUNJABI ਨਵੇਂ ਸਾਲ ਦੀਆਂ ਵਧਾਈਆਂ (nave saal deeyan vadhaiyaan)
    ROMANCHE bun di bun onn
    ROMANI baxtalo nevo bersh
    ROMANIAN un an nou fericit / la mulţi ani
    RUSSIAN С Новым Годом (S novim godom)
    SAMOAN ia manuia le tausaga fou
    SANGO nzoni fini ngou
    SARDINIAN bonu annu nou
    SCOTTISH GAELIC bliadhna mhath ur
    SERBIAN srećna nova godina / Срећна нова година
    SHIMAORE mwaha mwema
    SHONA goredzva rakanaka
    SINDHI nain saal joon wadhayoon
    SINHALA suba aluth avuruddak vewa
    SLOVAK šťastný nový rok
    SLOVENIAN srečno novo leto
    SOBOTA dobir leto
    SOMALI sanad wanagsan
    SPANISH feliz año nuevo
    SRANAN wan bun nyun yari
    SWAHILI mwaka mzuri / heri ya mwaka mpya
    SWEDISH gott nytt år
    SWISS-GERMAN es guets Nöis
    TAGALOG manigong bagong taon
    TAHITIAN ia orana i te matahiti api
    TAMAZIGHT assugas amegaz
    TAMIL iniya puthandu nalVazhthukkal
    TATAR yaña yıl belän
    TELUGU నూతన సంవత్శర శుభాకాంక్షలు (nuthana samvathsara subhakankshalu)
    THAI สวัสดีปีใหม่ (sawatdii pimaï)
    TIBETAN tashi delek / losar tashi delek
    TSHILUBA tshidimu tshilenga
    TULU posa varshada shubashaya
    TURKISH yeni yiliniz kutlu olsun
    TWENTS gluk in’n tuk
    UDMURT Vyľ Aren
    UKRAINIAN Z novym rokom
    URDU naya saal mubarik
    UZBEK yangi yilingiz qutlug’ bo’lsin
    VIETNAMESE Chúc Mừng Nǎm Mới / Cung Chúc Tân Niên / Cung Chúc Tân Xuân
    WALOON (“betchfessîs” spelling) bone annéye / bone annéye èt bone santéye
    WELSH blwyddyn newydd dda
    WEST INDIAN CREOLE bon lanné
    WOLOF dewenati
    YIDDISH a gut yohr

  189. 189

    Hi Jim,
    Since you say hi to everybody, I feel spontaneously to send you back greetings and a few words.
    I am part of this comunity as you call it and tonight I am in a very exalted state of mind due to the participation in the camp organized by Mihai in Natha Yoga Center.
    I would like you to know that is not only a lot of information but also a lot of love and spiritual support here and everywhere around Mihai.
    I was way from Denmark for more than a month, just enough to make me realize in an objective way, the chance I have to be part of this spiritual school. The atmosfere in the camp is so frendly, welcoming, full of joy, aspiration and I am wondering how many people know and have the opportunity to atend such autentic spiritual activities.
    In this evening we had a lecture about the biologic aspect of the phenomena of “falling in love”, how hormons and inner chemical reactions induce in us the feeling of being in love. It’s amazing! I feel more powerful to know that (actually knowledge is a form of power) and I feel a certain kind of fredom.
    Tomorrow we will have presented the spiritual aspect of the “falling in love”, we will get the solution to rise up from this uncontroled falling. I personally believe that such informations should be able to cancel many emotional traumas and traps of the mind that all of us experience several times in our lives.
    If you think is great informations here, then I wish you to have also the direct experience and the reflection in the heart of this knowledge.
    Happy new year!

  190. 190

    hi everyone,
    Was lurking here since a long time and now I registered and thought about saying a hi to everybody. This community seems to have a lot of great information.

  191. 191

    Can anyone tell me how Jesus and Santa wound up together – did you ever ask yourselves this??
    What has a chubby ageless man in a red suit- with presents for anyone with a chimney, got to do with the saviour being born in a stable? Could anyone enlighten me on the association.


  192. 192

    Happy Christmas Mihai,

    I loved reading your blog this year.. i cant wait for more informative and diverse topics next year.

    Wishing you happiness, love and peace.


  193. 193


    Thanks for the link.

    Have you seen this (it also has a few parts) ..

    We see how they promote and heavily advertise drugs getting in the psyche of people by using emotive says how around 100,000 deaths (per year) and 1.5 million hospitalizations in US are related to adverse drug reaction.


  194. 194

    Hi Dave – HAPPY CHRISTMAS to you too!

    Did you see that movie Sicko? It is about the US health care system and the insurance scamming..

    Here is some links – there are 13 parts you can find them all on you tube – It is a Sicko situation!


  195. 195
    Bica Robert Claudiu

    Va dorim Sarbatori Fericite tuturor, si un An Nou plin de realizari exceptionale!

  196. 196

    Check this one out also, it looks as though light is reaching into the hearts of some of the US Senates

    Dave – always searching for the truth out there!!!

  197. 197

    Hello and Happy Christmas to you All!

    Check out this you tube link, it is what an ordinary guy discovered when he turned off the TV set and the impact it has had on his life and the life of his kids


  198. 198
    Yoga Berlin

    Dear Mihai

    our yoga school team from Berlin was reading your beautiful articles with joy and amazment. Would you agree if we publish a german version of some of some of your articles on our yoga website? It would be lovely to have this spiritual impact for german yoga students as well.

    The articles/poems we would like to publish are:
    - Drops of Love: Contemplation of the heart
    - Drops of Love: In Adoration for Shakti
    - Magic of Laughter
    - The Spiritual Relationship I + II
    - What is freedom?
    - Thoughts over easter:The power of sacrifies

    Thanks for giving this amazing revelations to us.

    With loving regards

    German Akadamy of traditional Yoga

  199. 199

  200. 200

    @Manoliu Valentin

    Please could you write a summary also in English whenever you make a post on here, i cannot understand what you are saying,and it would be very nice if we could all read what you have to say here.

    With thanks,

  201. 201

    Another thing…

    I was thinking about 2012, what do you think about it? With all these climate change talks of disaster and these disaster films, is it something that is being implanted in our subconscious or is it a reality?


  202. 202

    Hi Mihai,

    Since reading about those articles i looked more into the global warming debate, honestly it looks very strange. Those emails must be true if one of the lead scientists involved in this has been suspended, and apart from some very weak efforts there has been no real attempt of denying them. It is true it is a bit suspicious that they were leaked days before the climate conference, but they seem to have little effect as the conference continues as if nothing happened. It is a huge scandal that the research behind the policies the U.N. want to implement are based on flawed and unreliable research!
    I am amazed that they blatantly continue to lie, manipulate and destroy (considering also the swine flu scam). Please tell me what is wrong with these people, are they human beings? Do they have souls? are they also manipulated? or are they hand picked for their stupidity? How can these people be the leaders of our world? It doesn’t make any sense. When is there going to be a leadership that puts the interests of the people first, a leadership that loves and respects the planet and all its inhabitants?


  203. 203

    Cand atrageam atentia (chiar si in carte)ca din 1990 se aduc la studii gratuite cetateni straini vorbitori de limba roamna de origine sovietica, adica parinti lor sunt cetateni rusi masa, cazare si bursa si cand termina studiile se fabrica institutii pentru a le creea locuri de munca; ANI, AVOCATUL POPORULUI, INSTITUTUL REVOLUTIONARILOR cand a fost lovitura de stat, Institutului de Investigare a Crimelor Comunismului in Romania.
    Institutul National pentru Studierea Holocaustului din Romania “Elie Wiesel” si altele
    Acum va prezint proba, ne FURA VOTURILE la MAE si mai mult lupta pentru exterminarea poporului roman si distrugerea romaniei este o persoana importanta fost consilier al lui Basescu, dar cei mai grav BASESCU spunea ca doreste un invatamant superdezvoltat, dar nu pentru romani ci pentru straini, iar tinerii romani au dreptul la doua examene pentru admitere la liceu ori pentru a obtine diploma de bacalaureat, nu reusesc sunt muritori de foame pe strada putrezesc de vii pe strada.
    Eugen Tomac (n. 27 iunie 1981, Oziornoe, Regiunea Odessa, RSS Ucraineană, URSS, astăzi în Ucraina) este un politician, istoric şi jurnalist român. Actualmente membru al Consiliului Mondial Român, Eugen Tomac este născut în localitatea Oziornoe (fosta General Averescu) din sudul Basarabiei în fostul judeţ Ismail. A venit în România la vârsta de 17 ani prin programul de burse oferit de Guvernul României etnicilor români din jurul graniţelor. Este redactor al revistei de cultură istorică Magazin istoric, unde a publicat studii despre Basarabia şi românii de peste hotare, dar şi studii privind istoria Statelor Unite ale Americii. Eugen Tomac este profesor de istorie la Institutul Eudoxiu Hurmuzachi pentru românii de pretutindeni, instituţie ce aparţine de Ministerul Afacerilor Externe, unde studiază tineri din Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Republica Moldova, Serbia, Turkmenistan, Ucraina.
    Odată cu investirea guvernului Emil Boc a fost numit în funcţia de secretar de stat pentru relaţiile cu românii de pretutindeni la Ministerul Afacerilor Externe.
    Si va atrag atentia ca sunt peste 2 milioane de asemenea persoane care sunt angajate in institutiile statului, iar romani sunt aruncati afara din serviciu.
    Atrag atentia ca sunt angajati in politie, armata, justitie de unde distrug toate actiunile juridice ale romanilor si participa la jefuirea romaniei.
    Va atrag atentia ca asta face parte din planul SIONIST AL COMISIEI TRILATERALE SI GRUPUL BILDERBERG de inlocuirea cetatenilor romani in institutiile statului roman si exterminare a poporului roman.
    Mai mult ies si protesteaza in strada impotriva poporului roman in toata tara in perioada alegerilor si striga JOS COMUNISMUL, FARA COMUNSITI, coordonati de tortionari comunisti romani sau copii si nepoti lor, Vladimir Tismaneanu, Monica Macovei si alti.
    AFARA STRAINI DIN INSTITUTIILE STATULUI ROMAN SI DIN ROMANIA, daca nu doriti sa putreziti de vii pe strada.

  204. 204

    Hi All,

    Another good one for you!


  205. 205

    Dear Charlotte and everybody who took part in this hot “Charlotte debate”

    Dear Charlotte – I wanted to answer your answer immediately but did not have time and now I think it was good. Your first reply did look like you had not read my post at all and this was a bit troubling; ”should I repeat it all again”, I thought.

    So first of all you should know that I am very happy for your reply and it touched my heart a lot to read such a humble letter in which you looked to receive the feedback (most of it – the rest might come later ).

    Also I hope that you are not upset anymore that I replied to you here instead of calling you?
    I think it got clarified why, – but still I will mention why; so that there can be no doubt left:
    If it was ONLY about ”your” mistake, then yes it would be more relevant to call you. But the same moment you wrote this on the blog, expressing the lack of understanding of why to write about Karsten (and others) like it was done on this blog – then you also resonated with many others, with the same opinion. So my reply was not only a comment to YOU, it was a comment to the IDEA that was expressed through you. It was not the first time I read this IDEA on the blog and I was thinking before to comment upon it – and your message was a good opportunity to reach many people with the same opinion – or many people in doubt about this.

    So my intention was not only to answer to YOU but to “balance” this opinion expressed through you, and which was not so constructive – with a message for everybody. And for this it would not be enough to call you. Since in a way I did not regard this IDEA to be yours personally – it was only you who took it personal in that moment; considering it to be YOURS.

    Still I hope that I did not hurt you by doing it! If I did I wish you to know that this was never my intention – now I am happy for you, that you got so much ATTENTION to transform.

    Also I would like to share an experience with all of you which I consider to be highly relevant for being able to appreciate the value of this blog – which I had during my studies in psychology, and which taught me a lot:

    In a certain tradition, the therapy is taking place behind a one-way mirror; the client and the therapist sits in front of the mirror and behind it sits the supervisor(s) and sometimes even a team of students watching the therapy.
    After some time they change place and the client and therapist goes behind the mirror while the supervisor(s) come in front and discuss the whole situation and the dilemma of the client. Then the client is watching the team who is discussing the client’s situation.

    The purpose is that the client in this way get to see his situation “from outside”, from the perspective of observer – and the job for the team is to make sure that EVERY POSSIBLE VIEW POINT IS REPRESENTED – EVEN IF THE PERSON WHO NOTICE THAT THE RESPECTIVE VIEW POINT IS MISSING PERSONALLY DON’T AGREE, then still he has to mention it. In this way the team discussing together forms a WHOLE, a unity of all possible aspects (as much as they are able to of course). And this unity of aspects is very beneficial for the client.
    The therapist cannot know which aspect the client is open for in each moment – and sometimes when such a circle of complementary views are represented, then the client will open to one aspect and later on to another. This ensemble of viewpoints also gives a certain freedom to the client so he don’t feel pressed to receive a certain idea.
    It is normally not so easy for a persons to represent all those complementary aspects when looking upon a situation of someone else (or not even upon our own situation).
    Our ego always want us to be fixed: “this is MY opinion” and “this is NOT MY opinion”, when in fact MY and NOT MY opinion together might be the “complete one”.

    So this is what I would like to share with you. Even now when I write about it again, it comes the same feeling of enthusiastic impetuous of reaching the circle, the wholeness through accepting the complete ensemble of complementary opinions.
    For the one who is taking part in such a team, the most difficult is to detach from “MY OPINION”, from the ego. From my experience of participating in such a team I can tell that when it succeeds then you find yourself in such a wonderful state of karma yoga, like one little chain in a huge mechanism, it gives such a wonderful humble and loving feeling of integration in the whole – just to do this. And it gives a much better detachment from the identification with opinions.

    I believe that the same is happening on this blog. We are maybe not aware of it and we are not sitting in a circle – but still the tendency is that the complementary view points are getting represented, and each person can integrate the perspective which is the most fitting now – and leave the rest for later. Knowing that a life of a person is much more complex than what a linear mind can comprehend and express and that most of the times we are living with paradoxes and seemingly self-contradictory or complimentary aspects.

    This is why also I see that (almost) all the comments are good. Some of you who are discussing and arguing with each others: together and united you are giving the complete picture; both of you are right, – but only together.
    Some of you who feel that others are too harsh – I want to quote Byron Katie for saying; “Even if a beam hits me – when I do not resist – it feels like a kiss”.

    (Byron Katie is known for “loving what is”, and taking the full responsibility for our own life because it is all about how we relate to it. Most of the time what we say about others fits much better on ourselves and if we “turn it around”, we see that we are the ones who can make the whole situation happy. So when we see someone not being loving – if we judge them for that; then who is not loving? If we love them for that, then we discover that it was not really a problem – and they become loving.)

    So some of you who find Charlotte (all the Charlotte’s and non-Charlotte) (and others) harsh. Try to love her and you will see, – she might be knowing Charlotte very well and also be full of humor, impetuous and dynamism, and with the sweetest heart …
    Se might have the best advice for you – no matter her tone

    Wishing us all to unite in love and endless bliss

  206. 206

    @ isobel
    the e-mail scandal is used in many ways by the ones that are supporting the man-made climate change as well as for the fanatic enemies of this theory.
    read the article that was published in THE GUARDIAN and see one of the mails. it is made as it was prepared to be published. on the other hand the whole scandal is clearly showing that there is something real in the whole story and the whole theory regarding the man-made climate change is flowed.

    here is the link from an article in THE GUARDIAN:

  207. 207

    @ Mihai,

    A scandal came out in the UK last week – some emails were leaked disproving the theories that global warming is man made -apparently the whole global warming theory is a fairy tale! We have heard this tale for years and i must admit i never paid much attention to it, there is much more than meets the eye and i wanted to know what you think about the story and what the truth is.


  208. 208

    Hi Mihai,

    Did you see this website with Dr Mercola, it is one of the best sites i have found, check these out –


  209. 209

    Hi Mihai,

    I am a student in Budapest, the artikles are fantistick!I am happy for reading them.


  210. 210
    Charlotte Madsen

    Dear everyone who kindly or unkindly commented on me.

    I must admit I’m very surprised. It’s quit a situation I have put my self into, by my… as I can see now ignorant comments.

    I can see that I shouldn’t have written anything, it’s clear for me now, but I can assure you, that my comments where not meant like some of you are perceiving them.

    My mistakes:

    First of all I wrote both comments, in a moment of hurry, not thinking deeper before writing.

    I have only visited the blog few times, where I read some articles. I earnestly didn’t know that there where a debate like this going on between Karsten and co. and us, on the blog. I VERY naively thought it was spiritual experiences, comments ect, which was being posted. When I was asked if I was Charlotte on the blog, I went home to read what this person was referring to, and only saw the last comment send by Charlotte. I very wrongly didn’t make the effort at that moment, to see what have been written earlier.
    Taking out of a context I didn’t like what I read. But I shouldn’t have judged and written anything about moral.

    When Amrita wrote me back, I again didn’t get it, because I found it as overreacting to my small comment. My ego was hurt, and I again reacted to fast, even though when reading again, I do see many good points. So thank you Amrita for that.

    Now I did what I should have done from the beginning, I went through and read almost all the replies. And it’s clear for me what is being presented here. I see many of the people who I love and care for, especially Mihai, making many sincere replies, which I can see is filled with love, and hope for Celia and Karsten.

    When I wrote “two wrongs don’t make one right”, I was speaking about the intention, not if people are writing the truth or not. Again it was a very naive approach, but what I meant was that when someone does something bad to us, we can always choose to respond with Love, which I can see that many are doing here, with their comments. That was not what I perceived when reading Charlotte’s comment, but mainly because I was reading and reacting to it out of context. When I say mainly it’s because that, since reading and going through all the blog, I do miss a little bit more love in some of the comments, but to make it clear for any future discussions, it does NOT mean that I don’t agree what is written about Karsten and co.

    I learned a lot from this experience, and I must admit I got some very hard kicks in my ego.
    Since the comments against me is based on what I see as misunderstandings on my true opinions. My biggest lesion here is, to really go deeper in the things before reacting, and not to react so fast (if to react at all) Also I’m aware of my sometimes naive approach to life and people, and this experience made me even more aware of this aspect in me.

    So if any of my friends and others who are defending our beautiful school or Mihai, is offended or hurt by my comment I apologize, and I hope that you who really know me, are not in any doubt where my loyalty lays, but that it was mainly a act of ignorance.

    And especially I apologize to Mihai, if by writing what I did, gives the impression that I’m disagreeing with you and your opinions. This is far from the truth!!

    Next to that I would like to say that I’m very hurt by some of the comments, and I truly hope in my heart that it’s not written by anyone, who I have contact with in my daily life, and who I consider to be a spiritual brother or sister.

    To Not Charlotte Madsen.

    I was discussing with friends about your comment, and they expressed clear doubts if you where actually in the school, or a person seeking satisfaction in creating war in a spiritual family. Your comments are very hurtful and filled with hate and despise for me, and I find it difficult to understand your satisfaction in writing in this way.

    To claim from what I wrote, that I don’t care about either the school or Mihai, is way out of proportions. So let me please make it clear for you and for anyone else that I care very much for the school and for everybody who is involved in it. I have been in the school and also living in Prema for the last 6 years, and I consider Prema as my home and everyone in the school as my spiritual family. I’m very grateful to have found this school, and thus being able to benefit from all the precious teaching which is given here.
    I’m an aspirant, aspiring to constant spiritual transformation. On the way I’m making many mistakes, which I’m also learning from. But did you feel you wrote to me in any spiritual way?
    I don’t know Charlotte, and therefore I didn’t see it as a personal attack, even though some might disagree, but I do see Mr. logics point, that by writing what I did, it could sound like I was referring to everyone on the blog. Again I take responsibility for that mistake.

    That I have not yet written on the blog, does not mean that I don’t find it worthwhile to do so, but first of all as I wrote before, I was not aware of the debate, and second of all how do you know that I haven’t shown my support and opinions in other ways? Is this the only forum for that? I wrote a very sincere declamation which is on the homepage, and I don’t think either Celia or Karsten is in any doubt, about my opinions about them, and where my loyalty lays!!

    And to Mr. Logic

    First of all… yes I broke my word by saying I wouldn’t write again, I’m aware of that mistake also.. just to spare you the effort of mentioning it again.

    I think I answered most of your questions above, but I would like to underline that I DON’T disagree in any moment with Mihai, and also not what he is writing on this blog. Mihai is one of the most precious persons in my life, who is constantly guiding me in the right direction, and I have complete trust and faith in him. Without him, I would not have been where I am now, and I’m forever grateful to him.

    I hope this answer cleared up further misunderstandings

    Love and light


  211. 211

    I think Charlotte has a sense of humor in what she says. And also she makes some good points. I think you misinterpret her Lady but that’s just my opinion. She brings some strong emotions and points to this blog which makes things dynamic and i think thats a good thing.

    I agree we really do need to solve our problems because most of those problems are what stop people from being able to be united in the heart and at the same time i think we can grow together and start to unite if we have the same objective. We can become united if we move in the same direction even if we are not perfekt yet. People naturaly come together when they share the same goals. I say let’s make LOVE the goal! Anyone want to join me? :)


  212. 212

    I just read the articles from Adina and Mihai about the couple relationships! i am so happy and amazed how much inspiration and true initiatic knowledge there is to recieve from this blog. I am very happy to understand more and see for my self how much a relationship can truly be the most dynamic and intense way of transformation and i am so grateful to you, Mihai, for having shown me this way of transformation and Love!

    If anyone who read this blog didn´t yet experience Adina and Mihai in any retreat or workshop about the couple relationships i encourage you with all my heart to! It is something extremely beautifull, intimate and eye opening! The next possibility i know of such in the next period is the New Years Camp (kept in Natha) which, the times i have been to this event, i can say it was very transforming, alway new and a very heartfull and wonderful way to enter the new year. This year the theme will even be about relationships!.. so it is a great opportunity to plunge deeper into these amazing mysteries of love..
    Thank you again Mihai
    Sincerely, Sakti

  213. 213

    @ Charlotte,

    I read what you said and i re- read Honeys comments, it appears you didn’t read her comments very well. I don’t think that she was taking anything personally, she was making some valid points (as you also made some valid points)she was not attacking anyone (however your tone is rather patronizing towards her).
    I think Honey was trying to say it was enough with Amritas comment and if Charlotte M couldn’t understand that she must have friends to help her..and i think that is a fair comment- Honey doesn’t say that Charlotte M is right or should not be helped, but help can come in many ways as Honey pointed out with compassion and love :-).
    I am a keen reader of this blog and enjoy the articles and reading the comments, but i agree with a few other people that it was not made to be a virtual fighting space.. Mihais replies are with love and compassion even if they are tough, the comments from some of the others do not contain the same level of wisdom and are a bit too harsh.. and as Honey said may well put off newcomers.. so maybe you should think further than the small group of people who have problems. This blog is a spiritual voice in the world that may reach all the corners of the world..imagine these articles could change peoples lives!
    …and i dont think we have to resolve our problems before we can call ourselves a group, it would take too long!


  214. 214

    Hi Mihai
    Greetings from Germany! Love your Blog :)

  215. 215

    Charlotte, I have to say; that last post of yours?? What happened? you dropped to a new level.. Your tone is really worrying! The way you speak to Honey, so arrogant and condenscending – calling her naive for expressing another point of view than yours..
    You say it is not possible being a group untill everyone in the group is perfect? On the contrary i believe, as you actually also say, that we can learn TOGETHER. It is not a group formed by perfect individuals, but a group formed by a common aspiration and LOVE. You talk about unity in the heart ( btw how can you be united in the heart individually as you say is the first step?) and sign yourself ‘love’.. But honestly this is not what i read in your post. I see someone intellectualising and forgetting excactly what makes a group possible; heart.


    And thank you to Peter, Martin, Mattias and others whos posts are little drops of light.

  216. 216

    Hi Mihai
    Just want to say thank you for the sexual continence workshop in Natha. I learned alot and my girlfriend is especially happy for this new perspective in lovemaking. :)
    I’m also glad for your swine flu articles on the blog as I like to be informed, though some of what the people say is quite hard to comprehend.

  217. 217

    Mihai, I am really thankfull for coming to visit us to giving us lectures about profound spiritual matters. I feel your presence with us like a friends meeting, for your patience, love and humility as you transmit us your reach experience. Marttino “El Mago” Buenos Aires, Argentina

  218. 218

    And to Charlotte Madsen,

    I’m sorry you were unfairly accused of being me and if it caused you problems. At least maybe now you had a chance to learn some things as a result of your contribution here. Amrita’s and Mr Logic’s posts made me think more deeply about the situation and I understand better some spiritual aspects related to the path because of what you said and then what they said. So thanks Charlotte :)


  219. 219

    Honey, Honey, Honey,

    What naivete you speak!

    You say we have “to be united and invincible as a group, here is where the strength is” but dear Honey how can we be united as a group when we each carry within us so many problems that by their very nature keep us separated. It sounds great in theory, but the reality is different. Fortunately we have forums like this blog so that people can go through their processes and learn and discover more, and Charlotte Madsen is a good visible example of this possibility. She is part of the school, even having positions of responsibility yet her posts on the blog clearly show that she has some problems with the school and its authority. Maybe now she can see the feedback she receives here as something which can benefit her spiritually, and maybe also others who are reading these pages can learn some things. We all have our problems, not just Charlotte Madsen, and we can actually be grateful to her for writing something here as we can all learn from her. So don’t take it so personally, we’re all in the spiritual growth school together and the ways in which we can learn are numerous, we just need to be open to see the teachings all around us, and to see teachers in people we normally might not consider as such. I’d say that you have some things to sort out if you consider that what happens here is a witch hunt, it’s clearly provoking something inside of you which you need to solve.

    Back to the unified group theory…Let’s take Natha for example: What would happen to the people in this school in a moment of real crisis? What if the school is really and seriously attacked? Who would stand up for it then? Would Natha withstand such a crisis? For those who are in Natha it’s better we each ask ourselves these questions now instead of waiting for that day to come when we are forced to face them.

    I believe that we can only start to speak about the school as a unified group when it has found unity in the heart – individually and then collectively. So as I see it, it is only possible for the people to be unified when each individual has worked out his problems and then once people have reached a certain level of personal growth and awakening of the heart then they can truly unite with others because then they will have crystallized their experiences and understand firsthand their reasons for uniting, instead of just doing it because someone else said it’s good for them (which is what many people in MISA/Natha do).

    I’m sure you’ve heard the saying: The strength of a chain is given by its weakest link. So if we are an analogical chain and we want to be able to withstand the pressure of demonic attacks, and God knows what else to come, then we have to strengthen ourselves. If each one of us ensures we’re not the weakest link then this chain will be diamond strong. :-)

    Love, Charlotte

  220. 220


    Its true what you said about having an information chain. I have been proactive with informing people and it really works! I put articles up on all the notice boards at work and in few lunch breaks i showed some youtube videos that has generated some excellent discussions. I have sent articles and links to everyone i know, and i am getting a positive feedback.What i found is that its important to be normal and not make people feel scared, give the facts objectively and let them make their own mind up! The ones who are aware really can reach out and touch all the others.


  221. 221


    You made some great points. Thanks for reminding us how serious the situation is and emphasizing the need for action.


  222. 222

    I really like how this blog work. I am very grateful as my eyes have been opened to what is going on in the world,before i didnt think it was my problem and thought it was all ‘Dave Ikkish’ kind of conspiracy theories… especially this issue about the swine flu. But after i read the articles and all the comments here, i told my family and friends and you cannot imagine how happy i was when i heard my mum reciting the information to her sister on the phone (she lives abroad), she was telling her about the dangers of the vaccine and how the flu was created to make us sick, and my sister also now refuses to have her children vaccinated with H1N1 and she has told all her friends at the childrens nursery. Now i know we really can help by telling people we know and they can tell people they know, it is an information chain!

    Please keep writing this articles and keep us informed!!

    With gratitude,

  223. 223

    I dont think this forum was created to dissect one another, i am sure it was not intended to be a place where people vomit their tensions and frustrations and have a virtual war, because they don’t have the courage to have a physical confrontation.

  224. 224

    I would like to know how these comments help growth. when they look to any logical person of being the opposite! I think it was enough what Amrita said, although it was tough she had some very good points and if Charlotte didn’t get the point, with some compassion and good friends she has every chance to, she is not an enemy. The comments that are being posted here give the sense of a witch hunt/vendetta, under the guise of “helping growth”.
    My principles are based on love and compassion.. and only when that doesn’t work to try the “water on the face” approach, i am sure the exnatha’s were given the love approach first, then as the situation declined so terribly they required a much more tough approach.. i honestly don’t think the comment this girl made warrants some of the replies.. and if you really feel compassion to help her.. did you try the love approach first?
    If you read the comment from Matias it is very touching, it is sweet and pure and shows an obvious transformation. The comments around this topic of Charlotte .. certainly look to any newcomer or outside observer as bitchy. Where is the logic if newcomers to the blog are so put off by the petty fighting that they miss the chance to read the spiritual treasures on this blog? Where is their “chance to grow?”
    The point i was making in the previous comment was to highlight the fact we are under imminent danger (and this is not paranoia) and the logical steps to protect ourselves and many others is to be united and invincible as a group, here is where the strength is, and in this way we will also be more able to efficiently spread the information and create an awareness of this “world situation”. It is a very serious situation and focus and energy needs to be in this direction.

    With Love,

  225. 225

    Dear Honey

    well sometimes it is more intimate to write to each other than to relate to the world situation today.

    the resent post from Shambhu Shambhala I must admit made me more sad than anything I read. How can somebody want to kill so many people? I dont even know what to answer to her.

    and what chances do we have to change anything in the world – except by helping each other to grow?

    with compassion

  226. 226
    Mr. Logic

    Dear Charlotte Madsen.

    Your greatly illogical blog calls for my comment – about moral and contradictions:

    You state that it is unmoral for you to post personal comments – but few lines after in the very same very short blog post (its rare to have so many contradictions in such a small place)you state that you would never write anything personal about people because it – in your opinion – is unmoral.

    Are you aware that you are very directly – even though without directly mentioning the name – calling unmoral; not only Charlotte, but all the people on this blog who are saying personal things about other people?
    In your next blog later on (I will not stress on the contradiction in writing your second post only 5 days after you said you will only make one, since it’s already done. But I would also point to the illogical fact again; that you advice Amrita to call you instead of answering on the blog to you. Then why did you respond to her on blog, you could probably just call her – since you are the one who promised never to write again… – and since you are the one who consider it unmoral to write personal things on the blog, you even claim that you would never do it and its not your style to attack people in public (You claim that “two wrongs doesnt make one right”, so if you would live up to your own moral then you would not write personal things about her here but just call her and settle it in “privacy” – no? Is it because you want again to defend your name? Or is it because you want to correct her on the blog for correcting you on the blog? (again illogical and contradicting your words with your actions = unmoral))

    you criticize these people for throwing mud at each others and in your repeated saying: ”Two wrongs don’t make one right!” you even judge them as being wrong.

    Now who are the names that you are “attacking” and judging and criticizing like this?
    That is: Charlotte, Amrita who just wrote about Karsten and about you, all those of your yogic friends who wrote about Karsten and Kim and Celia (did you read all those posts?). And many others.
    But even more than those you are criticizing Mihai for being unmoral since he is not only writing such personal things about people, but he is also making it possible through having this blog, and it would be logical to presume that since he is not censoring it, then he also doesn’t find it unmoral. (since he promise in the beginning to censor what he doesnt find fitting, and he did censor at least one place).
    I would even dare to assume that he finds it good what is happening on this blog – else I am sure he would not have it.

    So you are greatly and illogically contradicting yourself here: You don’t want to comment on people personally but YOU DO give your opinion quite harsh against very many persons – don’t you see how you attack all those people and especially Mihai personally for something that many of them are spending a lot of time and efford with?
    Do you think that nobody knows whom you refer to when you are giving such statements?
    do you think that they do not feel – all of them – that you speak to them personally?
    And you do not consider that you yourself with those very short statements are negative?

    You consider this moral???

    If you would really be so moral and clean as you state – would it not then be enough just to say that you are not the Charlotte who wrote before? Without throwing any mud (=commenting and giving “negative” names like “unmoral”) to so may of the others and basically the whole blog?

    It would have been easily possible, but you just could not help throwing a bit of mud could you?

    And how do you deal with your “moral” taking in consideration what “not Charlotte Madsen” mentions: You are ashram leader and thus should be able to represent the wisdom of the school – but you greatly disagree with the wisest teacher of the school – who owns this blog – on the subject of moral!!!?


    I look forward to a more logical answer from you for this

    best regards from
    Mr. Logic

  227. 227

    Dear All,

    I have to make some points regarding some of the recent comments here.

    First i want to say that i admire how Mihai posts all comments without discrimination (even if they are sometimes nasty or insulting towards him) i also like the way in which he structures the answers even if the replies may look tough to the reader he is clearly doing it with the persons best interest at heart, not with the aim to make a fan club!! This is a sign for me of a genuine spiritual person, one who does not make any compromises.

    The second point i want to make is that the recent comments on the blog are becoming personal and i imagine hurtful towards the individuals involved.. and the question i would like to ask is .. if any body is actually reading the articles on the blog.. the ones about the swine flu etc – we have an imminent crisis in the world of sickness, death and the loss of freedom as we know it! If you have not read them please read them and get a perspective!! If you have read them, read them again! It is a time where we need to be spiritual brothers and sisters, not bickering like children.. this fighting only give strength to the ones who want to bring darkness here.. and weakens you.

    I make this comment without any wish to offend, i simply want to highlight the fact we need to be standing together and supporting one another.. now more than ever.

    Love and kindness,

  228. 228

    Thank you Mihai for your visit in Buenos Aires! I could assimilate many understanding and spiritual tools learned in your lectures.
    One of the most positive news is that I got fruitfull negotiation between my Soul and my Elephant (mind). In the teachings I have founded motivations for both!

    I hope we see you soon, good luck, Orai

  229. 229

    Hi, I am writing from buenos aires to thanks to Mihai visit.
    Every time he came I got more spiritual understanding. This is the 3rd time I see him, and something happened in each visit.
    In the first one, it was very interesting, like all of them and we got some techniques, but with him there was some distance. The second time I felt him more friendly. And this time he seems like from our group, very close to us.
    And with some of the guys; “how change is Mihai (comparing the other visits)”.
    But what I realized was that, we were the one that have changed.
    He always acted the same way. And because of this, my self, my own experience, I could enjoy, got more understandings, and most of it THE PRACTICE.
    I am very thankful, Matias

  230. 230
    Not Charlotte Madsen

    Dear Charlotte Madsen,

    I wouldnt be too concerned about my precious reputation if I were you as Charlotte’s posts are too intelligent and caring for anybody who knows you to consider that you would have written them. Dont flatter yourself too much ;-) And anyway Charlotte is a popular name worldwide..

    And on top of that (and as you have just told us yourself) we wouldn’t even consider that you would spend your precious time making worthwhile contributions to Mihai’s blog which is only contributed to by people who actually care about the school and him. I don’t know what your point is, but I think it’s without moral to pose as ashram leader without having the spine to stand up for the principles and what you supposedly believe in by having such a role within the school. Two posts ago you very firmly stated that “this contribution is and will be your only contribution to this blog” but even that didn’t last long!

    Amrita made some excellent points which you would do well to take into consideration.

    Take care with how you write your name now – Charlotte Masen is starting to sound a bit like something else.. Ever heard of the occult law of resonance??

    I wish you courage.

  231. 231
    Charlotte Masen

    Dear Amrita

    It is not my style to write personal things about people, and attack people in this way. I don’t defend anything what Karsten wrote, which I also clarified in the saying “two wrongs don’t make one right”. By this I mean that even though some people are writing something negative, we don’t have to respond in the same way. By my own moral, I would never write anything personal about anyone in a public forum like this. I see it as throwing mud at each other, and I don’t like it. People can write however they want, but I don’t want to be involved, which I am, when people thinks it’s me who is writing. I have my reasons for making clear that it’s not me who is writing under Charlotte, which you could have easily found out by calling me, instead of writing me here. But if it satisfies you to write me here and correct me then feel free.

  232. 232

    Dearest Charlotte Frisch Madsen

    I don’t quite understand your point. Why is it that you find the other Charlottes post unmoral? Why would you never write something like that?

    I find it unmoral for any person who cares for other people in a spiritual way (as I know you should be doing) to have so little compassion that you want to keep people in the darkness of their ego without at least offering them a clear viewpoint seen from outside. Without stretching out a hand to them showing the way to the light – even if it is by pointing the darkness.

    I was looking back to check the blog post that I think you refer to and its short so I will bring it here again so we know what we are talking about:

    “Charlotte Says:
    October 28th, 2009 at 19:47
    Dear Karsten,
    If I were you I’d be a little more cautious about using the term success when speaking about myself The fact that you contributed to 4 unplanned pregnancies (that we know about) is one thing, but the fact that you did it while pretending to follow the Tantric way of life is another thing altogether. I’ve not heard of any case in MISA or its schools that comes even close to this one! Or maybe you simply missed the course on Sexual Continence which explained about orgasm WITHOUT ejaculation.
    No wonder you continuously keep missing the point that Mihai and your friends make in their bid to help you see your mistakes, it seems you’re the kind of guy who just MISSES THE POINT!

    Honestly I was impressed about that post. (and I regret that I did not at that time mobilize myself to congratulate the Charlotte writing it – but Charlotte, I was happy to see it!)It’s short, precise, intelligent and right to the point. AND it has compassion for Karsten; I believe such a message has the power to give the needed “cold water in the face” that might awaken the person (Karsten) from his ego trance and start to think.
    You have to take in consideration that Karsten has build a huge shell around his ego and that a lot was done to reach him without success. Maybe a post like this could do it! Maybe a post like this would have been able to take that person out of the miserable course his life is taking building a thicker and thicker ego shell around him with only superficial values and no soul, no divine wonder and bliss. He is lost in his own build hell and you find it wrong to try and help him out!?

    I am glad that Mihai don’t have such a moral like you. I am grateful that he has this blog in which he is extending his spiritual guidance and help so that we have even more chances to awaken from the trance of our ego to the soul and real divine life.

    Maybe you should reconsider and become aware that the problem here is from which standpoint you consider the “moral” and the “compassion”. Indeed if you want to protect the ego of the person and your own ego – then yes, then it’s a very bad blog post. But we are not here to protect each others ego – are we?

    Don’t you know that it is a very big help for escaping ones ego that it (the ego) is “published”, so that everybody around sees it? Don’t you know that in psychotherapy the group therapy is having much bigger effect exactly because of the energy of more people witnessing the ego. Then the person in question much easier can let it go. Don’t you know that what we keep for ourselves is taking control over us? Don’t you know that the power of the ego over the person comes from hiding? When the ego cannot hide – then it has lost its power.

    Karsten who loved his ego more than his soul also wanted to keep these things secret. What he feared the most when he made Celia pregnant first time was to come to the group and to be confronted with it there. I was quite surprised when he to me admitted that he was ready to leave our fantastic wonderful and most precious spiritual group just to avoid this confrontation! Of course I did my best to convince him to come to the group, and to confront it – because in fact it is a kind of “surgery” of the ego, a purification, cutting away the bad things so that the soul can shine and be free of it.

    I am wondering Charlotte – since you find it unmoral to write this about Karsten (did you read all the things said here on the blog – including what Karsten said?), I am wondering if you – like Karsten – care more for the ego than for the soul? You know that you cannot have both! Don’t you?

    And why are you so preoccupied with your name that this is all what can make you write on the blog. To clear your own name! It really looks like your preoccupation is the same like Karstens! He is also occupied only about his name. He don’t care a bit about anything else than his own name – and you find it immoral to point it out? Do you also find it immoral to point out to killers that it’s not such a nice thing to kill? (He killed some babies you know (being the reason for the abortions) – and did not care to change this habit.)

    Is that all you learned from being in this most wonderful authentic spiritual school that truly can help you all the way to the spiritual liberation? Did you not realize that what is happening on this blog is a huge help for everybody reading and writing on it to purify, to understand the difference between the ego and the soul, to understand the spiritual path and the eternal values instead of getting caught up with the ephemeral?

    Do you not notice what a great help this blog is to sharpen our discrimination and thus to strenghten out power to pass the spiritual tests?

    Did you not get anything at all, did you not assimilate anything or learn anything that you would like to pass on to others reading the blog? You want to keep it all for yourself – except the only important thing for you: YOUR NAME? Honestly I find it even enormously superficial. Who cares if it was you or another charlotte who wrote that blog post? It’s not who wrote it that matters at all – it’s the content which is super great!
    That person was inspired! And it doesn’t matter through who those thoughts manifest. If you want to be proud of yourself, you should not have written the post that you wrote (because of this you can be ashamed) – you should rather pretend the other Charlotte was you!!! ;) (don’t worry, it was a joke).

    I don’t want to say that it’s pleasant when our mistakes are pointed out in public. I also do not feel it pleasant, and also unfortunately my ego is too thick so I don’t manage to get the point – but many times it happened that I realized what a gift it is and how relieved and healed and purified I feel afterwards, and this makes me to be really grateful that someone cares to point out my mistakes – even in front of others and even though it is embarrassing and most unpleasant. (It’s also unpleasant to go to the dentist, but it helps a lot). And probably – if I would not have a proud ego – then I would not even feel it unpleasant at all!

    So with this I hope that I did not offend you too much. :) Rather I hope that I have made you think twice so that you will stop defending the wrong in order to be right. ;) To hide a mistake is not right; to not mention a mistake is not helping anybody at all. And honestly your only post on this blog is just showing a very egoistic and self-sufficient person who don’t care about the others, and I think it’s a pity.

    I invite you to open yourself and let go of this self importance and to write to the others the inspirations which come to you in order to help them see how they can open their heart. I am sure that you have a lot to give, which is also good and wonderful. (And if you work with Chinnamasta then you should be able to not miss this point in this very moment ;) ).

    And off course, also I invite you to write if you need help.

    I wish you all the best and a blossoming and flowering soul who cares first about the others and least about your image, – And actually I wish this to all of us!

    Love, Amrita

  233. 233


    In 1989 Romania a fost in atentia organizatiilor sioniste criminale si teroriste international Comisia Trilaterala si Grupul Bilderberg conduse de Donald Rumsfeld, George Shultz, Richard Holbrocke, Keith Alexander, David Rockefeller, Albert Rotschild, Henry Kissinger si alti.

  234. 234
    Charlotte Madsen

    It has come to someone’s understanding that it was I who wrote the things earlier posted about Karsten. I want to clarify this for everyone, that even I have my opinions; I would never write anything personally about anyone, like it’s the case here. As far as I know we are not many with the name Charlotte in the school, therefore I can understand the mistake, that someone expects it to be me who wrote earlier, but this clarification is and will be my only contribution to this blog. I don’t know who this Charlotte is, but I think it’s without moral to write things like that. Two wrongs don’t make one right!
    Charlotte Frisch Madsen

  235. 235


    Your comment is full of heart. I see what you are saying about a virtual war being fought in cyber space, but maybe this is the necessity of the moment and through this the ones who did not understand before may have the chance to now! These discussions do not perturb me, especially becuase the blog is a spiritual treasure of such diversity: it has very light aspects in the humour, it has the beauty and poetry in the Drops of love, and profundity in the many interesting and informative articles.

    Love to you Shiva!!

  236. 236
    Shiva Nataraja

    Dear all,
    I haven’t written any post here for a long time. But I kept on reading the posts once in a while and I am seriously asking myself: was this blog created only for fighting? I seriously doubt this. I think I know Mihai well enough to be sure he didn’t mean this virtual space for fighting.
    I do not want to condemn here the fact that NATHA’s students steadily answer the accusations. This I find absolutely normal. Otherwise, the poor people who were given a too heavy Gift for their weak spinal cord would fill the world with their poisoned “truth”, which – consequently to the RESONANCE phenomena – is as weak and as inconsistent as their body “axis”. And the proofs for my statements can be found in Mihai’s answers and in the very NATHA School.
    Yet, I wonder how comes that only few people write here about the absolutely wonderful states they are continuously (or just occasionally, according to their steadiness in practicing) living while and after applying the teachings of the yoga school?
    I decided to write to you something about me and my results as a consequence of practicing the spiritual disciplines taught in NATHA.
    I have always been knowing there’s something more than we can experience by senses. This is why, starting with 1990 I began to read all I could find about spirituality. Later, in 1992, I have met a friend who was practicing Yoga at MISA, the yoga school from where NATHA was taking the teaching system. I was very curious, but still I was thinking I am not good enough for Yoga. Yet, the destiny brought me to the same school, MISA, in 1997, when I finally decided to start the Yoga Course.
    I can say without any doubt that from that moment on I am living a wonderful spiritual adventure, with ups and downs, indeed, but still seriously ascending as an average. I have also had my quarrels with the system, but I ended by realizing the problem resided in me and my own conflicts.
    About Grieg, the Master of this School, I can say he is the most authentic spiritual being I’ve ever seen. Moreover, consequently to following his teachings I am now able to enjoy every moment of my life and live in peace and harmony with myself and with most of the others. By steadily practicing the sexual continence for many years, I am now able to enjoy an extremely fulfilling amorous life and to understand why Tantra says: “the highest happiness a tantric man can live is to make his lover (woman) happy”. I can really LOVE without expecting anything in exchange. Often I have intensive elevated states that last for hours and sometimes for days. I can often “see” the subtle connection between the actions of a person and that person’s destiny. I can “read” the personality of the people on their faces, in their eyes and in their gestures. Almost everything I wish intensely I get in a very short time. There is no obstacle to frighten me any more on the path because I made peace with myself. My life is full of syncronicities which amaze me and trigger a more and more intensive state of gratefulness in me towards God. And this has happened by practicing Yoga the way this School teaches it for quite little time daily and not constantly along the 12 years I’ve spent here. I also have to mention Grieg’s name again and to thank him for the support he offered and offers to me and to all those who ask for it directly or telepathically. I will also mention Mihai as being a wonderful teacher, school leader and friend whom i appreciate and love very much and who taught me a lot of important lessons on this path. So these are just a few of the results a person who applied the teachings of this “satanistic” school (according to a handful of visitors of this blog) could obtain by just a little effort. So I invite all those who are interested in getting the same kind of results to come to this School and practice so that they can find themselves the truth.

  237. 237
    Amor Fati


    I am sorry to hear that you didn’t find love in Natha. Maybe you were, as Christine suggested, a little too impatient. Because you don’t find love by looking for it – you attract love.
    When you want to be loved it can sometimes take a while before you get what you want. When it comes to give love however, it is instant. And when you love you will surely be loved back. That’s the secret of love that seems so obvious and yet so hard to apply for many people.
    And the beauty is that you can love even in the deepest pit of hell. So it should be possible to find love even if Natha was a “satanic (and divine) sect/cult” as you call it.

    But maybe you didn’t meant to find love for yourself but just to see signs of love around you.
    If that is the case you must be really eyesight challenged if you didn’t see love anyywhere while you were in the school. I see here a lot of happy couples who are developing very fast through the deep love they manifest for each other.

    Why don’t you come for the New Year’s Camp about couple relationship? I guarantee you that you cannot avoid to see love everywhere :-)

  238. 238

    @ isobel
    Q.E.D. is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase Quod Erat Demonstrandum, which literally means “which was to be demonstrated”. The phrase is written in its abbreviated form at the end of a mathematical proof or philosophical argument to signify that the last statement deduced was the one to be demonstrated; the abbreviation thus signals the completion of the proof.

    I hope that this explanation from wikipedia will be enough to explain why i put this abbreviation after the last post of subjective somebody :).

  239. 239

    Dear Mette,

    If you are interested in the sexual continence dvds, you can ask them in NATHA. IF you do not live in Copenhagen, maybe you can contact them and they can post it to you. They also hold sexual continence workshops, the last one was in September, I am not sure when the next one is, but you can check on the calendar on NATHA.NET. The workshops are excellent, especially if you are new to these principles, they go through some basic concepts; sexuality nowadays,the powerful tool of the sexual energy and how to control it, and there are some practical aspects also. I am also attending the Tantra and yoga classes and this compliments very much what i have learnt so far. I recommend you get in contact with NATHA, have a look on the website and get the contact details.

    Good luck in your new discoveries and let me know how you get on!!!

  240. 240

    Dear Mihai,

    At the risk of appearing stupid , can i ask you what Q.E.D. stands for, or is something personal for Subjective to understand?


  241. 241

    @ subjective somebody

  242. 242

    Dear Mihai

    When I was reading the post from subjective somebody and thinking if I should reply, I felt so impatient. I really felt like telling him off, “now its enough”, why do you continoue again and again the same stupid arguments. “Did you ever listen to one single reply?” and so on
    and also I did not understand why do you fill your blog with such statements (I mean not because of the opinion of that person, but because it is obvious that SS is not interested in any other viewpoint and is not up to transformation at all),
    but your answer made it all worth it,
    it was wonderful, clear, compassionate and impressingly intelligent

    I am thanking you for this reply
    … and learning


  243. 243

    Hi Subjective,

    It seems you didn’t receive anything from what Mihai was telling you, you conveniently got caught on some unimportant details.It is such a shame as he has spent alot of time on his replies to you, and probably you do not know or care – but he is a very busy individual who ALWAYS puts the spiritual needs of the others above anything else. But maybe it is too much to expect from such an egocentric being as yourself- to have any comprehension of the meaning of self sacrifice!! Subjective if you post comments on here and want an interactive debate you could at least have the decency to read and assimilate the answers!

    With regards,

  244. 244

    After reading Subjective somebody’s post and Mihai’s reply I want to say that I consider Mihai’s words, through the patience and love manifested of answering again and again to Subjective Somebody to the same things, the best Divine example regarding Natha.
    It would be really good for you to consider this chance that you are given (and also all of us!) by having these misunderstood aspects explained because missing this chance might make your search for true love much, much, …, much longer.
    For sure many of us can learn a lot from these discussions. I wish you to be one of them.

  245. 245
    Somebody Subjective

    Ten, Mihai. Not ´some tens´. I write it more clearly ; 10.
    Ten people that I know in one of the schools in Denmark. And there are hardly several thousands of students in Kopenhagen alone.
    So please use the correct numbers.

  246. 246

    Dear subj. somebody and others reading this page. i feel very much that by practicing the teachings taught in natha i have openend to a more not completely different but maybe i can say more complete experience of my life – much more through the heart and – i also experience much love outside the school, as well as inside the school! :). i have good connection with my family – but also to what is growing for me to be a spiritual family – many friends and teachers that i feel so connected and much love to that it is like a family growing in my heart and sustaining my practice and living life more vivid than i was able to before – anywhere: weather when i come to natha or are at work or in my studies – or something third. But i know these teachings are not just because of Natha – much of what is taught is universal knowledge – just, in my search of understanding and finding my heart and open more to life, i didnt find so far a school teaching in this so complete and far reaching way, you can say. I practiced both in other spirtitual and also personal developement systems before and – i feel in no way any kind of “brain wash” being in natha – it is clear how by far most teachings share the same roots – just that i found these roots much more clarified and fulfilled through efficient practice by what i learned in natha.
    This point that you also can be very challenged when entering a system that teach you methods to see things more clear – you realise things about yourself, society and others you would not have been confronted with before. I think many who sincerely practice will go through such also difficult times realizing that not all they thought about themselves was true or vise versa! but in the same degree it can be challenging at first it also feels very freeing. And on the other hand i for my part experience to see more and more amazed how beautiful and enigmatic life is. A reality that was available to me always you can say, but which my heart was less awakened to. And how everything i really wish in my heart is possible, and comes true more and more – because i dare more – to dream, to look for myself and to wonder… and not the least: to love, actively :). I wish to thank you Mihai for this opportunity and to all the other people who lay hands and hearts in this school.

    Sincerely, Sakti

  247. 247

    Dear Mihai,

    Thank you for giving such a clear and comprehensive reply to Subjective, I am sorry for you that you have to waste your time on this ‘subject’ .. but in the same time it is very good for all of us to read and understand these things!!
    It is very interesting how you say he is using manipulation techniques – as i can see this clearly now, but when i was reading the things that he wrote i was simply disturbed by him and his strange viewpoints,and i could not understand why you allowed him the space on the blog.. but i see NOW that through your compassion you are also trying to help him! It is remarkable for me how you do this – as this guy really tries to discredit you and the school.
    I hope he has some understanding of what you are doing for him.

    With love,

  248. 248

    @ subjective somebody
    You repeat the same things over and over again, even though you were given honest explanations and replies. By repeating EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS you prove that you are the one who has a fixed idea. Or is it me again replying to you, having the fixed idea that you might listen? I accept that point also.
    You insist again to play the “one of many”. Than how can you explain that from the class you’ve been in for some months almost nobody else left and more people joined since you left? If it was as bad as you said (and you publicly explained even in front of the whole class) everyone would have left.
    You speak as if you are the only one around who is searching for love, freedom, happiness and all the rest are just some creatures who are accepting all kinds of weird conditions. Maybe it is a big revelation for you (which will pop your “i am that lucid one” bubble) but i have to inform you that EVERYONE IN THIS WORLD IS SEARCHING FOR THIS! And seeing what you have “seen”, your colleagues would have left soon after you, admitting that you were the most lucid person around, but they are all fine and many are even reading the interesting talks going on here. And they are fine with all the points exposed, practicing all the spiritual exercises that they learn and even participating with very interesting comments.
    You can say the same as Kim or Karsten (two of your “large” number of people who left the school for a better life): “they are blinded and we are here to save them”. To that i have nothing to say, there are specialized people dealing with this.
    I agree with you that you find love and care outside of the school, but this doesn’t make the school wrong! For me all of life is a school and this is the only reason why I find everything in the school! I have found the most amazing lessons around me, even when i didn’t find what i was expecting, which was a great lesson. The One who created the whole UNIVERSAL SCHOOL wisely placed all the lessons, and in this it is part of the lesson we learn that sometimes we get angry about the school. We will then be proven wrong and that will be a lesson too. On the condition that you were told many times that you always find what you are, you are not showing much intelligence by being angry towards Natha for not finding there what you were searching for.
    Then in the style we already got used to hearing from you (maybe you hope that the newcomers here don’t know your style ;)) you are insinuating that Natha/MISA is condemning homosexuals. Apart from the classic manipulation by using insinuation and choosing a “politically correct” subject (a smart but unwise choice), you are in fact repeating the same pattern: twisting some information that you were given in the school and combining it with lies in order to make a strong impression. I will repeat what i already told you:
    Natha/MISA never condemned homosexuality AND WE HAVE VERY CLEARLY EXPLAINED THIS. In fact it has never been a subject in the school, except when people explicitly want to know how the yoga system explains this phenomenon. It seems you are purposefully hiding the real meaning of the word “to condemn” because you fall under that definition in many situations.
    In reality, NATHA has never condemned homosexuality and the clear proof about that is THAT WE HAVE GAY PEOPLE IN NATHA (BOTH GENDERS)! We have just EXPLAINED THE SUBTLE MECHANISMS OF THIS ATTITUDE AND ITS WAYS and moreover we have given arguments for this. Furthermore, everyone is free to choose what they want but they cannot impose on all the others to say that their choice is something different than what it is. But again … you personally received these explanations and all that you understood was CONDEMNATION … which shows that you are the unreasonable one that cannot accept that some people can think in a different way.
    If somebody (subjective) is a smoker and doesn’t like that the people around say that smoking can kill… it is not making smoking better for him. It is the same with eating meat. And it is the same with homosexuals in Natha. All these aspects are just given a perspective that one can embrace or not. Everyone will then be able to experience if it was correct or not. This is the big difference: all that is given as a teaching in Natha is oriented towards the practical experimentation so that everyone can check. The ones that choose homosexuality can become aware of its mechanisms and they can choose if the effects fit with their view on life or not. The fact that the law of polarity is not working the way you expect in the case of gays is not NATHA’s invention, it is the way the universe works. We are just explaining these ways and by being aware of them people make their choices. THAT IS ALL ABOUT THIS SUBJECT IN NATHA.
    Seeing rules and limitations everywhere is your own projection and it is clear from your repeated statements in this respect – despite all the reasonable proof given to you – that you are mistaking knowledge and awareness with rigid laws. For you, anything that comes to prove you wrong is a rigid rule. This is typical for weak people who are NOT capable of accepting that they might be wrong. They perceive any knowledge that is clear, but against their vision as a force against themselves because knowledge is very tough since it cannot be compromised. Information cannot be negotiated, you cannot say “please say that eating meat in large quantities is healthy because i am a human being and I like eating meat and I will feel hurt if you read out loud from the studies about the consequences of eating meat”. POP! (the sound of the bubble you tried to create).
    According to your view, one should not teach anything with enthusiasm because it can be taken by SOMEBODY SUBJECTIVE like you as a rigid rule. Well i have to tell you that in any good school they strongly believe in what they teach! What kind of school would be the one in which the teacher says at the end of the class: “Dear subjective someones, there are great odds that all I’ve taught you today is wrong, therefore, search for yourself because you have to be free. I personally don’t believe in this at all!”:) This is what you suggest?! (of course you will say “no i am not suggesting this” but your text is clear!) Once more we catch a glimpse into your strange world which is governed by the dictatorship of anarchic weakness – the SS world (as you shared with us in some of your previous posts!; SS from Subjective Somebody). How many times does one have to show you something about yourself until you start to think that he might be right?
    Even so, in the classes in Natha we constantly remind (at least in the classes i have been in) the students to practice and to discover for themselves the truth of what they are told, (as a kind of anti-misunderstand measure) thereby preventing that somebody (subjective) will feel pushed in any way by the teacher’s natural enthusiasm in his/her teaching. But it seems that our “anti-misunderstand” system is not infallible.
    And with the same SS anarchic attitude, you propose in your previous post that in fact TANTRA should also encourage drugs and alcohol!
    :) By making such a statement you must think that everyone reading this site is at least naive. Should we apologize to our students for not exposing all the deviant versions of tantra that all kinds of subjective people have practiced over the course of history? Are we rigid for not insisting on the use of drugs and alcohol in tantra because they represent only a misunderstanding and have nothing to do with genuine spirituality? Somebody must be stupid here ;) Somebody very subjective.
    For you, being ironic and sarcastic towards me and other people from the school is normal, but for people to have another view point is strange, rigid, etc. There is a medical name for this attitude when it is increasing and i think you have to pay attention to these signals before it is too late.
    The fact that you are trying to count the “disappointed” ones who left NATHA is also clear (since you repeat this in almost all your posts), and this comes from the fact that you are desperately trying to find your “own kind” for whom your point of view makes sense. This is because you are insecure about your own opinion. It is normal since you see war and hatred everywhere and you need somebody (subjective) of your kind with whom to share your ideas.
    And of course for this reason you are fix the numbers suit your needs: you say there are some tens of people who you know (you exaggerate a little ;)) who are very disappointed and you forget the thousands of people who are happily practicing yoga and tantra in this school and the many thousands of people who left the school for simple and human reasons (and I was largely underestimating their number ;)). Of course you will consider this statement as an attack on your viewpoint but this is ok from a person who sees war everywhere, yet is asking for love.
    Your perseverance in stating your viewpoint without learning anything from what you were told can be judged (if we are to use your own perspective and arguments) as an attack on the school, and an expression of intolerance and narrow-mindedness. But for me it is just the search of somebody (subjective) for his own self-confidence. I am sure you will always find some people who share the same visions with you and you will feel happy among them. If you didn’t find them in Natha you don’t have to feel sad towards the school, everyone in this big spiritual school is searching for the Truth in their honest way.

    PS: You used a new manipulation technique in these last posts! You are indeed “improving” your technique Johnny ;)
    I know it is not nice to expose the manipulator but i hope you don’t mind since we are all here to learn from each other and since this is the best you have to offer here… at least we turn it into a useful thing. And I think you are doing it unconsciously, so it is good to get some feedback on this too.
    You say you call Natha BOTH divine and satanic BUT YOU FORGOT TO EXPLAIN THE DIVINE THINGS YOU FIND IN NATHA ;) You will quickly try to reply here that you said about love and hope and a lot of good things… but this was denied in the end when you say that YOU DIDN’T FIND THAT IN NATHA! So, in reality you do not explain anything about the DIVINE PART OF THE SCHOOL but you give all the “satanic” arguments. Of course, unless calling me “His Holiness” was what you really meant :). Then we have to admit that this was the only Divine thing you found in Natha, at least from what you said here (THIS WAS A JOKE!) I just saved you from a lot of useless explanations.
    Yet, when you are told by (objective) somebody that you call Natha satanic, you immediately feel to correct the person insisting that you said it was both divine and satanic! You insist to cover the new manipulative technique you are training here. Here is how this simple manipulation technique works: you give a “black or white” answer and then you give arguments only for the “black”. This will make the inattentive reader subconsciously choose the “black” version even if he/she remains convinced that you gave BOTH OPTIONS. In this way the manipulator is out of the picture, an essential condition for the manipulation to work, and the victim is thus “freely” choosing. This is a simple selling technique that is frequently used on the market. Are you working in the sales business?
    These techniques are used when you want to say something that is not true, when you don’t have arguments. Then you need that. You only want to appear as being objective, but in reality you are manipulative (training). And you will say “this is why i signed here subjective somebody”…
    To save you from another load of lines, i will anticipate a little. Here you will say (to divert the attention from being exposed with your simple sales technique) “it is the same which you do in the class when you say we can freely choose, but then give arguments from only one side” ;)
    And you will apparently make a good point … just that it is not the same situation AT ALL. It is not even in the same category and I will explain why. When we teach something in the class we give some ideas that have a practical value, it is a system that everyone can check with their own experience. Even when talking about smoking, for example, we explain all the sides. I personally explain the reason why people feel a certain good state when smoking and what that is about, and people are not even told not to smoke, they are just given more awareness on what they are doing and its consequences that are objective (not subjective ;)). Later on we noticed that most of the smokers quit smoking without any problem. We even have contacts with organizations that try to help people quit smoking and they asked us how we have such a success rate without imposing anything? Awareness does the job together with people’s aspiration to live a happy live.
    When you manipulate the opinion, you are not giving any alternative! You are only linking their aspirations with your arguments! And of course you are only giving the arguments for the aspects you are interested in and they cannot check anything with their own experience. Awareness is not a friend of manipulation!
    If you were honest you would have said: “Natha is both divine and satanic. I strongly recommend you to go and try it. You will see what i mean! And if i am wrong i apologize!”.
    And this is how we present the things in the class and everyone is free to experience.
    But instead you insist on underlining that those who left are very many and sooo disappointed! (some tens of people???). In reality you are doing this in order to prevent people from checking the reality for themselves because of conformism (they tend to believe what they are told) and fear (if there are others saying something is wrong there it is better to avoid that!). This is where your manipulative trick becomes very wrong.
    Even my detailed answer here is another proof which stands as the difference from your repetition of the same ONE-SIDED set of statements.
    I wish you all Love in the heart and Peace in the mind.

  249. 249

    dear subjective,

    interesting to see your description of that party – i could me mine of one of the parties i attended in Natha :)
    I would more and more like to hear about the rules that you keep mentioning.. It seems somehow to be one of your main points. How did you feel limited in Natha?
    I find that rules somehow often is coming from inside the person who feels restricted by them. It is true that there is a lot of advices in the yoga course for instance but you cannot really call them rules. They just tell you what happens if you eat meat or drink a lot of alchohol or if you ejaculate – and then you make your choice based on that information and any other information you might find in other places. It is basically a matter of cause and effect and you decide what you want in your life. I have personally never felt limited in Natha – but much more by the rigid rules of society in general.
    This whole talk of in and out of Natha.. It makes me also realise what is one of the common trades of the people who ‘left’. I have never felt out of society, i find a lot of love in my family, in everyday meetings with people around me and also in Natha yes. Basically i find love everywhere i go and i find little use of the distinction between in and out. And to this i must add that it is through the teachings i found in Natha that i have been opened to feel love all around me.
    About the homosexuality; sounds rather unfortunate that your teacher said that it is wrong for men to love men. But you must also understand the dilemma for a teacher in that situation. Despite the fact that it might have been colored with that specific teachers attitude – which is not necessarily the voice of Natha – it is also true that tantric texts do not recommend lovemaking between two men. In terms of polarity it simply doesn’t have desirable effects – from that then you can draw the conclusions that you wish.

    I have to agree with Kindness that you sound very hurt.. And i hope talking about things here can help you heal.

  250. 250

    Dear Subjective,

    Would you like to tell us what happened to you, as you seem very hurt and traumatised by your experiences.. You mentioned that you know a few people who were also in NATHA and left not very happy
    My experiences of NATHA have only been very good and transforming and it is extremely difficult for me to understand when people complain and say bad things about the school. I am very sorry for you that you were not able to have the amazing benefits that i have had from being a student there, you seem a nice person and it would be good to know what happened to you and how this can be healed.. After all we all want to transform and make our lives better, and if we can help one another especially in times of difficulty then we really are spiritual brothers and sisters.

    With Kindness.

  251. 251

    Dear Johny,
    I recently read a book about tantric sexuality but they only briefly mentioned about sexual continence, or orgasm without ejaculation as they called it. I would like to know more about this subject so i am very interested to see these DVDs you speak of. Where can I get them from?

  252. 252
    Subjective Somebody

    Dear Christine, thank you for a very nice reply. I feel you actually listened to what I wrote and that cheers me up.

    I knew love before I came into the school ; both the pleasures and the hurts of love (in a man-to-woman relationship).
    As most people in this school , I wanted to be a part of a spiritual community based on love. Ans it wasn´t there (for me).
    And I would say yes, I found love outside the school.
    First of all in my family life, and in everyday meetings with the people around me.
    In fact, I had this very strong experience ;
    a few weeks after leaving the school, some girl
    invited me to a party. I knew she was a lesbian (and married to
    a woman) and she said that maybe it wouldn´t be ´my kind of scene´, as
    I told her I was ´very very straight`.
    I replied that any scene is my kind of scene, and I truly had a great time. In fact, I sensed so much love there, all these men and women just laughing and dancing and loving and there was total freedom – no rules.
    As I was flying over the dancefloor I realised that this was what I didn´t find in Natha/MISA. One very unforgettable night, being (one of) the only reasonably straight person(s) on a huge gay and lesbian party. I absolutely loved it.
    Natha condemns homosexuals – but only the male ones.
    Girls are encouraged to have sex with each other, preferably on film.
    I would call that another rigid rule – whatever the explanation is.
    Fact is, there are tons of male homosexuals, and I think it is very ill-placed to say in a yoga class that there is something wrong with men loving men, but that lesbian lovers are just ´working on their femininity´.
    One of my teachers said that – and that´s a fact. How many got hurt there ??
    Some things are just factual – and I quote myself from my earlier post :
    “Fact is ; there are quite a number of people that got involved
    (too much)into this school and regret it bitterly
    (and/or are happy to be out again)”
    Well, I am one of them, and I can name at least ten other people that I
    personally know, and many more that I´v e heard of.(Plus all those on the unnamed websites, quite a lot more then eight people as His Holiness likes to state)
    And I am not speaking of the many that just left because it didn´t mean enough to hem. I am speaking of those to whom it meant the world, those that plunged into it, and later discovered things that shocked them, after which they got the hell out of there.
    I called Natha/MISA BOTH divine and satanic. Don´t forget that one word in the sentence !
    Looking forward to some well-considered replies,
    Subjective Somebody.

  253. 253

    I just saw your last series of DVD about Mysteries of sexual continence.I was very impressed by the way how you introduced the ancient knowledge in the present world and i recognized your scientific background.
    I started to apply in my life this technics that you describe and i am amazed about the results!
    So good luck in spread all this information for more and more people!
    Thank you very much!

  254. 254

    For subjective somebody

    I have tried to ‘listen’ to those people of whom you speak, reading what is posted there on the sites you do not dare to mention. I have never liked the term ‘possessed’ used about anyone and found it very discomforting when it was said. However after reading the words of those people so consumed by suffering and frustations and hate, possessed really is the best word to describe how i feel them. I wouldn’t make fun of them.. It is too sad to feel their pain and see how determined they are to suffer missing out on the joy of life entirely. And about them being ‘happy to be out’ ; they are not happy now – and they weren’t when they were ‘in’. So from this perspective I have proven maturity as you call it by listening to those people.. I feel for them and I hope that they will find a way to be happy – although the way they are currently going about things are not promising in that direction.

    (Where do ‘facts’ come in to a subjective presentation by the way?
    With all due respect; aren’t you yourself just throwing dirt and calling Natha/MISA satanic?)

    So you were looking for love and didn’t find it. I am sorry you didn’t find what you were looking for. (Maybe you didn’t in fact stay ‘just long enough’..) Did you find it in the ‘real world’ that you are enjoying ‘on your own’? Somehow it doesn’t sound like it and maybe you will soon be dissappointed ‘because it is not what it appears to be’..
    Sometimes love does not come in the shape we expect and we do not see it when it is right in front of us. I hope that this is not the case for you and that one of these days love will find you – or more correctly that you will find the love that was inside you all along so that it can manifest on the outside and make you less afraid of life – and more likely to encounter love arround you.

    I wish you the best of luck very subjective somebody.

    P.S Yes, I would like you to name the rules – and take the opportunity to encourage you to deepen your knowledge about tantra :)

  255. 255
    Subjective Somebody

    Some would call it a spiritual home.
    Some would call it a sect.
    Maybe it´s in the eye of the beholder.
    Maybe it depends on what you need.

    (Is sect and cult the same thing ? Somehow I don´t feel ´cult´
    is a negative thing, sounds like ´culture´, to cultivate something)

    I would call it both divine and satanic. An odd mix.
    Blaming others is always a projection of oneself, and Natha/MISA has blamed many an individual of being satanic.
    Good things can get twisted, as The Lord of The Rings
    tries to teach. And when they get twisted, they can become

    Fact is ; there are quite a number of people that got involved
    (too much)into this school and regret it bitterly
    (and/or are happy to be out again)
    I wouldn´t dare to name the websites here, but everything is
    ´Google-able´for those who want to hear both sides.
    Natha/MISA just makes fun of these people, continues to demonize them
    (they literally say that they are possessed). I feel it would show
    a certain spiritual matureness to actually listen to WHY these people
    regret having been in this school. It doesn´t necessarily mean Natha/MISA is ´wrong´ and should be wiped away from the surface of this planet.
    It just means there are both sides of the story and the one is just as valid as the other. If the one side demonises the other, that starts to look like cult-like behaviour.
    Also, know that it takes a thick skin to even write here at all, being a Natha/MISA dissident. Just expressing your feelings is enough for getting ridiculed. No one really seems to try to grasp the essence in the message that is written. Everybody is looking for some point in the message that can be discussed.
    I was in there, in Natha, just long enough, and I searched to see traces
    of love. But didn´t find.
    I got disappointed, because it is not what it appears to be.
    I am much happier on my own, in the ´real world´.
    And yes, rigid rules. For sure ! Do I even have to name them ?
    For one thing, as I understood it, originally Tantric rituals involved eating meat, drinking alcohol, taking drugs. Nothing was really forbidden.
    There are many taboos in Natha/MISA.
    I wouldn´t call myself an expert, but I have a pretty clear idea of what Tantra stands for, and Natha/MISA is not like that at all in my eyes.

  256. 256



    The Satanic SECT MASONIC HEBREW LEAD PLANET Organizes, finance and Planetary Separatist Grab extremist groups for attacks MILITARY AND INTERNATIONAL TERRORIST FOR HEBREW Planetary Colonization

  257. 257

    Sugestion… You can add these videos to the vaccinations article…

    Also recently an very intersting article apeared on yogaesoteric. Is a translation from english after

  258. 258

    TO Gianluca,

    If you are interested in what NATHA is , why dont you find out for yourself?

    NATHA is a Divinely integrated school it is a wealth of knowledge, inspiration, spiritual teachings, it is respite for the soul in the agitation of the world… it is a place for spiritual evolution and fast transformation… NATHA is a spiritual home.

    I hope you will give yourself the opportunity to discover this :)

  259. 259
    Questions 2


    I want you to know that i do not condone Karstens behaviour, from what i know he behaved cold with the women he made those babies with… (at least one i know of) and his recent message is hypocritical in light if this!!
    Of course he has the right to have a family, and now he has made his choices he should focus on them instead of bringing up his own past ghosts, to torment everyone else!!!
    And i would like you to explain those rigid rules you are speaking about …or you are making more speculations from what you have heard, take care this is also a form of gossip! Know your facts before judging, in fact refrain from making judgements as Jesus wisely told us “He who is without sin should cast the first stone!”
    I am still searching for the LOVE!!!

  260. 260

    is natha a satanic sex-cult?

  261. 261
    Subjective Somebody

    Dear Q2, I feel the same as you. This is a war. There is nothing ´yogic´ or ´tantric´ about this at all. And I don´t like that people laugh at Karstens sexuality. Maybe he is just supposed to have lots of children ? Who are we to judge. I thought Tantra was about accept, instead of rigid rules.

  262. 262

    Those who saw the lecture live or on video can definitely say that there are clear evidence that Karsten is ”Jesper” – first of all – the testimony of JP in their response to Natha’s complaint to the press board. therefore, it is strange that Karsten is still trying to pretend that he is not Jesper and blaming Mihai of lying.
    For me, this post of karsten is showing 2 interesting mechanisms:
    1. it is a technique o manipulation: he puts wrong information as though it is obvious, hoping that it will confuse people. when he says that Mihai should present his proofs – he is pretending that mihai didn’t already present them in the lecture, which he did, and thus he is counting on the act that people might not remember and will thus create the impression that the profs have not been revealed.
    2. obviously – karsten didn’t want to be revealed as ”jesper” and yet he was betrayed by the news-paper. this is not surprising. the masons use anybody they can, but they serve no one then their own masters. all those who tried to go hand in hand with them, found ot sooner or later that they are not to be trusted. when it will be in their interest – they will stab their former allies in the back. they are just users. i hope Karsten learned this lesson now. maybe now he will realize who are his real friends.

  263. 263

    Karsten was in fact always missing the POINT OF NON RETURN, crossing it in full speed :)
    And he is now again about to miss it. You made a good point Charlotte.

  264. 264

    Dear Karsten,

    If I were you I’d be a little more cautious about using the term success when speaking about myself ;) The fact that you contributed to 4 unplanned pregnancies (that we know about) is one thing, but the fact that you did it while pretending to follow the Tantric way of life is another thing altogether. I’ve not heard of any case in MISA or its schools that comes even close to this one! Or maybe you simply missed the course on Sexual Continence which explained about orgasm WITHOUT ejaculation.

    No wonder you continuously keep missing the point that Mihai and your friends make in their bid to help you see your mistakes, it seems you’re the kind of guy who just MISSES THE POINT!


  265. 265

    What an entertaining saga!!!

    Just as we thought it got quiet ….. KARSTEN STRIKES BACK!!!!
    I thought this was a spiritual platform… but from the correspondence i see here, there is more intrigue, gossiping, backstabbing, two facedness than any Shakespeare plot i have read!! Can anyone enlighten me on the connection there is here between spirituality, happiness, friendship and LOVE???


  266. 266

    OMG – It is like a little kid who is angry at his father. As the ‘father’ says: You just humiliate yourself
    more and more. Dear Karsten, your have caused your friends so much trouble and so many women so painful experiences. Including some of my dearest friends.
    How can you call yourself a human being without looking honestly at these things. I find it deeply respectless to yourself and below any mans moral to your old and new friends! What a character you manifest! Dont worry about your old friends, it is so easy to see now how deeply sad and weak inside you are. But I am very concerned about you and your life…. Oh my God Karsten I hope you one day can forgive yourself and will become a saint. But it will take infinite humbleness and courage. Not fear and pride which you are dominated by now.
    <3 deep compassion

  267. 267

    @ karsten fischer
    first i want to make clear that the reason i censored your post is for respecting the wish of the woman you repeatedly (as i will show in this reply) mistreated and lied. I guess you cannot understand that the wish of a woman is not debatable especially in this delicate matter and you will continue with the harassment against her since it is the only think you know.
    Your post is another clear proof that what I have said in the lecture about you and about your character is entirely true. How can a man be more concerned about his image and ready to drag into the debate those who love and trust him even though he’s mistreated them???
    You want me to publish the proof I have about the fact that you are really JESPER. I showed them to the people who attended the lecture (many ;)). I can see that you and your team are desperate to know how we got the mails between you and Orla Borg, hoping to find out who is my inside source. Well you must be stupid to think you can get it by asking in this way! You are only trying to use a smokescreen to cover the fact that I clearly proved you are JESPER. I will not disclose that source here. Yet what you try to hide is the fact that I mentioned in the lecture THE INITIAL NAMES AND THE INITIAL LINE OF THE STORY THAT WAS WRITTEN BY THE JOURNALIST IN HIS DRAFT THAT HE LATER SENT TO YOU AND KIM FOR APPROVAL. How would I know that initially the story was about a couple by the name of JESPER and SILLA and they were presenting themselves together? Only after that you decided to change the story and to appear as a separate character (JESPER) and Celia to appear under her real name. In the initial story it was too obvious who the real couple is under these guises! How could I know these details in absence of these letters? ;) THE LETTERS WERE AVAILABLE AT THE LECTURE AND SEVERAL PEOPLE SAW THEM AFTER I FINISHED THE PRESENTATION.
    Moreover, I have to repeat myself by saying, THE CLEAR CONFIRMATION THAT YOU ARE JESPER CAME FROM THE NEWSPAPER! In their reply to our complaints to the pressboard, they forgot to use the cover name JESPER and clearly presented the Karsten and Celia couple! Your new friends are quite careless … :) in the end of this reply I will give you the text from their reply to see for yourself. While I was preparing for this lecture I did not hope for such a powerful confirmation directly from them … but God’s ways are mysterious. I only had the letters with the journalist and the witness of the talk with him when he accidentally mentioned you as Jesper (Orla Borg recorded this conversation so you can ask him for this evidence… if he dares to give it). So Karsten Brask Fischer, external counselor at university and specialist in communications, YOU ARE JESPER FROM THE STORY AND THE EVIDENCE IS IRREFUTABLE. Playing this strange formal game will only bring to the surface more dirt from your character so my advice is to think twice before making the next step (which, reading between your transparent lines, I can see you are preparing with your acolytes).
    Seeing you lying under oath in court tells me that you have no character left and the next lines of your post are further testament to this.
    Next you try to drag into your scandal the one who didn’t want to speak against you because she cares for you!
    For your information (and for the many others who are reading these lines, including your students and clients ;)) I have shown these elements about your behavior only to the extent in which the mentioned persons were willing to appear. Celia told her story to the whole school (when she had the abortion that you didn’t admit to being part of in the beginning) and Christina even asked me to put her story in the newspaper! (you really made an impression upon her!) The third woman never spoke against you and even when I asked her about this incident she told me that she doesn’t want to FOR THE VERY SIMPLE REASON THAT SHE STILL BELIEVES THAT ONE DAY YOU WILL WAKE UP AND SHE WANTS TO BE ABLE TO TALK WITH YOU WITHOUT YOU FEELING ANY DISCOMFORT. This is the reason why she chose to remain silent. And even though I explained this in the lecture, you started to drag her into the debate, hoping for a kind of smokescreen so that people will forget your miserable behavior.
    But in reality you wrote here now BECAUSE YOU WERE SCARED when you saw me taking notes in court, becoming afraid that I will again tell what kind of character you have become since I am the one who knows the truth, together with you. this is the real reason why you have come now and tried to carry out a kind of emotional blackmail.
    With every gesture you make you are sinking deeper into the swamp of your own poisons. Talking again with this woman and showing her your post SHE TOLD ME THAT YOU ARE AGAIN LYING!!! Are you that stupid to believe that we will not check what you are saying? You said that you suggested the “regret pill” to her but she did not take it!!! She revealed now to me that she got pregnant and you didn’t tell her anything, even denying any problem. She found out about it the way women find out normally, quite late actually. After the abortion, she continued to love and trust you and after a while YOU WARNED HER THAT YOU PROBABLY AGAIN HAD AN “ACCIDENT” AND SHE SHOULD TAKE THE PILL! It was only after she suffered a lot from you that you made another mistake and this time you decided to be honest!!! The story you posted here is not the same! Why twist the truth when you don’t have anything to hide? Why lying in the conditions you were the one that couldn’t keep his control, and many times not only once? Is that the real reason why you were so keen in fixing your image, the failure in self-control?
    With your lying style you will soon be eligible to become a successful politician! You also have the heartless attitude for this job.
    Also for your information, the part of the WHO IS JESPER lecture that refers to you and Kim had over 500 complete views (the blog doesn’t register a view until you go to the end) in the three weeks following its publication. This means that the five readers of the blog (that you strongly hope are the only ones) are seeing it 100 times each and this makes an average of 5 views per day for each reader of my blog! A little too much even for some of your fans! Also, the statistics show excellent traffic even though I was on holiday and didn’t have any time to blog. All this traffic … made by only five people! But you know what is the reality because you don’t want us believe that you wrote here for only five people to see ;) You are not that stupid :)
    As for your success by not following the advice you were given, if this is what you call a successful character in life, if this is your idea of a personality that is strong, then I am glad that you admit you didn’t follow my advice! It was a problem for me to explain how come you ended up in this “sleep of reason” after following my advice, BUT AS YOU SAID SO YOURSELF YOU DIDN’T FOLLOW SO… YOU ENDED UP THERE BY YOUR OWN WISH.
    In the end, the fact that you replied to the smoking part (which I only heard about from a person who saw you smoking) and seeing your character from all your posts here and the facts that were presented … unfortunately you confirm that indeed you are sometimes smoking. You are not the kind of person to react to something if it does not bother you or you are not scared. Fear is your motivation Karsten. But it is not a problem if you smoke or even drink because it is your free choice and you didn’t follow any advice ;)

    Here are some of the quotations about Karsten Fischer from Jyllands Posten’s answer to the pressboard. You can see clearly that the newspaper is referring to Karsten Fischer and is giving the quotation from…. JESPER!!! This is showing from the source that JESPER is in reality KARSTEN BRASK FISCHER:
    ”[...]For det tredje er der de tre tidligere medlemmer af Natha, Celia Carlsen, Karsten Fischer og Kim Schmock. De fortæller, hvordan MISA er bygget hierarkisk op med Gregorian Bivolaru – i daglig tale kaldt Grieg blandt medlemmerne af MISA og Natha – i toppen af pyramiden.[...]

    Karsten Fischer, der er tidligere medlem af Natha, og som er uddannet
    sociolog, siger:
    “Mihai Stoian var enehersker i Natha, og hans ord er i helt ekstrem grad
    lov. Den pyramidiske struktur beskrives som “the spiritual hierarchy”. Det
    siger, at den person, som har det højeste spirituelle “niveau”, træffer

    The last quotation can be easily found in the Jyllands – Posten’s article and it is belonging to JESPER.


  268. 268

    I am surprised of this sudden strike of Jesper or Karsten.(It is not clear to me, have you now finally admitted that you are Jesper?) As far as I know, Mihai kept the “Who is Jesper” lecture in August, so how come it took you so long to reply with what you so strongly believe is not correct in what Mihai said about you in the lecture?

  269. 269

    TO be honest i am not sure what Karstens talking about, but i would be keeping my head low if i were him, I wouldn’t be making an advertisement that i made so many girls pregnant by mistake!
    And for the record I am in a Shakti group and i have never once heard contraceptive methods (other than sexual continence) or alternatives to ‘regret’ pills being discussed – but then again we don’t need this kind of topic in our group, as all our lovers are virile and as far as i know do not do anything “regretful”.

    Honestly Karsten you landed yourself in that one!!!

    PS. My friend was childless, but with the help of Grieg she now has two children – to make a contrast to your narrow limited viewpoint!

  270. 270

    Dear Karsten

    I hope you read this and that you can take in what I feel to say to you. I feel there have been enough harsh words and mud throwing in this sad affair and that it is time to look deeply in the heart.

    By reading your blog post and meditating upon you I feel that you are very lost and small inside. Not long ago you and Celia were crying on me and Mariahs shoulders for the so called “bad treatment” you were receiving from Mihai at your summerhouse. The next thing I know just half a year after that, I receive an sms from you by mistake that was meant for Schmock where you were planning to throw me and Mariah out of our home. This fact coupled with the interesting fact that life has lead you into a situation where you testify in court against someone who you once loved leads me to think of a biblical figure. Yes you guessed it. Judas. Judas Jesper who chose vanity and not getting his “character undermimed” (as you write in your post) in front of brotherhood and friendship. Think about it.

    Do you think its a coincidence that I received that sms? I see it as a deep cry for help from somebody who is lost. And do you remember what we spoke about at the summerhouse? Why people in a spiritual organisation go from the inner circle (circle 1) directly into circle 3 “the anti spiritual organisation circle”. Well you have done exactly that. Your deep love has turned into deep hate just like in the case of Schmock. The brothers of hate who could not even stand each other when they both were in the organisation. You both loved Mihai and would do anything for him and now you are both trying to kill the man who you called your spiritual guide.

    I dreamt about Celia last night, not a coincidence now I can see today after reading the blog. In the dream she was sitting next to Zina looking at a path where the rest of us yogis were walking. One day she will come back to us just like Helle did, as her soul yearns for spirit (otherwise I would not have had that dream about her). In case you did not know, Celia was present in the room with me and Mihai when Helle met Mihai again for the first time after many years in darkness. I see now that this was not a coincidence. And in your case, your pride like Schmocks, will make you stay behind in the darkness and in the cold. Please consider these things viewpoints Karsten for I mean you no harm.



  271. 271

    Dear Karsten,

    I do not know you. I would like to ask you if you actually watched the lecture or did you got stuck on your starring parts? Because if you managed to watch all the parts of the lecture you would be able to see what many of us now can see.. that you played yourself and your family nicely into the hands of the invisible ones who structure our society.. how free you are and what a great success!!

    There with some surprising revelations in the lecture- it was particularly interesting to hear what the Romanians were subjected to and these things were completely covered up.
    Mihai is certainly not the first person to speak about the invisible hand that works behind the scenes controlling everything, but he gave some genuine examples and many from his own experiences. Thankfully there are a few brave people who start to wake up and speak out… just have a look on you tube for the topics about: the new world order, global elite, swine flu, war in Iraq, the Gulf war syndrome to name a few..
    Karsten you are a pawn in the game and it is time for you to wake up to see that you have completely missed the point and that your anger is wrongly directed!


  272. 272

    Honestly Karsten – was this the best YOU could come up with!
    I thought you were a smarter guy than this.

    You should take care. Your dealing with strong energis here and you had some spiritual experiences so you know what Im talking about.


  273. 273
    A friend

    Dear Karsten,
    In response to your comment that Mihai is making a ‘desperate attempt’, I would just like to say that the way Mihai has handled the situation with you and Celia has been commendable. As you even said so yourself, Mihai was like a father to you and I know that you were like children to him. The fact that you turned against your father figure is your choice, but you are extremely naive if you think that someone who cares as much as he did and still does for both of you would simply ignore you and not respond to your accusations and strange behaviour in a very fatherly way – meaning in an unconditionally loving, yet firm and uncompromising way. Those of us in the school who have been close to all of you involved in this situation can clearly see that this is the case. To have just ignored you would have been very possible, but then you wouldn’t have had a chance to receive feedback and see the huge mistakes you are making because I don’t believe there is anyone else out there who cares for you as much while having the spiritual level to be able to see the reality so clearly. Of course in your current demonic state you will find such a comment immensely amusing.

    I find it very amusing that you say that “it seems evident that the moment me and Celia no longer were seeking your advice and instruction, you had to show others that we were deviators and demonic.”! Because you were two of the poorest at truly seeking and following Mihai’s advice, and you Karsten were the worst at keeping the required yoga practice in the ashram, meaning you were not even really equipped to speak about following spiritual advice because as you know Mihai is one person who truly does practice what he teaches and therefore this is the first advice he gives to those of us who sincerely seek it. So, even if you did seek his advice, I fail to see where you did follow it. The fact is you two did deviate and you do behave demonically and you have now become an example to us all in this direction and although for those of us with a bit of spiritual knowledge and experience it is anyway very clear (you did a really lousy job at being discreet!), Mihai has also shown us through his caring way that this is the reality. “You couldnt risk that we would be an example of someone that didnt follow your advice and still had great succes.” I’m sorry I must have missed something – WHAT success??!!!
    I look forward to seeing the comments from all 5 of the blog’s readers!!

  274. 274
    Karsten Fischer

    Mihai Stoian,
    Listening to your greatly revealing speech ”Who is Jesper” was as always a profound spiritual initiation in the art of gossipping, lying and condemning. I will only comment on a few of the things…
    You say that Jyllands-Posten sent you a correspondance between me and Orla Borg. I would suggest you to publish the correspondance so we all can see that you were telling the truth – and not just producing another embarrassing lie. If you fail to do so – with another lame excuse – I will conclude that you were just lying – again. Instead of doing something so pathethic as circulating copies of emails sent from me and Celia to you, you should give us all copies of the striking evidence that you have from Jyllands-Posten, proving that I am Jesper.
    Then I have some corrections, which are important:
    You show the highest level of hypocrisy telling the names of Christina and Celia in connection to the abortions but not mentioning [CENSORED BY ADMIN....] (the third woman). Why did you see it as revelant to name the former students that had experienced the pain of abortions but not to name one of the [people] in the school. Is it because you many times publicly condemned women in the school that got pregnant, and said that it was a sign of disintegration and demonic tendencies – and that it was deep down the womans fault?
    The explanation about [the third woman's] pregnancy was an example of turning the real events completely upside-down: I did tell to [the third woman] about an accident, I suggested her to take a ”Regret pill”, but instead [she] insisted to use her own alternative methods for preventing pregnancy. These alternative methods are also the ones in the Sakti Groups! Well, they didnt work and I wonder if she gave all the students this warning. Or was the vanity to big?
    It might be interesting for all to learn about Griegs reason for advicing yet another abortion. [...] Strange since all the girls experiencing pregnancy had to accept being used publicly as ”a lesson”. And you call me a hypocrite?
    Well, this was just a short comment on your desperate attempt to undermine my character. It seems evident that the moment me and Celia no longer were seeking your advice and instruction, you had to show others that we were deviators and demonic. This is the only scheme you know. You couldnt risk that we would be an example of someone that didnt follow your advice and still had great succes.
    I hope that all the 5 people reading this very important spiritual blog will get a chance to read it before you remove it in your usual hypocritic style. To be honest, after listening to the speech I also felt good. I felt good knowing that you are no longer part of my life, that you have absolutely no audience and that your lies therefore have no effect whatsoever.
    P.S. It was a great surprise for me to learn that I had started smoking. If I start eating meat or drinking alcohol then pls also inform me. Honestly Mihai – was this the best you could come up with!
    Karsten Fischer

  275. 275

    Va rog sa stergeti primul mesaj.
    Nu apare filmul Terorism de stat international.
    International terrorist military attack against Romania

    Acuzam SUA, ISRAEL, RUSIA, MAREA BRITANIE, OLANDA, BELGIA, JAPONIA, FRANTA, GERMANIA, ITALIA, CANADA, ISLANDA, NORVEGIA, GRECIA, SPANIA, UNGARIA pentru atac militar terorist impotriva ROMANIEI in decembrie 1989 pentru dezmembrarea, jefuirea, distrugerea ROMANIEI si exterminarea poporului roman.

    State terrorism INTERNATIONAL

    De asemenea pot fi vizionate pe:
    International terrorist military attack ROMANIA – David Icke’s …
    International terrorist military attack against Romania In December 1989 the U.S., RUSSIA, GERMANY, ITALY, FRANCE, HUNGARY, AUSTRIA, BELGIUM, UK, ……/showthread.php?t..

  276. 276

    @ Anka
    cel mai bine este sa mergeti la o conferinta de deschidere a cursurilor de yoga in orasul in care va aflati si acolo veti putea intalni si instructori de yoga ce va pot oferi indrumarile necesare. iata aici link-ul de la pagina de internet a scolii de yoga din romania, acolo veti gasi si locul si data unde se tin conferinte de deschidere in diferite orase:

  277. 277

    Hello everyone, these are my impressions about the first polarity camp from Costinesti, August 2009 with Mihai and Adina. I will post soon the english version…

    Prima tabăra de polarizare – Costinești, Romania 2009

    A trecut mai bine de o luna de când s-a încheiat tabăra de polarizare dar impresiile trăite in timpul taberei sunt prezente si foarte intense si acum. Din prima zi am inteles ca va fi o tabăra in care practica si participarea interactiva sunt pe locul intai. Vorbind si cu alți participanți, am realizat cu toții ca nu ne aflam intr-o tabăra de asimilare a unor cunoștințe teoretice sau vom asista pasivi la un anumit program, ci suntem intr-un cadru in care scopul este transformarea si prezenta noastră totala chiar aici si acum, cat mai intens, profund si radical. După ce am conștientizat împreuna aceste lucruri si am luat decizia sa valorificam din plin aceasta oportunitate spirituala si sa ne mobilizam intens in sensul transformării, foarte ușor ne-am deschis sufletele unii fata de ceilalți si deși eram participanți din mai multe tari, s-a creat un grup armonios, cu aspirație comuna.
    Programul s-a desfășurat in așa fel incat am putut experimenta concret, inca de la început, efectele primelor noțiuni despre Principiile Polarizării. In primele zile barbatii au avut program specific masculin coordonat de Mihai Stoian iar femeile specific feminin, cu Adina. Se respecta de asemenea regula misterului: femeile nu știau care sunt acțiunile pe care le desfășuram noi, după cum pentru noi barbatii, era un secret ceea ce practicau ele. Eram atent la efectele principale ale acestei separări: pe de-o parte in noi barbatii se amplificau caracteristicile masculine specifice (in timp ce in femei – cele feminine) iar pe de alta parte se intensifica atracția polara intre cele doua grupuri. Deveneam extrem de conștient de propria polaritate, după cum si de efectul pe care-l producea aceasta dinamizare specifica asupra femeilor.
    Programul spiritual al barbatilor includea antrenamentul mintii, procedee practice hatha-yoga sau înțelegerea profunda a principiilor polarizării. Mihai prezenta ideile si informațiile teoretice cu o claritate si o acuratețe matematica, dublate de experiența practica ce radia din tot ceea expunea. Am invatat despre armonia cuplului, practica spirituala, misterele meditației profunde, despre principiile tantrice, mentalitatea feminina si cea masculina, despre legile Divine si polaritatea Yin-Yang. Toate acestea se integrau perfect in tema principala a taberei. La rândul nostru, eram puși sa probam in practica spirituala (meditație sau tehnici specifice) cele asimilate teoretic. De exemplu, in program era integrata meditație de laya yoga zilnica pe plaja, intre 06.00 si 08.00 dimineața. Transformările se făceau simțite de la o zi la alta, astfel incat abia așteptam următoarea meditație sau acțiune practica sa pot pune in aplicare cele asimilate. Concentrarea si interiorizarea s-au imbunatatit enorm, mintea era din ce in ce mai calma iar zgomotul naturii si al valurilor nu mai aveau influenta asupra meditației. Atât de mult ne-a captivat procesul abordării sistematice a meditației, incat am realizat-o zilnic, in același interval, tot pe plaja, pana in ultima zi a simpozionului International de yoga, 3 septembrie. Mai erau apreciate momentele când discutam deschis despre stările si experiențele din timpul meditațiilor, când Mihai răspundea fiecăruia cu inspirație, înțelepciune si multa transfigurare.
    A urmat perioada de interacțiune, de experimentare directa a efectelor polarizării amplificate pana atunci. La sfârșitul „perioadei de polarizare”, când programul barbatilor si al femeilor a devenit comun, am remarcat transformările care au apărut in toți cei prezenți. Erau mult mai conștienți de propria polaritate, mai luminoși, mai responsabili si mai atenți cu cei de sex opus. Fiecare joc, fiecare activitate desfășurata împreuna era de o intensitate deosebita. A fost evidenta importanta imensa a amplificării energiilor specifice pentru barbati si pentru femei.
    O nota dominanta a întregii tabere a fost starea intensa de transfigurare. Când Mihai vorbea despre natura feminina sau masculina sau când răspundea unuia dintre noi el se raporta si se adresa principiului respectiv, yin sau yang. Era foarte ușor sa-i transfigurezi pe ceilalți si sa te autotransfigurezi. Simțeai ca nu mai erai tu, te simțeai identic cu principiul divin pe care-l reprezinți, in cazul barbatilor – un rol al lui Siva in manifestare. Acest câmp de transfigurare generat de Mihai si Adina a creat o atmosfera magica. Fiecare moment al programului era un prilej de transformare din ce in ce mai profunda, fiecare ora petrecuta cu Mihai era o inițiere.
    Am trăit cu toții momente sublime, inaltatoare si pline de gratie. Am aflat revelații extraordinare, am primit „aur spiritual”. Prima tabăra de polarizare va ramane in memoria mea nu doar ca o perioada extrem de frumoasa din punct de vedere spiritual, ci mai ales ca o etapa in care am asimilat profund metode esențiale pentru a atinge si a menține aceste stări deosebite, in care am redescoperit fascinantele căi care ne ajuta sa-L revelam pe Dumnezeu in propriul univers launtric. Mulțumesc, Mihai, pentru modul in care ai coordonat aceasta „prima tabăra de polarizare”, pentru tot ceea ce ne-ai oferit cu iubire si înțelepciune, pentru modul inspirat in care ai adaptat mesajul divin pentru fiecare dintre noi .

    Cu prietenie, Răzvan

  278. 278

    doresc sa ma initiez in yoga si cum pot face asta…!doresc un sfat
    va multumesc!

  279. 279

    I am back from a wonderful holiday and i will resume the dialogue with you all that were surviving the heat waves from this summer or the financial crisis scams.

    @ martin
    soon you will have this section of the lecture published on the blog. and also i will soon put here another excellent movie summarizing all the arguments proving the fact that 9/11 attack was AN INSIDE JOB! I will publish this new movie just because it is september and we commemorate this sadistic attack of the state against its own citizens, a new era in the new world, a sign that is announcing the “new world order”. We should not let this event become another myth of the modern civilization, letting the ones who did it go along with their evil plan and considering that the whole world is just a mass of stupid sheep.

    @ poul
    unfortunately i can confirm the fact that Karsten is trying to give Kim some advices and even more in order to help him in his robbery.
    And you can see in my lecture WHO IS JESPER? all the arguments that are disclosing the identity of JESPER as KARSTEN BRASK FISCHER without any doubts. One of the elements was Jyllandsposten’s letter as a reply to NATHA’s claims to the Press Board. In this letter they were disclosing Karsten’s identity, proving once more what i was saying again and again: these agents of disinformation (the so-called journalists) don’t care at all about the good of the people they hypocritically claim to serve, they are only after their own agenda that is hidden behind the smoke screen they create.

  280. 280

    Hello everybody
    Its my first visit here on Mihais blog, headr about it from a friend, truly a lot of different subjects here…

    I heard today from a friend that Karsten is now advising Kim on how to approach in the Bhoga case?
    I also heard that the newspaper Jyllandsposten wrote his real name in a letter to Natha, thus openly
    revealing his identity, even if they had an agreement not to do that.

    Anybody who can verify these info for me?

    Kim or Karsten is this true? Are you really working together to ‘defeat’ Natha?



  281. 281

    A very interesting moment for me in the lecture ”who is jesper” was Mihai’s relatation of the events in Romania during the so-called ”revolution”. The events which he experienced first hand – the rumors of ”terrorists” spread by agents in the street, the giving of orders to some unites to go and guards crucial facilities and the orders to the other unites there that the unites approaching are ”terrorists” resulting in the death of the soldiers – all these were creating in the population a fear of this ”’terrorist” threat – this fear was used for the placement f a new order in Romania, set by certain elements with personal agendas. The interesting thing is that right after the new order was established, the ”terrorists” disappear. no one heard anything about them before that moment nor after it, and no one knows who they were. these events are so bizarre that they clearly show the existence of a conspiracy which does not stop at any means, and which is using large scale manipulation for gaining control over the lives of the population of the world.
    Taking the existence of such a power structure under consideration, many of the events around us suddenly get a whole different sense. The manipulation becomes then clear.

  282. 282

    @ pavel b
    thank you for sharing and you are welcome here.

    @ a
    better later than never. i am in holiday and only from september i will be back.

  283. 283

    I read this blog from time to time because I find Mihai, through his posts, an interesting person and I feel enriched by sharing in his experiences although I don’t know him personally. I hope this is enough context and therefore I will proceed in sharing with you my views on something.
    I know that there will be readers who are unsure what to believe of the latest events (this being more of an example, because if we really think, it can be a very good question ‘what are we certain about?’). In a thirst for certainty is tempting to take the easy path and believe something, whatever that is, even if this ‘something’ is the most baseless rumor. I have gone and quite possibly may still go through my own trials and periods of doubt. The key however has been to realize and be comfortable with the state of ‘I don’t know’. Then to try and be clear of what are the “certainties”. This little exercise proved useful to me through the years.
    Now for a sense of perspective, let’s look at the world around us, we are constantly fed with illusions of certainty, the almost voyeuristic news reports, the experts, the analysts, the statistics, the scientific studies… It feels to me that not much has changed since medieval times when those in power then were claiming with great authority the certainty of most ridiculous claims.
    When two parts are in disagreement, we may not know who is right. It’s important to resist taking sides and accepting the uncertainty of not knowing. I trust that there is Someone who does know everything and that eventually all will be revealed. This attitude has helped me stay clear and focus even more on the ‘doing my homework’ that Mihai was referring to in one of his responses.
    Thank you for the opportunity to share my views and I hope this proves useful to someone.

  284. 284

    I have only one question. Why so late all these answers and explanations? I was waiting for them long time ago.

  285. 285
    Irina C


    Hi all, I wonder if any of you had a chance to listen to the whole lecture kept by Mihai last night, about WHO IS JESPER? :)

    Unfortunately I could only be there for the first part of the evening and little late in the night. For me it was truly captivating to see how with lucidity and poise Mihai was uncovering the list of common speculations and pointing one by one the steps of the story and the “turnings” given by the media to the reality when they were using the information to distort the truth.
    I heard that there may be some cuts from the conference uploaded on the site soon, but I am really curious to hear some opinions about what you think? How did you find the whole lecture?


  286. 286
    Irina C

    Dear Simona,

    I agree it is a great adventure this path of transformation! Thank you for sharing your experiences and realizations here. I can also subscribe to what you point out as understandings, indeed the need for rest and other forms of “regeneration” seems to be diminished as the soul feels fulfilled and content by this communion that arrises whilst putting the life in service to God and others …I also discovered that when doing karma yoga all other things that we may need seem to flow naturally towards us, they appear magically exactly as and when they are needed, and the creativity increases also…:)

    wishing you a great day ahead….

    with love

  287. 287

    Dear Irina,
    I enjoyed very much reading your post here. And what a wonderful subject *karma yoga *!
    I always felt like sharing with friends, colleagues in Natha my personal experience regarding this form of yoga which I started to practice one year ago. I had serious doubts that I could live a life without having the entire control over my money situation, so I took it really easy, almost hesitating in some moments.
    But ones I put on the first place in my life the spiritual goals and not the need for comfort and safetiness, I felt like the problem with having the control doesn’t exist anymore.
    I have every day amazing, fulfilling experiences making karma yoga and what is the most mysterious effect is that I never get tired no matter how much work I do. I remember when I used to have a job I always had the need *to do something for my soul* like a good rest, a good movie, a good cake or something to reward myself after the working hours.
    Now, I can run for the whole day forgetting to eat or to take care of other needs being completely absorbed in my karma yoga actions and it’s not something which I decide daily, is already an inner attitude which was imprinted in my heart long time ago when I set up my goals. I was surprised for example, that after three months of karma yoga I realized that I didn’t see a movie all this time and still I didn’t need it, it was not anymore something which I have to do in order to relax or to feel I enjoy life.
    One effect of practicing karma yoga is receiving revelations and new understandings every day. I was wondering in the beginning what happened that just after a short while I left my job the spiritual practice increased, I felt more integrated in the school, I started to make connections in the experiences I had. Being curious to understand what made the difference I realized that *acting for God and not for personal reasons, being tuned with the spiritual energies, being aware that the respective action is a chance for transformation in which I prove permanently who am I and being in the same time detached brings peace in my mind and openness for receiving inspirations and revelations. In this way I got superior understandings about what means a spiritual guide and his mysterious way of manifesting, about the secrets of accepting the will of God, about the sequence of the states and many others.
    The energies involved in the karma yoga actions are stronger so I need to put more effort and awareness than in the actions I am doing for myself. I had several cases when I had a task and in order to finish it I put much more effort and time than if I would do the same things for personal reasons. This was kind of shocking my mind because you cannot explain why these differences if you don’t know about the subtle aspects involved in actions which will affect later not only you but the entire school and many generations of students. Regarding this, Mihai’s statement in the opening of Concordia *we don’t build just a school here but characters* can help us understand why karma yoga is such an intense life experience if it’s entirely assumed.
    But such intensity brings also spiritual tests and doubts at the same level. I always believed that both Grieg and Mihai exaggerate a little bit when they talk about the demonic influences on the spiritual path. Of course that is happening until you get confronted and you feel it on your skin. I did it, fully, with deep unconsciousness and it was painful and extremely risky in the same time. But it was a great lesson and I learnt a lot from it.
    That’s why it is emphasized in this school the importance of behaving as initiates. To know and to act as you don’t it’s a mistake which sooner or later will affect us. But this is the beauty of the path of transformation and personally I see it like a great adventure.

    with love and aspiration,

  288. 288
    Irina C


    This summer I wanted to go to Costinesti 3 weeks and one reason was to take part in the new initiation in Indra, respectively the mantra for accessing Svarga Loka. However I felt compelled to first came to Denmark. As I arrived I was given an amassing project that meant I could only go for one week. In an unexpected way, even though my mind and ego had tried to argue stubbornly towards keeping to initial plans, this term of one week was making sense to me. I perceived Mihai’s advice to be correct and an inner voice of serenity made me accept this.

    Coincidently one morning last week as Mihai was clarifying once more with me, over the internet, that my holiday will definitely only be one week, a friend from Romania text me “come to Costinesti”, I replied I will on 25 August and his immediate reaction was: “but you will loose Svarga Loka!” (meaning I will loose the initiation). I replied “Svarga Loka exists even now and if God wants me to, I am right in it”. My friend laughed and went away and I carried on with my work.

    That day I worked deeply absorbed the long list of things to be done continuing to be aware of synchronistic events, abandoned in the project, completely happy with my here and now. At one moment towards the mid afternoon as I was writing something I noticed how my entire being starts to vibrate very fast into a more and more refined vibration, I felt my energies rising powerfully on the spine and the vibrations taking such intensity that I could almost consider them physical, I was feeling my spine, my mouth, gums and the upper palate of my mouth vibrating strongly. I stopped a little what I was doing as the energies went through Brahmarandra and beyond in a rising fountain of light. I started to feel elated in happiness as every cell of my body was being inundated by pulsating light that increased awareness in my entire being as a wonderful gold liquid was moving through my body. Instead of blood I was having liquid gold flowing through my veins, I felt as the walls of each and every cell are nothing but highly vibrating condensed light which stays together in an amassing unity…I was no longer made of flesh and blood, but of light and this sacred liquid gold magically inundating me…The inner transformations made me feel a Goddess that was both translating through this metamorphosis into a land of Gods but also here, with no hindrance of my existence in any way…I continued my day in this blissful elevated state, the evening came and I went out in the courtyard…I was talking with the girls and when I looked up at the sky I felt once more the strong belief that I was in the land of Gods- the same sky – we look upon daily is the same sky of Svarga Loka- our physical eyes can only see it when the veil of ignorance falls, it vibrates in a different way, this vibration was bringing with it the refined existence of these realms – both in me and everything around – all around me was now glowing into this Divinely overwhelming light, sacredness and aliveness

    A dear friend who was having dinner in Ambrosia called for me. I took a plate of food to eat and sat next to him, but somehow my inner perceptions were so heavenly I felt no hanger or any connection with the act of eating so instead I started to tell him some of the things that I become aware of, since my arrival in Denmark. Since I came here I felt a huge support in my transformation and daily synchronicities that for me place Concordia, Shambala and all people here in a fascinating intricate network of Divine chances and opportunities. I remember that the evening when I arrived in Denmark was the exemplification with Cinamasta. I decided to consecrate to her my stay here and as an answer I perceived a clear and for me a surprising message “Stay always conscious. Nothing is what it seems”. Several days later I found out that the Cosmic Power that was chosen for this summer Costinesti camp by divine draw was also Cinamasta.

    The dinner conversation I was having was deepening the blissful states taking them to a new dimension. Sharing my perceptions with my friend, I felt as the whole conversation was now taking place in a surreal parallel world of Gods of which we were both becoming aware of and where all was still, yet all was vibrating very fast, where we were both moving in slow motion and also at a huge speed traversing worlds and simultaneous sublime realities. I felt as Divine consciousness was impregnating me as energy and I was expanding into infinite. I felt I was pure consciousness, pure existence and pure bliss – simultaneously consciousness, the expanded energy and the unity beyond.

    My friend looked glowingly at me and said “Welcome amongst us” to which I felt compelled to answer “Was I away for a long time?”…I felt this here and now is the normal me, normal us, the normal reality, I was back home. I was back in the Divine flow of life with all its miracles. All at ease, blissfully alive and eternal.

    That evening I went to bed in tears of gratitude for the grace received. The heaven and earth were illuminating my heart and I could sense the condensed presence of Grieg overwhelmingly all around me…

    Once more I felt Concordia as a realm of infinite possibilities…that morning I read a quote and I believed it, though not realising the dimension of it until later on: “You create your opportunities by asking for them”…the determination of not being diverted by my friend, the heartfelt desire to know these realms, the trust that God’s grace can place me instantly in Svarga Loka if he wishes so, the trust in Mihai’s advice and my integration here, the aspiration & selfless act of karma yoga shows to me that WE CAN really unveil ignorance and live in bliss… Mihai once said to me that many of us here receive a key, but it is up t us to find the door, open it and step through…I magically discovered that day how Karma Yoga can be that key…

    I wanted to share this with you all in an act of love…and also as a sign of profound gratitude towards God, Shiva, Grieg and Mihai, who in a mysterious way are making all these possible for me here and now…and as this is possible for one I believe is also possible for many.

    With deepest love and gratitude,

  289. 289

    My dear Angel

    watchin over us from a distance and encouragig us to love, to light and to heal. what a wonderful thing that this blog also has an Angel

    thank you very much

  290. 290
    Mr. Logic

    Dear Subjective Somebody

    I see that you believe in Democracy together with Klaus Rifbjerg, you seem to believe it to be a good Danish tradition ”and now the devil took it”.

    I don’t know why you are mentioning it here but anyway, I would like to comment upon the idea of democracy – and for the sake of democracy I will do it in English, since that allows the most people on the blog to follow the conversation.

    As a fundamental ideology it is beautiful, the idea that we should listen to everybody and everybody are equal, – but it contains some challenges, that has to be taken into consideration and dealt with, and if this is not happening then what seemingly is very good, becomes self-destructive:

    The problem about democracy was already discussed in the ancient Greece, where they were aware of exactly what is shown by the saying we all know to be true:
    “Just like a chain is not stronger than the weakest link in that chain, so the group is not stronger than the weakest person in that group.”

    Also we know from mass-psychology, that people tend to let go of their responsibility as soon as they are in a group. It is seen again and again, that people are doing stupid things when they are part of a group, which they would never do if they would be alone.

    Such facts and such experiences is rising a very serious question to the constructiveness of democracy in the form it is practiced in Denmark today:

    “what do we do in a group of people when everybody are not educated enough to understand the thing discussed to the necessary extend, and what do we do when the level of consciousness is not high enough”
    I know: these are dangerous questions to put in the Danish society with “jantelov” telling us all that nobody should consider himself better than anyone else!

    So I already hear your screaming’s – but, then what do we do with this?
    Just follow the opinions expressed on almost any blog available – even on scientific sites, and it becomes clear that people do not hesitate to express only pure prejudices and then even to claim that this is a valid opinion on the topic.
    This very beautiful idea of democracy, then becomes the perfect tool for mass-manipulation – and this is exactly what we see happening today, not only with media campaign, but also commercials, movies etc. that are forming the opinion of people, who let themselves brainwash without thinking deeper about it and in this way we get exactly THE OPPOSITE of what we initially wanted with the beautiful ideals about democracy.

    Instead of discussing if we like democracy or if we do not like it – in my opinion it is much more relevant to discuss: what did we want to obtain with the ideals of democracy, and then in a serene and scientific manner investigate if this is also what we got, – or if we have to do more than brainlessly allowing anybody to express a no-matter how incompetent opinion and then great: we have a democracy.

    If we would do this lucid investigation, it must be clear to anybody, that the idea of democracy implies that everybody has very high values, that they are sound human beings with common sense AND that they are competent or at least willing to achieve competence in the discussed subject (and then also has enough humbleness to admit when he doesn’t know enough about the subject and therefore should shut up until he studied). It implies that the person has a soul, that he has a center in his divine being that makes him immune to manipulation. It implies that he is incorruptible, that he is good, altruistic, that he cares for the good of all living beings and the nature.

    If we would really discuss the subject of democracy we could then even ask ourselves: does democracy go well together with capitalism – with the whole society as it is build today?
    Is it not build on people taking advantage upon each other – is that democratic?

    So in order to get a more nuanced discussion about this, which I just started here, since I did not think so much about it before, but also learn while I write and I see it is raising more questions in my own view upon it, I invite you “subjective somebody” and also others to join a more open-minded (democratic!? ;) ) and investigative discussion – for example about democracy – since this is the subject that you choose to mention in your sweet quotation.

    With great interest
    Mr. Logic

  291. 291

    Dear Angel,

    I believe that we receive very good directions in this Yoga and Tantra school we are in on how to live our life. The problem is that some don’t understand this wonderful way of life which we are learning here and which I believe is the normal way to live (and I recommend it to everyone), therefore they reject it and eventually give up the learning and applying of it quitting the school.
    How I see things the discussions you see here are aiming to help those that do not understand these teachings from our school to understand their real meaning. The biggest cause for these misunderstandings is the lack of practice as I have also seen from my experiences.
    About your final advice, I have the same opinion and I believe that they are applied very well in these discussions here.
    Thank you and I am sure you are very welcome to join the discussions.

    Best wishes,

  292. 292

    Dear Friends
    I have been watching you all from a distance for a while. Reading your comments with great interest. It seems to me like a group of friends who do not agree about how to live their life. That is quiet natural, for humans especially. forgiveness helps. Communication heals. Love transforms. Light unites.


  293. 293

    Dear subjective somebody,

    I don’t understand what you want to say with this quote because I can’t read danish but I have to admit that I liked your silence much better than this because I believed that you may have understood something from all what you were told here.

    I wish you all best.

  294. 294

    Dear s.s
    you criticize the way in which we write about KKC – but you have yo see it in the true context. outside that context, indeed it can look strange. Since you read here then you must know that context – and therefore the fact that you present this aspect (the posts here on this subject) outside their context – that is the attitude of hiding some aspects for manipulating that Mihai was mentioning.
    The true context is as follows. No one here would have ever thought about writing private things about these people if they would not have went to the papers and put their lies there. We wouldn’t need to write if the papers would have allowed Natha to reply to these accusations. But since our mouths were shut by the media (your land of the free) – writing on this blog became our only way to say our side. Do we not have the right to protect ourselves at least in this blog?
    It is important to say that me personally, and the other people that I know, are not motivated by anger. It is simply that the whole media campaign is resting on the statements of some people, that the media treats as being very credible, ignoring completely certain aspects that show clearly their total lack of credibility. What we are doing here is simply exposing these aspects, showing their lack of credibility and their true motives – thus putting their criticism in a more proper perspecive then the one that is in the papers. Surely you cannot find any fault in that.
    With kind regards, Lars.

  295. 295
    Subjective Somebody

    “Magtfuldkommenhed kaldes det, når selv den ydmygeste og mest lavmælte kritik opfattes som en fornærmelse og hånligt afvises.”
    “Giv os demokratiet tilbage, det lyse, udemagogiske, verdensglade demokrati. Som fædrene drømte om, men som Fanden nu har taget.”

    Citat Klaus Rifbjerg

  296. 296

    Dear Karsten and subjective

    I dont know why you are creating so much fuzz, so I suggest you to watch this one, it will give you something a good solution for your problems:


  297. 297
    Finding truth

    dear Julia

    What Mihai writes about having the experience from being with a spiritual goal and not being with it, reminds me of something I read, which touched me a lot.

    It is in the biography of Teresa of Avila, the nun saint.
    She reached enlightenment trough prayer.

    She writes somewhere that during the 20 years she prayed before she reached the mystical communion with God, she sometimes got deviated from prayer, and for ½ year, or a month, or days or so then she did not pray.
    Then she found it again…

    It happened several times during all those 20 years, that she got distracted.

    For me this gave a big relieve and a very big hope and I understood somehow that when we are going on the way reaching more and more wonderful states, then we also get used with those states and take them for granted.

    Then we have to loose them in order to again appreciate them as much as we did in the beginning.
    Then after we have lost them and found them again, we will appreciate them even more, than we did first time, where we in our sillyness believed that now we are safe forever in the wonderful state.

    Also we are in this way more times going from ego to non-ego and in this way we practice and learn to transcend the ego again and again, since probably it cannot be done first time at once.
    We have to “make it a habit”. And the more times we manage to transcend the ego, the more we train the ego to let go and let us stay in the divine states.

    I wish it may help you, and I welcome you back!

    With love
    Finding truth

  298. 298

    @ julia
    dear Julia,
    i am happy you have these experiences and you are anytime welcome to come in natha to talk with me. the fact that you were experiencing what means to have a spiritual goal in life and also how was when this goal was missing, will give you a spiritual experience in life that in time will prove its value. i also invite you to write an article about these experiences for our website ( because in think there are many that will benefit to understand the importance of having a spiritual goal and a spiritual practice in life.
    wish you infinite love and deep peace

  299. 299

    Dear Julia

    How wonderful to read your letter to Mihai, it is so life affirming.
    Great to read also positive experiences from ex-members of Natha in this blog, where mostly those ex-members, who are negative and hurtfully licking their wounds while blaming Natha for it, are writing.

    But of course I suppose that those, who left Natha because they just got more interested in something else, they also don’t read the blog. Therefore it looks like in generally ex-members are displeased with Natha, when this in fact isn’t the case.

    Anyway I am happy for you that you found out about the importance of your inner life.
    I noticed in my own life, that when I am doing yoga and meditation daily, then also the life with my beloved is harmonious and happy.
    Sometimes even if only for some days it happened that we did not practice, then we were not as happy, then we easier came into a fight and our feelings were just not as overwhelmingly happy, as much “in love”, they were more “normal”, more lifeless – and since we were being used with and expecting much more, it naturally gave some disappointment when we didn’t keep it up to that level, which “normal people” or non-yogis don’t get, because they are not used with such profound, intense and wonderful states.
    The same is valid with the sexual continence and transfiguration. When this was not kept, then the relationship had the tendency to go down.

    Therefore I believe that this is also the reason why you could be so happy with your boyfriend in the beginning; it is also because you did yoga, since because yoga is generally enriching the state of happiness, – because when we do yoga we are closer to the source, which is God and our own supreme self, actually only then we practically realize that our happiness – even the one from our relationship – is coming from God, and then we stay connected and tuned into the source.

    I wish you divine blessings on your way
    With your yogic practice
    And with your love-life


  300. 300

    Dear Mihai
    It’s a while now since we spoke but reading your blog now I feel inspired to say some things to you.
    I was your student in Natha a few years ago. We were very close and spent some wonderful times together. I enjoyed very much coming to your classes and learning from you. I could sit for hours just listening to the wonderful words of wisdom that streamed from your mouth, it was so heartwarming and gave me a lot of motivation and aspiration for living a spiritual life. I led a busy life with important career options to be considered and family issues coming up that were always a priority and then other personal interests that also occupied my time and mind, but when I met you you showed me that there were other things that are important in life, actually even more important and then I could see how I had been neglecting these important things most of my life. It was scary to see this. In fact so scary I had to take a step back. I mean, you showed me that until then I had been only living half of my life (if that) and that I was somehow sleeping in this state, dreaming, a nice dream, but a dream nonetheless. And actually from what I learnt by doing yoga I could see that I was not the only one dreaming, but I was surrounded by dreamers and now I was slowly waking up I could see this. And when I started to wake up I suddenly noticed how amazing this world is in which we live. All the colours of life became brighter, the beauty become more beautiful and the harmony became more visible. I remember thinking often during this time, “Wauw, I’m alive! I’m alive!”
    One day I met someone very special. He took very good care of me, was interested in the same things as me, was very loving and caring. I fell in love with him and gradually this love for him became more important than my love for doing yoga and meditation and slowly I stopped practicing and stopped coming to the class. I didn’t even really realise what was happening at the time, I just sort of slipped away. You said something to me and I dismissed it, I believed I knew what was best for me and what could be better for me than to be in love?! But gradually this relationship stopped being so wonderful and started to be more comfortable, familiar, habitual. Problems started to come between us, we had fights, the chemistry didn’t work anymore, we had somehow used up the resources God had given us in the beginning, drying out the love in the process. We were still friends and had some fun together, but it wasn’t anything like it was in the beginning and now it was more platonic. I felt sad about this because it seemed such a waste to me that something so beautiful and with such a seemingly great potential could just turn into something so mundane, so normal, so boring! I saw this kind of relationships in other people around me, in my family, friends, work colleagues, but in my life? no! This was not right. So just recently I chose to end this relationship because I really couldn’t see any way out of it and now I am more happy than I have been for years – almost as happy as in those days I spoke of above. And the reason I tell you this story Mihai is because it is actually what you taught me that helped me to have the strength to say no to something so damaging as this in my life and your words stayed with me over the years, resonating with something very deep inside of me, so that especially in difficult times like what I have been through I found a lot of strength and courage inside of me to help me through these times.
    In a way I’m sorry that this relationship led me away from the yoga school, but I can also see how this experience helped me to learn a lot of things and how it has helped me to develop myself in a way which is very beneficial and now I actually feel very ready to come back to this school and to start practicing yoga again and to hopefully have the chance to listen to you speak again, now with fresh ears and a fresh perspective on life, knowing that every choice I make is mine and I am the one who is fully responsible for it, and what I choose now is God.

    see you soon!

  301. 301

    Hey Q

    I am missing your questions – or more correctly your answers, we had a dispute about God, remember?

    I still think that you did not really answer, escpecially the reply of Shanti, did you take it into considerations?

    I mean, its wonderful that someone is conserned about God on this page.

    or are you actually being the subjective somebody?

    joy from

  302. 302
    Bright one

    Dearest Subjective, somebody whom I do not understand!

    So why did you leave the school?

    All that you say about it sounds mysterious and secret: “I just know I got involved in a love story between me and a spiritual school called Natha, which I believed in very much in the start !- only to discover that my beloved was cheating on me AND lying about it at my honest request. And laughs in my face when I admit being wounded.”

    How did the school cheat on you?
    What actually happened?
    You sound like someone who had an unfaithful lover?
    How can the school cheat on you?
    What did you expect since you got cheated from it?
    Did ”the school” promise you something?

    I want to warn you, that if you do not study the teachings of the school – which you obviously didn’t, then how can you know what you learn in the school?
    You build it on what some woman coming from the toilet are saying? On rumors? Gossip?

    And then again – how can you know that you were cheated?
    Are you hurt that the school did not manipulate you (like innocence) into sexual services?
    Well maybe you should realize that the school doesn’t do that and never promised to do that!

    You wrote soo soo much, and yet it is still into complete darkness why did you leave the school?
    What are you actually upset about?

    Without imagination, the grounded real facts – if there are any?

    Or is it just your imaginations that scared you away?
    Your timidity and fear to open?
    Your lack of trust?

    You say:
    “This … illustrates very nicely the hurt I try to describe; going into a school with pure intentions, only to discover that these pure intentions were out of place there. Fortunately for me (maybe I was not ‘young and searching’ enough), I didn’t get manipulated into anything… It just happened. And then later on, I discovered I had made a wrong decision, but what hurt was the fact that it wasn’t actually my decision. I had just trusted life to bring me the right places
    and the right people. For once, I felt life let me down, and I had never felt like that before.
    Now I can see I learnt much from that experience, and fortunately I didn’t stop trusting and surrendering.”

    To this I would like to answer, that you seem to have failed life big time by not trusting it and surrendering to it:

    To decide to trust life IS a decision, nobody else decided for you to do so!
    And afterwards, when you met something that you apparently didn’t like – then YOU choose to NOT TRUST.
    But then you decided that the decision was wrong, and then you trust again? – You really think so?
    You seem to be a very superficial woman, who do not check the things profoundly, and who runs away by the first little misunderstanding.
    Seeing how you have NOT understood the teachings of the school,
    seeing how you have NOT checked the behavior and reactions of people,
    meaning that you neither checked the promise in the beginning and also you did not check the “failure” of it
    seeing that you do NOT say directly and honestly what actually made you leave.

    I think you will not get anywhere in life, with such an attitude!

    Bright one

  303. 303
    The Psychiatrist

    Dear Subjective

    I also read your blog and also Mr. Logics reply and as an educated psychiatrist I have to say that he is right. Not only from a logic standpoint but also from the standpoint of sanity.

    The thing with your lack of Logic is not a healty one:
    On one hand, there is a difference between Logic as opposed to intuition, following the flow, harmonious feeling etc., which all actually comes from a great inner harmony and order (which is in fact the result of applied logic).

    And then on the other hand Logic seen as opposed to illogical chaos, which happens in the case of a consciousness who is very split, fragmentized.
    This kind of person, have a lot of psychic fragments, who do not communicate with each other and therefore do not reach a higher state of order, integrity, harmony.
    This kind of persons are exactly those who have the tendency to stay only in the imagination, where one thing doesn’t have to do necessarily with the next, where there is no coherence, no checking of reality, no grounding.

    The mild kind of this state is a dreamer, a person who is a little bit spaced out, who is only in his mind, in his imagination – a little worse result of this tendency is the pscychotic person.

    The whole point here is; that in order to become a healthy and sane person, we call it a whole person – a person with integrity – Then the things has to be checked with reality; reality checking is what we do in order to not only live in our fantasy and there being a pray to the tricks of the mind.

    So if I were you, I would examine the statements of Mr. Logic and subdue myself to his Logic because this would supply you with inner coherence and reliability. This would make you real.

    The Psychiatrist

  304. 304

    Dear S.S.

    Oh Those guys (men and women) are reminding me that I also promised to write something about the tantric path.

    Well it will not be very long for now, since you did have the chance to study it in the school while you were here, and obviously you were not so interested.

    What I want to show is how sex is related to the spiritual path.

    Even Freud found out many years ago, that sex is the basic drive in the human being, and that sex can be sublimated to higher states of consciousness – either it is love, mental energy etc.

    Spiritual paths along time have always advised to stay away from the sexual energy since it can deviate the spiritual seeker, so that he don’t have the energy to lift his consciousness and also he is not concentrated on it.
    For solving this there are two options though:
    either you can preserve the sexual energy by not having sex at all. This is what apparently happened in Christianity and on some Vedantic paths.
    Or you can use this very energy as a kind of trampoline, so you jump off from this and into the higher states of consciousness. This is what is done on the tantric path.

    It is not by coincidence that the result of the previously mentioned ascetic paths is that they are somehow denying life – while the tantric path is embracing it.

    The ascetic paths see the woman, the sexuality and basically often even life itself as a big obstacle to reach the divine. But the tantric path sees it as a tool to reach the divine; a tool that then will be refined more and more until it is pure, – just like in alchemy, where the vital earth or the impure stones are refined into gold, representing the awakening of the supreme self in our own being.

    This of course implies dealing with the sexual energy, exploring it and refining it.

    And I think you will agree here, that working with the sexual energy will almost un-avoidingly be misunderstood by the society itself and by anyone who is not very open and natural about this level of his or her own being.

    This was as brief as I can make it now, and just for your information, so that you have a second chance to study this path without prejudices.

    With love,

  305. 305
    Mr. Logic

    Dear Subjective

    I have another point showing that your arguments are deeply illogical and full of inconsistencies:

    First you agree with me that a person who is penduling from one extreme of fanaticism to the other is not reliable (meaning you do not believe that person’s statements and opinions) – we spoke about Celia, here comes the quote from you: (from your first letter:) “And no,in my eyes, a person on one extreme is not very reliable,…”

    But in the next letter you write that you, not only believe in the statement of that same person; (you state that the journalist got this from Celia, and then you say: “Well she should know what she is talking about right ?”

    Now according to your own opinion in your first answer to me, she is not very reliable, – meaning, either she doesnt know what she is talking about, or she is ureliable from other reasons, since she is fanatic first in one extreme, then in the other. I do not want to put words in your mouth, maybe you yourself say what is the reason for such an extremist fanatic to change her mind and statements from one extreme to the other, and what can we expect from her statements in that situation???

    The statement to which you agree is this: “It is very naive of the Commune of Copenhagen to donate money to Natha without investigating, what their background is. There is a totalitarian, secterian organisation behind, that manipulates young, searching people, and that runs different sexual services. There is a reason to firmly warn young people against getting close to the organisation Well, again, don’t know the man, but do (in my dreadful subjectiveness) agree!”

    So the first illogical thing is that you claim her unreliable, and yet you quote her and agree with her.

    and here comes the next illogical thing: it is that you agree with something without having experienced it! Then how can you agree? You only imagine that it is right, and then you continue to speculate and imagine reasons, why it did not happen to you!

    You say: “Fortunately for me (maybe I was not ‘young and searching’ enough), I didn’t get manipulated into anything.”

    Then who got manipulated, since you are so sure that it happens (agreeing with it), that you want to warn others about it?
    The giggling happy women on the bathroom? Did you study them? Ask them if they got manipulated? Did you check it?

    Well lady, – that’s on the verge of insanity!
    Watch out!

    Mr. Logic

  306. 306

    Dear S.S

    I have to here support the statement of Mr. Logic. It is not so long ago that I told my friend at the university, while watching the woman there, what a huge difference there is between the woman in Natha and other places.

    I had a girlfriend in Natha recently who was very timid, blocked, she could not give herself or open. She didn’t like to make love and went through crisis when we tried.
    This is a very big difference from the lovers I had before who were more experienced on the tantric path. They were all open, loving, devoted, sensual – I barely touch them and they overflow with ecstatic pleasures.

    Also when I just look at them from distance. You should know that for a man, when a woman is only in her head, when she is un-vital, un-sensual, blocked and timid – it is not very attractive.
    Those women in Natha you can recognize them, even if you did not know them, they have a mysterious aliveness inside, it’s like their bodies is radiating with life, joy, mysterious loving pleasures.

    I know which kind of women I prefer, and I would be very surprised if this wonderful state of being can come through manipulation.

    On the other side, I believe that the timid and closed kind of women has happened because of manipulation through a long time…

    Sincerely yours,

  307. 307
    Mr. Logic

    Dear Subjective Somebody

    Inspired by the frivolous woman, I would like to state again another illogical point in our opinion concerning the women whom you consider to be tricked, manipulated or subdued to group pressure.

    I don’t know if you ever saw some of the woman, who stayed a bit longer in the school?
    I can tell you that they all radiate something wonderful, they are all more alive, more open, more beautiful, more sensual, more attractive – they have a mysterious fascination about them. And they are very integrated and self-confident.

    Her comes the illogic:
    According to the law of resonance this is not possible to combine that inner freedom, aliveness and openness with being pressed or manipulated – I hope you can see that this would be illogical?

    A tricked and manipulated woman is not happy; blossoming from her true nature but suppressed and therefore lacking self-confidence, therefore her energies are not open.

    Think about that!
    Mr. Logic

  308. 308

    Dearest subjective sweety

    I am one of those women, who you probably have seen giggling out of the bathroom with the other women. So now I want to tell you my subjective view:

    I want to tell you that I love it!

    Here in Natha, I do not have to be embarrassed of my femininity anymore – on the contrary, here I am diving into the mysteries of its wonders. I have never been so happy as here where my true being is exactly as it is suppose to be.
    I am studying my true nature as a woman to the ultimate, following the flow of my softness, sensitivity, lovingness, tenderness, charm and yes – even eroticism.
    I feel a deep sisterly feeling of family with the other women, an openness, intimacy, friendship and total freedom. We can share everything.

    After I met the tantric men I feel that eroticism is something pure, wonderful. I experience wonderful states of orgasms for hours and I give myself fully and totally to it.

    I do not want to say that I was ever really timid, but now I can explore my whole being fully. I did feel that if I would make a show, that reveals my inner feminine nature, then it would be a bit embarrassing or kind of taboo, when I afterwards look in the face of the audience. Now I can dance in a show being completely natural – showing myself exactly how I want to do it, from deep inside – and nobody is judging me, on the contrary, they seem to understand me and appreciate me without this ugly perversion, you meet from some guys outside the school, who are sexually frustrated and fixated in the same time.

    Until I started the tantric lovemaking with a tantric lover, I never felt so pure about sexuality. I did not realize it before, but then I did feel it a bit impure or perverted. Now in Tantra everything is so right, so beautiful, so pure and wonderful, so open and I can completely give myself.

    I wish for you that you would have had the openness to try it out.
    But maybe you are too timid?

    Ecstatic greetings from
    the frivolous

  309. 309

    Dear S.S.

    Only today I had the time to read completely also Mihais reply to you and I want to let you know, that it stroke me how genius he is.

    I know for sure that he is saying those things to you, only to help you to “corner” your ego, so that you have the chance to also realize your soul, your inner deeper true self, which shines beyond this nonsense that rules your mind.
    Therefore it is a good idea, which I will recommend you (I do it myself), to be “on his side”, looking with his eyes upon your own tendencies in order to understand what he is telling you.

    Personally, also seeing you from “outside” (i.e. of your mental patterns), I am impressed about how well he is reading you, how well he is matching you with his style, how well he is putting the argument in order for you to get the chance to really understand your own pattern.

    You should know that seen from outside it is very clear that he is perfectly right.
    It is also very clear that you did not truly listen to any of the arguments that you got, neither from him nor from any of the others, as Marcel rigorously points out. If you would have been thinking a bit more about the things yourself instead of just arguing back right away, then many of your statements would have remained unsaid (unless you deeply lack intelligence of course), because then you would have found the answers.

    And again, since I know Mihai for many years, (and the same with Marcel) I dare to tell you that if you manage to be truly open-minded and checking carefully all his statements, you will benefit a lot – no matter if you are in or out of the school.

    I wish you good luck,

  310. 310

    Dear S.S.
    And other members and ex-members of Natha who share the same state as “subjective somebody” and Celia

    Reading all these things from you, I feel to share my personal approach and my experiences on this spiritual path and related to “His Holiness Mihai”, so that your view upon these things has a possibility to get more nuanced:

    First of all I do not consider myself as a “feverish follower” of Mihai. I consider myself as a person who is so very lucky to have found and to walk on a genuine spiritual path, which is a rare privilege nowadays.
    When I was 13 I read about Buddhism, I was the only one in my school class who kind of understood what it was about and I was full of longing and regret that I was not born in a country where I could follow a spiritual path to enlightenment and to the ultimate liberation.
    About the same time I heard the word “yoga” first time (I did not know what it was), and then I knew that this is what I have to do, – even though some people told me that it could be very dangerous. So I did yoga since I was 15 in different places until I came to Natha knowing in the first yoga session, that I finally found my path.
    When I began I did not really know that there was even a spiritual guide, I was crying in search of a spiritual guide for years before I found out that I was already in his school.
    I was following this path for many years (5 years I think) before Mihai came to Denmark.

    So I was on this spiritual path before I meet Grieg (in this life) and before I meet Mihai, and I strongly believe that no matter what would happen with those two wonderful beings, then I will continue this spiritual path – because I am not here because of them!

    Most of the people who started in the same time as me, and who were very dear friends of mine, even boyfriends have left the school. People are joining this school for many reasons, and only few are doing it because they want to tread the path to spiritual liberation. Some want to get clairvoyant, others to obtain what they desire, others just want improvement of their general state of happiness, others to become healthier, some people even hope that they found a nice sect or a group of great friends to have fun with etc.

    Some people are attracted because of the great loving people they meet here. They are missing this kind of social togetherness and they do not understand that this loving atmosphere is earned by something, by an attitude which is truly aiming towards selflessness and truly giving. (I do not say that it is always without struggle) Quite some beginners, who liked the social ambiance here joined because of this love and openness, which they wanted to be part of. Then they found out that this love and heart-fullness is build because people are sincere practitioners doing selfless actions (like karma yoga). For some of these new people it was too much, because they got confronted all of a sudden with the fact that they are not really on a spiritual path yet, they are still materialistic and egoistic which is shown by the fact, that they like to hang-out and talk, but they don’t like to help out, they don’t like to give.
    They like to gratify and to grow their ego instead of getting out of its way to the inner freedom.

    On this path to spiritual liberation there is the practice and the guidance. Just like if you want to learn to play tennis, or to fish, it is much easier to learn it from somebody, who already knows how to do it than to be all on your own with an instruction book.

    In this respect Mihai has been the most helpful person I have met in this lifetime, who helped me most of all to transform, – and for this I can only be infinitely grateful to him.
    Mihai looked as my father when my father was angry and I had a lot of strange projections on Mihai in the beginning. But gradually I got over most of it, and what I discovered in the last 7 years Mihai has been in Denmark, is that he is the most goodhearted person, compassionate, loving, truly humble and integrated with the divine will. Indeed he is also sharp and sometimes shouting loud when he gives his feedback. And yet he is the only person, I know who consistently was concerned about the spiritual evolution of everybody, – putting aside his personal interest.

    I do not ask Mihai about all and everything. I ask him when I feel inspired to do it or when I am having doubts myself about what is good. Sometimes I ask him, because I think he might know better what is good for me, seeing me from outside and being much more wise and experienced than me. But in any situation you should know that even on the spiritual path, you are in the end responsible for your own choices, also if you base those choices upon the advise of a spiritual guide.

    I have followed Mihais advices most of the time, and every time it was clear for me that I transformed much more by doing what he advised me to do; it made me happier, more together, centered, useful, efficient, loving, intelligent, focused, and compassionate, it improved my integrity and my feeling of communion with God etc.
    I did never transform so much before as I have done after I met Mihai and I do have an idea about how I would have been if I would not have received his guidance. I am so happy and grateful for the help he is offering me, which is basically helping the potential qualities in me to blossom.
    Nobody can help you to blossom as well as a person who is more accomplished seen from a spiritual perspective.

    This is something that easily can be considered as a sectarian attitude for those who do not understand, that indeed there exist such a thing as a higher spiritual level. This is why it is a difficult task to describe the difference for a person who is clearly not spiritually inclined.

    I do not consider it as following him, rather he is a very good friend or like a bigger brother walking side by side with you on the same path, a bigger brother who knows the way and shows it to you, a friend who tells you what he sees so that you can base your choice of action on a broader and wiser perspective.

    It is in my opinion necessary that first you choose the path and then you notice who is there next to you. The people who came only because they liked the social ambiance will of course leave as soon as they find out, that it is a gathering of people with a specific purpose which they dont chare; a gathering of people who aims to transform.

    Mihai never tried to push me to do something that I did not want to do. On the contrary he is always careful to check if the person really is interested to transform and to receive his advice. Then if you ask for his help, as I did, then yes he can push big time and sometimes when the ego is at stake, you even forget that you asked him to give this help (which is also the case with Celia who begged him to help her to transform, and she begged him to prevent her from becoming like Kim, but when he told her, she could not listen anymore).
    Then if you manage to get through it, you will be kind of reborn into a stronger, better and more evolved being, but if not – you will withdraw hurt and licking your wounds, wounds that appeared because you failed your own goal to transform.
    And Mihai will for sure be sorry for you that you failed a spiritual test, but he will know to not push nor advice you anymore, – because in a way you showed that you do not want it anymore, even if you say that you want.
    I can recommend you to read about spiritual test elsewhere on this blog if you want to know more about this.

    So While Mihai is helping I don’t know how many hundreds of people to transform, making wonderful lectures and courses, (giving very long and detailed answers to people writing on this blog), helping Grieg out from prison, involving in all kind of helping activities in MISA and the Romanian school, sacrificing his privacy, his life for the good of goodness in the life of all of us – In the same time some ex-yogis in Romania are upset with him, and also ex-yogis in Denmark – they attack him only because his uncompromising honesty and truthfulness has hurt their ego (which they protect instead of taming it). They cannot put this ego hurt aside, looking on it from outside.

    I understand; I also sometimes was upset with him or hurt – but when I compare this with what he is doing, I always feel ashamed: Why should I demand that he is never hurting me, what is the problem, if he is indeed really sometimes doing a mistake? Then I would rather be a good friend for him and support him and forgive him, also taking in consideration that he is a human being, and that doing so much good he definitely deserve being forgiven for making any mistake, which anyway he would never do on purpose and I know him as one of those rare being who is correcting his mistakes as soon as he finds out about it. (Not to mention, that many times when I told him he did a mistake, I found out that it was not as I believed, so he did not do that mistake after all).

    Considering this, I hope you understood by now that I consider it correct (even though we are not inclined for such devotion in our logical and cold northern countries) to name him “His Holiness Mihai” – without any irony or sarcasm. Mihai proves through his states, his actions and his attitudes to have the character of a Holy person, (and who knows, when he dies we might find out how holy he was).
    In order to know him as a holy person, you have to be aspiring on the spiritual path. If spirituality isn’t anything for you, you cannot expect to discover how HOLY he truly is – then at the most you will see that he is a good person.

    Until then I just give you a hint so that you could study him a bit more objective – without fears for authority, without this ridiculous northern fear for being guided to leave your petty ego, without this sectarian blindness either for or against, without personal hurts and hopes, without disappointment that he might not approve your petty personal desires or materialistic attachments.

    After all this is what a spiritual path is about – and no wonder that materialistic and egoistic people do not agree with this, but misunderstand it all. I do not want to repeat myself again about the difference in seeing freedom from a spiritual point of view and a demonic. If you want you can find it in my letter to Karsten written on 19th June.

    Before you consider a spiritual path to be a sect, you should know that you do not know nor understand what is a spiritual path, what is spiritual aspiration and therefore you cannot judge such things. I do not expect you to be able to understand then.
    The whole problem with Celias article in Jyllands-Posten is exactly this. She was on a spiritual path, agreeing with it, it was her own choice, and then she wanted to get back to a “profane” lifestyle: She went from the path of surpassing the ego, to the path of letting the ego and the materialistic lifestyle take over completely, and from this perspective she was judging everything on the spiritual path – and this is basically what makes it all a lie. (besides of course some other things she states there which is just a lie)

    What I try to explain to you is that it is not so strange that people who are not on a spiritual path is judging a group of people, who are on a spiritual path as being sectarian. They do this because it is very scary for them.
    on the other side I do think it is possible for those who aim to be objective, to accept that such a thing as a spiritual path exist and it is valid – even if they do not want it for themselves now. Only then it is possible to see the difference between a genuine spiritual path and a sect.

    To challenge your understanding I tell you this: Nisagardatta Maharaj, the famous Indian liberated being, who is the quoted Master in the well known book: “who am I”, said this about how his spiritual liberation happened: “my master told me that I am Shiva – and I believed him”.
    So his spiritual guide told him that he is the Supreme Consciousness and then because he trusted so completely in his master, he attained that realization.

    How fortunate is he that he had such a high state of consciousness that it allowed him to trust so completely in his spiritual guide. Compared to this, the trust that we can have nowadays is so very handicapped and therefore the result we get – considering revealing our own Supreme Self – is accordingly.

    And do not fool yourself: Nisagardatta is taking the full responsibility for his own life, for his own states, for his choices and everything. He is a more mature human being than we can ever imagine, and for sure he is not sectarian!

    So by this I am hoping to be helpful in order to open the horizon of your understanding of spirituality.
    I see that you are also limited by prejudice and inhibitions about tantrism – again, because you do not know what it is! (I come back to this lateron).


  311. 311

    Dear subjective guy or John,

    As you have seen regarding your deep wish of having a child nobody is against that (as nobody is against Karsten and Celias desire) so I suggest not to insist on that subject since it is all very clear. We are all very happy, I am sure, for you having this feeling that being a parent would bring you fulfillment.

    Regarding what you replied to Trust that it is a first time experience for you when agreeing with the journalists I believe that you are being SUBJECTIVE. I wonder how much do you know about the situation with Karsten and Celia… Are you sure you know the whole story so that you can so surprisingly for you agree with the journalists? or you just accepted this easy way to solve the problem cause it seemed to fit with your attitude towards the school? (As we can see from your reply to Bright one you don’t know much about the situation)
    You say that the Bright one is not talking very nice about Karsten and Celia. Really I apreciate very much when people, especially friends, are very honest with me and say how they feel and think. I’d rather have that so I can fix the wrong attitudes but I see you prefer to hear nice lies about yourself. That attitude will not take you far on a spiritual path so do not be surprised by the fact that you could not take what Natha has to offer.

    And with your pure intentions, I would like to see which are those intentions so I can see your whole angle of putting the problem. You should have in consideration like we all do that you might not know everything. If you would have known everything I doubt you would have felt the need to go to a school of any kind. Cause when you go to a school you go to learn something. That’s the purpose of a school. To teach. (It is obvious that you felt the need to learn more since you came to Natha Yoga school)

    From your answer to Mihai I see that you have a love crisis with Natha. You say that Natha was cheating you and so on. Well, in our school we are being taught that lovers should help each other in a relationship to transform. Maybe your lover Natha was aiming to give you some hints with where you go wrong and you are rejecting that option. As you can see, through all these replies here, Natha is still giving you hints, full of love, actually, but the ego cannot see that. Again we can see you could not take what Natha offers you.

    The mentioning that Mihai made about the forum organized by the people who left Natha, if you would read more attentive what you wrote and what Mihai answered you would see that it was made to show you the fact that they are organized. You should not be so jumpy with this “so what” attitude. It shows something.

    I believe it is normal for Mihai to expect from the journalists to publish our point of view especially since we know it is the real way things have happened and more than that especially since this is the legal way, to have the right to reply when it is written something about you, and especially when it is written LIES. If they would be correct they would not have any reason not to accept the reply but since the intention is to turn the public opinion in a certain direction…

    I am very happy to see in your answer to the Truth seeker that you realized that the problem of some people with learning in Natha Yoga school is something personal. Regarding the authorities thing you should take the problem in a different way. The purpose of the fearceful for you autorities is (in the case of a spiritual school) to give a guidance, a direction because they have an experience behind and they understand how it is and where we are. They have been there. If you analize a bit you will see that you have some authorities leading your way and it seems it is the ego doing that. And of course the ego would not accept to loose it’s position of guiding your way although it does not have a direction. It just likes to guide, to be a leader.

    I believe your answer to Charlotte is aggressive not hers. Actually it is not an answer but a reaction. You should take in consideration what she says there and try to see if she is right or not. Maybe she also has an experience behind.

    You should have in consideration dear subjective John, that you actually get answers to your questions here from my colleagues and Mihai. And if you put a question it is normal to take in consideration the answer because I am sure they say from what they have experienced. How I see things you just like to put questions and not solve anything. It is more interesting for you like that. But endless mental discussions don’t lead anywhere. There is a saying in Romanian: “Too much talking brings poverty to the man.” So lets actually clear out some things, have some results.
    I will give you a hint, an aspect which I also start to discover and believe: The practice, the experience, is the one that take us to really discover how things are. Apply what our school has to offer, the practical techniques, the moral principles. Forget for now all these aspects that are giving you doubts about the school and just apply for awhile at least, in your life, its teachings. If you do it with the big aspiration that you have had when you were guided by life to this school and it will not change anything about your actual doubts then please write about that.
    I can tell you from experience that the doubts that have come to me are due to lack of practice in certain directions. It is very clear to me right now this aspect so when I am confrounted with doubts and lack of results in certain directions I take in consideration this aspect and it helps me see the reality so therefore I have a direction in solving that problem.
    I hope this will help.

    I wish you all the best experiences and results that life has to offer to you,
    Good luck.
    Sincerely, Marcel

  312. 312

    @ subjective someone
    Oh Johnny boy, you were funny in the beginning but it seems we have a serious problem. I will explain it to you in simple terms as you ask so you can understand. The typical behavior of extremists is – amount other features – to be extremely good in criticizing others in general terms and convincing arguments but they are not listening at all to what they are told. They are in fact keeping long monologues without being capable to do what they demand so loudly from the others: to receive feedback. I know, you will say that this is my way of behaving and you are not like that. But the problem is that YOU PROVE IT WITH YOUR OWN WORDS. And when you do so, we are not having a dialogue anymore …. and this is a problem.
    Let me explain you where you give yourself out: you ask me to explain in simple words why it is not good to have children. And on the other hand you say that you read the blog for a while and you were also in the school (i know this part). In what i wrote and what we were presenting on the natha’s website, there were clear points regarding the children and it was made clear the answer IN VERY SIMPLE TERMS. Asking again and with so many insinuations regarding the “taboo this subject is representing here” prove that you either didn’t read what we wrote – bad boy Johnny ;) – or you intentionally hide this again in the back-pocket in order to make a point (it seems that you like this technique a lot since you use it many times a day!). Either way – i let you choose which one makes you feel more comfortable – you are not accepting the dialogue but instead continue your monologues. If you were not reading about this topic anything on my or NATHA’s replies and you were not mentioning the subject at all, things were fine, but YOU WERE THE ONE ASKING QUESTIONS AND IN A QUITE TOUGH WAY. Then you have to come prepared (especially when you claim that you are prepared!) otherwise, according to some “online dictionary” (your favorite sources) this is called HYPOCRISY. With this i give you a friendly warning! Next time you are making such mistake i will color your comment in pink! ;)
    Regarding the children issue i will help you to repair the mistake of putting the question unprepared and claim you are prepared. You put under silence (again :)) the fact that there are courses of yoga for pregnant women and for new mothers in the school. There are also some teachers that have small kids they have had while they were in the “sect”. You deliberately ignore these facts to make your point? Is that a new method of “constructive dialogue” that you are trying to enforce here (since you repeat the same scheme of making a point by ignoring some essential facts)?
    But once again, i agree with your transfigured view upon having babies and the only reason why i personally don’t have yet some is just a personal option. You can have babies if they are good for you and your spiritual development (and in many cases they are). Yet sometimes even the doctor give warnings to some couples (only some) on having children because some health risks. Yet this doesn’t make the doctor’s recommendations a general rule that children are a danger for health. Enlarging the perspective (i hope this is simple enough for you) you can say that sometimes, for some particular cases, having a baby would not be the best option. Sometimes it is simply not the right moment in their life. Because i know already your way of arguing i will anticipate saying that the couple is still having all the freedom to do what they want but it is the duty of the one what knows what can be wrong to tell them the risks (as the doctor do in the case of some health risks). That is all! The rest of this issue is just misunderstandings and a lot of pride from the ones that cannot accept any advice that is not according with their vision.
    And also i want to make something clear: the personal advices are meant for persons only! When they are published and generalized then they create confusion and they need public explanations. But the public explanations of some personal advices will imply public exposure of some personal problems. The responsible for that is the one that chooses to publish the personal advices. And this is what will happen. Were the newspapers in a democratic way publishing my explanations also, i wouldn’t need to make the 16th of august lecture. Is this simple enough for you? Or for you simple means that is not contradicting your viewpoint?
    Reading your last post, i can see that the problem is really serious: you are asking why i said that you were deceiving yourself IN THE CONDITION I WAS ALREADY SHOWING YOU THE ARGUMENTS. Are you writing while reading and you don’t read your post in the end?
    I will not argue more abut these elements because now you are just speculating and repeating same things without considering the arguments you were given. Are you ever learning from critics? I bet you say yes!
    One observation that might help you (if you consider it). You started in a humor style that i continued – in accord with the tantric principle of reflection – in my reply to you. Then you feel hurt by the humor and you didn’t like that! This is showing the fact that your humor was not pure, was stained by your frustrations and preconceived ideas otherwise you would not feel hurt. Remember that you are hurt by your own intentions. And to help you more ti understand, here is another angle: try to see the mirror situation: me and my colleagues in the school are doing a lot of voluntary work to share the spiritual knowledge with the others, we do a lot of honest efforts (as we can) to be there for you. I never pretended to be holly or any way near, and then you come and call me funny names. What if i was hurt by this? I was honestly talking with you and you interpret it and make it funny. But if i was hurt by your remarks it was showing that somehow, secretly deep inside i was considering myself “holly”. But instead i was amused and replied to you in the same style and surprise … you are the one loosing the sense of humor and feel hurt in the end. Hmm isn’t this strange? Having double standards on the same aspect is called hypocrisy (according to webster). Did we talk about that before? ;)
    Another feedback for you: you came in the class for some months only – way too little for understanding a spiritual school like this one – and since the second month you have the same opinions as now (we both know that ;)). So practically from the beginning you came with the same opinions. You say that you came because you were attracted … but you didn’t came to learn, and this is obvious since your opinions didn’t change at all. Maybe you should come with a truly open mind – like many other people in your class – and then the things you have learned and see would have make sense for you. But coming from the beginning with this preconceived idea would filter your perception and this make you feel pushed. And a simple question: Then why did you came if you have such preconceived ideas? Just to have later the argument “i was there and i know”? To pose as an “expert” that is giving his opinion that in lack of coherence will gain more weight with this argument? We will see …
    The fact that the honest attempts of some people that are following the tantric path for creating some new form of eroticism met your sexual inhibitions and you don’t like them (the attempts, the tantric movies) it is not a problem. The fact that projecting some inner fantasies and combining them with some elements of reality make you see orgies and dirty sexual aspects everywhere it is your personal problem. But the fact that these elements you consider an argument to leave the school is strange again. If you don’t agree with something and you are a free person than you are not obliged or pushed in any way to follow. You can even come and explain to the people that are doing what you don’t agree what they can do so that they can improve from your perspective. When you just feel pushed it shows that you want your viewpoint to be followed and when this doesn’t happen you feel it as a resistance. Did you ever talk with the director from Sublime Erotica or with me about the project of tantric movies regarding how can they be improved so that they will reflect also for you the tantric path and they will not look as porn? The answer is NO, you didn’t. Well John, once again you can see the same pattern in your behavior: “i have a different opinion and feel hurt when the others are not having the same”. Considering this situation i will take liberty to delete from now on all your remarks regarding the subject of tantric movies EXCEPT YOUR PRACTICAL PROPOSALS FOR IMPROVEMENT, which are very welcome. In this way you have a chance to practice honesty and clarity without indulging in insinuations (i know, you can use this as an argument in your hypocritical – double standard – “freedom speech” to show that you were censored, but i make it very clear so at least you cannot lie to yourself so easy).
    This phenomenon of group opinion – that you are making responsible for you feeling pushed – is a normal one when people come together to learn something. It happens in all the human groups, including in the groups that are criticizing other groups :). So, if you are disturbed by this phenomena then you have to stay away from any group of people, from any school, from people generally, because people tend to group by their common ideas and aspirations BECAUSE THEY ARE STRONGER IN THE GROUP! Its good for you to know that (of you didn’t know it before).
    As for you reply to the anarchy idea, i suggest you think twice before you let some stupidities coming out. That reply was similar to the one of a teenager that is doing something stupid just to prove his way anyway. Grow up! (it is just an expression, i am aware that it is not so easy and doesn’t happen if you just say it)
    Your participation to the hypothetic situation i gave you is weak in my opinion because, as you also stated, one cannot “stop the pendulum”. I will not have the time now to explain all the principle but take this analogical example: if you cannot stop the pendulum you can stay with it very close and gradually climb on its wire to the point where it is hanging. There you can “stop it” by transcending its movement. This is also a reply to those that were writing to my mail asking about this pendulum principle. I hope that with a little intuition (and little goodwill – come on, it doesn’t hurt ;)) you will understand why things have to be done in a certain way, following the pendulum and not hopelessly trying to stop its movements. From here we can talk more.
    This situation with the attacks of the media is not generated by some ex-students of the school, it is a more complex phenomena and this is the reason i want to explain it. If it was only some lunatics with fanaticism problems (yes i agree that they were fanatics in the school and when they leave the school they become fanatic enemies of the whole school) i wouldn’t bother even to reply. In fact here on my blog the activity was generated by the articles i started to write (the traffic statistics shows that) and only later by the opinions of people on their friends (the ex-students in question) actions. You cannot judge the people that want to tell to their friends some opinions because everyone is learning from this. They were the ones writing here and starting debates. This forum existed long before this particular situation and people were now using it for expressing their opinions. They feel good about this else they wouldn’t do it, even the ex-students. And as you can clearly see, everyone can get some good learning from this, including you and me. If it wasn’t this discussion appearing here you also didn’t have an audience to tell your part of the story and to get such a good feedback.
    But again you are hypocritical (it means you have double standards): you say in your post “I have this ‘policy’ of just letting things happen” and when i let the things happen so that we are learning from all that come you accuse me of not doing something to stop the pendulum. That is one of the most clear double standards you gave until now (but i bet not the last one).
    You didn’t even try to guess why i call you John but instead you post back the question. Try again. (hint: read the HUMOR section and NO, it is not because it is your name! :)).
    That is all for now. I will not reply anymore for the things you repeat without taking into account the arguments you were given because it is waste of our time.

  313. 313
    Subjective Somebody

    Girls and Guys, I definitely don’t want authority of any kind mingling in with my life.
    This is the ground of my approach, now let’s talk.

    Dear Mr.Logic,
    “What’s the middle between wanting to have children and not wanting to have children?”
    Of course, if you feel you MUST have a child and think you would be incomplete without, then you have the other extreme. In being in the middle I mean ;
    listening to both heart and mind – listen to the logic in your head, listen to the love in your heart – (which is still twosided, but now it comes…) and than let God act through you.
    In this case about me becoming a parent ; I don’t feel I HAVE to become one. I considered it, and feel much joy in my heart
    when I think about it, my thinking ability tells me that I am capable of giving a child a good start in life, and more important,I feel that a new life wants to be created by me. In the end, being totally in the middle, I guess this listening to heart and mind will just disappear as well because it isn’t necessary, and in that case I would be a pure channel and I know
    for sure that it would mean having a child as well. (for me)

    Dear Trust, you wrote ; “The problem with Celia and Karsten is that they are lying in the newspapers about the school”
    Yet the funny thing is, and I don’t mean to be sarcastic at all, that what startled me about the two articles in
    JyllandsPosten was that I considered everything written there to be true ! Maybe not ‘objectively’, but
    in my subjective opinion, yes !
    It actually made me smile that I AGREED with what some journalists wrote, which in all honesty is a first-time experience.
    I guess the journalist and me just share the same subjective opinion then ?
    Where Celia comes into the story, I do not know ? Did she inform the newspaper about this ?
    Well she should know what she is talking about right ?
    “Det er dybt naivt af Københavns Kommune at give penge til Natha uden at undersøge, hvad der ligger bag
    Der står en totalitær, sekterisk organisation bag, som manipulerer med unge, søgende mennesker, og som driver forskellige sex-tjenester. Der er grund til kraftigt at advare unge mod at nærme sig organisationen”
    or loosely translated
    “It is very naive of the Commune of Copenhagen to donate money to Natha without investigating, what their background is.
    There is a totalitarian, secterian organisation behind, that manipulates young, searching people, and that runs different
    sexual services. There is a reason to firmly warn young people against getting close to the organisation”
    This is a statement by Tom Thygesen Daugaard who has previously been working for the Dialogue Centre.
    Well, again, don’t know the man, but do (in my dreadful subjectiveness) agree ! Especially with the last sentence.
    If anyone can correct me in my misunderstanding, please do so.
    This quote also illustrates very nicely the hurt I try to describe ; going into a school with pure intentions,
    only to discover that these pure intentions were out of place there. Fortunately for me
    (maybe I was not ‘young and searching’ enough), I didn’t get manipulated into anything.
    I don’t think it is – necessarily !- His Holiness or His Upper Holiness in Sweden that manipulate.
    Maybe they really attempt to build an honest and open tantra tempel. But the dynamic in the school is – definitely -
    manipulating in my eyes ! People are encouraged to do things by sheer group pressure (which is another
    psychological principle that works very unnoticed). These things are not always spoken or written, but you
    do always (from the very beginning) feel this … something. This strange energy. The movies, that we are told are
    tantric, and are plain porno if you ask me. Girls coming out of the toilet together, giggling about the extasy of urinating (question mark question mark ??). Unrespectful remarks by some of the key persons in the school. The pyramidal, patriarchical power structure, which naturally leads me to answer a true patriarch ;

    Dear Admin,
    Why do you call me John then ?
    Do you know why I call you His Holiness or doesn’t that need further explanation ?
    I didn’t speak of a free world where “all the people are very busy licking their wounds!”
    I was referring to me and some other ex-Natha-members that I know are doing exactly that.
    Which doesn’t mean I/we are doing ONLY that. I/We are just living our lives, and occasionally,
    it feels strange that I/we were able to fall into what I/we consider a trap, and that feeling needs some gentle
    care so it can heal.
    If you think it’s funny to laugh with a world (“my world”) where people are wounded, fine with me,
    but it is like that of course. Children in this world get badly wounded by their families and
    The System/The Society, and that’s a fact and that’s the one thing that doesn’t make me laugh.
    I don’t know what “kind of person” I am. I just know I got involved in a love story between me and a spiritual
    school called Natha, which I believed in very much in the start !- only to discover that my beloved was cheating on me AND lying about it at my honest request. And laughs in my face when I admit being wounded.
    “Paradise of anarchy”,well, it doesn’t sound too bad to me. Have we ever tried it, NOT to have leaders or anyone deciding for others ? It might just make people become responsible for their lives again ! I think it’s worth a try.
    “They (the egoists) will always consider any situation that will prove them a different opinion as being totalitarian”
    Now that is a strange statement. Do I think any situation that will prove me a different opinion is totalitarian ? I think that totalitarian power structures are dangerous exactly because THEY don’t accept any different opinion. So I would turn the statement around on its head … explain me what you meant because I don’t get it.
    “You are hiding some aspects of the reality in order to make a point.” Really ? What aspects am I hiding ? You are saying I am lying, so I would like to hear ; what am I lying about (to myself)? If you become concrete I can at least see if it is true.
    Telling me I am lying is an insinuation and I cannot respond to that since I don’t feel I am lying at all, or better said, I wouldn’t know what I was lying about ? So please, after I kissed your lotus feet, can you tell me the true nature of my deceit ?
    “But in reality they are organized and they have even started a forum and more, THEY WERE THE ONE WRITING IN THE NEWSPAPERS. ”
    Well, it’s a tiny organization then, and I can think of a handful of critical ex-members that are on their own and have nothing to do with this tiny organisation but still hold similar beliefs. They have started a forum ; so have you. So ?
    And aren’t it the journalists that write in the newspapers ? As you have experienced yourself, not just anyone can write in the newspapers.Don’t you think the journalists decide what they write themselves ?
    Do you see yourself as an authority ? Are you saying I use “a manipulation technique … called a forced association” ?
    Well, I don’t know much about manipulation techniques, but thank you for teaching me something new.
    “I didn’t keep that lecture yet and you are only speculating what will be the content of it.”
    You wrote about it on :
    Here you write for example “In this lecture I will present the direct and indirect evidence that unmasks the mechanisms of this press campaign, including the evidences showing who is “Jesper” and what is the reality behind the ridiculous group of “enemies” of NATHA.” That is clear enough no ? And what did I say ?
    “he has decided to organize a meeting in August to talk about the secrets of the ‘enemies of Natha’ or why these people that once were very much FOR the school are now very much AGAINST the school”. Was that so wrong ?
    About your hypothesis ; I believe that anyone who lives in truth doesn’t need to defend himself.
    I personally think it would be wise, or better said, in your position I would try to reconcile both parts of the fight.
    Not create MORE fire, but extinguish it. Since I believe you are able to do so, I don’t understand why you don’t do it.
    Why this need to defend yourself, if you think those people that left are ridiculous ? If you KNOW they are acting like that because they got hurt by being in ‘your’ school, why not pray for them to get healed and leave them in peace ? Why are
    you making this story bigger and bigger ? In fact, I think I would gather EVERYONE involved in a heart sharing circle
    that would probably last some days, and not allow anyone to leave before we got to the core of this. And the magic would be that in the end, because we were forced to sit and listen to each other without interupting, we would all understand each other and the problem would have disappeared and those that want to live ‘out in the jungle’ can go and do that, now without having to look back, and those that want to be in the temple with their master, can do that without feeling attacked by the outside world.
    I thought your idea of the advertising was pretty funny, and hey !
    I like ‘being’ here as well, it is a big relief to get it out.

    Dear Truth Seeker,
    Hmm this is hard to answer. I feel I have to think a little bit about it … But I’ll make a try.
    “How can you accuse Natha of being extreme in a world so out of balance ?”. I don’t know if I accuse Natha
    of being extreme, but I think it was extreme to ME, you see the difference ? It didn’t fit into my life.
    That doesn’t mean it is not a good school for others. I cannot KNOW that. I am just trying to give some feedback
    about why for some people, being in this school has been a bitter experience, and why for some people, it might be a good idea to keep out of there !
    And I don’t know either if this world is so out of balance. I mean, it has been out of balance for thousands of years
    in that way that basic human needs have been supressed (mostly sexuality, being natural, naked etc),
    and things are clearly culminating these days, and still I see so much beauty, so many people doing things in a loving and alternative way, there are so many purehearted beings creating light, so in that way I see a balance.
    Maybe if everything was in the Paradise state, their would be no more progress and change. There would be – Nothing ?
    I am not sure , it’s just an idea, but I do believe things tend to happen as they should.
    “Really, where is the healthy middle way in a world which is so sick with mental, emotional, spiritual diseases these days?”
    I think that healthy middle way is something that is individual. I think everyone should be allowed to find their own way, which is why I don’t believe in authorities, and moving into the extremes early on the path is desirable, just to learn the lesson and really understand what your middle way is. And hasn’t it always been said, that in the end, all those ways lead to the same mountain top ? (“All the ways lead to Rome” is a good example, although I wouldn’t use that one)
    “And honestly, what are the real extremes in this world? ” Oh. I really need to reflect upon this before I answer.
    You will hear more from me.

    Dear Bright One,
    I feel you are attacking me, but even more, you are not talking very nicely about Karsten and Celia.
    I mean, whatever happened (and I don’t know much about that) you can still try to be nice, no ? And I don’t like the way you say some of you people KNEW how ‘ups’ their decision was – it was their decision and that says enough. They needed to do what they did and only they know the reason for it. He had “a habit of making women pregnant by mistake” ? Do you think
    that’s a nice thing to say ? First of all, do you really KNOW if that is true ? And even if it is ‘true’, than it is better left unsaid and by the way, lots of men make women pregnant by mistake, and lots of women get pregnant by mistake, so don’t forget to mention that you THINK Karsten made a common mistake (and sometimes your biggest mistakes turn out to be your biggest blessings).
    Am I being sectarian ? How do you deduct that from your very bright analysis of the conduct of K&C ?
    I don’t see what you mean, you will have to be more clear for me to recognise my sectlike behaviour.

    Dear Charlotte,
    I wouldn’t expect a woman (you are, right?) to talk so aggressive, but OK, it’s what you feel.
    I think it’s strange you think you know anything about my spiritual level from three anonymous posts on a blog.
    How do you know ? Is it like reading an aura, should I take of my clothes to make it more easy for you ?
    Thank you for sharing, but still I do not see how you can judge about me in that way.
    One day I will ask you if we can look into each other’s eyes and feel each other’s energy field
    for some minutes, and then you can judge and tell me again.

    Hey, I just came to think of it this way ;
    I have this ‘policy’ of just letting things happen. Once I made a wish to start
    studying yoga, and one day, much later, I met the school (the school came to me !)
    so it just felt natural to start there.
    It just happened. And then later on,I discovered I had made a wrong decision, but what hurt was
    the fact that it wasn’t actually my decision. I had just trusted life to bring me the right places
    and the right people. For once, I felt life let me down, and I had never felt like that before.
    Now I can see I learnt much from that experience, and fortunately I didn’t stop trusting and surrendering.

  314. 314

    I just read what Mihai and Subjective (No)body have written and it struck me – the reality of the situation. Subjective calls Mihai His Holiness, a woeful attempt at ‘tongue in cheek’, (But I do appreciate the irony here!), and reading what you, Subjective have said and then reading Mihai’s response to you, I have to say that Mihai’s words certainly are Holier than yours. You read like a poor soul who, yes, got hurt, and yes, has wounds which simply won’t heal – because you keep trying to apply the wrong ointment to them! and you now pretend to be so wise, espousing the middle way, yet sounding just like a fanatic who still hasn’t found anything remotely related to balance in your life, while showing that above all you still lack deep insight, spiritual understanding and basic human common sense! No wonder you left the yoga school, with a spiritual level like yours, of course the path wouldn’t have made sense.
    Better luck next time!

  315. 315
    the bright one

    Dear subjective one together with Mr. Logic

    I think unwillingly you just helped me to understand Celia and Karsten (because I see that you subjective, are functioning in the same way like them).

    you just cannot stand if your friends or everybody are disagreeing with you and your actions!

    this is in fact why Celia and Karsten got soo pissed off: they could not stand on their own legs, being happy with their decision; UNLESS EVERYBODY WOULD CLAP THEIR HANDS AND AGREE WITH IT!

    But the truth is that some of us did not think it was a good idea, some of us knew how “ups” that decision was. Common; Karsten did it to revenge on Adina, because he was jealoux, on top of that he had a habit of making women pregnant by mistake, on top of that he continously complained about Celia to his friends. Celia could not even take care of a dog and was continously depressed and self-destructive. WHO ON EARTH WOULD ADVICE SUCH A COUPLE TO GET A BABY???

    But they wanted it anyway – and trust me, they could have kept it and nobody would say bad things about them, look strange to them or anything. Many women would be more than happy to take care of the little one. BUT THEY JUST COULD NOT TAKE TO HEAR THE TRUTH FROM THEIR FRIENDS, EVEN WHEN ASKING FOR IT! Some said, is that a good idea???

    so I think you will recognize that you are the one who is sectarian here ;)

    cheers to you too

    the bright one

  316. 316
    Truth Seeker

    and also Mihai, I would like to hear your comments about this.

  317. 317
    Truth Seeker

    Dear Subjective Somebody,

    I appreciate your comments here on the blog.

    There’s something which I’ve been seeking to understand myself and I want to ask you:
    How can you we speak about finding the middle way in a world which is so out of balance? How can you accuse Natha of being extreme in a world so out of balance? Really, where is the healthy middle way in a world which is so sick with mental, emotional, spiritual diseases these days? And honestly, what are the real extremes in this world? Because we have to judge the middle based on something! I am very interested to know how do you define this middle of the pendulum?

    Truth Seeker

  318. 318

    @ subjective somebody
    dear “John”,
    i will refer here to your first post since i don’t have time now to write so much as it seems you have now (now that you are in the free world).
    What a laugh you involuntary gave me with your great image of a free world where all the people are very busy licking their wounds! Our genius caricaturist should use the chance to make “the world of John”.
    And if we are talking about that, what kind of person you have to be to feel hurt when realizing you were fooling yourself? Usually, when realizing that you were fooling yourself, you feel relieved not hurt so bad that you start to lick yourself so frenetical that you are busy therefore you cannot reply to anyone else… Only one that is not so bright and with an immense pride will react like that.
    This argument together with your definition of free world and democracy make me smile (again) since you make it sound as the paradise of anarchy. It is very much like the kingdom of his majesty King EGO the Ist (and only). And this kingdom is successfully taking over today almost all the world. And of course you cannot see that because the ones that are the subjects of the EGO will not see that, THIS IS ALL THE POINT WITH THE EGO. They will always consider any situation that will prove them a different opinion as being totalitarian and nobody should do that to them. This is the way of the EGO-ists (the subjects of the EGO). And they also depict their world as the free world! (maybe is pure coincidence that it sounds like your arguments, it seems you believe in coincidences).
    In your comment you are also breaking some rules of constructive dialogue. Since you are new here i will point out some elements.
    You are hiding some aspects of the reality in order to make a point. You do this some times in your post and i remind you that according to a similar online dictionary that you use, “hiding a part of the truth in order to make a point” is from the definition of lying. On no, i am not saying you are lying to the people that are reading your lines, i am saying you are lying to yourself. And i am not saying this to push your pendulum away but to participate to the movement since you are the one making these half-statements. Here they are:
    You say that these unhappy people that are getting out of the “sect” ;) (the licking people according to your view) are not organized. But in reality they are organized and they have even started a forum and more, THEY WERE THE ONE WRITING IN THE NEWSPAPERS. Is that not organizing enough? What more? A democratic parliament?
    But if you would mention that in our comment then your point with their licking job would only be ridiculous and not making sense. I think you have to be more brave and even if you have to make more arguments, present the facts as they are and start the debate from there and not trying to “cut corners” ;) .
    Another aspect you are presenting in a partial way is the one regarding the romanian guru.
    Did you ask the romanian guru anything? Let me guess, the answer is NO! John i am surprised, where is the constructive dialogue? Or you are now licking other people’s wounds? Moreover, indeed in my classes there are sometimes people that are sending letters to ask advices from him. Did you see any announcements or special requirements regarding this “asking the guru everything”? I know you will say that it is just a discreet manipulation and it is nothing explicit but you must be extremely naive to believe that you can impose such things on people that are coming to a class of two hours once a week. Again you are presenting the things in a partial way to make a point. Again you are lying to yourself.
    But if you put together with the “his holiness”, “you, Feverish Followers” this “asking the guru”, the picture shows something else about yourself: you have a problem with authority. It is fine with me but your should say that in the beginning as a starter: “guys i hate authority of any kind. This is the ground of my approach, not lets talk”. That would have been so refreshing! And using the same reasoning as the one with “brainwashed people cannot realize they are brainwashed ” (that i quickly picked up from your later posts) you can understand why you cannot accept this statement that you have a problem with authority from an authority. ;) (i hope you don’t mind making some points here about your person since this is the part of the puzzle that i have :) )
    And the pendulum principle… well here your part of the puzzle is puzzled (to use a model that you seem to understand better). You got the name of the principle and the way it works the pendulum but it seems you were not attentive for the explanations since your arguments are breaking the principle of pendulum. You say that i am pushing the pendulum to make it working and in the same time you state that one cannot stop it or make it working only one side. This is were you lost it! You say that it is meaningless to blame one side and praise the other one instead of …. what? Stopping the pendulum, that’s right (you said “extinguish it” but i hope you will not hide behind terms). You said it!
    But it seems you again have a plan (Johnny boy ;)): to make again the point with the “s” word (not sex) that is getting stronger when having common enemies that are stronger. Did i catch you again hiding something in your back-pocket? Yes you are, the fact that these people that were writing in the newspapers were doing it without being pushed by anything (at least not by me)(and you know that)! By the same principle of pendulum even if i am not saying anything the pendulum will swing (you said that!). What is the point then to make those statements that are correct and then forcefully link them with the conclusion that i am pushing the pendulum to create a strong opinion?
    There are two possibilities here: either you are again lying to yourself (fact that it seems you are doing often … but lets not get fixed on one idea because you are a complex person and maybe you have other reasons) or you were not attentive in the class to get also the explanations regarding how the pendulum principle works and can it be consciously used. Because if you would consider also that explanation, you could see that our actions are exactly in accordance with the spiritual use of that principle. Instead you are using what in manipulation techniques is called a forced association: you are pointing out some truth (the people that are swinging from one extreme to the other) and associate that with another truth (the organization that gets more united when confronted with common problems). This you make it as an argument for the “s” word (not sex again). But you forget something elementary (or again you just hide it in the back-pocket that is full by now from the previous loads): i didn’t keep that lecture yet and you are only speculating what will be the content of it.
    And i want you to participate to my puzzle with an insight. I will make a hypothesis and i hope you can accept it for the sake of dialogue. Lets presume that some people with some personal agendas are publicly talking bad about a school made of honest people (that are also not a sect) from where they got out because some personal issues. In their attack they claim that the organization is responsible for their departure and make serious accusations against the organization. The newspapers “mysteriously” do not accept to publish any of the reply from the organization. How can the organization defend without risking to be stamped by “sect hunters” (the modern “witch hunters”) as being a sect? Anytime they will reply something and they will say about the real personal reasons the ex-members were having to quit they will be accused of attacking the people for defending themselves… how to get correctly out of that situation according to your view? But careful to play in the hypothesis we put above…
    I also want to help you understand that you are an accidental genius (i bet you also don’t know that). You accidentally found the solution of the people’s individual freedom: they just have to get out of NATHA. Once you get out of there you are free, proud member of the free society! Then lets patent your idea and sell it! You can make some advertising like: IF YOU WANT TO BE FREE JUST GET IN NATHA FOR ONE YEAR AND THEN GET OUT …. AND YOU ARE FREEE!
    Congratulations John, you found the solution to an age-old problem that was bothering many generations: the problem of individual freedom! Keep going and soon you will accidentally find other amazing solutions like the cure for cancer: GET OUT OF NATHA AND YOU ARE CURED! Or the solution for the world financial crisis: GET OUT OF NATHA AND AND YOU ARE OUT OF CRISIS!
    I hope that you will be more brave and accept the points that the others are making at least as much as you pretend them to accept yours. Then the dialogue will become even more constructive.
    Wishing you to finish licking your wounds and go on with your life in love and peace. And a piece of advice: lick your wounds only!
    PS: i enjoy having you around. keep it up.
    (guess why i call you John?)

  319. 319
    Mr Logic

    Dear Subjective

    Welcome out of the bush, now it’s a lot easier to see your subjectivity, – which I appreciate!

    I still want to challenge your logic though.

    First of all you say that Natha is against having children (I don’t know from where you got that impression except from calumny in Jyllands-Posten, from a sectarian woman, who could not deal with her own subjectivity and responsibility for her own life and therefore she got all sour and pissed on everybody else), you should know that this is not true, and that there are lots of parents in Natha, and children too.

    Then you say that you want to stay in the middle. What’s the middle between wanting to have children and not wanting to have children? Sorry, just a logical question to what you wrote…

    Its funny, since the teaching given in Natha is about awakening the middle, its all about staying in the middle. That makes it strange that you are leaving Natha in order to stay in the middle!
    Yet somehow we have to admit, that the middle is a very relative thing, isn’t it. What is in the middle depends completely on what the two extremes consist of.

    So you say that Natha represents one of the extremes in your life – then what is the other extreme?
    Are you sure that what YOU are doing is not the other extreme? – … since I don’t see any other extremes in your life taken in consideration what you write…

    From what you wrote further in this blog it is obvious to me, that you did not get the point about what is Tantra, why to do Tantra. You are obviously a beginner, who did not study it in-depth, who did not read any scriptures yourself, but just listen to gossip – otherwise you would know what it is about, then you would not state the things you do.

    Don’t take me wrong: I have nothing against that you left the school. Also I have nothing against that you want children. I just tell you, that you did not understand what is being taught in Natha. And also implicitly, that you are being very superficial! (this I also have nothing against – its your own problem).

    So what you should know, for your curiosity (if its there) is that Tantra doesn’t impose anything on anybody. It only describes the consequence of certain actions. It describes how will be the result if you are continent, and how is it if you are not continent. The choice is entirely yours. Also it is not stated that you cannot evolve spiritually if you choose to get a child.

    So if you are a person, who did not just look out for a group of people to be with, but actually came because of what LINKS that group together (their path) – then you would have checked out the scriptures yourself, so that you could choose from your own subjective standpoint.

    It seems that you did not do that – then what did you do, did you try to find a sect (a group of people with the same opinions all of them, who doesn’t like other people with other opinions) which fit to you? Because this is what you get, if you listen only to the people, to gossips etc and you do not check out the path itself.

    I wish you good luck, and you should also know that I am happy to meet you here…

    Mr. Logic

  320. 320

    Dear Subjective

    When I read your message on this blog, I feel sorry for you that you are hurt out-there and licking your wounds, because I know for sure that this is a very sad place to be (not out in the world, but in the wounded place).

    I am sorry for you, because you had a hope when you were in the school – you were looking for something, – and then you lost it.

    I want to tell you something from my own experience:
    I am in the school and I have been hurt too, very hurt. And then I got over it. And then it happened again and I got over it again. I noticed that from the position of being hurt, everything looks different; more hostile and without hope. From the position of having forgiven, or having chosen the goodness and the path then again it looks different. Then people suddenly doesn’t seem so hostile and ”fighting”.

    I am sure that the reason why you lost it, is not the Holiness Mihai (as you call him with humor – or sarcasm?). You see, we cannot blame others when we get lost on the way. We have to examine our own mistakes – what did I do wrong since I got lost and all the feedback that I get from the outside is so unpleasant now, seems so wrong and hostile now (I interpret that you see it so hostile because you feel that both sides are fighting and accusing each others. I am sure that if you read carefully the blog, then you would also find very heartfull and deeply touching dialogues where people actually get new realizations!)

    Personally I know Mihai and many others in the school like that:
    demonic is not the definition of disagreeing. Demonic is rather to be understood like; when you disagree in a way that comes from only your own ego and goes against what is spiritual, divine, harmonious, good, wonderfull.
    I believe that it is possible to disagree, even to have a very hot debate with opposite’s opinions – and without being called demonic – even also by Mihai. The easiest way for you know yourself if you are being demonic, is that you do not feel at peace with yourself, you do not feel happy, you do not feel a wonderful ego-less transparency.

    Then why to blame Mihai that he says you are demonic, you would know it yourself if you would just look at your own state, and knowing that your state is also reflected by your opinions, then you can be sure that your opinion (the opinion which is responsible for your unhappiness) is demonic; meaning not good for neither you nor anybody else.

    Seeing that you are demonic you can skip your dictionary, what is the use of that when you are misunderstanding everything because you can only see them twisted by your hurtful glasses? It is my own experience that when I am having an inner fight, when I am hurt, when I am unhappy – then I am likely to see the same in everyone else. Therefore if I want to judge if the others are fighting, – at least I have to come from an open heart myself. An open heart, where I am happy. If somebody ever hurt me; then an open heart is when I have forgiven them and understand with love and compassion also their point of view.
    This is a position where you can trust your judgments more.

    So above I hope that I have explained why it is correct, when Mihai says that this specific behavior from specific persons are demonic. It’s not because they are on one or the other side of a pendulum and he agreeing with only the one side – to be on a pendulum is the very wrong thing (because then you are far away from being yourself – not because anybody else are there to judge you!).
    The problem with KCK are that they are lying to cover up their hurts instead of facing their wrong attitude with which they are hurting themselves more and more, and now they also try to hurt the others. And this is demonic, no?
    And this is the reason why people tell them the truth. Nobody was bothering them before Celia gave that untrue article in Jyllands-Posten – did you read it by the way?

    You know, people who love each other they can scream at each other and still be friends. They can say honestly to each other what is the problem, and they can take it from each other when the get the truth in their face. But people who are demonic cannot. When they hear the truth about them in their face, they take it deeply personally and get so hurt and then they want revenge. It doesn’t occur to them that they could check out for themselves, if what they are told is actually correct and they can just change it. If they would do so then they would be able to again find happiness and inner peace.

    Why to revenge that somebody says something about you? Why? Either they are right and then you have only reason to thank them! Or they are wrong and then, so what – they are not allowed to be wrong? Then it just shows that they are projecting and that’s them who suffer then. So what is the problem?

    The problem with Celia and Karsten is that they are lying in the newspapers about the school. If they would not have done so, in this way trying to influence a negative opinion against the school, which the school Doesn’t deserve, then nobody would have said something to them here.

    And also you should not think that only ex-members are critical. Also members are critical. You are making this sectarian mistake (which people who jumped to the other extreme in the pendulum tend to do) to believe that all the hundreds of members are like only one and the same, that they are all the same. But you know what – I see only very many different people inside the school, people who have all kinds of differences in opinions, states, levels, degree of dedication to their path etc.

    It is so strange to see, that whenever someone is upset about something in the school, then they believe that everybody else is against them and that all the others suddenly all agree.

    So you dear somebody out there in the so-called free world where you are burdened and un-free by your wounds and your sarcasm and your feeling of need for revenge – what is freedom for you? To be free to lick wounds? To be free to be against? To be free to be as stupid as possible without anyone having the compassion to tell you?

    Freedom contains happiness, freedom is lack of wounds in your soul, freedom is an inner state. Demonic freedom is the freedom to do whatever pleases YOUR egoistic desire whenever YOU want, and this leads to bondage and pain. This leads to inferior consciousness, because in fact you follow only inferior desires.

    So honestly dear subjective somebody. I believe that you are being demonic! If you would analyze yourself carefully from the perspective of spirituality – don’t you agree? Do you not agree to call the things what they really are?
    Instead of being sarcastic. Instead of just saying that you disagree – I think it would be much more wise to solve that conflict that you suffer from and to take the feedback that you get into consideration, – it might have been a friendly advice!

    With love and consideration

  321. 321
    Subjective Somebody

    I just read this, and it has to be added ;
    His Holiness made the same point very beautifully and in one simple sentence in the introduction ;

    “With the certainty that the Truth can be born from constructive contradictions”.

  322. 322
    Subjective Somebody

    To Mr. Logic,

    Maybe there is something that I did not understand correctly. (But who knows what is correct ?)
    I am very open to that possibility, otherwise I wouldn’t bother writing here.

    This isn’t about using logic to me though, but about telling our own personal stories –
    they aren’t logical at all. I like to call them ‘our part of the puzzle’.
    And since what I wrote IS really my part of the puzzle, it is complete in itself.

    And of course very subjective, which is why I chose that name.

    Why do you want to figure out my standpoint ?
    Why do I have to have one ?
    Just so that others can oppose it with THEIR standpoints ?
    Do I HAVE to choose sides ?
    I prefer just to tell my story and be open to that of others.

    You are very good at juggling with those two words, this duality objective-subjective.
    I’ll repeat it once more. We are all writing OUR version of this epic here.
    Because all our versions are different, isn’t that interesting to think about ?
    So objective-subjective ; I guess we are all somewhere in the middle, so what does it matter ?

    Why listen to anyone on one of the extremes of the pendulum, you asked.
    Well, because that’s what a dialogue is, no ? And a real dialogue from the heart would
    soothen these wounds and hurts and people would slowly loose their fanaticism and glide back into place, in the middle of the pendulum. Where we all belong. That’s why I see this ‘fight’ with two sides as just an illusion.

    And no,in my eyes, a person on one extreme is not very reliable, which is why I left the school.
    I experienced the whole school as an extreme on one side and I just wanted to be myself and try stay in the middle. Note that I always use words as ‘I experienced, I think, I see it like this’ etc.
    Where did I claim to hold the objective truth ? I even dare to doubt there exists anything like it.
    Where did I claim not to have an opinion ? What I wrote IS my opinion.
    I just don’t want to choose sides because that’s what people always do and that’s what creates wars.

    Maybe the goal of our verbal exchange should be exactly that ; discovering if the objective truth exists.
    And I strongly believe that if everyone involved tells his or her story, than we will have seen and understood all sides of it and all these different tales would melt into one and give the true picture.

    Isn’t that why people in India have so many different Gods with so many different names and so many different faces ? Aren’t they celebrating the One Truth, but in its myriad forms ?

    Cheers !

  323. 323
    Subjective Somebody

    I want to tell two anecdotes from my own life.

    The first one is about the person I have a deep, loving relationship with right now, and with whom I hope to conceive a child in the future.
    Yes, me and my partner want a kid (I seem to touch a lot of taboos here) because I am a fertility worshipper. I consider it the ultimate act of thankfulness to honour the divine creative force by consiously conceiving and embodying a new soul on this planet. I am not saying sex is only a means for procreation. But I am saying that somehow, that’s where the longing for sexual meetings originates from and eventually leads to, and it is wonderful IF done in a conscious way. I would love His Holiness to explain me, IN SIMPLE TERMS, why it is so wrong to have children. Because my heart tells me otherwise.
    Don’t all of you remember, that once we were adoring the Great Mother, and that that is what the fascination for the woman is all about ; she bears the eternal mystery of Life ! If it is wrong to bear new life, than it must be wrong as well that WE are here. More karma ? I find that a very un-tantric thought.

    Now we come to the story ;
    I have known my partner as a friend for some years and in the start, mostly due to my own shortcomings, we were fighting a lot. (I repeat that it was mostly my fault). We were fighting a lot yes, even fysically at times.
    And still, at some point, we evolved and became lovers. Now we (I) would never dream of fighting like that again, and we look back on the past with a smile because we know we’ve grown and are happy together.
    What I am trying to say is, why is it necessary to keep on digging in the past and try to set Karsten and Celia up against each other ? They have a small baby for heaven’s sake, leave them in peace. What does it matter what they said and did in the past ? Everything changes, so let them be who they have become now.
    All we should do, if we really want to treat them with sincere love and great friendship and compassion and all the beautiful but idle words that are used here on this blog, is pray that they are enjoying being parents and having each other’s love and support.
    We do NOT have the right to use personal things, once said in intimacy, as a weapon and smear them out here just to paint a bad image of them (the thing about calumnies again).

    Second, once (some months ago) two girls came to me on the street and asked me if I had read the book ‘Dianetics’ by Ron L. Hubbard. He is the creator of this weird belief system called Scientology.
    I answered that I had looked through it, but wasn’t interested in sectarian beliefs. The girls looked at each other and said ‘Well, OK then, but we are not a sect’. Now this holy anger came inside of me and I answered firmly ‘That’s the whole point of the brainwash ; people who are part of a sect don’t realise it ! People that are brainwashed obviously do not KNOW that.’
    It just sort of blurted out, and I am sure it didn’t change that much for those two girls, but it did for me, and I still think it is a beautiful point.

    Well, that must be it for today.

  324. 324
    Mr. Logic

    Dear Subjective Somebody

    You are right; in the beginning I was sure that you are a new name for Question, who realized that actually he is not objective. That would have proven that people indeed do learn from this dialogue.

    I think you should know, that besides that your post is full of sarcasm, then it is very hard to really figure out which is your standpoint – do you know this yourself?
    Maybe not since you don’t care whether you are objective or subjective?
    Actually you seem to believe that you are objective even though you call yourself subjective. Or you seem to believe very much in your own very subjective opinions, knowing that they are subjective, yet wanting to prove that they are right and correct (=objective).

    It seems though, that you do see that some people are fanatic to one extreme, then they get fanatic to the opposite extreme – and what’s the point of being a pendulum swinging from one end to the other. For sure a fanatic person swinging from one extreme to the other is not very reliable, who would listen to such a person? Agree?

    To be very hurt and yet claiming not to have an opinion seems also strange to me – doesn’t it seem strange to you? Objectively seen!
    Does it seem to be an objective position?
    Well I suppose it doesn’t! So if you are so hurt and obviously (objectively) subjective, then why not be a little bit more humble in your opinions, why not leave a little space for “maybe there is something that I did not understand correctly”?
    Why not leave a little space for being also really objective, for getting the things right?
    That might give you the opportunity to get over your wounds, to give you the understanding of things that would allow them to heal!

    Don’t get me wrong, I am not fighting with you as you might believe. I feel sorry for your wounds and your misunderstandings.

    Love from Mr Logic

  325. 325
    Subjective Somebody

    I have been reading this blog for a while now, and I never wanted to get mixed in this fight ( here called a ‘dialogue’ – fascinating indeed how that word can mean the opposite in some people’s mouth, to re-use a nice thought formulated by Lars. I would call it a two-sided monologue ). But I still feel I have a role to play, so here we go … and I pray to God that it might lead to something good.

    I don’t know if I am objective or subjective, and I don’t care, I feel I have a small part of the puzzle just like all the rest of you, and I want to share mine now.

    His Holiness Mihai writes in the first phrase …
    “Together on this blog we will promote a civilized, coherent language, without calumnies or insinuations”. Yet much of what I read are exactly that, calumnies and insinuations, from both sides. Because that’s what it is right ? A fight where everyone chooses side. I am so happy that finally someone chooses NOT to choose side (little smile to Q, whom I don’t know if I know, just to stop any new insinuations beforehand)

    Definition of ‘calumny’, according to a random online dictionary ;
    “1.a malicious attack abusive attack on a person’s character or good name ”
    I see His Holiness Mihai write a lot of abusive attacks on several person’s characters and good names. Agreed, he does this in reply to other’s attacks on his name, but why continue the vicious cycle ?
    Actually he does this ‘calumnying’ so consequently, that he has decided to organize a meeting in August to talk about the secrets of the ‘enemies of Natha’ or why these people that once were very much FOR the school are now very much AGAINST the school.Well, isn’t that actually the same thing ? Once they were fanatics, thinking they had ‘found their way’ (one extreme of the pendulum), then they woke up and discovered some things they didn’t like, they got out and became fanatics on the other side … and the pendulum swings as ever.

    Now His Holiness Mihai knows things like that … isn’t that right, all of you hundreds of Feverish Followers ? Then why does he condemn the one side of the pendulum and praises the other side ? Why does he keep on feeding this fire of – well, it isn’t love, instead of extinguishing it
    merely by the force of His words or His presence ? What does he gain in blowing up this story (soap opera indeed)even more ?

    Hmm let me think. Isn’t there an ancient trick that functions as follows ; that any society/group/sect (oops, the forbidden word) grows ‘stronger’ by having a common enemy ? Well, now it’s not only the freemasons, humanoids,etc… but also us ex-members that have gotten out and are critical ! And for being critical we are told that we are possessed by demons ! Well well. That certainly sounds secteric to me (oops, now I did it again :-)).

    And, oh, before I forget, there are many more critical ex-members of the Danish school then the three that keep being named on this blog (K,K and C) Only difference ? They aren’t organised (that’s why I write ‘they’ and not ‘we’, because there is no ‘we’, just a bunch of hurt souls. Because it hurts, I’ll admit that much. It hurts to discover that you were fooling yourself !), they are out in the free world again, licking their wounds.
    I think that’s what Karsten means with democracy ; although he might have formulated it a little too hastily and he certainly got misunderstood.
    I think by democracy he means the free world, where heretic thoughts aren’t looked upon as coming from the devil himself. Where people can decide for themselves and don’t have to ask a Romanian guru about basically everything. One famous comic actor said it so nicely ; that in a free society, one encounters opinions that are opposed to one’s owns, and you’d better learn to live with that if you don’t want a totalitarian regime (he was defending himself after having made a joke which made some religious fanatics crusade against him)

    Oh yes, the tool of irony and satire is a very powerful one,
    so forgive me my ‘His Holinesses’ and see the HUMOR of it,ok Mr. Stoian ?

    Without choosing sides, because it’s all very beautiful in the end, and being a VERY subjective somebody, I greet you all.

  326. 326

    well even such a short answer is good for now, ;)
    because I thought that our dear Q stopped reading the site, since all those great questions disappeared, and this was never the purpose with any answer (I belive that I can say that on behalf of almost everybody on this site)…
    … so: let’s take it as the first step, then maybe Q will also tell us the connection between “love is God and God is love”, and why he cannot accept the jokes, why he doesnt know to tell the real from unreal???

    love Joy

  327. 327

    @ questions
    that seems to be the answer to all questions, then why bothering asking all the questions when you know the answer? ;)
    what will you ask more if you already put so soon the answer?

  328. 328

    God is love and love is God.

  329. 329

    Dear Q

    I wrote to you how I see God, just as you asked,
    do you like it?

    how do you see God?
    Why would you like to know how we see god?

    joy from JoY

  330. 330

    @ Arthur
    Interesting point – about q’s ”impartiality”. Today so many people want to be objective, and they believe they are objective. And they believe that they are objective about their objectivity. and they think that this is an objective manner. They don’t understand that their objectivity is purely subjective, they re only objective from their own subjective point of view. This is like this because it is our point of view that creates our entire reality. So, how can anyone be objective as long as they live in a bubble created by their own attitudes and thoughts. Just saying that you are wise doesn’t make wise. Of course, such people’s objectivity can easily be out to the test – just try questioning their objectivity, immediately they will jump angrily at you, how dare you! this is showing just objective they really are. From my subjective point of view, I think that people who are really objective don’t say that they are objective, they don’t care if other’s think that they are objective (because that will already be a subjective perspective) – they just act objectively!
    It is fascinating what people can hide behind their words – in some people’s mouth a word can mean just the opposite. We can see this in the ridiculous group of the enemies of Natha – there is the Dialog center who do ot want any dialog at all; there are the ”critics of Natha” – Karsten, Kim and Celia, who want to give ”constructive” criticism but simply cannot take any criticism them selves. Maybe this is why we don’t see Kim and Karsten on this blog any more – they can’t take the open and honest criticism.
    In this respect, I hope that ”Questions” was not scared away by the dialog. We can openly disagree with each other with out taking the things personally and offending each other. From an open and human discussion we can all learn (if we want to).

  331. 331

    dear Q

    fair enough!
    I know this about God:

    God is good, God is Love, God is Beauty, God is Harmony,
    God is everything

    God is Joy

  332. 332

    @ questions
    I am having a hard time understanding you. It seems to me that you are attacking some people here on the Blog, and I don’t understand why. Perhaps you don’t understand what it is we do here – we are communicating and making dialogs. So, when you come and make some comments, putting questions, I take the time to put some answers – my opinion on the matter. I was reading over my answer to you, to see if perhaps I have made some offense to you and as far as I could see I didn’t, so this is why I don’t understand your attitude which seems to me a bit personally hostile. It is good that you put opinions and questions – that is what we do here. But, we do this in an open dialog, therefore I don’t understand why you get upset when someone answers you or why you personally offend some people. If I misunderstand you I oppologize.
    So, I would like to welcome you the dialog we have here, but would like to ask you to keep the insults out of it.
    Any by the way – why do you mention so often that yo are impartial? is it so important for you to be impartial and that everybody will know it? are you really impartial? Do you think that it is even possible for someone to be impartial before reaching a high level of spiritual realization and lucidity? I think as long as we are in the ego, we cannot truly be impartial. that’s ok – that is how people are, just that there is no need to claim that we are something that we are not.
    With love, Arthur.

  333. 333

    Dearest Q,

    You have no idea what the real situation is in the school and the big spiritual tests that many of the students have (and continue to have). If you did you would understand that these series of events are proving to be a spiritual test for each and everyone of us.. we undergo a process of deep purification and selection, individually and as a school..
    The ex friends of NATHA do not realise they are providing a training ground for us – one that will help (those who are ready for it!!) us to become stronger and to be more prepared for the deepening of KALI YUGA.. (

    So dear Q, keep asking your questions and maybe you will get some answers that will support also your growth..

    Love Honesty

  334. 334

    OM Shanti, Martin, Arthur, seeking the truth etc..

    You don’t need to take the hump guys!! I am an impartial observer witnessing the unfolding soap opera.. you can take or leave what i say, I am not on anyone’s side, just saying the things as i see them – I may be right I maybe wrong, but it is my opinion!!!

    and if i ask you what you know about God – it is because i am sincerely interested.

    Yours Q!!

  335. 335

    I am quite new with posting on this blog. I feel very motivated though to do it, being a student in Natha and seeing how the situation with Bhoga turns. First of all I would like to say to Kim if he still reads this blog, that even though he is acting in such a nonhuman way, with so much violence and total lack of common sense he can only bring compassion in me. I saw the footage from the latest events in Bhoga and what I can say comparing to how he was few months before is that I see a being that is destroying himself with an amazing speed. I am not surprized that some of my colleagues start to consider you are a psychopath. You need to wake up, Kim while you still can!!! before you loose entirely your lucidity, (hoping there is still some). There is no chance for you to win this battle because your fight is against the truth. God will not allow you to win this so open your eyes and realize that what you are doing is a huge mistake. Find a beneficial goal in your life!
    May God have mercy on you.

    For Mihai and all my colleagues,
    I am very happy that you are standing up for our wonderful school. That is really worth fighting for.

    Divine justice will prevail
    With love, Marcel

  336. 336
    seeking the truth

    Dear Charlotte

    I am happy that you started to speak so honestly on the blog, saying your real opinion. I also agree with you, and mr Q should read your posts about Kim.

    dear Q
    Why should Mihai speak to Kim personally to find out if Kim responds to him personally?
    Yes this is what Kim asks for because Kim has also an enormous lion pride that got very hurt at a certain point, somehow he is doing this whole vendetta against Mihai out of a strange mixtures between a very infantile hurt and pride only directed to Mihai.
    But he doesnt really want to open up and honestly respond to Mihai – if he would want this honestly I am sure that Mihai would have talked with him (maybe he even did) because Mihai is always open to people who are open to him.
    the truth is that Kim wants to manipulate, control and dominate Mihai in order to revenge. He wants Mihai to come and ask forgiveness, to beg – and Kim is not even really aware of this himself – he doesnt realize how this infantile state is controling him and destroying his life.
    Just because Kim cannot take it that some of his mistakes was pointet out. It is soo easy – Kim just has to admit to himself that he did those mistakes, to want to improve himself honestly and then he is back on stepping towards the good.

    wake up question, you are clearly on Kims side, but you do not understand his problem because you have it yourself the same
    wake up and realise that we are never unhappy if we truly want to open and get over with it – and nobody can force us to do this, we have to take the first step ourself and then God will take the next 10 steps.
    it is clear that Kim refuses to take any step at all – he insist on going backward and leaving all the steps to God and everybody else. But this will not happen, it just doesnt work: as it is said in Christianity: when you turn your back to love – love turns its back to you (meaning that you are incapable of feeling love and loving), when you turn your back to God then God turns His back to you (meaning that then God and goodness doesnt exist for you anymore)

    good luck with your questions and may they lead you to grow
    seeking the truth

  337. 337

    @ questions
    Dear Questions, why the aggressive attitude? Have I done something to offend you? If so, I am sure it was not my intention.
    I wander how you came to the conclusion that i am not acting – do you have any idea what I am doing in my life? How can you make such a judgment without even knowing who I am? If you are interested in finding out something about me, you can just ask and I will do my best to answer. I think it will be better for you then to just throw insults at people that you don’t know. But, do as you please, I don’t want to impose myself on you.
    Personally, I don’t think that I know all. Do you?
    I don’t see a reason to tell you anything about God – those experiences are between me and Him, they are very intimate for me and not a subject for these kinds of discussions. I share this kind of understandings and experiences with my close friends, who I know can feel directly what I mean behind my words. Any way, there is no point in telling you anything about God, because the things that are really important about Him, each of us have to find out for ourselves.
    I wish you love and success on the path to God.
    With light, Martin.

  338. 338

    your previous post (the second last one ) i hope it was a joke. yet i didn’t get it, maybe you can explain it or post it on the HUMOR part.
    regarding the fact that kim and i have to have the same voice to say what we have to say: he got some pages on the newspaper (the biggest in Denmark) while i didn’t even get the questions of the journalist in time to answer and my reply was never published. how about this situation? kim have his comments here on the blog and didn’t continue the dialogue he started. is that looking like a balanced situation?
    and yes, i wanted to talk with him and to clarify the situation but he refused this. he was talking with some common friends and he is not accepting anything else than his own opinion that he is the only one supporting (and maybe now his new friends Celia and Karsten). but you are right, maybe i should try again to talk with him because the recent events shows that he is loosing his mind in an accelerated way and he is in danger to be imprisoned by the bigger mistakes he is making.

  339. 339

    dearest Q

    Q for inquiry, do you also inquire the logic of your own questions?

    First you complain that we are talking without acting (what do you actually know about that?) and then you ask us to talk even more about an even more lofty subject – could you make up your mind?

    Since your name is question and you ask about God, my only advice is to take the real path of inquiry as described by Ramana Maharishi in “who am I” – then you will find who you really are and this will lead you to discover God, as God can only be known by personal experience and not by intellectual knowledge.
    If you will do this, then you will prove for us that you are not doing the mistake yourself that you regret seeing in the rest of us, namely talking without acting!

    Then you who question anything without showing or questioning yourself will tell us all about God!

    Peace be with you
    Ohm Shanti

  340. 340

    @ questions
    I think that you have some misunderstanding about what spirituality means, confusing it with passivity. First of all, Bhoga is not Kim’s ”home”, it was never his ”home” – and this should be understood from the start. Secondly, it is not the case of Natha leaving Kim in peace, it is the case of him needing to leave the yogis in peace – Natha never made any attack against Kim, while has been attacking the school for several years: trying to throw the legal residents out from Bhoga, trying to steal the farm, destroying properteis of the farm, disturbing events and people there, spreading lies and personal attacks on the net, breaking into the house, stealing, and now he attacked with 7 bullies and severely beat 2 men. So, I would like to ask you what do you mean when you say that we should leave Kim in peace – perhaps you mean that we should make less noise when we are beaten on the head? I guess that we could be strangled more quietly next time.
    But coming back to the idea of spirituality being different from passivity. Being spiritual doean’t mean that you let evil people to bully you around. Non-violence doesn’t mean passivity – as Mahatma Gandhi has said. A spiritual person needs to be very active and always stand for truth and love, but do it without any violence or attachment. In spirituality you have to be ready to always stand for what you believe in and resist evil.
    The farm called Bhoga was built and payed for by hundreds of people who consecrated it to God for becoming a place for spiritual practice for yogis from all over the world, a place were one has very good conditions for spiritual evolution. Since it was consecrated to God, only God can decide to give it to someone else or for another purpose. So, why should we give up that ideal just because now there comes someone who wants to steal the place for greed?
    With love, Arthur.

  341. 341

    To Mihai ..

    I am impressed you are taking so much time to respond to my questions!!

    I am impartial in the situation.. you say one thing Kim says another… i don’t agree or disagree with either side… you both have something to say and i think it is only fair that you both have a voice to say it!!! I agree here he overstepped some common sense principles by hiring a group of gorillas to use their brute force in a bid to scare you off!! It’s clear it didn’t work though…

    ave you tried talking to him – you personally – maybe you will find he respond to you- at least you can’t know until you try!!

    Yours Q

  342. 342

    @ Shaaaaaaaaanti Martin and all the rest of you self righteous self imposing guys!!!

    You should hear yourselves.. deliberating over the events like house wives over the garden gate.. each one of you has something to say.. but are any of you really acting… seems to me like that saying “all mouth no trousers!!!”

    I would like to hear what you ‘who knows it all’ can tell me about God?

    Yours Q

  343. 343

    there is no doubt that we leave kim alone but there is no doubt too that he is not letting the school alone. we were not the ones that came to attack his house. he was the one that started to harass the people living in bhoga. he was using the tricks to steal that property because for a while the papers for that farm were in his hand and on his name (only for administrative reasons) but he never payed anything to that place except his rent for the room he has. also HE WAS THE ONE WHO SAID THAT HE WANT TO MOVE OUT AND GET HIS NAME OUT OF THAT ARRANGEMENT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. and he moved out. then… he came back and started to want more and more….
    no one was ever attacking his house, no one was ever kicking him out of his house!!! but he did this with the people living legally in bhoga and he also tried to steal that property using all kind of dirty tricks and recently even using extreme violence. should we just leave and let the violent person to take what he want? if it was my property maybe i can think about this option in certain circumstances but this place was created by the work of hundreds of people and i cannot decide for this step. and the school is made by all the hundreds of people that were putting there their efforts and their dreams and the situation is different.
    in the same time, what kind of spiritual person is that one that is just giving up in front of brut force and injustice? standing for your principles is NEVER BAD if you are not breaking other principles meanwhile. the bhoga case was handled very careful by the whole school and i can tell that i am proud of the way so many people manifest balance and firmness without getting involved into the provocations kim and his lawyer are trying desperately to create. it was just a firm stand for justice without anytime closing the door for dialogue and loving understanding, even now when the animalistic instincts were taking over kim’s behavior and he hurt his own friends (at least people that until recently he considered good friends). one week ago we decided to invite kim to live in one of the ashrams since he was complaining that he doesn’t have a place to stay! few days after he comes with some humanoids and beat everyone in their way… definitely we are learning a fascinating lesson on how to stand for your principles without making compromises and in the same time without hurting the others. so far i think all the people that were involved in this case from the side of the school did an exceptional work on doing this delicate balance. i think just leaving will be an act of cowardice that will not be good not even for kim (from a spiritual perspective). these are just few thoughts about this complex situation.
    please read the article about the recent events and tell me what you would do in this situation and how will that be spiritual?

  344. 344

    do you all know why Kim Schmock is going to jail?

    not only because Kim is a psychopath,
    but also because Kim is a vandalist,
    Kim is a lier,
    Kim is a burglar,
    Kim is a simple thief,
    Kim is a housebraker,
    and now Kim also showed his violent nature beating innocent people and not being able to feel guilty about it.
    Already Kim is not able to feel guilty about stealing a farm from a group of enthusiastic yoga people, from a non-profit organisation
    Kim is braking the heart of his girlfriends with his lack of empathy,
    Kim is so giftet to charm the police into beliving that he is a poor victim,
    Kim can change his appearance in the split of a second.

    but all this will not continue without any consequence: Kim is going to jail!!!

    the only question is when…

  345. 345
    seeking the truth

    … and here comes the page from the webpage:
    so that you can easily read it:

    “Are You Involved With A Psychopath?”
    Stop The Madness
    By: Michael G. Conner, Psy.D
    For most of us the idea of a psychopath conjures up images from movies like “Silence of The Lambs” and characters with names like “Hannibal Lector.” Fortunately characters like Hannibal don’t really exist. Serial killers and people involved in ritual torture are rare, but psychopathic behavior is more common than you might think.
    I have known several psychopaths in my life. The clearest case involved an older teen who had no sense of guilt. He could learn the rules, but he had no sense of conscience. The only thing that saved him was a mother who loved him, took him to counseling for years and spent a great deal of time patiently teaching him right from wrong. I remember a conversation where he told me, “People know when something is wrong because it feels wrong. I have to remember or be reminded that stealing from someone is wrong. I don’t feel bad if I take something.”
    Meeting this young boy changed my opinion of a psychopathic personality. Why? Because children with this condition are “emotionally blind.” And while I do not excuse cruelty or criminal behavior, I have sympathy and appreciate how hard it is for some people to learn how to act responsibly. Without help, potentially psychopathic children will become adults who never remain attached to anyone or anything for long. They may end up living a “predatory” lifestyle, feeling little or no regret, and having little or no remorse – except when they are caught or about to be locked up. A psychopath is not necessarily a bad person. But they are prone to have problems with society, rules, expectations and relationships.
    A psychopath will use people for excitement, entertainment, to build their self-esteem and they invariably value people in terms of their material value (e.g. money, property, comfort, etc..). They can involve and get other people into trouble quickly and they seem to have no regret for their actions. To date there is no checklist of behavior and symptoms that will tell you with certainty whether or not a person is a psychopath. But there are warning signs. The following warning signs are based on my experience but primarily research conducted by Robert Hare, Ph.D – the leading expert on the Psychopathic Personality.
    Characteristics of a Psychopath
    • superficial charm
    • self-centered & self-important
    • need for stimulation & prone to boredom
    • deceptive behavior & lying
    • conning & manipulative
    • little remorse or guilt
    • shallow emotional response
    • callous with a lack of empathy
    • living off others or predatory attitude
    • poor self-control
    • promiscuous sexual behavior
    • early behavioral problems
    • lack of realistic long term goals
    • impulsive lifestyle
    • irresponsible behavior
    • blaming others for their actions
    • short term relationships
    • juvenile delinquency
    • breaking parole or probation
    • varied criminal activity
    The idea that psychopaths eat people is a myth. In reality, a person with a psychopathic personality can lead what appears to be an ordinary life. They can have jobs, get married and they can break the law like anyone else. But their jobs and marriages usually don’t last and their life is usually on the verge of personal chaos. They are almost always in some kind of trouble or they are not far from it.
    A psychopath is usually a subtle manipulator. They do this by playing to the emotions of others. They typically have high verbal intelligence, but they lack what is commonly referred to as “emotional intelligence”. There is always a shallow quality to the emotional aspect of their stories. In particular they have difficulty describing how they felt, why they felt that way, or how others may feel and why. In many cases you almost have to explain it to them. Close friends and parents will often end up explaining to the psychopath how they feel and how others feel who have been hurt by him or her. They can do this over and over with no significant change in the person’s choices and behavior. They don’t understand or appreciate the impact that their behavior has on others. They do appreciate what it means when they are caught breaking rules or the law even though they seem to end up in trouble again. They desperately avoid incarceration and loss of freedom but continue to act as if they can get away with breaking the rules. They don’t learn from these consequences. They seem to react with feelings and regret when they are caught. But their regret is not so much for other people as it is for the consequences that their behavior has had on them, their freedom, their resources and their so called “friends.” They can be very sad for their self. A psychopath is always in it for their self even when it seems like they are caring for and helping others. The definition of their “friends” are people who support the psychopath and protect them from the consequence of their own antisocial behavior. Shallow friendships, low emotional intelligence, using people, antisocial attitudes and failure to learn from the repeated consequences of their choices and actions help identify the psychopath.
    Psychopaths with low intelligence or a poor education seem to end up in jail more than ones with a higher education. The lack of emotional insight is the first good sign you may be involved with a psychopath. The second best sign is a history of criminal behavior in which a person does not seem to learn from their experience, but merely thinks about ways to not get caught.
    So what happens to these poor kids if they don’t learn right from wrong? Parents with a child like this usually end up angry and frustrated. They will often shield their child from the consequences of their decisions and take the role of continuously trying to educate their child as to right and wrong. The child is always in trouble and doesn’t seem to learn. Their parents may begin to excuse their child’s behavior believing their child will eventually “get it.” When they don’t, many parents resort to punishment. But what these children need is intensive guidance, instruction, training, choices, consequences and supervision. Severe and repeated punishment alone is the worst thing you can do. Letting a child like this run around unsupervised with violent and antisocial children is almost as bad. And child abuse is a sure way to create a social misfit or a monster.
    There is a growing discussion among researchers to suggest there may be a genetic influence that creates a psychopathic personality. The psychopath may lack the ability to physically feel what others identify as the physical sensation of guilt. They can feel fear, anger, sadness in the moment but not guilt for what they did or what they are about to do. Some sociologists believe that a sexually promiscuous psychopath who can live off others is a survivor and may represent one of many genes for survival in the human species. Even more surprising has been the observation that many adult psychopaths do not seem to benefit from support, counseling or therapy and may in fact commit crimes again and sooner because of it. Research using brain scanning technology has revealed that the brain of a psychopath functions and processes information differently. One famous brain imaging study showed that psychopaths can remain calm looking photos of dead bodies in automobile accidents where as other people were clearly upset. They don’t use their brain they way others do. This suggests that they may be physically different from normal people.
    Are you involved with a psychopath? You may not know because they can be very charming and friendly until you get close and disappoint them. Don’t assume anyone is a psychopath based on their behavior alone. It is the pattern of their life and many other factors. Please don’t go around assuming or calling someone a psychopath just because they may have some of the warning signs. Get a professional opinion from a qualified mental health professional if you think you are involved with a psychopath.
    For more information on the psychopathic personality and Dr. Hare’s book “Without Conscience”, see http://www.Hare.Org
    copyright 2001 to 2005, Michael G. Conner

  346. 346
    seeking the truth

    Hello everybody.
    I am new on the blog but I know very well Kim and all the others. I was a bit surprised when Amrita mentioned so surely that Kim is a psychopath so I had to check upon it searching a bit on the net, and indeed on this webpage is a very good description:

    so Kims girlfriend. you are warned: he will to to you as he did to Helle, his former girlfriend who thought that Kim was the light of his life, Kims sister: you are warned: if you ever disappoint Kim he will also steal and lie and be violent with you. Kims sister-in-law: you are warned: he will probably not give to you what he is promising you, because the moment he has to pay you his deapth the inner lawbraker comes forth, then you will see his lack of conscience…

    seeking the truth

  347. 347

    Dear Q
    What an odd question – it seems that you don’t know much about spirituality.
    You should know that even though God is everywhere, even though good and evil doesn’t exist in the transcendence, then on the level of duality it is a spiritual duty to choose the good and repel the evil. This is what makes you able to reach the state of divinity.

    I heard a story of an Indian who was very devoted to God, seeing God in everything. Then a huge elephant came galloping wildly against him. But since he is God, the road is God, the elephant is God, then why should he take refuge and get out of the way of the elephant?

    So dear mister Q, it is not that we want that building so much – but we really do not want the petty demons to steal a place that is meant for spirituality, we are repelling the evil and standing up for the good.

    With love,

  348. 348

    Dear Q

    Yes you are right, Kim doesn’t have any other goal in his life than stealing this property and if he would manage to get it, then he would have to face a deep emptiness, which he could only “remove” by creating another conflict.
    It was clear the day he broke into Bhoga with his bullies. After everything settled quiet and he managed to illegally conquer a room – then he just left it alone like he couldn’t stand the silence and lack of conflict.
    In truth he is running away from something deep inside with this outer conflict, something that he will never manage to solve by just creating more and more escalated outer conflicts.

    There goes a sufi story of a an old woman in a faraway village, who was seeking after a needle under the lamp on the street. Her kind neighbors came to help her seeking eagerly allower the place.
    Then one of them asked her: “were exactly have you lost your needle?” and the old woman answers: “In my house where I was sewing”. Then the neighbors were shaking their heads commenting to each other what a senile strange old woman.
    She replied: “how come you people are so wise with simple things, why do you not transfer this wisdom to your inner life? You keep on seeking in the outer world what you lost inside of you”.

    With love,

  349. 349

    Kim, you’re such a coward. You claimed to be open for a dialogue but then you disappeared. Unfortunately you turned up in Bhoga! But you didn’t even have the courage to continue to communicate with people on this blog. People are clearly interested in communicating with you, and you stated that you wanted this. Then why the silence? Could it possibly be because you know deep down that most of what is written here is correct and therefore anything you might have to say would either be a lie or a confirmation that we are right and to admit your mistakes would be too much for your ego to bear??

  350. 350

    I don’t know you Kim – I met you once in a camp years ago , you seemed really sweet I liked you! The next time i saw you was in a video that was taken in your previous (feeble) attempt to conquer Bhoga by force – (the time you threw all of Hans and Marias possessions outside..)

    What i saw was a weak man who looked very confused that his little plan didn’t work and that Hans and Maria were not intimated to leave.. I felt sorry and a huge amount of compassion for you. You looked overwhelmed and miserable!

    Then you tried with the ‘sensational’ newspaper stories.. SURPRISE SURPRISE that didn’t work either!!!

    Then we see you going to your new friends Karsten and Celia’s place for a cosy meeting (no doubt putting your ‘brilliant’ brains together for the next stage of your innocuous attempts to destroy Mihai and Natha) following your threesome you come sneaking around Prema video recording Mihai’s car and some of the girls who live there (have you also become a pervert as well as a violent man Kim??)

    and now you stoop even lower and have some hooligans attack and seriously injure people who you once shared your life with.

    What happened to you Kim, when did you sell your soul? How could you devolve so drastically from a sweet guy to a violent man filled with hatred? KIM YOU COULD HAVE KILLED ONE OF OUR DEAR FRIENDS… WILL YOU RESORT TO THIS? BECAUSE KIM YOU CANNOT TAKE A LIFE BACK..

    What you and your friends Celia and Karsten are doing in attempt to damage the school just doesn’t work!In fact it is just the opposite, we are more united! We love and appreciate one another much more than ever before, and our love and respect for Mihai multiples..(especially since he still has great compassion for you!)

    I beg you to take some time to look at what it is you really hate.. if you remember anything from your yoga years.. try to recall that what is ‘outside is inside and what is inside is outside’ .. you create your reality… you could be happy living with us even now!

    Stop what you are doing before it is too late for you!!!

  351. 351

    Dear Mihai,
    Great blog you made. You are still the genius I’ve always known you to be.
    Good luck with all this press nonsense, though I can see by Natha’s responses and by the support shown on the blog here that you’ve got these ‘ridiculous enemies’ beaten.
    Que sera sera…
    ps. the caricatures in the humor section are excelent, my friends and I laughed alot

  352. 352

    A question for you – why don’t you “spiritual” guys leave this poor Kim in peace to enjoy his home, after all it seems he doesn’t have any other goal in life than to get his home back, and if in your spiritual world and you don’t need ‘material ‘ possessions!!! why don’t you get out his house and do your yoga and meditations some place else.. after all .. God is everywhere beats me why you want that building so much!!!! Let him in peace to find out once he has it isnt all that anyway!!
    From Q

  353. 353

    Dear Mihai and others,
    I’m so sad to hear about this latest event in Bhoga. My dear friends were attacked by Kim’s drunk friends and I just don’t understand what could make a human being go to such depths of disgrace, without any conscience or showing any remorse for such actions. It’s also unbelievable to hear that the police didn’t even uphold the law and that they were on the side of the aggressors.
    I suppose there is a lesson for our friends in this (and indeed for all in the yoga school) and I can see how it is helping them to grow up, to mature and become real men, but it still doesn’t justify such violent criminal behavior.
    I can see similarities between this situation and with what happened to Jesus, though of course on a smaller scale. But the principles are the same. People standing up for what they believe in and when they don’t give in to the demons and lower tendencies they are abused. Their uncompromising attitude is making them sacrifice themselves in such a ‘battle’ and this is so completely admirable to me. I admire these men who stood up for what they believed in and for this beautiful yoga school even in the face of such danger. I’m just sorry it had to happen in this way and that Kim has become such a weak and inhumane being.

    I send you my deepest compassion Kim and of course forgiveness for what you’ve done.

  354. 354
    A friend

    Dear Kim

    What on earth are you doing?!!! Have you completely lost your mind?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I really hope you are reading this blog and maybe it will help you TO WAKE UP! and see yourself for the insane person you’ve become.

    This latest action of yours is the peak of your insanity and through this you show us all how well you fit with the character of a psychopath.

    If you really think that such an action will bring you closer to possessing your precious, think again. Do you really think God rewards such behavior?

    A friend.

  355. 355

    to karsten

    dear karsten,
    for long i did not find words to contribute this dialogue for i believe that responsibility for our spiritual evolution lays only with ourselves and i do not wish to try to show you, how wrong you are with your choices..i believe the time will show.
    i only intend to ask you one question:
    how do you feel knowing that your new friend kim was inviting couple of drunken primitives to bhoga, where they beat martin, threatened and beat hans-they were your friends, were they not? do you really think that people in “democratic” state have a right to do that? did you know they were 4 or 5 of them using nasty violence on martin? i am very curious about your answear because even you can not believe that hans and martin were provoking, right?…
    to be honest all these troubles and accusation in news papers…it really does not influence us much, we just more appreciate the love and friendship we live under spiritual guidence of mihai and grieg´s teachings and honestly i miss you and celia sometimes.
    i hope you will be able to give all your love for god to your sweet children.
    with love sarka

  356. 356

    Very good point Lars.
    Now we can see what kind of person is the one who so proudly supports such an ideology.
    Little wonder then that this kind of person will also mount a defamation campaign against a genuine spiritual school while hiding behind an alter-ego.
    How would you feel Karsten if some thugs broke into your apartment and violently attacked your pregnant wife and daughter? How would you feel if the police – the very authority empowered to protect the citizens of your democratic country – then supported these criminals, pepper sprayed you in the eyes and forced you to share your apartment with those who had just beaten up your family?!
    Seeing as you consider yourself to be such a wise guy, who is so virtuous in his upholding of the democratic ideal, please explain what is so good about your proud Danish Democracy.

  357. 357

    Karsten, look at your ”proud Danish Democracy” – police are being nice to drunk and violent hooligans who broke into someone else’s home and beat them; in the same time the police are violent to the friends of the victims, who are guests in that place, and attack them with pepper-spray even though they have done nothing wrong; and the peak – the police leaves a single woman alone in a house with the psychopath who just broke in and wounded her boyfriend. Is this the rule of law, on which Democracy is based?

  358. 358
    Isobel Love

    I appreciate what you say, and it is very beautiful how you explain, but why is it not so simple in practise… because if it were this easy to actively love and follow your heart.. sur;ey the world would be a much better place as maybe more people would get the point and do it..this is not the case, why the level of consciousness is so low? and what did you mean at the end of your reply when you said
    “do not try to make too much fuss in defining this “follow your heart” because deep inside everyone knows what that means and the ONLY REASON YOU WANT TO DEFINE THAT IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND IT IS BECAUSE THIS IS THE LAST STAND OF YOUR EGO! THE EGO IS THE SOURCE OF THE IMPRESSION THAT IF YOU DON’T KNOW YOU CANNOT ACT IN THIS DIRECTION.”
    Could you explain a bit more for me to understand

  359. 359

    Great cartoons! Thanks for the laugh, don’t get many opportunities these days..

  360. 360

    And I’m shocked to hear what happened in bhoga yesterday. It’s strange that such a situation could happen in denmark. It seems that the police actually have no idea how to deal with such a situation or maybe amrita is right, that there is some kind of bribing or other deal going on and that’s why the police did what they did. Unfortunately in the state the world is in these days this is possible. But honestly what kind of an authority is such a police force that behaves so eratically, changing its mind and then making decisions against the courts decisions? Who would respect such an ‘authority’? I certainly don’t. They look just as bad as the bullys who came with kim to beat up the innocent and peaceful yogis. Now it’s starting to look something like what they did in my country – Romania!

    I went to camps in bhoga and also did some hours of karma yoga there and just for the record I want to say that that place had such a potential for being a real spiritual haven. A place where people could go and learn more about themselves and deepen their spiritual understanding of life and such a place is quite rare these days. But instead of supporting a place like this and helping it to grow, the authorities are helping to destroy it. It’s really unacceptable and i don’t think that natha or anyone who really cares about genuine spirituality should allow such a thing to happen. And it’s just so disgusting that money is what is put before the development of such a place. I sincerly hope that with these kind of motivations behind him kim schmuck will not be victorious in his campain and that the light of God will prevail and bring true justice to bhoga and the people who live there and it will fulfil its potential as a spiritual haven.

  361. 361

    Mihai, if what all these ex-natha people say about you and the school is true, why aren’t many people leaving the school?

    It seems just 3 people that have left recently are making this whole anti-Natha campaign in Denmark and if these really serious allegations are true then why don’t more people start to realise it and also leave the school?

    And why don’t other people who also left Natha also say these things because if it is true many people must have witnessed these things?

    I would have though that the media and people who are interested in this story and want to know what the truth really is would have considered this aspect, especially considering the severity of the allegations.

    The only conclusion I can come to is that what they say is NOT true.

  362. 362

    I’m happy for your reply, Mihai.
    Your words of simple wisdom touch me deeply.

    I have been reading your article about sacrifice and it gave me a profound revelation. I had never considered that in every moment of life we have to make a choice and that we can actually view each one of those choices as a moment of sacrifice. So, if I could look at making a choice as a sacrifice, then I can see how I can actually perceive my life as one big sacrifice! It’s truly amazing! :)

    Of course there are greater and lesser sacrifices depending on what kind of choice I have to make, its significance, spiritual importance etc, but I see now how every single action we do is the result of a choice we made and therefore now I can see how living life unconsciously brings us so much suffering and wrong understanding, because we were not aware in those moments when we had to make the choices and so we sometimes made the wrong choice and that has consequences which we later have to bear…

    Then I look at people like you and Grieg and the reality of the sacrifice you and He make in your lives, or OF your lives, really hits home. You are two people I know who constantly sacrifice all the lower possibilities of the human life for a higher reality. You live the teachings that we learn in this school, sincerely applying them in your daily life, so that you are living examples of Tantric practitioners, of genuine spiritual practitioners, and I realise more and more what a rarity such a human being is these days! Most people tend to speak too much and practice too little, or blatantly live hypocritical lives, piling up the lies beneath them and getting further and further away from the possibility to live a coherent life, let alone a spiritual one! From what I know of this story with these people who left Natha and made a big fuss about it, they lost their ability to make sacrifice, or should I say, they forgot that this was the point and therefore they felt the weight on their shoulders and all their attachments just ended up wearing them down. Now they are back in the painful land of unconscious choice making, or did they ever actually leave??, and feeling the full brunt of all their incorrect choices.

    Anyway, these are just some things I realised now about sacrifice and I feel more and more the extreme importance of sacrifice on the spiritual path. It’s still a bit sketchy, but the awakening of some deeper realisations is there.

    I wish you every success and all the love from God’s heart.

  363. 363

    Today Kim Schmock invited 7 of his bullies to come to Bhoga and beat Hans and the daily ”guard”, who is helping Hans to keep Schmock away.
    In this way Kim hopes that he can scare away Hans and Mariah from living in Bhoga.
    In this way Kim hopes to steal a farm?

    Is that really the only reason motivating Kim to devaluate himself so low?

    My friends were calling me on the phone: “Kims friends were beating Hans and Martin, they are going to the hospital, police is coming – surprise; they (the police) are NOT sending Kim and his bullies home, – on the contrary: they want to leave and they insist that Mariah should stay alone in the house with Kim!”

    (since when does the police have the right to change the law and take it in their hands to make such desision which even the court did not make yet)

    This property that Kim tries to steal from the people enlightening association, hundreds of idealistic and enthusiastic people were working on it – for Natha.
    Kim wants to steal it in order to earn some few money – or in order to get a long desired revenge!?

    But first he left in anger, staying away for years and thus loosing the legal right to use this property, since “his renters” stayed there for long enough time to not allow him to legally through them out – so now he tries to get them out in petty criminal ways, – by beating them!

    I wonder if Kim really believes that this is enough?
    If so; – Would beating Kim be enough to stop him from trying to steal Natha’s farm?

    It is such a surprising story that can be unbelievable and impossible to understand for anyone who wish to live a happy life in harmony and love, for anyone who want to play fair and with dignity.

    Another thing which is unbelivevable is that the police don’t know the law and that they support the lawbrakers:
    last time they let Kim alone in the house, even though he had no belongings inside the house where he had not been putting his foot for years, the Police generously let Kim stay alone in the house for 10 minutes.
    Was it those 10 minutes in which Kim was stealing all the money from the money box? or the courtfile papers against him? Or Mariahs private bank papers etc in order to study hoping in vain that he can find something illegal, and turn her in?


    This time the police forced upon the renters that they have to accept unwanted visit from the renter, who did not announce in good time before as he is legally bound to do, on the countrary: he was last time stealing and destroying the renters things and this time he is also bringing his bullies who is beating them. After Kim was beating them, the police force upon Hans and Mariah that he will stay with them in the house.
    There is absolutely no reasonable logic in this choice from the police – unless Kim bribed them? unless the police-inspector who took this wrong and illegal decision is actually a private friend of Kim from the motorcykel club, who therefore sympatises with Kims petty violent thievery.

    The police in this countryside village really has to read the law if they do not know that nowhere in the Danish country is it legal that the one who rent out a house or a room is allowed to brake into that rented-out room or to enter into that rented out space.

    this is just not allowed and I think anybody can figure out why!

    So what is going on here?

  364. 364

    @ kasten fischer and kim schmock
    you both wrote here pretending to have the openness for dialogue and dialogue is what you got … but it seems that now you are just hypocrites not able to have an open dialogue but just screaming your monologues about openness and justice (like your “new friends” from romania – the “exmisa” agents – use to do for some years already).
    your colleagues and friends – the ones that you lied about and whose work you are trying to steal – were asking you questions and gave you a lot of perspectives and you don’t even consider to say “i am busy and i am considering to reply later since i was the one starting the dialogue”. only a coward and a weakling will act in this way. i have for you the following questions:
    1. this behavior was all you can give of the responsible behavior of the ones that are giving advices?
    2. you think that the common sense doesn’t apply to the ones that got out of the “sex sect”?
    3. you think that the rules of friendship doesn’t exist when the friend doesn’t agree with you?
    4. you think that the law of resonance doesn’t affect the ones that think they are right?
    5. you think that being compassionate is not for the ones that are right?
    6. even if you few are right and all the many others are completely wrong, can you say that you did all you could to talk with them and to solve the problem you have inside of yourself?
    7. do you think that the problems that you raised have nothing to do with you and it is the problem of all the others? for you the proverb: “the way you see the problem is the problem” doesn’t apply?
    8. can you say with your heart open that you try to talk with me or Grieg or any of the persons you consider responsible for your problems and accept the dialogue? can you say that you talked at all with any of these mentioned?
    9. do you think that the argument “you are not open to dialogue” can be used (without breaking the common sense) by one that is not answering to his own colleagues and friends to which YOU STARTED FIRST TO PREACH?
    can you say from all your heart that all that you said is the real reason for your problems and there are not other hidden reasons deep in your heart?
    10. do you consider that one that once helped you but now did a mistake to you cannot be forgiven?
    forgiving the one that did some mistakes on to you include “preemptive strikes” and lies? (see the campaign in the media that was started to your initiative).
    11. do you think that the law of karma doesn’t affect the ones that are acting in the name of some ideas they consider wrong?
    12. can you say that you integrated all your latest actions in the way you learned in the school?
    13. do you think that your actions will not escalade as they did until now to new levels of violence?

    try to answer to these questions in your inner forum (don’t rush to make an outer parade of your intentions) and i hope that these answers will help you to see my point. as you can see i am still here and didn’t change my view, my perspective, my beliefs and the way i am acting. you were the ones that were changing the way and you have to ask yourself in this change was right or wrong.
    in the end i want to remind you that the most sinister joke of a demon – when taking the soul of a weak person – is to convince that person that he (the demon) doesn’t exist and that the enemy is fact represented by his real friends. in this way such a person will attack his real friend, blinded by this sinister joke of the demons. (and this is working even for those that do not believe in the existence of demons because the reality prove it ;))
    with deep compassion

  365. 365

    thank you for your kind words. we are just following the path as it is and this is what we have learned from our Spiritual Guide Grieg! the simplicity is coming from the fact of not doing anything else.

    if you are making the new LOGOS magazine it will be a great gift for all of us that are making the spiritual path available for other people as well. thank you for finding time to write here also…

    dear isobel,
    all that i am writing on this blog is coming in a way or another from direct experience. even if i am taking quotations or bringing some books written by others, they are always chosen because they describe with better words than mine a reality that i have experienced and consider useful to share with others. i prefer not to put my person in front of these experiences by saying “this is my own experience” because i noticed a strong tendency in people to look to the person and not to where the person is pointing with the finger. since you say that you get caught in your own personal ideas, it is better not to get caught to much into some personal models too.
    it is true that one of the goals on the spiritual path will be to follow your heart but sometimes the “voice” of the heart is getting lost in the big sonorous scandal of our thoughts. therefore it will be better to first give your heart a powerful voice (analogically speaking). you can do this by two simemple ways (they are not the only ones):
    1. to LOVE actively and without any limits (this will make your heart’s “voice” to be stronger and give you bigger chances to hear it)
    2. to follow your heart. many times people can hear the faint “whisper” of their heart but because they do not follow what they hear they will not hear it so clear next time. remember that every time you follow your heart you make its “voice” louder and next time you can follow it easier. every time you don’t follow it you are making the voice of the heart less loud and in the end you will not hear anything….
    and a last piece of advice in this brief presentation: do not try to make too much fuss in defining this “follow your heart” because deep inside everyone knows what that means and the ONLY REASON YOU WANT TO DEFINE THAT IN ORDER TO UNDERSTAND IT IS BECAUSE THIS IS THE LAST STAND OF YOUR EGO! THE EGO IS THE SOURCE OF THE IMPRESSION THAT IF YOU DON’T KNOW YOU CANNOT ACT IN THIS DIRECTION.

    thank you for agreeing with isobel:). this reminds me about a joke and since i opened the HUMOR part of this blog here is the joke:
    once a very vital, tall, beautiful and sensual woman was very frustrated and alone (this is not a joke, it is a reality in a world ignorant upon sexual continence). she decided to put her profile and address on a dating site and ask to meet men that are virile, handsome, tender, intelligent, tall, strong, young and to have a car.
    since the announcement came out, a lot of men came to her house to meet her, but no one was yet her choice. one day the doorbell ring and when she opens the door in the beginning she didn’t see anyone. then she looks down and she sees an old midget, quite ugly, hardly standing. she also noticed that he came with a bike… “can i help you” compassionately ask the beautiful woman.
    “i came for your announcement on the dating site” says the midget. with great surprise the woman ask: “what do you want? you don’t seem to fit the profile”.
    “i just came to say that you shouldn’t count on me” proudly answer the midget.

    @ edi
    i will do like Kristine and i will agree with arthur. and also with the idea that in the future, the more people will become accustomed with the power of thoughts and their impact upon the world we live into, the more we will control the way people think even to the extent to create such “bad thoughts detectors”.
    i think that 2012 is not the moment when satya yoga (the golden spiritual age of humanity) just start suddenly. first because not everyone will be ready and then a lot of people will not be fit in the new era. the time or the era is created by its people and therefore i believe that satya yoga will manifest when the majority of people in this world will start to follow a spiritual path.
    it is interesting that nowadays people are getting more and more ready for a spiritual path, even if they are not at all aware that they are preparing themselves for this. the events that are taking place in the world are just “catalyzers” for the inner transformation in each individual and due to this massive preparation of more and more people, it is possible to see some radical and global transformations taking place in a short time.
    do not mistake satya yuga – the golden age of humanity – with the so called “pax masonica” which is the result of globalization and total control of the masses that allegedly will bring humanity in a state of pace and artificially maintained equilibrium.
    while satya yuga is manifested naturally and it is a result of genuine spiritual transformation taking place in the majority of people of this world, the peace that the international occult organizations (led by masonery) is trying nowadays to accomplish with manipulation, terror, secrecy and total control of people is artificial and goes against the human freedom and spiritual development, being just the creation of some naive idealistic minds that were not understanding the way this universe works but more the way their ego works (that is why they are pretty skillful). only in their sick vision about the world (vision that is coming true more and more every day) people can be restricted to do something or imposed limits from outside in order to control their inner tendencies. the negative way of thinking cannot be eradicated with force and anyone who ever tried to meditate and work with the mind will know that!

  366. 366

    @ Edi
    Dear Edi, if I may, I found your question interesting, and it made me think about this. My understanding is that there is no need to prevent the people with negative resonances from manifesting. This is because everything has its place – even evil. If such people will not be able to manifest their negative energies, how would we be tested – and this is important for our spiritual evolution. When we are confronting someone with satanic ebergies, we can observe ourselves. If in us appear all kind of very unpleasant states, then that shows us that we also have some of these resonances in us, and that we are still weak and vulnerable to such influences – and if this is the case, then it is good to know this so that we can work on transforming this. If we inwardly say firmly ”YES” to what is spiritual and good, then those negative energies will not have any influence over us. This way, when we are meeting such malefic persons, they are offering us a gift – the chance to choose between evil and good.
    In the same time, it is the free choice of those beings to resonate with negative energies and we shouldnot take away their freedom of choice, otherwise they would not be able to transform (and if we do that then we are no longer on the side of good – because good is always related with the ascending spiritual transformation). What I am thinking that could be a very good idea, in a more evolved society, would be to have installed in different places devices which are ”negative resonance detectors” – just like the smoke detectors, these devices will give a warning signal each time that someone starts resonating with negative frequencies. In such a way, that person will become conscious of his current state and will be able to chose consciously if he wants that state or not (because often we are not aware and there for we ”choose” through unconsciousness). Such a device will help increase the awareness without taking away the free-choice.
    With love and light, Arthur.

  367. 367

    Dear Mihu

    I wish to thank you for guiding me on the tantric path, not only with your wisdom and wonderful advices but even more by giving practical directions opening the way for me.
    In the world exists many who gives advices but I know nobody else who actually examplify the states or insights that the seeker need to learn.
    In this way you are opening for me the spiritual realm that I would othervise not have acces to.
    In this way you are truely helping me to awaken the hidden potential within my being, that would othervise just drown me.
    In this way you help me to be useful for the world and for the people that I love.
    In this way you help me to be a true human being
    and to love,

    I love you,
    and I love to work together with you,

  368. 368

    Dear Arthur

    since so many now wrote what they heared about your lovestory with Celia, I also want to contribute with the version that I got.
    I think you should know that for some time Celia was really in love with you. She was drifting off to the heavenly skyes right after Herculane, telling me how she met you on the street impressed about how well you immediately connected with each other and how completely she feel in love with you right then and there. She was surprised because she knew you for years and only now she “discovered” you.
    She spoke about a hot lovestory with you in Herculane that spring and for some time she really believed that now she had found “the love of her life”.

    why is changed and stopped I dont know but I do not think it was only your mountain trip – maybe it is rather due to her superficiality…
    with love,

  369. 369

    Dear Mihai,

    I just want to say thank you for all the joy you bring into my life through your teachings. Your presence on Earth is a gift to us all and a constant reminder of what the meaning of the human life is really all about. Thank you for inspiring me to live life the Tantric way; through your down to earth attitude and human approach you’ve helped me and many others I know to be able to understand this path and to sincerely aspire to be Tantric initiates. Together, you and Adina have helped me to discover the depths of my soul and as a result to come closer and closer to knowing the beautiful woman I really am.

    I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  370. 370

    I am questioning myself if is possible that the persons whose demoniac possedation is demonstrated to be prevented from manifesting and impurificating the subtile athmosphere with energys and satanic thoughts. If this thing is not possible, I want to ask if in SATYA YUGA that will com in 2012 will can be put this type of restrictions?

  371. 371

    Dear Mihai
    What Isobel just wrote could as well have come from me, I am sure that we are many in this situation, that our power to surrender to the path we know we are on and to God is not as strong as we would like it to be.
    would you please give us some advices and perspectives upon this
    with love, Kristine

  372. 372
    Isobel Love

    Please can you write more articles about your experiences, your revelations, your relationship with God and how each one of us can find our own individual path to his heart… I easily get caught in the details of my life and desires even if i would say i am on a spiritual path,i often forget my goal,i want to surrender myself to Gods will and be his tool, but i find time after time it is my will that predominates and i am following my own desires..with these continuous cycles of desire and suffering, the thing is i know that true happiness is found in Gods heart.. Please tell me how i can overcome these blockages and follow my heart.

  373. 373

    Dear Lia,
    Thank you for the kind words, and for being open.
    With love and light, Arthur.

  374. 374
    All you need is love..

    Mahacutra is a lonely, sad and very frustrated woman.

    To find out the truth about this woman, visit:

  375. 375

    Dear Karsten,
    Or shell I say “dear pestica”?
    In this period I was many times thinking about you and the fact that in my heart you are still “pestica”, and it is very difficult for me to understand how you can say now things that are so far from your anterior way of thinking.
    It is like I am waiting, from one moment to another, to see you coming and saying that all was just a bad joke (actually a very bad joke).
    Last time when we spoke (January 2008), in that night or early morning as I can say, in the end you hugged me full of love saying that you are so glad for being friends and this matters a lot for you.
    Like your friend, with an open heart like always I had for you, I am saying now that dear Karsten your attitude, lately, was very strange and your position is not on the truth and justice side. You are just judging and trying to find explanations for you behavior.
    How you are acting now is showing complicity to the entire situation with the press articles and it is for me clear that you are hiding something because you don’t dare to really say what you think.
    Even in our last discussion I mentioned to you this idea: if you have doubts or misunderstandings about something just ask instead to live in confusion and projecting your ideas upon others.
    If you remember, I was also pointing out the fact that you didn’t believe any longer in Mihai, like teacher and friend of you, and you started to misunderstand him and his ideas.
    You admitted, in that time, that you feel not clear and harmonious in yourself.
    You were speaking to me about your belief that you will be lucky and you will pass your spiritual tests. Unfortunately your enthusiasm didn’t resist in time.
    Also you mentioned many times how grateful you are to Adina and how many things you learn being with her, how many opportunities to really enjoy full of happiness your life she offered to you.
    How can you forget all these?
    You guaranteed to me that you will remain on the spiritual path no matter what else will happen. And NOW???
    More than this, speaking about your relationship with Celia you said that you will be attentive to not fall in the mistake of just giving up to everything and to end in Celia’s “prison” ( fact that as you said to me in that time – she was imposing to you more and more).
    You said to me that you don’t like woman dominating your life. But this is what you have now. Or, at least, this is what you are showing to us.
    It is similar with that saying: the things that you are afraid of, that ones you will have.
    Can you say that is not true?
    Hard to believe!
    If it is not true, how can you explain that all this story with the press article are happening near to you are you are not at all involved? Only Celia is “moving around” without caring about you and your ideas?
    As we can see, the life moves further. If we don’t choose be ourselves, will be others – as in your case – how will choose, or lets say, the life will just choose instead of us.
    I choose now to write all this for you – even if is not the most facile thing for me to write in English – because I care about you and I hope that you will be at least honest with yourself in all this story.
    I wish you to choose all your steps in your life being fully aware, honest in your heart, and longing for God!
    With friendship,

  376. 376

    Dear Arthur,
    I started to know you and to like you more after i read your comment.
    I didn’t know you before so it was difficult for me to understand what was true in Celia’s story.
    But now, i understand and i like how you present the things.
    Good luck and i wish you to succeed to overpass your spiritual tests.
    With appreciation and love,

  377. 377

    Dear Mihai, I saw that there is an invitation for Kim to come and live in Concordia. I think it is very kind of Natha to treat Kim with such human concern, despite all he has said about Natha and did against it. But, do you think he will actually come? Personally, I don’t think that his financial situation is at all difficult in the way that he complains about it (and blames Natha for it – ironically). Even if his state would have been really difficult, more difficult then what he is claiming now – even if he would have had to live in the street (the man doesn’t have friends? – I guess Natha are his only friends) – would he accept this offer of the school? I have the feeling that accepting help from those that he is attacking would be the hardest thing for him, because of his pride.
    Kim is like the man from this story: there was a man who murdered his parents. When he came in front of the judge, he asked to be excused and let go because he is an orphan. – In the same way, Kim has made the wrong choices, complicating himself and Natha in a legal dispute and refusing a more then fair proposal from natha – only because of his greed, and now – when the things go badly for him – he is blaming Natha for his situation, which he has created himself.

  378. 378

    Dear Karsten,

    From your statement about Denmark’s proud democratic tradition it’s clear how lost you have become.

    You know as well as the rest of us what a farce the democratic ideology is and your support of such an evil social construction shows just how far from the world of reality you’ve strolled, or should I say – flown! You’d do well to come up with a better argument why Natha is apparently a sect because this one is just ridiculous. As Thomas Jefferson once said, “Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for dinner.” And indeed, your character of a wolf in sheep’s clothing has become very obvious in this media campaign you instigated.

    So, our dear Lupine friend, what is your agenda now? You always have been a chameleonic kind of person, as Amrita so clearly illustrates in her post, adapting your outlook according to the preferred woman in your life at any given moment, so I’m curious to see where your interests lie this time. Your obvious love for defamation has come to the forefront now, spurred on, I’m sure, by the furious vengeance and frustrations of your pregnant girlfriend. But using the example of democracy as a way to show Natha is a sect is just absurd. What happened to the intelligent Karsten we all once knew? Or was he simply the reflection of our intelligent Adina…?

  379. 379

    @ Zina
    Dear Zina, we are fiends for a long time, so I can tell you my opinion. I don’t agree with your attitude about Anca. I think one thing that all these discussions here show, is that there is a value to these dialogs – they are bringing up different perspectives on the events, which help us see the things from more directions. For example – I found out what Karsten was saying about Celia and me, and what Celia was saying about us – this is helping me to understand the things better. And this is just a secondary example – for Karsten and Celia which are the main subject of discussions here lately, these dialogs and messages are are offering much help of seeing things from directions that they might not be considering in this moment, and thus helping them to have a larger and more objective perspective about themselves and the events in their lives.
    I don’t think that there is anything wrong with such an open discussion which is sincere and good willing. I think such discussions are good as long as no one claims that he knows all the truth and all the other are just lying, as long as we are always ready to accept another perspecive then our own, consider it openly and then decide if we want to include it into a more complete perspective,as long as we are also ready to admit that we are wrong when that is the case. These discussions are also good when thy are up-front and honest, giving the proper human respect to the others without cynicism. This is in contradiction to the kind of message that we have seen here from Mahacutra – who was not entering into dialog (even if that would be a critical one – it would be welcomed) but was simply insulting people and through cynicism was trying to cancel the value of all those who do not agree with her.
    I think that it would be good if you consider to participate more to these discussions, and not only on this subject – knowing you for a long time I know that you have a lot to say. I think that the one that will benefit from this the most will be you.
    With love, Arthur.

  380. 380

    So I recommend you to please take openly all these elements into your heart, and contemplate them without resent or anger. Your heart will guide you to the truth.
    With love and best wishes, Arthur.

  381. 381

    Dear Lia, thank you for putting the things very directly. I would like to clarify that the image that I have about Celia (and our relationship) is not at all ignoring her evident limitations and short-comings. The things that you have told me that Celia told you are not at all a surprise for me. While I have not heard them as facts like this before, but I was sure that these were her thoughts and attitude at that time, without her saying anything in this respect – I knew this because I could feel her very well and because it was easily discerned from her actions. Knowing this, I also let her go as a lover, beacue I could see that it was no longer the case. Still, all this does not cancel (at least for me) the friendship and love that we have had over many years, before and after that spring. The superficiality of Celia, that this story underlines, was even then not a stranger to me – we were close friends for a long time before that – and I loved her (as I still do today) as she was, even though she was superficial. This seems to me normal, considering the fact that I am also having my own weaknesses and faults, which I work to transform with time.
    Because you have mentioned this subject, I should say something about that trip to the mountains. In that time (for a year before and after that trip) I was going through a spiritual test that was very difficult for me, and which was demanding form me all of my energy. In facing this test I made many mistakes, but I kept on trying to learn my lesson, not giving up, until eventually, with a lot of help from my teachers (including first of all Grieg, and also much help from Mihai and Andrei Popa) and friends, and a lot of Grace, I managed to break through it. However, at the time of the affair with Celia, I was at the lowest part of that very difficult period. In that time I was indeed acting very strange, and it was therefore difficult for me to spend time with people, because I could understand that for most it would be hard to understand me and it could also be unpleasant for them. Let’s say that in that time I found out who were really my friends, because they stood by me selflessly even when I had nothing to offer in return. Because of this state, I was a bit reluctant to go on that trip with Celia, being concerned that she might not be ready to spending more time with me. As events proved, that was indeed the case. I could see clearly that she could not accept me in that period, she could not handle it, she simply had to run a way. I did not blame her, because I was conscious of the fact that I was making many mistakes, and due to that strange period I was going through, my state was far from being very solar and positive. I did not expect her to be a saint.I have mentioned these things here only because they were addressed directly.
    Indeed, these events do point out a clear superficiality on behalf of Celia, but this is something that anyone that knows Celia can say. One of my own lessons from that period of test, was that it is not possible to run away from one’s own mistakes and weaknesses or ignore them – if you don’t continuously work to transform them, if you miss too many real chances for this transformation, then eventually that problem will jump on you and take you down. Perhaps Celia is reading these lines. If you are, I would like you to know that I am not at all angry at you for anything, even though at least in regards to your role in the campaign against the school I can tell you clearly THAT YOU HAVE MADE A TERRIBLE MISTAKE TOWARDS YOURSELF AND YOUR FRIENDS IN NATHA. I am not angry at you, I am very concerned for you. I would like you to use all these things to help you to transform yourself – this will help you to avoid many problems and suffering in the future. I know it must be difficult to read many of the things written on this Blog – but they are good for you. It is very good that things are coming to the surface, not to hide anymore what Karsten was saying about you or you were saying about Karsten (or for that matter what you were saying about me) – if we don’t know how things are, if we lie and hide, we will be always trapped in illusion. Many people wrote here also about you – please don’t take these things as insults, they are feed-back which should help you to become aware of things that you need to transform and of patterns that you need to break – for your own good. And I can tell you from discussions that I have had here that these messages on the Blog are appearing on the background of an attitude of love and care for you, that is shared by many of your friends here.

  382. 382

    dear kim
    i hope you are well and somehow manage, even i guess it is a tough time for you making all these stories… i remember very clearly coming to bhoga as beginner in yoga talking with people and learning karma yoga, it was in 2002.. i remember i heard that someone was telling me that kim, you, was the official name as having gotten bhoga – and i remember very well that i curiously asked you if you where the owner of bhoga -at which you replied with very clear aspiration and firmness – you underlined that your name was just a name on the paper – that Bhoga belonged entirely to natha. Just that somebody’s name had to be on the contract. i remember this conversation very well being so happy to have met so many people with self giving for higher ideals and purposes..and i remember your heartfulness then. i felt to write it here to you, maybe you remember that conversation too? do you really deny that at least once upon a time that was really your aspiration and deed – to help the bhoga projekt of nathas ardent aspirants to become to be and blossom, as we all?
    i cannot say i know all details in your further case and story thouroughly.. but i remember from the beginning when i heard that suddenly you started claiming bhoga, i was so surprised and amazed that you could, having long time ago helped in such a noble deed, turn it around to serve just your own small interests, not caring about all what had meant something before..
    im still amazed..
    but i wish you everything good and that your soul may bloom in happiness and love one day.

  383. 383

    Dear Helle,
    I admire that you wrote to Kim.
    Also is a good example how love can resist beyond difficulties and how actually love is rising from the soul, going towards the soul.
    Reading your soulfulness statement, i wish to Kim to bring in his life again love and joy.
    With love,

  384. 384

    to mahacutra
    dear one, you are writing like offering free poison to everybody.
    stop doing this. it is bad for you and for the others.
    like a good relative of Lucifer that you show that you are, is better to learn from his “story” not to copy it with details.
    you are infested with hate and unhappiness and you want to infest others. if this is your job, choose another one.
    after writing so many years on ex-misa, we see that you are just a source of interminable comments and critics and nothing is good in this world for you.
    what a life you chooses to live!
    stop spiting poison. choose something better for you.
    ask God to inspire you and to guide you in your life!

  385. 385

    Dear Arthur,
    I read your reply to Anca.
    Also I read how Zina defended Celia.
    I appreciate a lot how you speak full of affectivity about Celia.
    It is interesting to see how people are interpreting everything according with their patterns of life.
    I ask you, Arthur, to no mind of what I will say.
    Just that I am surprised of this situation in which on one hand you have a very nice and lovely “image” of your love story with Celia and on the other hand she told me a completely opposite story about you.
    Maybe she was pretending very good to you.
    I was in Denmark for a short period of time, visiting some friends, exactly in that period when Celia came to meet you and to go with you in the mountains – as she told me.
    My big surprise was when she came back.
    I was friendly asking her how was in Romania and she said that was a very bad time to spend with you and she was waiting to finish the adventure with you and to come back in Denmark.
    Also she mention that was very strange with you and she is suspecting you of having crises of “behavior” ( to be soft in my words) .
    She mention also that she will never meet you again like lovers.
    After such a statement I just asked her why she had a adventure with you if she didn’t love you and actually if she didn’t know you, as you are like man, as you behave.
    She was not giving a clear answer. She was just whispering some words like is better in fighting with Karsten then to be with you.
    From your story, dear Arthur, it was a before and after. Is it this true? You are speaking about a love story, she is speaking about strange adventure!
    I was attentive to your situation because in Herculane camp, with few month before, Celia was for a week, the lover of my lover and I was asking myself how especially for a girl is possible to have love relationship without saying even “hello” before and after.
    With friendship and loving the truth,

  386. 386
    zina zeitoun

    hi anca
    i hope you managed to learn a lesson here, about gossipinng and spreading rumors. that was the only reason why i wrote to you in the first place as i just happened to know how things where. i have no interest in writing more or enter to any further disscussion with you. i think that other people are doing a good enough job writing in the blog and i have nothing to add. i wish you all the best.

  387. 387

    Hello Mihai,

    I have been following your blog with much interest. I don’t personally know you or the people who post here, but I feel that I’m starting to get to know you quite well! In this era of so much violence and hatred, it really is such a relief that such an initative like this one exists. To see love and goodness promoted through this blog is an example to the rest of the world and I hope that others will start to follow your lead, if they are truly in need of genuine spirituality in their lives and want to see love and goodness flourish on this planet, and of course in their hearts. Judging by what people write here there are certainly some passionate people contributing to this forum of love and goodness and it’s good to see the growing support for this site. Some try to turn the situation back to darkness, towards hatred but I see here this doesn’t last. After all, dead seeds will never grow even in the most fertile of soils.

    I thoroughly enjoy reading your articles (they are more interesting for me than all this negative press issue) and I have to say that after reading these articles and reading what the newspapers here in Denmark wrote and what the people here on the blog wrote, it just doesn’t add up. Because in the way I see it, a person like yourself who writes in this way, showing a lot of wisdom and deep insight into the way the universe works and also the way the human being works, a character of a person with an attitude to life like this simply does not fit with the person that other people say about you. (I hope this makes sense, my english is a bit out of practice). Basically I just want to say to you and to other people who are interested that by a simple analysis of the situation, one can see that many lies are being told in this whole story because the information that one can gather on the subject just doesn’t add up. Of course, at surface value the story could be intepreted very badly and it looks quite strange, but with just a bit of deeper searching and desire to really get ‘to the bottom’ of it, to find out the truth, then I think the story is a whole lot different. At least by doing some investigation and also trusting my intuition this is the conclusion I come to. I’m impressed by your forthright attitude Mihai and also by your desire to bring people together for spiritual reasons and also to help them in this way. Thanks for a great blog and a great contribution to this beautiful world we are all part of. You have inspired me and given me lots to think about!

    I liked this article ‘the courage to dare’. And especially this part has had a big effect on me:

    “We will dare to act silently, like the secret force of life that is always there and always secret. We will keep secret only the fact that we did it because the actions will become visible for everyone. In this way, the ego will no longer exist, being dissolved by the actions that we dare to manifest in the name of a higher principle of life that we start to directly discover in the silence of our secret place that is the soul.”

    Thanks for helping me to DARE to rise above my ego and to be courageous in my life.

  388. 388

    Dear Karsten

    Again today I was approached by a woman in Natha, who expressed what a good letter I wrote to you. did you read it? Its 10 days ago now and I did not get any reply from you.
    I was surprised already next day 4-5 persons came to me and told me that they liked this letter so much, people who were close to you, who were your lovers and who worked with you, they said that they found it crystal clear and they belived that things are really as I wrote them. They belived that this letter would help you to see yourself and to pass your test!!!?
    continually the next days others came to me (and I was still surprised every time, I did’nt know that they all are reading the blog – but I think they must have discussed it in the shakti group or something since so many read it).
    Well – the reason why I mention it again to you is that in the past you were open and could listen to me, and it did happen before that you got stuck in pride and ego, and you were able to let it go after we spoke.

    Are you still able to open and look inside?
    How did you reflect upon my letter from 19th june?

    with love and consideration

  389. 389

    Dear Kim,

    what happened to our dialogue???

  390. 390

    @anca popescu
    the merit for the pages on the blog belong to the person that is helping me with the technical stuff. i hope he reads and see that he made people happy.
    as for the answer to the personal accusations made by celia and “jesper”, i am not interested in replying to them in particular. it is enough the feedback they get from all their friends they were lying and attacking.
    i am preparing a special lecture (as you can see in the important announcement) that will show what is the force behind the whole story, why this happened now and of course who is “jesper” with all the little secrets behind celia and “jesper’s” motivation (i will probably have to explain a little about kim schmock’s motivations and his little secrets). i owe this to the people that were honestly practicing and following the teachings provided by natha and have been seeing their principles trampled underfoot by these people. this will anyway clarify all the accusations and more important what is behind the scene. once this clarification is made i am sure that all who want to find out the truth would have done so and the rest who only enjoy the show … they will wait for other occasions without bothering to find out anything.
    but you don’t have to worry about not being in denmark because the lecture will be recorded and it will be available in natha on request.
    regarding the experience to see that people who were for years with you and you loved are acting in this irresponsible way… i only wish them never to experience such thing!

  391. 391

    Dear Karsten,

    Just a few words..

    I did not ‘accuse’ Celia on facebook.. I simply voiced a wounded heart. I thought very highly of Celia and appreciated the times we spent together. We had a lot of fun together and could speak about many things.
    I did sent a message to her yes, BEFORE the article about me was published. What made me write to her was the first article about Natha. I realised that you were involved and i guess i knew she was too – although i didn’t want to believe it. I might have believed this from you but not from her. This was what i wrote to her; that i wouldn’t have thought she would do something like that. I wrote that as a friend albeit a hurting one. I knew her as such a wonderful and good heartet person and would never expect her to support that kind of slander of our common friends – little was i to know at that point about the personal attack on me.

    As for me notifying all of Natha about being in an erotic movie, I don’t see why I would have to inform the entire board of Natha about every bit of my personal life? Then we would really be talking about a sect wouldn’t we? Some of my colleagues and friends knew but since the project had nothing to do with Natha it would never occur to me to bring it up officially at a meeting. You know as well as i do that this project was not at all related to eroticism only. It is the initiative of some people that have the idea to propose another form of aproaching eroticism from a spiritual perspective. And because it is a test, it is a private initiative, fact that you also know personally. I do have a private life, something I know you probably don’t care much about since it was so easy to use me in your dirty campain.

    And Karsten, yes of course some of us might sound a bit heatet in this debate – who wouldn’t be when old friends suddenly label you brainwashed or deliver your private life to the media for exploitation? And when you know that your side of the story is never gonna be published in the media because it simply isn’t as interesting as the scandal? I think in fact it is a very normal human reaction.

    Yes indeed i have experienced the free press and that – as you say – a journalist can write whatever he wants. If that is the democracy you speak of i am not impressed, and i would not be the one to defend it.

    Fortunately I can – unlike you – say that I am fully taking responsability for every choice I have made and i have no regrets.

    A small prayer to you; Follow your heart and let everyone else follow theirs in peace.


  392. 392

    Invitation to Kim Schmock

    Kim Schmock is publicly stating that, “Since I left Natha my life has been like hell”, and that
    due to the running court case about Bhoga Ashram, he is now economically challenged and forced to live in a camping wagon.

    Dear Kim, because you in this original way still express a deep aspiration for ‘Paradise’, and though
    We in honesty consider that you are yourself fully responsible for the circumstances in your life and that you are victim of your own mistakes and wrongly doings, we here kindly invite you to accommodate in our spiritual centre Concordia.

    Thus you will have the chance to remember that we never threw you out, but that you yourself chose to leave.

    With love and light

    Your friends in Natha

  393. 393

    Dear Karsten

    I can see this whole thing about ex-natha – copy of ex-misa – based on the same cummulated frustrations and misunderstandings of those who did not really practice the techniques taught by Grieg. I have a suggestion for you: put yourself to do 50 naulis+30 min Shirshasana+3 sets Oli mudras daily for the next 3 months and meditate with the shiva yantra 30 min daily (or, if you prefer the mantra, even better) and then, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back here and write. I’m extremely curious of the result. (this is because I remember you were often skipping the daily practice when you lived in prema and you know what lack of yoga practice brings about – we can see the big parade going on lately ;)) )

    And one more thing: You keep saying that Mihai was lying. Would you be so kind as to write here a list with the things he lied about, so that I and the others who maybe were not so close to “all that stuff” can actually get an idea about what is it all about?

    I’m glad you decided to write on this blog and even to use your own name. I hope you will continue…

    I wish you to be happy and fulfilled.

  394. 394

    Dear Anca, I was not offended by what you have written. I am always happy to see people writing on this blog and caring about the school.
    I find it interesting that you heard that story from Karsten, it helps me see the things from more perspectives. One of the things that I find interesting is the fact that Celia was often complaining to me about Karsten and the way that he was treating her. I never met Karsten, but Celia had only bad things to tell about him (and it is not that I was asking). From reading the comments on this blog, I can see that also Karsten was often complaining about Celia to many people. Now they have come together, and have directed their criticism towards their old friends and the school they were apart of. If before they had only complaints to say about each other, now suddenly they are both angels and all the rest are wrong. And the worst thing is that in the paper they are attacking Mihai, who was just trying to help their spiritual evolution and their couple relationship – because they came to him for advice.
    Celia, if you are reading this, I would like you to be at peace, to go on with your life, be happy, have a lot of love. You are not a victim of anyone but your-self, there is no one to be angry at or to reproach. Even if you are not on the same path with me, I would still like to be friends, and you have many friends in this school (and friends tell to each other the truth, and not what the other wants to hear). Follow your own advice – there is no need to ”drop your friends”.
    With love, Arthur.

  395. 395
    Anca Popescu

    To Arthur
    Hi Arthur,
    I admire your frankness and straight way to cut to the point! Thank you for acting also openly!
    Sorry if I have offended you, the story about Celia and you was told in that way by Karsten himself when in costinesti. With that occasion he was calling her with words that I don’t want to repeat here, and from them, ‘superficial’ and ‘doubtful’ are the nicest. At that time he was regarded as a very reliable person therefore i took it without checking. it seems that i was wrong to believe this guy.
    I find very sweet how you addressed to her directly, do you think she is reading this blog? And if yes, it will be very good if she is also writing her opinion, maybe the real one…
    Best regards,

  396. 396
    Anca Popescu

    To Zina

    Dear Zina, I am sorry about hurting the feelings of friendship you have for Celia (or for the image you have about her). Just please answer to only one question: how can you call (in the most polite way) somebody that you have admired for ” her openness to love and tantric practices” (as you say) who put herself into a such a shocking calumnious article against Tantra and spirituality, against the one who once she called her master, having an, apparently, deep connection with (and I am referring here to Grieg), trying as a Judas, to destroy the school he is teaching – if not superficial (form a spiritual point of view)? I let you answer… (if you dare!)
    Anyhow, I see the positive side of my first post on this blog: it made you break the silence! How come you did not write before regarding the outrageous actions of your friend Celia, to clarify your position in this respect, and even, God helps, in this way helping her eventually to weak up in the 12th hour! Humbly, I want to remind you one of the favorite quotation of Grieg: “To know and not act (consequently) is the supreme cowardice”.
    Wishing you all the best and hoping to see you writing more here!

  397. 397
    Anca Popescu

    To Mihai,
    Thank you for making pages in your blog! It helps!
    I wonder if you are going to make a serious reply showing your personal position regarding the situation with Karsten and Celia? Did you try to contact them personally? I heard they live next door to the ashram you are living also? Do they salute you when meeting on the street?
    I feel it might be very painful to see one of the closest students and friends of yours turning into a ragingly enemy… but I have hopes that your detachment is strong and protects you against the pain one might feel in the similar situation.
    And about Celia… I have compassion: she has for sure a huge frustration inside of her, (of all kinds, including the sexual one, if we just consider the in-continence of K) turning completely uncontrolled. Unfortunately the one she poisons in the first turn is herself, the law of resonance acts here as well. I have compassion for the hell her life probably is, so that she acted in the way she did.
    Still, in front of God, in the end of this life, everybody will be judged according with their actions, words and intentions.
    Until then, I wish you strength and love in this times of test,

  398. 398

    Interesting observations for Karsten:
    i have looked a little back in the mahacutra / cecilia activity and … you might end up being just like her.
    If you look at her with detachment you can see what happens when you dedicate all your life on trying to destroy something instead of creating something, when you fill your days with anger and hate, when you ceaselessly lie and slander by playing only with your mind and not involving the heart in your actions – I truly hope that you will not come to that. I must tell you, it looks like you are on the way there.
    i was suprised by the resemblance you have with your new ally? She also left the school after her partner fell in-love with someone else, and her ego just couldn’t take it. From being a hurt and rejected woman she turned herself into a caricature of ”champion and savior of the manipulated ones” – just like you have twisted your own personal jealousy pain into a strange ”brave stand for justice and the Danish Democracy”.
    At a good look at Cecilia one can realize the price – revenge can (in the case of some perverse human beings) act as a pain-killer, but it’s effects are short-lived and it is addictive and highly self-destructive. Let me ask you this – would you like someone like Cecilia to raise your children? (probably now you will say YES but … think about it with the same intelligence that you once prove for your spiritual development)
    Don’t you think that with time you might become just like her, ceaselessly lurking around all kind of blogs and forums, writing dozens of strange messages every week, instead of going out-side or spending time with your family? You even have already a pseudonym (like she has ”Mahacutra”) – it is ”Jesper”.
    You can easily avoid such a grim future for you and your loved ones because you are the only one that wa creating this situations. As far as i know, no one was doing anything against you, you just have a personal disagreement with Mihai, and even that was not a fundamental one. Of course it is your choice to leave the school, and that is ok, you already did that without anyone saying anything to you (even if you left leaving behind some mess). But don’t waste your life on being angry and getting a clean past by destroying all that was left behind, move on, do something useful, positive and creative with your life, look to be happy and making other around you happy. As anyone can see the path of Mahacutra is leading only to suffering and you are not so stupid.
    With hope, Lars.

  399. 399

    On the subject of Celia,
    I am the ”Israeli guy” of whom Anca and Zina were speaking. In the name of the truth, I must say here that things were not as Anca presents them – Celia and I were close for 6 years before that camp, our connection was meaningful for both of us and we have continued together afterwards. I am setting the record strait, for there is no need for rumors. There is an abundance of good arguments without rumors.
    I still love Celia also today and it is difficult for me to see the position that she has put herself into – ofcourse it is her own choice!
    What I would like, full of love, for Celia to understand is – it was always your choice! You cannot through responsibility at anyone else, it is always up to you to decide. Understanding this, there is no place for pointing fingers at others and claiming that your freedom was denied – who could ever deny it? it was you all along.
    I know you my dear, and I know your affinity to fanaticism, I even respected it at a certain point, being myself prone to fanaticism (thanks God – Grieg and Mihai are helping me get rid of this). As a fanatic, you CHOSE to live and act in a sectarian way, no one manipulated you. Now you are going in the other extreme – also this is typical fanatic behavior.
    In the article in which you starred, showing your baby on the cover of the paper (I wish you wouldn’t have involved her in this), you gave a warning to others:
    “I want to say to the young that are in periphery of Natha Yogacenter or in similar organizations that they have to think well. They have to think for them selves and ask them selves, what they are going into, before they give up their education, before they drop friends and family, and before they end by blindly and uncritical following their leader. They risk loosing the most important thing they got: freedom.”
    I couldn’t agree more – but I think that this advice you should have given to yourself before directing it to anybody else. Who on earth ever asked you not to think for yourself? who told you to give up your education, to drop friends and family? who wanted you to follow blindly ”the leader”? I know for sure that that was not Grieg nor Mihai, both of them disrespect that kind of attitude. How come I didn’t give up my studies (Grieg and Mihai insisted I continue) and am very close with my family? My dear Celia, can’t you see it was you all along? You did that, and insisted on doing that, because that is how your brain is wired, this is how you filter the reality and what you think is expected of you – but no one ever wanted that. So, I would be happy if you matured out of that, but you didn’t – you are still doing the same thing, just the opposite direction – this time pointing the finger at Natha and saying ”it’s your fault, you did this to me”. No, Celia, you did this to you, it was your FREE choice.
    I love you, and wish you to learn to use your freedom better.

  400. 400

    @ mahacutra

    you become really funny! on the ex-misa and ex-natha forums you pretend to be the expert in Yoga and Tantra, criticizing the written courses of this school, the Mentor of this school, the teachers of this school. But how comes you don’t know that the Tantra philosophy states everything is God, so everything is spiritual. Speaking about human miseries and striving to understand the mechanisms beyond them is a good way of becoming aware of one’s own miseries. And this is an important part in the spiritual evolution, as this spiritual evolution means (among others) expanding awareness. Nobody here claims to be perfect, EXCEPT YOU! And here’s the prove for my statement: if we were spreading gossips, we would have put all these in a newspaper, like you and your mates did. But we are just discussing and expressing opinions so we can get a clearer image of what happened. So, for me at least, this is an evidence of “crack” in your “perfect shield”, a clear prove that you are just projecting on the others something from inside. Take a break, Cecilia, and look inside! You may find the PEACE!
    We also know that a lie which is repeated many times and presented as the truth becomes truth for the weak ones. So we do our duty to present the truth concerning this school and our lives, so that people who read your gossip to have a chance to a wider view.
    Love and Peace!

  401. 401
    zina zeitoun

    Dear Anca Popesco
    i was going a bit on the blog, to read what going on as Celia used to be a very dear close friend of mine and still is very much in my heart. I was sad to read the way you referd to her as a superficial blond and the judgmental way you wrote about her relation ship with that specific israeli guy. I think you went a bit to far and jumped into some wrong conclusions. I happened to know a bit more about Celia and her life, and it is not true what you wrote about this specifc herculan 2007 love affair of her. It goes a bit more deep and more far then a supeficial love affair. Any way my dear anca, love has many faces and many color and i wish for you to be more open to the possibility that it can be also love that make you have a holiday affair without any thing else before or after, also in this specific case we are talking about this story had a before and had an after… so please ance be carefull and look into your heart and yama and niyama once more.
    In my opinion and the way i see the things, Celia had made some serious mistakes and as her freind who was with her for years sharing the path my heart is bleading to see how things turned out, but she was defenitly more then the superficial blond you try to present. I always admirde her openess to love and tantric practices and it is very ugly the way you twiseted the things.
    I wish you all love and light and great tantric full of love adventures.

  402. 402

    I am amazed, I dont know who you are but from your short message alone I sense a very deep and dark hatred.
    You don’t even know personally the people you mention here like Mihai, Amrita, Ulrik and Martin, people who I know to be full of love and aspiration, while we know very personally Karsten, Celia and Kim as we have all been friends and shared our lives together.

    What is truly relevant in a blog like this is to uncover the mechanisms in the hearts of people like Kim, Karsten and Celia, mechanisms which lead to them starting the attacks against Natha. This is the very core of the subject. This gives us and them an opportunity to understand the hardships that they have been through. As you dont seem to know or appreciate these mechanisms in the soul being uncomfortable around them (referring to them as gossips), it seems to me you prefer to turn the discussion to areas you know well: Defamation, spreading doubt, anger and hatred.

    And the link on your name points to exmisa small group, meaning that if you are not hanging around this blog all the time you are hanging around the exmisa. Either you are some exmisa person with a personal grudge or some strange person who has been hired by the Romanian government to spread an anti misa sentiment. If you are the former I would suggest you tried to look within and heal your hatred, if you are the latter perhaps you should consider a different more loving job.

    Stand forth and tell us who you really are “mahacutra” and why you possess such hatred in your heart, instead of lurking around in the dark like some hyena with spittle hanging from your foaming mouth raising the less important issues.
    You people should get on with your lives instead of using your precious life energy on these things. You are like the unfulfilled souls who hang around graveyards desperately waiting for weaker souls who pass by who you can jump on and vampyrically possess.

    Look inside and go for the light there, because you certainly won’t find it by hanging around blogs posting messages full of hatred. Its just simply such a bad resonance! Its like hanging around in Bardo going for the low vibration colours!


  403. 403

    here is one of the “(in)famous” fanatics that is continuously writing on all the blogs and websites calumnies about natha, misa and any other yoga school related to this spiritual system. i know it is a strong statement but i was following her for some years (only online ;)) and it was even proven that she is just doing a payed job in writing hundreds of posts per month, never accepting any critic, never reading any of the replies (you can see even here by the fact that she is not updated with what all the others are writing), always saying the same things again and again without a brake … because it is a job! in reality she is the Cecilia Ghitulescu Tiz that was already exposed HERE.
    i let this post here (even if contains stupid calumnies that are repeating again the same mistakes of the newspapers) for serving as an example of the kind of professional campaign these people are trying desperately to make against natha and misa.
    it is obvious that she is not interested in reading the posts that were written here because her job is not the intelligent arguing and finding the truth but trowing doubts and repeating statements that are calomniuous again and again despite all the other information available.
    her statements are so clearly full of hatred and she is so stubbornly repeating the same things (that she was writing thousand of times anywhere she was allowed) …. that some people have a problem to understand why. well… read the link i gave above about her and you can understand the character. the rest it is up to everyone to decide.
    as a simple observation regarding this kind of mentality, when she is writing all these statements and many thousand more (!) on other forums, she claim they are information but when other people are writing back to respond to their friend's statements, she is stamping it as gossip. it is clear the way this person is judging… or better saying manipulating the information.
    this post is just one example of the many real actions that are behind the "journalistic" action from Jylland Posten. I have also received death threats and attempts on intimidation, and other forms of pressure that i am exposing in the coming article about this campaign. stay tuned …
    and to Cecilia mahacutra … i know who is "pushing your buttons" and i understand why you are doing this. i advice you to stop this campaign and get out of the circles that are supporting you (financially and mentally) because you are just a pawn in a big game you don't have a clue about, and lying and pouring hate upon other people is a job that is reflected on you with devastating consequences (it is the law of resonance!).

  404. 404

    My sincere congratulations for transforming this blog, that claimed to be a spiritual one, in a virtual “market place” where, among others, porn stars (like Mihai, Amrita, Ulrik, Martin …) and videochat prostitutes (like Elodia for example) – acording to your big master Bivolaru’s definition – are spreading gossips about the private life of exNATHA students.
    It seems it wasn’t enough showing how “spiritual” you are trough the exchange of messages with the International Yoga Federation as you were expelled last year.
    Please let me remind you that the discussion started from the subject of the Jylland Posten articles, in which NATHA is accused of making porn movies and sex business under the cover of a so called yoga schools.
    The arguments that you all are presenting here, under the patronage of Mihai, are in fact just gossips regarding the private life of former NATHA students.
    You just “self disqualified yourselfes”,
    to paraphrase your beloved master, a liar that selfintitled himself yoga teacher.

  405. 405

    I am wondering why so many people who is accusing yogis in Natha to be sectarian has a tendency to say “you” referring to everybody in Natha, as if they are not many unique souls but only one indifferent mass of anonymous persons with totally identical opinions about everything.

    Is it because only sectarianism exists as their mental pattern? :-/


  406. 406

    Dear hope

    yes I also saw this “mime-spirituality” in some people – its not only people who do not practice, those could practice even for years and even have some wonderful revelations and transformations – but there is also something else: they seemingly adapted some believes, values or practices which were not truly theirs or they did not fully take the responsibility for choosing those values.
    Then while being in Natha they feel guilty that they was still eat meat – as if anyone asked them not to eat meat – and then they stopped.
    What they are avoiding is to seriously consider the question in respect in their own soul and then to make up their own mind about it, – and stick to it.

    Therefore in Denmark we had for periods a group of ex-members, who found their meaning in life by meeting and speaking bad about Natha and/or its other members while watching football games and getting as drunk as possible, or smoking or eating meat – as if this is now their enormously big emancipation.

    Amazing isn’t it?

  407. 407

    Kære Kim.

    Jeg skriver dette med stor medfølelse og respekt for dig.
    Kim, du var ”mit liv”, mit ”livs lys”, min ”sjæle ven” og jeg troede lige til det sidste, at vi skulle være sammen til ”evig tid”. Jeg elsker dig stadig og vil altid elske dig, også på trods af den svære tid efter, at jeg måtte sande vi ikke skulle være sammen mere. Når jeg tænker på vores, trods alt, gode stunder, kan jeg selv i dag savne dig.
    Når alt dette er sagt, vil jeg bare give dig et par ord med på vejen og håbe, at du også kommer videre i dit liv.
    Sandheden har mange facetter, ja, det har den, hvis der overhovedet er en sandhed?
    Vi må alle kikke dybt ind i os selv og mærke efter. Dybt derinde i vores hjerte rum (vores allerhelligste rum) er vi ikke i tvivl om, hvad der er rigtigt og sandt. Kærlighedens sande ansigt lyver aldrig, spørgsmålet er, om vi lytter til det der bliver formidlet.

    Kim, det gør virkeligt ondt på mig, når jeg ser dette grusomme spil der bliver udspillet, ikke nok med at du gør skade på andre, men den skade du gør på dig selv.
    Den dag det går op for dig, hvad du virkeligt og jeg mener virkeligt, virkeligt har forvoldt af voldsomhed mod dig selv – vi andre skal nok overleve – men når du står ansigt til ansigt med dig selv og den grusomhed der har udspillet sig på så mange planer, på grund af personlig stolthed, så håber jeg virkeligt, at du kan tilgive dig selv.
    Jeg kan ikke glemme, hvad KFH sagde om din energi, jeg håber at du husker det – og se hvad der sker nu, det er meget tanke vækkende.
    Kim, vi har ALLE medfølelse med dig og du skal vide, at du altid vil blive tilgivet . Vi kan alle se bag den maske du har påtaget dig, vi ved hvem du er, vi ved du er såret, vi ved du er vred, vi ved at livet er en voldsom ting, at gennemleve når man er stolt og føler, at det legetøj som man har ”fået”, bliver taget fra en.
    Men det er aldrig for sent, der er rigtig mange gode forslag til dig på denne blog og jeg vil ønske dig alt held og lykke til på din vej igennem livet.
    Jeg vil gerne tilføje en sidste lille ting:
    Jeg ved, at jeg ”intet” skylder dig og jeg håber selvfølgeligt, at du med et åbent hjerte kan sige det samme, for så er vi begge kommet videre og alt er som det nu er.

    ”Livets lys” skinner stadig og mine sjæle venner bliver flere og flere.
    Med dyb respekt & kærlighed


    Dear Kim.

    I am writing this with great compassion and respect for you.
    Kim, you were ”my life”, you were the ”light in my life”, my ”soul friend” and I believed even until the last moment, that we would be together ”for eternity”. I still love you and I will always love you, even despite this difficult time after I had to realize that we will not be together anymore. When I remember the good moments, which we had, after all, then I can miss you – even today.
    When all this has been said, I also want to tell you some things hoping that you will move on in your life.
    The truth has many facets; yes it has – if such a thing as truth really exists?
    We all have to look deep inside ourselves and to feel deeply. Deep inside the space of our heart (our most holy space) we do not doubt, what is right and true. The true face of love never lies; the question is if we are listening to it.

    Kim, I really feel pain, when I see this cruel game, which is being played out by you: you do not only harm others, but especially because of the harm you are doing to yourself.
    The day when you will realize the violence that you really (and I mean really) has done towards yourself – the rest of us will survive – that day, when you stand face to face with yourself and the cruelty that was played out on so many levels, because of personal pride – that day I really wish for you, that you will be able to forgive yourself.
    I cannot forget what KFH said about your energy, I hope that you remember it – and look what is happening now! This awakens deep thoughtfulness.
    Kim, ALL of us are having compassion with you and you should know that you will always be forgiven. We can all see behind the mask that you have put on, we know who you are, we know that you are hurt, we know that you are angry, we know that life is a tough thing to live, when you are proud and feel that the “toy” you got is taken away from you.
    But it is never too late, and there are very many good suggestions for you on this blog and I wish you good luck and fortune on your way through life.
    I would like to add one more last little thing:
    I know that I owe you “nothing”, and of course I hope that you with an open heart can say the same to me, because that will show that we both moved on, and that everything is the way it is.
    I still have the “light of life” and more and more soul friends.
    With deep respect & love

  408. 408

    So it is easier to follow the spiritual path if we keep and maintain a good practice. But what about the ego, even people who practice have an ego and i have seen supposedly more ‘evolved’ people .. filled with pride and ego, how can we recognize the ego, and cure it. Actually what is the biggest enemy on the spiritual path, is it the ego?

  409. 409

    @ stine
    yes it is possible even in this situation for a person like karsten to realize the mistakes and to come back on the spiritual path. he was the one choosing to leave and he is the only one that can reconsider this decision. but for this a great sacrifice is needed: his pride and his ego.
    the more mistakes are adding in this time of confusion on his path, the more difficult will be to reconsider and even restart his spiritual training. the laziness he was having in the last years regarding the spiritual practice (he was not practicing almost at all) it is now empowered by some pseudo-principles that are tending to release the pressure made by his consciousness that is now screaming for a freedom that seems less and less possible. it is indeed a powerful lesson for all that have the intelligence to understand the subtleties of this case.

  410. 410

    @ hope
    indeed a great revelation! practice is the “secret ingredient” in the formula for the success on the spiritual path. many aspirants that ignore this secret end into a dead end of the path. when one practice and have some successes, then these recent achievements are the solid pillars for the further actions on the path. else, walking the spiritual path is like building a bridge. you built it from the highest shore and at a certain point you need to put a support pillar. if you continue too long building only the horizontal road, without any support, it will eventually collapse. the support pillars are the achievements that we have in the practice. they will support our path further.
    the ones that turn against the spiritual school were the ones that didn’t have any pillar for their bridge, they were trying to make it in one go… and it didn’t work. once it is collapsing, it is very disappointing …. unless you are ZORBA the greek (see the end part of the book when all their work is collapsing). for a weak character, such a failure is unbearable and they start to blame the system for their failure…. and this is what you see nowadays in our school.

  411. 411

    I had this revelation… if people are not serious on the spiritual path, they are superficial and ‘mime’ spirituality, not really following the teachings of the school that they are in, it is more likely they will stray from that path as they are just ‘playing’. If these guys that now fight with MISA and NATHA had really been interested in spirituality and had some consistently good practise and good states they would not be in the situation they are in now. For me this system of yoga and tantra is the most profound system in the world, it is a precious gem of information that has the possibility to transform your life immensely as it is giving you the opportunity to know your self and the truth. When i see what these ‘ex’ people once had, the treasures and possibilities that they have thrown away i am amazed and in the same time humbled and grateful to God for blessing me with the Grace of his teachings through this school. It also helps me to see i need to be much more serious and consistent with my practice. If we are attentive to these details we can see the ‘ex’ guys can teach us some important things and how to prevent making some serious mistakes!!!

  412. 412

    Thank you for your answer Mihai. It seems Karsten is proving to be a good lesson for all of us!
    But is it possible for him to see he is in the middle of a big spiritual test and to make the right decision and pass it thus making a big leap for himself and his evolution? As we all have choices in every single moment our life, and if now when it is this dark time for him where he has abandoned to the social and material life, if he could have the courage to overcome his pride and hurt and to try to discover what he truly wants and what is the meaning of his life,and surrender himself to God,God will act through him, and whatever direction his life may take he will find the greatest love, happiness and fulfillment in his life.

  413. 413

    To all you beautiful people discussing these matters at hand: I wish to thank you for making the effort to participate and put yourself out on this public arena. Reading all this, I feel enormous strength in the words you exchange and a huge learning process in progress also for us who are present in a silent way. All that is happening here seems very meaningful and important — like it’s this really significant, condensed moment in time when suddenly it becomes possible to clean out a whole truckload of subconscious mud.

    Karsten, Celia & Kim, to me it feels like you’re fulfilling an important albeit difficult role with your present actions and life decisions. At least for myself you are in this moment acting as surprise teachers; by your words and the words of all your friends talking back at you, I feel things moving and rearranging inside my being, a sense of vastness and wonder and a clearing of an almost unconscious fog on the edges of my field of perception. I feel like through your questions and challenges I’m getting answers to things I haven’t yet gotten around to ask, and to some that I have.

    I don’t know any of you so naturally my perspective completely lacks the personal level that is very well expressed in the answers you are getting… but seeing from afar, it still looks like a spiritual family working together to unravel some very tight karma knots, divided for the moment in order to tackle the issues from “both sides”. May you be successful and remember yourself. <3

    With love

  414. 414

    someone once said:

    “always forgive your enemies – it annoys them so much!”

    this can always serve as a reason if the “our father” is not enough ;)

  415. 415

    the explanation for this behavior of karsten is strictly personal and generally it is a consequence of him failing some spiritual tests. The karma, even if now for him is more convenient not to believe in it, will still come back on him reflecting exactly the way he is acting now. By the arrogant way he is writing here on my blog you can see that he doesn’t care at all of these spiritual elements (at least this is what he tries to convince everyone). I still hope that he will wake up one day, before it is not too late for the easy lessons.
    Even when we are extremely “devoted” to a path or to a school, as long as we are not attentive to the moments when we are tested, we can fail the tests and fall many steps back on the path, being possible even to quit our ideals and to throw away years of spiritual work with ourselves. One can say that this is not fair but if it wasn’t this system in the universe we will never learn our lessons, continuing to blame the others again and again. Open your eyes and your Heart and you will learn from the experiences of these people so that you can go safer on the path.
    “the wise learn from other people’s mistakes, the stupid one doesn’t learn from his own!”

  416. 416

    All this talk about sect.

    I want to add this to the subject:
    Sectarian people are those who follow a person in stead of following a path and a practice.
    If you follow sincerely a spiritual path with the values that belongs to that path, the aspirations etc. Then it doesn’t matter if even the leaders of that path fail to follow the prescriptions of the path. If they fail, then you continue.
    What unites the people on this path is the path itself, because they agree about the same things.
    It is true that many times there are people that are sectarian within such a group of people following a path, they followed a person and not the path of aspirations and ideals. But this does not mean that anything is wrong with the path itself!

    I had such a college who complained to me that Dinu was eating meat and drinking wine (I don’t know whether it was true or not) – he used it as an excuse for starting to smoke. Then I asked him if he was a follower of Dinu or if he came to transform spiritually. If he wants to transform spiritually then it might be a mistake to wait for someone to be the right example.
    Anyway, he left the school!

    We cannot blame Jesus that about a thousand years after he flew to heavens, then people became inquisitors in the name of Christianity. Nothing is wrong with Christianity – it’s the people who are sectarian.


  417. 417

    Dear Karsten

    Do you remember the law of resonance?
    The fact that now you understand and sympathies with Kim should be alarming to you.

    Remembering how much you disliked him, even despised him, you ought to get suspicious about what made you change soo much (doesn’t it worry you, doesn’t it make you concerned whether there is anything inside of you which is constant, which has integrity?) I mean, if I to a big extend change my mind about so strong feelings for or against a person I would ask myself about my own integrity. Do you remember who you saw Kim 2 years ago? Do you remember how you perceived his resonance?

    As you know, the fact that now you “understand” and agree with him, is actually possible because now you are in the same resonance like him. Before you had a higher spiritual perspective upon things, now you lowered yourself so much that you reached Kim’s very very poor level. Did you try and remember how your perspective was before, when you didnt like Kim? When you were fighting with him?

    I recommend you to try and figure out – from a resonance point of view – what does it actually tell about you, that now you resonate with Kim? ´

    Love and good luck to you from Kristine

  418. 418

    @anca popescu
    dear anca, thank you for your contribution. i am still not completely familiar with this program so i don’t know how to structure the comments in pages but i will ask some friends that will help.
    you are very welcome to participate to the debate on different topics here. as you can read, in the extent of my time i also participate not only with the posts but also with comments. some participants are writing comments almost as long as the initial article, fact that make me think that in fact my contribution here is just to raise the topic…
    welcome and congratulations for the first success in your daring attitude. now continuity will decide the way you assimilate this attitude.

  419. 419
    Anca Popescu

    Hello everybody,
    Mihai, I decided to speak after your article about the courage to dare. Maybe I was not lacking courage, just I, wrongly, believed that the truth doesn’t need defenders because it will come at the surface of the things as oil comes, sooner or later, above the water. But in the strange times we are leaving nowadays, I got convinced that knowing but not acting accordingly, is a big spiritual mistake, so, I am writing!

    I am a yogi from Romania, witnessing and fighting back the last 4 years a lot of stupid attacks against MISA, believing that the old communistic mentality was the root of the things and getting sadly to be convinced that bigger and darker forces are in charge with the entire campaign! I am shocked to find out that the so-called democratic and free Denmark reacts exactly the same to the commands from behind the politic faked smiley-s, trying to harm our very successful yoga school abroad, exactly with the same methods as in, still, old-“red”-fashioned Romania.
    In this strange game there are sometimes caught persons who fit the ‘big picture’ and manipulated to be used against spirituality. But I have to admit that I was surprised to see how ok-guys like Karsten Fischer were giving into it! I saw Karsten first in the European Yoga Congress held in Bucharest in autumn 2006, coming in front of us and declaiming his total devotion and commitment for Yoga, Natha, MISA and our spiritual guide Grieg. I think we still have recordings from that moments, Mihai, maybe you can ask where they are and remind him about his statements! What happened in between so that in such a short time he is up-side down, denying everything and going banana?
    I knew also (the world is small ) that he was totally in love with Adina and helping Natha school, being one from the very core, devoted to Mihai, I saw them staying in the same villa or driving in the same car, I know he was always welcomed in their home in Bucharest and treated as somebody very dear! How come he is so twisted and wasted just after a baby he had (what a failure in sexual continence, Karsten, you don’t have “the next day pill” in Denmark?) from a blonde with a doubtful reputation? I heard stories with Celia’s ‘adventures’ in India, in the libertine place Narcis had in Rishikesh before the Indian government declared him persona non-grata exactly for sexual affairs…
    I noticed her in the Danish group going in holidays together in Costinesti and Herculane, being just a superficial babe wanting to have as much fan as possible, complaining how much she was missing to get laid when she was in the cold Denmark!
    One of my pals from Israel got her in his bed quite easy in Herculane 2007 after only just saying hello in the street, without being lovers with her before or after!…
    This is the couple giving now interviews in Danish papers about morality and principles?!? How ridiculous!
    I know a lot more spicy details from the private life of these two morons, about huge “couple-scandals” they had in the house the Danish group has rented for holiday in Costinesti in 2007, about how Karsten mistreated another of his so-called girlfriends in that time and what a drama was going on with this burlesque couple Celia-Karsten that now became stupid tools of a much bigger game of interests again spirituality.
    So, K&C, look into your private affairs before commenting about morality, principles or other “high” issues! And, remember for your own sake, that just because you did not believe in the law of karma, will not save you from the severe consequences of your stupid spiritual mistakes you commit now! (Probably you’ll teach your kid that putting the fingers into the electric plug will harm him even if he might not “believe” in electricity! Apply common sense to you both! It will make a great difference!).

    And Mihai, to not make it longer for today, tell me if you want me to write more about the topics I touched, if you can make any use of it, I will spend some more time here!

    Wish you Mihai good luck and to all of you reading, a good day!
    Anca Popescu

    PS. Is it possible that on the blog you make pages so we don’t have to move arrows so much when we want to get to the news?

  420. 420

    Dear Karsten,

    After many answers to your statements, I have only few things to add.

    The fact that a group of people gathered in an association agree in their principles and viewpoints on certain issues is not contraire to democracy. If it would be the case, almost all the political parties, associations and unions would officially disqualify themselves.

    And especially in front of such a bold attack with an obviously intentional confusion between terms eg. sex for refined eroticism or sect for spiritual school etc.: How else can you call it, but “lies”? Would the fact that your dog, Soteria, slept next to you in your bed make you a sodomite?

    We stand here together, because we believe in something: That this spiritual path can take us all the way to complete Self-Realization. That Grieg is a true spiritual guide that can show the path (but cannot walk the path for us).

    And I have been observing myself and many others, and it is obvious that we are going forward: Calming down the mind, becoming aware of desires and other energies and thus becoming able to control them, and thus being able to consciously take our destiny in our own hand. We are continuously renewing, amplifying and deepening the love in our relationships, and refining our erotic life: all of this far beyond any experience before going on this path. The results alone are proving our believes.

    I’m sorry to read what you wrote. I understand you feel hurt or provoked and need to prove your point. Some of us also got provoked by what you wrote and got carried away. We are all human beings. Yet I’m sorry to have lost a friend.

    Do you still remember how we working together for making Natha’s new center possible? How you yourself presented the different options that we had – getting better and better as if guided by some unexplainable phenomenon… You were the one speaking about this being the Grace.

    …In Costinesti the exemplification with Dhumavati that we did parallel. And afterwards, we men discussed about how wonderfull it was, how clearly we perceived our couple as the Divine Couple. And the effect of the avalanche… I remember how proud you were that you were going some hundred kilometres away, perceiving the invisible communion between you and your lover over the distance.

    Or when we received prices for exemplifying karma yogis of the year and you came second behind Cristi only because of your lack of humbleness. Afterwards we were joking that next year we team up together to go for the first price. The efficiency from you and the humbleness from me.

    Thank you for sharing these moments.

    I guess, humbleness is not so important on the path that you have chosen now, but if you are still interested, I recommend you Milarepa. He is my teacher in that.

    May you find happiness in your life, Angels guiding you and your family.


  421. 421

    Dear Mihai,
    I read some from your articles. It is so good to find all this information.
    On one side the situation of Natha is more clear and the situation of those who wrote against Natha is more unclear.
    The accusation of Natha and of you in this strange sex story built up by the press, seems to be similar with MISA-s case. As we can see from the Romanian story there are 5 years since the procurers try to find at least a guilty person and they don’t succeeded.
    These news are just meant to creating waves of opinion, not having a real information inside.
    I was wondering myself, if in such a democratic country as Denmark, the news are published without being verified, how long will take to see in the newspapers our lives presented as stories well covered to be sold for a good price?
    But the answer to this question was not at all late.
    Ex-Natha students who failed their spiritual tests become good tools for demons.
    They can present now their pathetic story and even they blame what they loved before.
    How is it possible that after so many years of practicing yoga and having good integration in the group of friends (as they call them before) to which they belonged, just now, after they gave up to the yoga school and to their spiritual aspirations to realize that it is happening “in Natha something that they don’t like”?
    They were part of all this for long. Where they blind before or are they blind now?
    Let’s analyze this situation.
    If they were blind it means that they didn’t really live in that period. But how come that they were sharing with their friends so many experiences and they proved so many times that they were very happy and they were longing for God! So, they were alive and with spiritual ideals.
    Are they blind now?
    This means that they are not correct in their ideas now.
    If we look at Karsten, he is searching for democracy. A good ideal for somebody with a longing for a social position, but where is God in his story?
    If we look at Celia, she is complaining about “the school’s ideas” influencing her, but can she say that somebody was taking decisions instead of her? Even the fact that she has a child proves that she did as she wants.
    For me is obvious that now, in this situation, the veil of illusion is making them blind.
    With the hope that from all these stories everybody will learn the lesson and will continue the spiritual journey, I embrace you all and I thank you Mihai for this chance to understand more from life’s ways.
    With appreciation and respect,

  422. 422

    Dear Karsten

    I would like to know what actually happened before Kim left the school. People say that you were so upset with Kim because he was cheeting with the accounting (or something), that Mihai had to stop you from attacking him.
    would you like to tell us about that and do you still have the same opinion as before about it?

    or are others present here who were in the board of Natha at that moment who remebers and can enlighten the rest of us? what happened?

    the curious

  423. 423

    Dear Mihai

    So many mentioned here on the blog something about a spiritual test, could you please tell more about this? Like how do I know what my spiritual test is? How do I know if I am tested? Are we tested all the time or only sometimes and why doest this happen?
    And how will I know if I have passed a spiritual test or not, I mean; will my karma allow me to know?

    Do you have any advice for us, which will help us to pass a spiritual test?

    I hope to get some more clarifications about this issue soon, since I would not like to end up like Celia or Karsten or Kim Schmock.

    Thank you and with love,

  424. 424

    Dear Karsten,

    I write to you in high spirit to see that you enjoy the attention here on the blog!

    Your academic arrogance and desperate attempt of intellectual superiority is embarrassing though.
    Especially considering that you earn your living from consultancy and teaching others about communication.
    Instead of approaching this situation in honesty to your Soul, you start your ‘public entrance’ as another french clown: The pedantic clown hiding on stage behind a newspaper with the picture of your daughter and wife on the front page. Desperately sweating about what to do now, you finally stand up in pride to explain yourself and the situation throwing one lie to cover another.

    My friend, since we already know that you are Jesper Justice it is truly hilarious to follow your backstage reactions and to hear what lies you are telling people. The latest being that ‘No I am not Jesper, but I sympathise with his opinions.’ What are you hiding my friend, don’t you believe in your own words, are you afraid you can not stand for them in the end?

    Now let that be, that is your approach and I will answer to your democratic clown with my own inner intellectual clown, which always enjoys a good dispute.

    Let me point out few things I think you should reconsider in your long reply:
    About criticism: You name the sources of the empty slander about Natha as ‘critics’ and ‘criticism’. According to Wikipedia “The word critic comes from the Greek κριτικός (kritikós), “able to discern”[1], which in turn derives from the word κριτής (krités), meaning a person who offers reasoned judgment or analysis, value judgment, interpretation, or observation[2].”
    In this common definition of the word, the sources of Orla Borg can not be called critics since they do not display any logical reasoning or analysis of facts, but merely relate to either wrong informations (as in the court case against the 21 yogastudents) or simply connect objective facts in a wrong way.
    Let me give you an example: A. Some women are performing erotic dance shows + B. Some of the women are teachers in a yoga school = The leadership of the yoga school is persuading their female teachers to do prostitution, the money from the shows go to the yoga school, and they are all part of a sexsect controlled by a mad guru.
    This way of logical reasoning is more likely to be called defamation or more popular known as slander or calumny: “In law, defamation (also called calumny, libel (for written words), slander (for spoken words), and vilification) is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government or nation a negative image. It is usually, but not always,[1] a requirement that this claim be false and that the publication is communicated to someone other than the person defamed (the claimant).”
    Any one who have followed the press campaign against Natha in these months will hopefully see immediately for themselves how it was not critic, but defamation or calumny. First of all because the statement in the newspapers were ‘claims’ and ‘assumptions’, secondly because it was communicating a negative image about Natha in the public, and thirdly because Natha was not contacted for any response.
    I can only pity those students on Roskilde University who are taught by you about communication. Unless they want to become like clownish crusaders slandering and defaming in public debates without any logical reasoning, but only from personal and emotional motivated reasons!
    In your latest entry here in ‘proud defense for democracy’, you do not even try to cover up the slander but indulge into it from the very first sentences by stating that: 1.“The wisdom I believe many of you need is the ability to see your actions through other peoples eyes”, 2. Followed by an example with “Kim making a Faustian pact, Natha being the brothers of Light”.
    Well my friend, it is hard even to have a good dispute with you here, when you make no argumentation or no connection between the statement and the example. This is just pure slander and offending for anybody who can do a bit of logical thinking. What in Heavens name is your point here! Beyond the fact that you wanted to throw in your reply a bit of bad reasoning and academic arrogance to mask your own desperation for ‘standing up’ for your own recent decisions in life.
    Let me just ask you very simple: Did you ever read Goethes Faust or study the Faust character in any other way? To my knowledge you never fashioned reading books. Don’t you remember that I studied literature and in fact comparing Kim with Faust might be a very empathic attempt from my side to capture something trivial in an archetypical context which gives the possibility for the readers to transfigurate and understand the deep human psychology of the Bhoga Case. And by the way: In the end Mephistopheles, trying to grab Faust’s soul when he dies, is frustrated as the Lord intervenes—recognizing the value of Faust’s unending striving. Which is an extremely important fact, which you would have known reading the play! In others words the analogy to not try to present Kim as evil, only to point out that he has turned his striving in a materialistic direction.
    Maybe you wisely should develop ‘the ability to see your own actions through other peoples eyes’, before lecturing your old friends about sectarian patterns and democracy.
    And here few comments to your answers on my questions:

    1. What is not ‘democratic’ about the way we (Natha) respond to criticism?
    If we did not listen to the slandering accusations, how could we reply so direct and thoroughly to every single statement brought in the press? The fact that we do not agree with the perspective and the claims – which you even continue here – just shows that we are in fact democratic human beings with strong principles and crystalised ideas about what we are doing, and what we are not doing. A group of individuals who are actually very well integrated in the world, informed about what is going on and who wish to share and debate points of view. Isn´t this dialogue between us exactly an example of this?

    Still I will repeat also, what I have stated officially in the press release: I have no problem that our students and teachers practice what they learn in the school, professionally as well as privately. And still it is their own initiatives and not connected directly with the school, neither economically or administratively. And it is their own democratic right to do so ;) – and it is not against the law, so what is your problem – except maybe that we are doing very well without you?

    In fact the only critical feedback about the statements of the board I have got from various students and former students – like your good friends Mikael and Espen ;) – was going to tantra fanaticism: They do not understand why Natha do not teach and offer erotic tantric massage or make tantric erotic movies.
    The reason is very simple: Natha is teaching a very complex spiritual system meant to offer any one with genuine aspiration to develop themselves through spiritual practice. Only some of the students are interested in the tantric teaching and the tantric path which are integrating actively the erotic life in their spiritual practise through sexual continence, transfiguration and tantric practises in love relationships. In this way Sublime Erotica, The Tantra Temple remains part of a flourishing campus around the school together with Opening of the Heart groups, groups studying esoteric knowledge, group studying the power of Kundalini and much more, thus maturing and developing the students in their particular field of study. Anyway a certain course or activity is never part of a constitution. A constitution is based on principles, not courses, also Nathas.
    Yet I do not regard Eve’s Awakening or the Tantra Temple as ‘pornography’ or ‘commercial sex’. In both cases it is initiation into the art of sexual continence and erotic tantra. This does not mean that they can not improve their initiatives towards perfection, but this is done according to a clearly defined intention. And as you wrote yourself to Ulrik – ‘the world is according to how we see it’. If you see porn everywhere and think everybody else do the same, you definitely do not stand for your own wisdom in the beginning.
    (By the way of democracy: Our board members are all actively participating in this debate and these issues were even discussed in our general assembly on 14th of June, where the correspondence with the Kommune was read and people was asking all kinds of questions.)

    2. Where is the socalled paranoia and aggression you refer to in our replies and press releases?
    First of all what is so wrong with aggression (YANG) – meaning a dynamic out going attitude. You are here confusing a democratic attitude with passivity (YIN). You are yourself displaying a kind of aggressive passivity – hiding behind pseudonyms and instead exposing your family – and that is probably why you make this confusion.
    The basic dynamic and development in a democratic society springs from disagreement and exchange of opinions. I wish myself that people in our dying democracy would express much more aggression – meaning a YANG attitude, making their own reasoning, having their own opinion and standing for them. Our democracy is drowning in passivity and unconscious acceptance of the immoral domination of a few opinions multiplied everywhere.

    I am also surprised about your lack of knowledge in this matter. Either you are not very well informed or you are deliberately acting naively. The proofs of an international conspiracy exist and are shared by more and more people everyday, who dare to do their own research and not only follow the mainstream news. The discussion is more about how this hidden power elite are structured and in what degree and to what level they are acting.

    In my opinion it is very simple: Consider some fundamental spiritual principles and see how they are not applied in the society today. So yes I am sure that consciously executed mind control and mass manipulation is happening in a very large extend in the world today. Soon when I will have a little more time I will participate actively in informing about this in the public – and you will be most welcome to join an initiative striving for real democracy.
    Actually I find Nathas approach to this issue very soft, and ‘scandalous’ somehow even a too mild word for what is going on in the world at the level of wealth, power and decision making.
    The produced story about Natha we see in J.P these days is only a repetition of the one executed against MISA and other spiritual organisations promoting a free way of thinking, which is why I referred to the involved sources as pawns in the chess. Because – as a former member involved in an organisation, who got stepped on his toes – the way you are reacting is pretty predictable.

    I invite you (and others) to see ‘The Big Picture’, ‘End Game’ and ‘Esoteric Agenda’ which you will easily find on the net, and also to study the research of Nassim Haramein, Bruce Lipton, Douglas Rushkoff, Juri Lina, Peter Joseph and many others – since you probably do not want to study our courses anymore ;). As a good proud democrat I would suggest, that it is your duty to find out what is going on around you – and not to isolate yourself from the opinions and experiences of many people today. Or you do not care to ‘listen’ to these critical voices in our society?

    3. What is the sectarian you refer to in ‘our pattern’?
    Dear Karsten, first of all it is with your own words ‘very, very strange’ how you as a sociologist can spend 5-6 years in an organisation and only after you have abandoned your friends out of personal and emotional reasons you offer an ‘experts’ critical point of view.

    This disqualify yourself as a sincere human being, since you never honestly presented these opinions to your friends when you were working for the school – and even responsible for some activities. The few times you and me had a debate about it, we actually agreed according to my memory, that yes in any organisation you will find fanatics or people with sectarian patterns, but this springs from their own mind patterns projected on what ever they would be part of, and not the other way around. Thus you find today sectarian football fans almost ready to kill or die for a lost game, and you find sectarian politicians highly unwilling to die for anything, but even more ready to kill for power and prestige. This does not make the club or the parlament a sect in itself, just as poor yoga practitioners with sectarian mind patterns do not make Natha or its spiritual legacy anywhere near likely.

    Personally I have been in Natha for almost 11 years and I always felt completely free to participate in the extend I wanted, no limitations about what you can do and what you can not do, all I have found was a group of people who gradually tried to take more and more responsibility for their own life, for each other and for a common goal, and to mature through integrating in their life a spiritual legacy.
    The most concerning issue here is in fact that you decided to have a child and leave the school and your spiritual path with one of the most fanatic and sectarian women in the school! We even talked about this if you remember. ‘How you sincerely hoped not to project your own need of security and fear of loneliness from one women to another’, but it could be added: would instead develop self confidence and inner centering before engaging further in your relationships.
    Only weeks before both of you gradually departed, Celia offered Mihai to go with him where ever he wanted to go, which shows a completely immature and irresponsible human behaviour. The fact that she left the school right after demonstrates exactly that this statement was not motivated from an inner devotion to the spiritual legacy, which Mihai is teaching, but from a blind submission to him as a person.

    And beyond all personal issues your reasoning is as I already pointed out in the beginning very inconsistent in itself: Beyond any research method. Lets just look at the reasoning you are doing in your letter, which is the only facts we have for your claims:

    a. “The fact that everybody who contributes to this debate is so convinced that the criticism is an attack on the school is sectarian.”
    This point I already explained in my comment to question 2. ‘Alienation’ is when it is only within the group an opinion dominates. Do your research and you will see how it is a large number of organisations and private initiatives who share this general opinion about the mainstream press and their spin doctors.
    b. “The fact that everybody is repeating the same meaning, and no one is (publicly) asking any questions to the leaders of the school shows centralised control.”
    Your idea of Natha as centralised controlled is absurd. We have a blog where people freely publish their opinions and debate –even you and Kim -, we have a large number of statements from students on our website with very different opinions, and we have a lot of people debating privately within the school or even with you and Kim, expressing very different opinions and without being controlled in any way. Remember that advising and controlling are not the same thing.
    c. “The black & white view of the world is also secterian, like the attacks on your ctitiques (Kim Schmock, Cecilia Tiz, Jyllands-Posten) is”.
    This is again a claim without reasoning or argument. Noneless as I explain you with the Faust example, there is many layers of polarity in our statements and maybe you should consider more profound the true meaning of the symbol YIN YANG, since there is a big difference between seeing the world colorless (B&W) and as a dynamic interaction of polar forces.

    d. Concerning Nylunds authority as a sociologist: I must admit, that I am not familiar with Nylunds study on the swedish OSHO movement, but if he categorized a movement as a ‘sexsect’ because they are doing HIV-tests and using naked people in commercials it is indeed not good field study. The danish ministry of Health encourage everybody to do yearly venereal and HIV-tests, because of the increased instability in relationships and any large cooperation are using erotic images with great success in their advertisements.
    Also I dare you to find another sociologist to study Natha and the students in the school, but only if you will keep your promise you gave to me before leaving – that you would start again in the first year of yoga in my class! – if it is again for the third time proven that Natha is not a sect. ;)

    4. Maybe you can also advice us about ‘a more democratic way’ to respond so we can improve?
    Here I only have a short comment: We knew already what would happen and what the interview with Celia was all about. We had contact with Mr. Borg many times – even he confirmed to us that you were Jesper in a recorded interview. And as already explained: in my opinion we do not refuse common sense critics, only defamations and calumnies, which are exactly trying as you say to perceive things in B&W and without nuances.
    Natha never refused the existence of the activities you refer to, only that it is part of campus and students own private activities, not of the courses and not of the constitution. Also I never refused to listen to the critics of students and your friends Mikael and Espen, and I was expressing the same opinion to them.

    5. Finally please explain us all why the democracy, which you are so proud of do not give us any chance to state our opinion through their media. Is debate and representing equally the opinion of all involved parts in a matter not essential in democracy?
    We will see about the free press! Until now J.P. have refused to publish any official reply, even we reformulated it 3 times. After that they stated in an recorded interview, which will soon be published, that in fact they would never agree, no matter what we would send them, to recognized it as an official reply. Free press? That would be an excellent idea – not just few major cooperation with a tight political agenda! Lets see if the Press Council believes in that.

    About democracy I already explained how you in my opinion confuse it with passivity. But there are some more things to be explained here:
    Democracy is in my opinion a social structure expressing the ideal social model at the level of svadisthana chakra. A spiritual legacy like Nathas is not in conflict with democracy. Not at all. Its aim is to integrate in the society in a harmonious way and to represent a positive social initiative contributing to our common social, cultural and spiritual heritage. And even to rediscover parts of the Nordic spiritual culture which has been forgotten – like sexual continence, polarity, resonance, meditation, beneficial trance, body awareness and mental health et cetera.

    Here you have to differentiate between the social environment of people involved in Natha – which is a very mixed group where you and Celia and Kim was also part – and the spiritual legacy. You find of course in Natha people which are not aligned with the legacy, but that is simply a natural thing in social dynamics. Just like you will find people in any football club who hardly kick the ball.

    Concerning the administration of the school and to integrate the spiritual legacy in a democratic way there is absolutely no conflict either. We have a board which are administrating the school and take care that the condition to be part of a social support system are fulfilled. At the same time we have a constitution implying that the school are suppose to follow a certain teaching system and must have a supervisor who takes care that this is happening. Of course if the general assembly suddenly would disregard the teachings and Mihai and Grieg as advisors, and for example decide to make a fitness center instead, the constitution would have to be changed. But this did not happen so far.
    Your problem to understand how Natha can integrate in a democracy with a spiritual teaching might origin from your own personal view of this world as being solely horizontal and materialistic. In your ‘criticism’, you do not consider any of the hidden forces of natures or any honest observations inspired by your heart, and this is why it is so easy to point out your weaknesses. It is a flat, passive and materialistic ‘democracy’ you are praising, and not a democracy where the Soul of man (demo) is awakening to a higher level of reality.

    I hope that this answer together with the one from Amrita and others here on the blog, will help you to see some mistakes you have done and reconsider some of your points of view.

    In true friendship


  425. 425

    Dear Karsten,
    Amrita is making a very good point, and you would be wise to really listen to her. The hardest thing for people is to admit that they were wrong, and this is were you are stuck. Instead of admitting that you made a mistake, you prefer to attack and smear the entire school and most of all Mihai – because he makes you see yourself as you are – and this you can’t bear.
    If your ”concern” for the way things are in the school was genuine, then why have you not ever mention it at all in a discussion with Mihai, or with any one else from the school, for that matter? Even after you left the school, it would have been easy for you to pick up the phone and just say to us that you think that there is something wrong – but you didn’t do that. Instead of doing the right and honorable thing, acting like a man, and saying your criticism (since you are now so fond of criticism) face to face, as people do (especially between friends) – instead of this you chose the way of the coward – you went to the papers! you didn’t gave your criticism to us (who you say you want to help) but to everyone else – clearly the intention was not to help but to defame. You didn’t face us when you sayed your ”criticism” you preferred to talk with a journalist. and most ridiculous – you chose to use a false name, showing so clearly what a coward you are and that you don’t dare to face the people that you criticize. This is showing that even you yourself don’t believe what you say, since you don’t have the verticality to stand behind your words.
    This was a part of your problem to begin with – why you failed the test and left the school: you didn’t have the courage to tell to Mihai what you were thinking, you were trying to pretend to him that you were someone you were not, and you knew that he can see through the facade – so you had to go away.
    Seeing ourselves for how we are is the beginning of real transformation, so I hope that you use this opportunity to transform.
    With love, Lars.

  426. 426

    Dear Karsten and Celia
    I am very sad to read these lines from you on the blog.
    I hope that your love for God and your aspiration and wish for transformation is bigger than the pride you have to face now.
    I would like to point out that both of you has ascendant leo, just like me, and i know from my experience that pride can make someone easy to hurt and difficult to forgive. (i am even a fish with leo like you Karten).
    I had to face similar tendencies in myself as you have to now and it was clear that i was making a regress in my spiritual evolution during that period. And i am still effected by the resonances i created that time. I can tell you more about my experiences if you are interested.
    I wish you to become aware that it is a spiritual test you go trough now. And I wish you to have the wisdom to see that all that is happening with you now in reality happens inside yourself and it is an inner process of tendencies you always had inside, and see that all what is going on outside is not really important.
    What would be to do is not to listen to your ego to your “scars” but forcefully manifest LOVE and focus your thoughts on LOVE and replace any thought of victim with a state of solarity, spiritual heroism and to be a child of love and light. Not to be a victim of your own weakness and your ego.
    Celia dear, one of the biggest mistake of a woman is to follow a man who deep in your heart you know is not on the good track. I am sure you know that because all women have intuition.
    And Karsten i remember you being little lost complaining in Premas kitchen about this new situation with Celia and the child and planning your new life. Celia was a strong woman and she was solar and you were actually receptive in this situation because this was not how you initially wanted things to happen. You have to know what you want and be solar. Remember your states and words and feelings this might lead you back there.
    I wish you lots of joy with Amanda and the coming other being. I wish that bringing up these children will teach humility, patience, self-sacrifice and other things that children can teach to their parents when they come.
    I hope that in this fight against Natha and resonating with revenge and anger will not make you forget to give to these beings what they really need, your love, your attention and tenderness.
    I love both of you very much and i wish you to remember that you are much more than this.
    I know you will go back to the spiritual path and you will transform again. I wish you that you don’t wait too long with this.
    I hope you know when you are honest to yourself that the reason you left Natha is your own mistakes and why you don’t come anymore here is because you did not want to confront this and admit it.
    And after all “you can recognise the tree from its fruits”. And see the fruits of this past year how your states are recently. Do you have state of deep love? State of expansion, state of true freedom? State of gratitude, fulfillmet, happiness? Because people here in Natha still experiencing these states frequently showing a continuous transformation.
    You can check yourself if you have a spiritual practice or if you pray.
    Natha is not the only place offering spirituality.
    I wish you to have the courage to ask God for help, because then he will answer to you soon. And go to back to Him still in Good time.
    And no matter what, you are in my heart.
    And not only in mine, you can be sure, in many of our hearts.

  427. 427

    Dear Karsten

    I am very sorry to see how you ended up and how you failed this spiritual test that you – after all – fought a lot not to fail, but to understand. But alas; your pride was too big, or your insecurity and attachments…

    You write, as usual, very smoothly, cleverly seemingly sound and fair in your rational arguments like a social democrat. You always had this “gift” of presenting things in a very slippery way, as if you are very calm and sound. Just before, you used this “gift” to speak on behalf of Natha’s spiritual ideals – now you use it to speak against the same ideals and also against the people in Natha, who were once your friends.

    My first approach will not be to answer to those things that you just published here on the blog, since it is anyway not what your whole involvement is truly about. Not at all! Something is driving you there…
    Being your teacher for some years and also knowing you from many common activities I will write to you here cutting some formalities that I consider not necessary. And also I am writing here as a friend that feel to give you a feedback on your recent.

    Lets start from the “no baby” article: Since it seems that you (and Celia) forgot what these spiritual ideas actually means, I want to put light on some terms, that you choose to use in the newspaper but seen from a materialistic perspective: “demonic” and “freedom”.

    It is very clever to mention those terms in a materialistic newspaper for people that don’t have a clear spiritual orientation, because you know very well their opinion on those things and you know that they do not understand the true meaning of it, especially when you make it so “one sided”. In this way a whole article can be written with phrases after phrases that are almost “true” – just that the whole meaning of it gets completely twisted. I was amazed and impressed (not in a good way) to see how skillful it was done. A sentence which is completely true and I could even use it word by word, suddenly in this frame becomes a complete lie. To understand how this happens please follow the below explanation of those terms:

    The term demonic regarding one person means that the person is manifesting a combination between some good actions and some bad or strange actions, all being characterized by doing only what is his own will, he is doing it for his own egoistic purposes. It is egoistic because it is not integrated into the universal harmony. The demonic person is sometimes charming and exceptional and sometimes strange, having reactions that are aggressive, or simply mean. The demonic one is always caught in between the good and the bad, not being able to join any of the sides. The demonic ones are always among the ones that are changing sides since they are the ones that cannot take a clear decision for something.
    It doesn’t necessary imply that you are an evil person – just that you are for sure not a spiritual person, who wants to transform into higher states of consciousness. Also it means that you are not free (I come back to this).

    Contrary to being demonic is to be integrated into the divine flow of universal energies – then you do always good, motivated by altruism, love, harmony, self-abnegation etc. This is only for people, who (consciously or not) are on a spiritual path towards liberation, aiming towards spiritual freedom. All these you (and Celia) know because we are teaching this in the class and you have been there.

    So the definition of freedom depends of course totally on what perspective you have; a demonic or a divine one.
    From a demonic perspective freedom means to have the free choice to do what you want, for your own pleasures, following only your own (limited) will and limited perspective which most of the time takes into consideration only your own comfort and safety (muladhara), your own pleasures (swadistana) and your own will or strive for power (manipura). This definition of freedom is also the basis of doing black magic. I don’t say it will necessarily lead to doing black magic, but it is still good to know the root, so you can see where your definition might bring you.
    In most cases it just keeps ordinary mediocre people in the trap of their own patterns and karma. The “demonic” perspective of freedom is enchaining people to do only what they want, which is only what their karma (i.e. personal blindness caused by their specific mental or emotional patterns) allows them to do. So this is the opposite of freedom!

    The divine perspective upon freedom is the complete opposite. Here freedom is “to be free from your own ego”, free from your mental patterns (i.e. limitations or karma), free from the imprisonment or fear of not surviving, free from attachment to pleasure and power. This freedom gives the ecstatic happiness of following the divine harmony and thus to be in union with the whole universal harmony. Freedom implies also detachment, integrity, true and unconditional love and happiness. Only such a state of Freedom can allow you to stand up for the truth because only such a free person can stand for the truth without being influenced by a hidden personal agenda – many times this agenda is hidden in the subconscious and only the ones around can see it, because karma is blinding the person.
    As the Buddhist expresses it freedom is: “to be free of the sufferance of sickness, old age and death”; meaning to be free of the enchainment to the ephemeral because you found inside of you what is eternal.
    I hope that you knew this at least at the time when you were in the school. I hope that you really forgot this when Celia wrote this article – because if she did not honestly forget the real meaning of demonic and free will – then she is demonically abusing these words in order to manipulate the public opinion against going on a spiritual path, and this is even worse – for her!
    Maybe she really forgot because she is a quite materialistic person and she did have grave problems for a long time (indicating indulgence into the ego, lack of inner freedom, attachments to lower egoistic desires) before she managed to “catch” you, “blindfold” you and make you forget your spiritual aspirations (of course only because you also yourself had a weakness and wanted to forget because you failed your spiritual tests; then this escape was the most convenient for you).

    Celia told me several times even since many years ago that she just wanted to find a husband and get children and until then she was just having fun in this school with a lot of great people. She was never really having a serious approach but only occasional bursts of fanaticism. She was once telling me (when I was upset on Mihai) that she would follow him till the end of the world. I was amazed to hear that, because I saw how superficial she was with the spiritual subjects and because I know that Mihai has a firm opinion against these kind fanatic attitudes.
    I am sorry for you, that this “husband” she was searching for (in a personal and somehow superficial way) ended up to become you, since you fought so much against it and – at least according to what you sometimes told me – really wanted to proceed on the spiritual path.

    I feel to remind you some of the things that you have said on the way:

    You told me several times that Adina is a kind of “saviour” for you, helping you to transform on the spiritual path. You were not fanatic, but you were considering that no-matter what happens, you just have to “hang-on to her, and then everything will be fine”, meaning then your spiritual transformation is secured. You expressed such a gratitude for her, such a love and transfiguration – which I never heard you expressing about Celia! For me it was obvious that you feel like this with Adina, because of the wonderful and amazing way she was giving you such a beautiful spiritual relationship and impulse to transform yourself – you really had a rare and exceptional gift.

    Then, on the beach in Costinesti in 2007, you were suffering so much because Adina was in love with another man too. You fought so much to stand this deep inner emptiness that you felt and to understand practically the generosity in love.
    I tried to explain you at that moment that you will not last on the spiritual path, if you only follow her, you have to follow the teaching and the path. But you have this deep dependency, this deep lack of resting within your own being. Therefore you could not relate to a principle which you follow – therefore your only “rope”, that you desperately cling to, is a person. And when that person is disappointing you, then you also lost all, what she was standing for; values, spiritual aspirations and ideals. This was your big test and the big danger that you faced all along:

    When you began your spiritual journey you had a girlfriend who wanted to marry you and have kids. In the beginning you were not very involved and you did not ask much from the spiritual path or from yourself on this path. For you ½ hour meditation was too much, why to strive more? Why to put more effort? “Let’s take it easy”, this was your approach. Nobody was impressed by you for your spiritual efforts!

    Then you met Adina and you left your previous girlfriend and you forsake everything that had to do with her lifestyle and her values all together. You even spoke down about it and expressed your happiness that you escaped. (This attitude you didn’t learn from Adina because she was perfectly integrated with her family and in the society. This was only your reaction (which characterizes a weak person)). Then you adopted Adina’s lifestyle like a perfect chameleon; you were like a prolongation of Adina’s opinions in everything (except when you were fighting because she insulted your pride). But you were also sometimes aware of this dependency and tried to compensate it – at least when you experienced a crisis with her. In many of these situations you came and spoke with me for advice.

    Now you are back with an “unspiritual” woman, who wants children and your believe-set has completely changed again. (don’t get blind on the word “unspiritual” – because you know that I don’t mean to split the world in spiritual and unspiritual, it’s just to make a point!)

    Your test all along was indicated by these questions: Can you be truly free and independent, following the values and life which is truly your own inner aspiration, your own commitment – no matter what other people does or says?
    Are you on a spiritual path or on a path of dependency and just adapting the values and ideals of the one you depend on?
    What we can see from “outside” (i.e. of you and your karmic blindness) is that you are on the path of dependency and you are just oscillating between extremes which are defined by the woman you made yourself depend on.

    I will show some more episodes from my memory (that I mention here because I want to show you something about your character. You should understand all these from the perspective of your current situation):
    You told me once, when Celia failed to be the manifestation of the Great Cosmic Power Bhuvanesvari, that because of this you completely lost interest in her. Your reason was that she was not “spiritual” enough but just an egoistic woman and you would not waste your time with her.
    The point I make here is that you were having the same very convinced attitude as you have now but in the opposite direction.

    Another recent event I want to remind you (something that is surprising!): when you had this “crisis” with Mihai, Adina and Celia, when Celia was pregnant (I remember also other strange events related to this, which I will tell about later, so we don’t mistake the subjects), you came and talked with me about: how can you avoid that Celia is completely taking you over and you get “swallowed” in a “family” with her loosing your spiritual aspirations. You were so worried that it would happen, you even had different plans how to avoid this to happen (it’s obvious that your plans did not work :)). You expressed to me your problems with Celia’s enormous drama and possessiveness. You expressed serious doubts whether she would manage on the spiritual path and you were worried for your situation with her and for her spiritual progress, when she would become a mother.
    I also want to mention the grave problems you had with Mihai, which you discussed with me in some of those last meetings, when you came and asked my advice. I remember that you felt that he completely abandoned you since he expressed serious concerns for your spiritual evolution. It was very hard to reach you to get a sane reasonable approach; you were completely stuck in feeling hurt in your pride and feeling abandoned. I even said directly to you; that my feeling about what you told me (and about Mihai) is NOT that Mihai is abandoning you, but on the CONTRARY THAT HE IS CONSERNED TO NOT LOOSE YOU. He was trying to help you to see your situation by telling you directly the implications, so that you could take measures and still save your commitment to your spiritual path – but you could not listen because you took it from your ego and therefore you saw it only as an offend to your pride, then you thought that he is pushing you away. You were so blind and it was so impossible to help you to open up to see this.

    Moreover it was so obvious that NONE OF YOUR PROBLEMS in that discussion were related to the yoga school itself. Your concern was THE SPIRITUAL PATH AND THE SPIRITUAL EVOLUTION. This is why I find it significant since your doubts were related to your relationship and its spiritual perspective; you wanted so eagerly to keep your path within the school.

    Did you ever consider, what was Celia’s big gain in leaving Natha, after she became pregnant with you? Do you know what she really gets out of it, which is more important for her than the spiritual path? That now, since you are not in Natha, she doesn’t (seemingly) risk that you get back with Adina or another woman that are following the spiritual path – she got you!?
    Seemingly, – because she is maybe not aware how you have been lying to her and she doesn’t realize that the falseness you display now against Natha you also display to her, when you consider it in your interest.
    Don’t forget that the root sin of number 3 persons is betrayal – and you managed to get to the root ;)

    (and since we speak about number 3 now, I want to refer to another unconscious reason for you to leave the school and even attack it. When Mihai told you that you will slow down the speed of your spiritual evolution if you get a child you were so upset, and this is due to your tendency for competition and the fact that number 3 doesn’t want to do something in which he cannot be the best. This is also a more true reason why you got so upset that Mihai told you these things. He never said that your spiritual transformation will necessary stop (you did not have to go to the other extreme and completely stop your transformation and evolution), he said it will not be so exceptional anymore, you will not transform so fast anymore. I even told you the same (being a mother for 2 children I know this): it is normal that when you have a child then a great deal of your attention goes to the child and this will delay and take some energy and involvement away from whatever other aspiration you have (it is not only valid for a spiritual involvement). Any mature person would know that you cannot have children and in the same time keep the same super intense engagement with something else (unless you will fail the child). But you could not accept to not be the best anymore – again your pride was your foremost concern!)

    So all this taken into consideration, I hope that now everybody, but especially yourself, understands that actually it is true that your couple got “demonic” as well as freely keeping the baby. In the real definition of the term it is obvious to all that if you would have not got a baby (applying with success the sexual continence), then both of you would still be on the spiritual path.
    I would even dare to say that if you would not have been the father of Celia’s baby, then both of you would still be on the spiritual path (because you would not care so much about your relationship with Celia if it would not have been YOUR child! And then Celia would also not have left the school since she still did not catch a “husband” to take with her. Then your relationship would have continued as before: on-off.).
    So, CONCLUSION: the choice to have that baby was a demonically inspired choice (you were suddenly flipping your viewpoints and within few weeks you changed your options with 180 degrees) and you failed this spiritual test. Now you are no longer on a spiritual path – now you even attack spirituality!
    But you should know that it was not necessary that both of you would have to fail it so much, to delay your spiritual progress to such a large extend – you could still have continued in a more slow mode but surely, and who knows, after some years maybe you could have again taken big leaps in your transformations. After all, we are many parents who follow this spiritual path and we all still transform spiritually.

    You should also know that I do not feel particularly insulted by your attacks on Natha, and also not on my friends and not even on Mihai – just like I could not feel insulted when my 3 year old son screamed at me in furious frustrations that I was the most bad mother in the whole world, because I did not want to give him an ice-cream before dinner – but only after. I could just smile in lenience at this.
    What I do not tolerate is that in a world of “Kali Yuga”, where the spirituality, the divine and the good, love and harmony, they are all at their lowest, you go and support this destructive tendency by attacking a true spiritual path, by attacking true spiritual values, perspectives and life-style of thousands of people, because I am concerned about the real happiness of all people. I feel so much compassion with all these people, who live in the “Kali-Yuga” delusion, and need help to see the light, need to know it exist, to have hope, to find their true inner soul instead of just living like robots devaluating their humanity more and more. I now that many don’t care about this and they are of course free to stay there – I am concerned about people who just like me, was longing for a spiritual path all my life, but thinking it did not exist anymore and fearing that the dark or materialistic perspective upon life, which is promoted nowadays, is the only option.
    What you in fact are doing is to attack this hope and this light and maybe some persons in the world would have found it but missed because of listening to you!
    This I find really bad from you and for you as well!

    I am sorry for you that you did not manage to be man enough to help Celia to stay on the spiritual path and even more sorry for you that you lost it yourself. Learning the sexual continence and developing the VIRA state would have helped you, if you would have listened to the advices and example Mihai gave then you would have improved.

    I have seen sometimes some of my friends and even lovers leaving the spiritual path and I am sorry for all of them. Some of them just left and had a happy “normal” life – they did not have such a big inclination for spirituality after all.

    But others, who were great and had had big transformations on their path, lost much more. You should see the difference between a man who used to be continent for years and then, after just few years he becomes visibly old very fast, he looses completely this very attractive inner verticality, he looses completely an irresistible radiation of a deep inner power, charisma and spark, he becomes flat, kind of empty-like, as if nobody is “home” inside of him anymore, in short he becomes unattractive and uninspiring to be with. Another characteristic is that his inner vision is blurred and the qualities are fading out. With some of these old friends I saw this downwards transformation and I had a deep compassion in my heart for them.

    I hope that you will understand this mechanism. Here are some more considerations regarding the motivations you have. I tell you these aspects not only as a friend but also as a qualified psychologist. The problem of acting against your own integrity is that your soul gets very hurt by this action, and this is unbearable for anyone. In order to survive this unbearable feeling of hurt from your own actions then you start to justify them (if you do not have the guts and power to realize this and to operate a transformation), then you have to go out and make other people believe in it for your own comfort! It is a matter of survival.
    This is valid no matter if you are an alcoholic who try to stop and cannot, if you are a smoker who try to stop and cannot, if you did bad or violence to other people and you cannot transform, then you will start to defend that it is okay, even good to be like this.
    Therefore you see so many people defending all sorts of wrong ideals, which come only from a strong denial of the previous system that they somehow rejected and now attack; we can see almost the same pattern: they are doing this because they were cowards, who failed their own aspirations and divinely inspired ideals and then need a “honorable exit”.
    And off course, you – as a number 3 being so depended and concerned about other peoples opinion about you – will use a lot of effort on convincing everybody else that you were right, that you did not fail anything but that the values, from were this failure is considered, are wrong.

    So, dear Karsten, the wisdom you wish for us all – you are the one, who really need it now. You should discover that you cannot lie to yourself as you can lie to the others for a while; you can never run away from yourself. In the final end you will inevitable have to confront yourself and there will be no-body else to convince or to lie to.
    For now you can pretend to be happy, you can pretend to have integrity – and you might convince a few people about this.

    But what is the use of that, when one day you stand alone facing only your own soul and inner life?

    With endless compassion

  428. 428

    @kim schmock and karsten fischer and celia clausen
    Dear kim, karsten and celia (I know you are reading this ;) )
    I am happy to hear from you and to read from you about your openness to hear the truth and to accept some criticism (since you ask the others to do it I am sure you are not so perverse to avoid yourself the critics and the truth…from which you have both now in these messages).
    As we can see, before I had time to give you an answer, our common friends were doing a great job to give you an opportunity to show everyone how open to dialogue and truth you are. This is a step forward and I hope you start to realize how profound it this process of transformation, even if it is an indirect one as it is for you now. Do not feel discouraged by the fact that it seems that you are not right, the dialogue keeps you open and let the light to come in (relax, I am not talking about the light coming from what I or others are writing!). After all, let’s not forget that even a lost war can turn in a great success if we learn its lesson!
    It is clear that this occasion of dialogue was creating also the opportunities for some aspects that were not said in the right time to be said and therefore for the tension to be eliminated. Also for you as well as for me and others that are participating, active or passive, this is a big lesson of life that we will take and deepen with the courage of a true spiritual seeker, until everyone will understand their lesson. From this perspective I find your attempts to communicate very good. After all, you were the ones starting this entire “circus” (by letting yourself used by demonic forces) so you are getting all the possibilities to manifest now and learn.
    Therefore I am preparing a reply to all that you said and did to the school and to me in the last years and I hope I can deliver it to you before the summer camp. And I assure you that I will formulate it in a direct way as you know me a direct person.
    You can see that these people who wrote – that I am sure many are not usually writing so much – were writing a lot of aspects to you and this is a sign that they care for you. Even if you hurt a lot of people with your lies (it is without n) still, if you were not once friends and lovers with a lot of people in this spiritual school, now one would have given any attention to your lines (here I said lines and not lies). It was enough the official replies of the school that is clarifying all the aspects and that was all. You are not alone even now, after you have been “spiting” on the face of so many. The fact that you are disturbed by human weakness and temptations (which i will explain later) doesn’t cancel the existence of your soul, it is just covering it with another layer of dust. I hope this point will reach also your heart!

    I also want to thank to all the friends of NATHA which were standing up for their school and were also standing up for their friends that are now in a difficult time. As I said before, a friend is not necessary the one that is telling what you want to hear but the one that tells what you need to hear and then stand for what he said. This signs of care are very inspiring and I hope this will continue also beyond this particular situation, having now an example.

  429. 429

    Dear Karsten

    The fact that members or teachers of an association chooses to perform in a movie that aims to show the sublime aspects of eroticism should not be discussed in a general assembly of that association. On a general assembly belong the subjects that affect the association. And the actions of these people in their private life do not affect a school of yoga and tantra. The fact that people can be offended to find tantra teachers in movies aiming to show the erotic parts of tantra is showing severe inhibitions regarding sexuality.
    People are generally wise enough to understand that there is a distinction between private life and association life. That would also be the reason why you and Celia didn’t call for a general assembly before choosing to have a baby, even though Celia as I remember was chairman of Natha at that time.

    Karsten, of course we stand up to defend our school when it is being defamed. That is not at all aggressive. It is the normal reaction of anybody with a little self-respect. The aggressors in this case are Jyllands-Posten, Kim, Celia and the “mysterious” Jesper. Attacking your former friends is however aggressive (and please somebody help me out here: would an anonymous attack be called cowardly aggression or aggressive cowardice?).
    Pointing out the fact the biggest newspaper in Denmark is using manipulation techniques is neither aggressive nor paranoid; it is a common fact clear to anybody who has eyes to see.

    If somebody is making a personal attack on a person through a national mass media (in this case Celia’s attack on Mihai), it is only normal that that person responds to the accusations himself. Why on earth should Mihai call for a democratic decision from the whole organisation whether or not he should answer to the accusations aimed at his person? That’s ridiculous.

    You state: “Jyllands-Posten is a privtely owned newspaper and their only legal obligation towards you lies in connection to these laws and procedures.”
    Exactly! Good that you mentioned this. Let’s look into the laws then:

    Paragraph 34 in the Law of Media Responsibility states that “The content and the conduct of the mass media should be in accordance with good press ethics”
    The first 4 guidelines of what is good press ethics are as stated by the Committee of Media Responsibility:

    1) It is the duty of the mass media to bring correct and fast information. As far as possible it should be verified that the information given is correct.
    Det er massemediernes opgave at bringe korrekt og hurtig information. Så langt det er muligt, bør det kontrolleres, om de oplysninger, der gives, er korrekte.

    2) Criticism should be exercised towards the sources of information, especially when their statements could be biased by personal interests or damaging intentions.
    Kritik bør udvises over for nyhedskilderne, i særdeleshed når disses udsagn kan være farvet af personlig interesse eller skadevoldende hensigt.

    3) Information that could be harmful, insulting or degrading to the esteem of somebody should particularly be verified before being published, first of all by being presented to the persons concerned.
    Oplysninger, som kan være skadelige, krænkende eller virke agtelsesforringende for nogen, skal efterprøves i særlig grad, inden de bringes, først og fremmest ved forelæggelse for den pågældende.

    4) Angreb og svar bør, hvor det er rimeligt, bringes i sammenhæng og på samme måde.
    Attacks and replies should when possible be published in coherence and equally.

    So Jyllands-Posten chose to violate all these 4; they didn’t check the accuracy of the information, they uncritically printed statements from persons who clearly were biased and had damaging intentions, they did not present any of the damaging and insulting accusations to Natha before publishing them and no. 4 can not even be considered as they only printed attacks and no replies.
    So please do not try to defend them with your “they can write what they want as long as they follow the criterions of ethical journalism”, since ethical journalism seems to be a joke in your highly appreciated democracy. Their answer to our attempt to reply to the accusations was “please contact the Press Council; we don’t want to hear your side of the story”. So now the case will be evaluated by the Press Council and in 3 months from now Jyllands-Posten will print a short notice in an obscure corner of the paper stating they were a little to fast in their accusations. By then it will hardly be noticed by anybody. Hooray for democracy!
    This procedure resembles more the medieval custom of testing whether a woman is a witch by throwing her into the water: “If she floats, she is a witch. If she drowns, she is not a witch”.

    I will rephrase your last statement to: “It is very hard to believe in democracy when democracy doesn’t acts in a democratic way”.

    Karsten, I sincerely hope that the crusade you started has been democratically decided in your little family. I hope you can shield your beloved from the hatred you are sending to us.

    The wish for wisdom is reciprocated.

    Love and Light

  430. 430

    Dear Karsten,

    You cover a lie with another lie and that lie with another lie and that lie with another.. and so on, but when will it end?!

    You have blinded yourself from the truth under this mountain of lies.

    Sadly you probably even still believe you are right, because you have to keep convincing yourself and the others that you are, otherwise this false world you’re living in will crumble, taking all the so-called meaning of your life with it. Then where will you be? A lonely, cold hearted creature who turned his back on his spiritual guide, his friends and loved ones in exchange for the dismal reward of egoistic satisfaction. (Do you honestly think a real woman would stand by a man of such appalling moral stature?)

    The fact that you insist you are not Jesper is only further proof of your pitiful condition and only a man of extremely low character would continue in such a way, desperately trying to retain his precioussss reputation and prove his correctness, even after Orla Borg disclosed information which shows you are Jesper and anyway your story contained information which gave you away in the first place, not very smart..

    some comments I have to your comments:
    “We have a proud democratic tradition.” – Only a proud person would make such a prouuud statement.
    “I would suggest each of you to act in a more democratic way which means to listen to criticism without getting paranoid and agressive.” – We have no problem listening to criticism but what you are referring to here is NOT criticism. I’m surprised such a learned man as yourself would make such a confusion between DEFAMATION and criticism. But then again you are just twisting the scenario to suit your interests. And who’s paranoid and aggressive? Please explain this one, because just like Lars said in his post, I don’t see any aggression in the people I know from Natha, and the only paranoia I see is coming from your side.

  431. 431

    Dear karsten
    I dont know you very well but it was enough for me to read your comments and to make a view about you. I saw you first time in Prema, when i moved in and you where living there, and I was amazed by your coldness and by your ”open heart”…(not saying to anybody even a HELLO in the house…)
    We might have in our spiritual school, people with paranoic syndroms and more other problems (but they are living all over the world, dear Karsten, we can not stop them traveling around) but how about the other thousands of people which are following this school with great spiritual results and no such problems?
    They are all blind? They are all stupid and sick and with paranoia sufferance?
    and you are the only one which is right and tell the truth?
    If you think in this way than you might have a problem.
    You should think about it more deep :)
    We have a word in Romania:”When more people are telling you that you are drunk, than you should go to sleep…they might be right”
    Dear Karsten, I wish you GOOD LOOK

  432. 432

    It’s a good point, Mette – how Karsten was complaining about Celia and about their relationship after she got pregnant. This was something that i also heard, when he was coming to Mihai to seek for advices about his relationship. And now, he and Celia suddenly say in the paper that all was beautiful and then came Mihai burging into their life uninvited and called them demonic – poor Karsten and Celia. This is so hypocrite – Karsten himself used this word towards Celia, Mihai gave them advice because Karsten asked him – and now Karsten is twisting the things around, pretending that he never said or did the things he did, pretends that he is an angel – and Mihai and the rest of us are strange and twisted.
    But the man proves himself by his deeds. This is not the only example of this kind of behavior from Karsten. I remember some time ago, when Kim was already trying to get Bhoga from Natha by force, and Karsten still enjoyed the image of ”a strong and important man of Natha” – it was Karsten who wanted to attack Kim very harshly and Mihai was calming him down, telling Karsten that Kim is having some blind spots and we should not be aggresive. At that time i was little surprised by Mihai’s attitude but now i can see the diffrence. Now, suddenly Kim is Karsten’s new best friend, and Karsten is criticizing Natha for ”not being more open and democratic to Kim’s criticism”. Mihai is never attacked Kim and i heard him the other day saying that Natha’s reply should be firm because these people might understand something.
    It is obviously Karsten who jumps from side to side, pretending that he never said or did the things he did – he is always without fault – and criticizes everyone else for the things he does. He has no problem to twist the history, to distort the reality, to change his position – anything, as long as it is supporting his goal – to protect his image. He seems to be obsessed now about his image, ready to attack his friends for that. What a cheap “politician”… Maybe he is preparing to enter the political life :)
    I also, would like to hear Mihai’s perspective on these things.
    With love to all, Martin.

  433. 433

    Hello Mihai,
    I wasn’t in NATHA when Karsten get in the school, but i heard from many people that you were very close, in fact he was ‘devoted’ to you and some say that he did alot of good things for the school. So what happened? How come he is now so angry and wants to destroy you and the school? Why did things turn so strange that he (and his small group) went to the newspapers to get to you? Did they ever try to express their frustrations directly to you in person??
    What kind of karma are they creating for themselves? In your compassion how would you advise them to recover from the serious mistakes they are making?

  434. 434

    I’m glad that more and more people are writing on this blog. That helped me a lot with creating a more clear image of what happened. I’m waiting for Mihai’s comments upon the events, being convinced they will make more light (at least for me) in this case.

  435. 435

    Hi, everyone!
    There’s no wonder for me why everything happens like this. Jesper alias Karsten didn’t change his habits. He’s still the child who came in NATHA few years before, wanting to create the image of a strong man, but acting like a coward. Now he doesn’t admit he is Jesper, although it is evident. He teaches everybody lessons of democracy and morality, while he himself doesn’t follow these urges. I remember he stated not long time ago that he gave the silver Volkswagen to NATHA as a donation. Then we noticed that the papers were done so that NATHA had to pay for the car, while Karsten has bought a bigger car for himself.
    Here’s an urge for you, Karsten: grow-up as fast as you can, or you’ll end up being a “good democratic politician” like most of the ass-kissers nowaday!

  436. 436

    Dear Martin,
    Don’t be surprised that Karsten is mistreating Celia, she is not the first woman that he treated badly. There were also other women that he got pregnant (Karsten, didn’t you learn about continence?) and then just dropped them like he had no responsibility. And he is now talking so high about wisdom…
    Karsten, why do you lecture about formalities like ”the press law” instead of first aiming to be a decent person?

  437. 437

    Hello Karsten

    What a moral crusader you’ve become.

    You are a prime example of how low a human being can stoop, twisting his world to suit his needs and desires at any given moment, irrespective of principle and human dignity.

    Karsten, do you remember the problems you had with your relationship with your girlfriend Celia after you knew she was pregnant? Do you remember how much you doubted that relationship and complained to different people about her behavior and that actually you could see that your relationship was not in good condition, especially not as base for a family? Do you remember how you called Celia demonic? And now you have the hide to attack Mihai for using that word! What a cowardly hypocrite you’ve become.

    Wake up Jesper! (sorry, Karsten)

  438. 438

    Common, Karsten – everyone knows that you are ”Jesper” and you still don’t admit it!
    I heard that even the journalist, Borg, said in a discussion that you are ”Jesper”. Maybe someone who reads this blog has more information about this?
    So, you are Jesper, but you still don’t have the courage to say it. I don’t mind, it’s your business. but I am surprised that you have the nerve to lecture people about morality and wisdom, while you don’t have the verticality to stand behind your words and what you say that you believe in.
    It is one thing that you are unfair to Natha and your old friends, but you are even unfair to Celia and your daughter – while you cowardly hide behind the anonimity of Jesper, you don’t have any problem to put Celia and your child on the front page of the paper.
    Prehaps you should examine yourself a bit better before lecturing others.
    With hope, Martin.

  439. 439

    Dear Karsten,
    I must tell you that I find some important errors in your ration and arguments. I have read your comment, have thought about it, and will share with you now my observations about it, with hope that you will exhibit the same openness that you ask of Natha.
    First of all, being open to criticism doesn’t mean that one needs to sit silent while lies are told about him in public. Even the information that you bring in your comment is distorting the reality – and you should know that.
    I have been at the general assembly of Natha, i have listened to the reports of the board and have heard the correspondence between Natha and the Copenhagen Commune, and therefore I know that there is no administrative or financial connection between the people’s enlightening association Natha and the production of any erotic movie nor any kind of activity related to the sex-industry. All the legal documents confirm it – and you know this. therefore, there is no reason for the board of Natha to be involved in any discussion o the matter. In a democratic association, the organization does not interfere with what the people do in their spare time – after all, this is not a sect!
    Furthermore, all the allegations you (and JP) have made, that teachers of the school were making erotic movies and dealing with erotic massage and such things – all these activities are strictly legal (and no one is challenging this legality) – and therefore, I don’t see what is the big fuss about it? Also, to my understanding and from my point of view, such activities (made by individuals in their free time) are not in contradiction with the spirit of the teachings, in the contrary – personally, I think it is admirable that some people strive to make erotic art that is giving a transfigured view upon sexuality, that is showing how love and eroticism are connected, that is exemplifying continence. I think it is a good thing if someone wants to provide people with the service of a massage which is designed to remove stress, release blockages and allow a state of harmony to set in. What is your problem with such actions of some private persons?

    I find it interesting that you question that validity of the report by Nylund – the Swedish Supreme Court examined this report and found it valid. Apparently, you consider yourself more wise then the Swedish Supreme Court. Maybe, then, we shouldn’t take it personally when you suggest us to learn from your wisdom, since it seems that you consider yourself to be wiser then every body.

    From your words, I think that you yourself don’t believe in the Danish Democracy, or if you do, it is Democracy only by name. According to your point of view, Journalists can write whatever they want, any way they are OWNED by a private and commercial body, and the citizen is not entitled to respond in any way to defend himself against wrong accusations. According to your words, a journalist can write lies against people that he didn’t even meet or talk with, yet he should not be questioned himself. Sorry, but your vision of Democracy seems to me a bit sectarian.

    To my own understanding and experience, Natha is not a sect, but there are some individuals in it which are unfortunately having a sectarian mind-set. Yet, this wrong way of thinking of a few of the persons, is criticized by Mihai. I myself was experiencing at times, when I started to manifest such attitudes, that Grieg or Mihai were then pushing me to let go of such attitudes. In this way, they have encouraged me to continue my studies in university, to integrate more aspects of life and to partake to the social life. I saw that Mihai doesn’t want people to behave and think like in a sect, he wants people to think for themselves and to make their own choices.
    Perhaps you yourself were in such a personal sectarian mind-set. In which case, I am happy you came out of it. Yet, it seems to me that you are projecting that mind-set on everyone else in Natha, looking at everybody through your own limited perspective. If you had that mind-set, it was only your fault – why do you now try to hide your responsibility by blaming Mihai for it? I am sorry to say, but I think that in fact, you didn’t get out of the sectarian mind-set, you are still in a sect – your sect are those few (3 people) who left Natha but cannot continue in their life and stay around Natha, not finding anything better to do then to attack and criticize the school that they had left. The sect is inside you.

    With love, Thor.

  440. 440

    Dear Kim Schmock

    KS – “You call me unreliable – from what point of view?
    - because I tell the truth?
    - because you think I gain a lot of money?
    You know that I lose a lot of money, considering that you have planned this scenario.”

    HH – What a silly lie!
    1) First of all: if you are the rightful owner of Bhoga, how can you claim to lose money on your own property? In reality all this time Natha’s students that lived in Bhoga were paying for the property and when some decided to move out (as they were living far from the city only to support this property of the school) you were supposed to cover the rest of the costs. THIS IS NORMAL WHEN IT IS SOMEONE’S PROPERTY. THIS STATEMENT OF YOURS SHOWS CLEARLY THAT EVEN YOU, DEEP INSIDE, KNOW THAT YOU ARE NOT THE OWNER! WHEN A RENTER MOVES OUT FROM A PROPERTY THE OWNER DOES NOT LOSE MONEY UNLESS HE WAS MAKING MONEY ON THE RENTERS ILLEGALLY. HOW CAN YOU LOSE MONEY IF SOME OF THE RENTERS MOVE OUT? THIS IS NOT HOW AN OWNER OF A PROPERTY SPEAKS BUT HOW SOMEBODY WHO EITHER IS TAKING CARE OF A PROPERTY FOR SOMEBODY ELSE SPEAKS OR SOMEONE WHO IS PLANNING TO STEAL A PROPERTY FROM SOMEONE ELSE SPEAKS. YOU HOPE OFF COURSE THAT WE WILL PAY DOWN AS MUCH OF THE MORTGAGE AS POSSIBLE BEFORE YOU TAKE THE PROPERTY. You gave yourself out with this phrase!

    2)Another point that you hide: If you succeed in taking Bhoga from Natha you could probably sell it for 5 million kroners. From a down payment of 160.000 kr,- there is a long way to 5 million kroners. So yes, you will gain a lot of money if your plan will be successful. Be honest with yourself Schmock instead of deluding yourself to be such a “crusader of the truth”. If you succeed in gaining Bhoga, you will earn 3 – 4 million kroners which by far will cover this 300.000 in lawyer costs you complain so highly off. And 150.000 of this money you have deviously mortgaged in the property thereby putting it on us.

    If Natha wins Bhoga, I myself will not get any money out of it. And you even accuse me of being greedy because I don’t particularly enjoy the idea of living in the same house as you after your actions the 10th and 11th March where you vandalized me and Mariahs belongings? Who in their right mind would want to live with a person that demonstrates such psychopathic violent tendencies (and please don’t continue with the accusing of the friends that helped us and were near to us in those difficult moments because you know that we have video recordings of all the actions you did). How do you explain that the police evacuated you and your friends and not us?

    KS – “Amrita insisted to meet me in March, just to threaten me that everybody moved out of my house except you, with the consequent that I would go bankrupt.”

    HH – Amrita was not threatening to you. She came back and told us that you were very sweet and charming and that you said that you would move in with us. Amrita believed in you! She believed that there was a spark in you that would still make it possible to reach to a communication in dignity. She believed that this was the first out of more meetings where we would end up finding a reasonable conclusion through a real dialogue. In fact, I can tell you, we were all happy that you seemed open and friendly and in my profound naivety I welcomed the thought: Maybe it is not so bad if Schmock moves in. Then we can really start talking together since we live in the same house.
    Then all of a sudden our sign out by the road is vandalized in the middle of the night and me and Mariah come home some nights later to see that all our expensive music equipment and personal belongings have been carelessly thrown outside. This was a big act of aggression which for me showed a psychopathic part of you. Perhaps Schmock if you had approached us nicely saying “I would like to live there with you” everything could have worked out. But instead you choose to break into the place, throw our stuff out and even vandalize the Shiva Lingham. Why in the world would you vandalize this sculpture? Perhaps you believe the Shiva Lingam is a symbol of Natha and pushing it down would break the morale of Natha? I remind you that a Shiva Lingham is a symbol of God. Would a true believer of God even though he were a Muslim, go into a Christian church and destroy the cross and altar? This behavior shows that your actions are motivated by personal vendetta and greed and not by a very deep honest search for the truth. You should know that psychopathic people always believe that they are aggressed by others – even when they are not – and that this belief is the psychopathic persons excuse for being aggressive and immoral as an answer to friendly people (which they experience as being aggressive). The problem with the psychopath is that he cannot even recognize a gesture of kindness because such a thing does not exist in his own inner universe anymore!

    KS – “1.Where is this condition – I would like a copy. Who was the community?”

    HH – Why such formalism Schmock. Would you have bought Bhoga if there was not a community backing up the project? Honestly. You speak of the truth and when you can’t tell the truth you resort to formalism, to papers. Try to find the deeper truth in these things since you proclaim the search for truth as your spiritual dharma.

    KS – “2.I tried, but no one wanted it, even considering the extreme favorable conditions.”

    HH – “Nobody wanted it”. Let me remind you of what happened in that period. The deal was that we take over the mortgage and you get 400.000 kr,- for your down payment of 160.000 kr,- plus some extra that you paid for, plus a good lump sum in generosity. We were a month delayed in getting these 400.000 kr,-trying to figure out all kinds of impossible projects finally succeeding in loaning the money from the bank, but then you suddenly cancelled this deal and wanted 3 million kr,- instead. Why should we pay 3 million kr,- for something that was worth under 2 million at the time with the mortgage and your down payment?

    Why should we pay extra for something that we already paid for until now while your only contribution was to pay for one room and a down payment?

    KS – “3.I just gave you and others an opportunity to practice one of the foremost spiritual practices proposed by natha self – the Karma Yoga. Why are you all so attached to the fruits of this practice?”
    HH – I think Florins answer above suffices as an answer to this point in its depth and wisdom. Read it carefully because you like to use terms as the truth, karma and consecration even if it is quite obvious to people seeing you from the outside that:

    1) you don’t tell the truth
    2) you don’t have a spiritual practice,
    3) you are attached to money and physical objects
    4) you are psychologically and physically aggressive

    So how in the world could you think of lecturing us about what karma is and what karma yoga is?
    We are still doing karma yoga and we are not attached to the fruits of having this court case with you. None of us, who are doing this, get any personal gain from it, we might all be leaving Denmark right after (or something else) and never get to enjoy the fruits of it – consider this!
    All the abnegations we are doing, all the work we are doing now for winning this court case, is consecrated work to which we have no personal interest or gain whatsoever. We have no attachments to it – we simply follow what we deeply feel to be fair, just and THE RIGHT THING TO DO. If we would have followed laziness or attachments or other things then you can be sure that we would have just let go of Bhoga since this would by far be the easiest thing to do (I can tell you after being in Bhoga for many years and having faced many of my own personal tests ranging from economic tests to my own relationship to the school). But how can a person with integrity and dignity let this happen? How can one have seen the fact that people have done thousands of karma yoga hours for Natha to build up a spiritual place for Natha’s Students (even if it was not their plan to enjoy these fruits for the years to come) and then just sit back and watch a poor guy get his pride hurt and then jump for the possibility to earn money by stealing all these efforts. This is completely against any divine integration and therefore we cannot let it happen.
    This is why we put ourselves and our karma yoga work in this case: For the principle of giving to spirituality and not to let personal hurt and greed destroy beautiful things. From our point of view we do it even for you – if you would win this court case – then you would have lost your chance to give something of beauty to the world and your chance to transcend these issues of yours.

    KS – “4.Were you there when the lease contract was so called ”terminated”? I don’t believe you were, not even Mihai was participating in those meetings!”

    HH – I was not there, but many others were. So I suppose that the others participating at those board meetings were lying and Schmock was telling the truth.

    KS – “5.Peter Jørgensen is looking after the place for me. Maybe you shouldn’t be so aggressive in your acting, but take a more spiritual approach like humbleness. I look forward to see the accusations, I have nothing to hide. Just remember that somebody has to pay my loss in the end, and it looks like it will be you and Mariah. There is always a price to pay!”

    HH – Again you attack people personally because you believe they are like you. You believe that our first and foremost concern will be to look after our own economy and on the second place we will do what is the right thing to do. Therefore you think it has an effect to threaten some of us personally and with our economy – as if this is the most important thing in the world. Well not for us! You should know that I have spent a lot of my personal money already on this case, and I am not going to try and take them back like you – multiplied by 30!
    So your loss – which has come because of your own blindness – will off course be paid by you alone. Which is already happening – you are paying a very big price, and not only in money! Did you ever consider that if you are suffering so much, it might be that you are following the wrong cause? You tried to take something which was not yours and it did not work and you are now too stubborn to give it up and to humble yourself and come and get what is actually yours (i.e. 160.000 kr downpayment + your minor expenses), which we still offer you!
    Humbleness is a very good suggestion of yours for your self. Humbleness helps us to see when we do a mistake and to forgive others. Humbleness helps us to know when to stop. Humbleness helps us thereby not to suffer. Only people who are not humble suffer because they lack the wisdom to see how to live in harmony with themselves and other people and to see that humbleness only serves this harmony and happiness.

    Humbleness helps us to correct our own mistakes and forgive the others for their mistakes, and this makes us happy. For the only one we can truly change, and have the right to change is ourselves. From this standpoint you should know that even though what you have done and what you are still doing is very bad; nobody feels upset with you or hates you.
    It is very obvious that the personal price you pay in sufferance and blindness, because of this enormous egoism is huge and that you suffer because of it, to the extent that we can only feel deep compassion with you. This does not imply though that we accept what you are doing and that we will let you succeed.
    You really believe that what you are doing is spiritual. Kim Satya Schmocks mission vision statement: “I will reveal the truth about Natha”. And what you did until now made many people realize that Natha is a spiritual school with principles. Indirectly this is the result of what you are doing.
    By the way, you also “forget” to say that you also stole the website of Bhoga that you were only administrating. If you were an honest person, why steal then? Why not make your own website?

    KS – “6.I have never asked Kim (Helle’s kid brother), to do anything against you. You yourself provoked him in such a way that he attacked you. Again – don’t act as aggressive as you do. I will remind you that psychological violence is as bad as physical violence.”

    HH – You cause people around you to act aggressively due to your own psychological aggression and blind faith in your own story. Kim Grønhøj was completely immersed in your story until Helle helped him out of his predicament and he came and gave us a personal apology for his actions, a changed man, more full of love and humbleness. How else could you get Peter Jørgensen so hooked on helping you. Not due to his huge empathy or high intelligence quotient, don’t kid yourself. He acts with you as you both resonate with aggression and greed.
    Schmock I will say this very clearly to you so it sinks in:

    KS – “7.I have been helping Helle as long as I could, but had to give up. She owes me more than 250.000 Kr. You say I stole from her – I would like to know where she got the money to purchase “her” horse. We both signed the contract of purchase, and I paid for it. I would like to see proof otherwise. She now sold him and kept all the money herself. Well it’s her karma so she will face the consequences.”

    HH – It’s the same formalism you use in your approach to Helles horses as you use in Bhoga. So perhaps you put a down payment for a horse and she takes care of it and all of a sudden you come and want the whole thing for yourself after she actually spent more money than what you put in down payment in taking care of the horse!!. Where is the love, where is the dialogue with a woman that has been by your side for many years? You will be surprised to hear that she is telling the truth about the real reasons why you are doing this. And she was there when all the events happened!
    Don’t you think it is wrong to give presents to your beloved when things are good between you, and then to take those presents back when you get upset with her? Well this is what little children do as well.

    When they grow up and become men then they stand for their present and their word. Then they say: “I am upset with you now, but the gift I gave you is still yours”. It’s like you never matured enough to realize that a gift is a gift and that love is unconditional. People who are changing so much between love and hatred have a diagnosis you know.

    KS – “I didn’t break into my house, it was open. I walked into my house, because no one was supposed to be there. Everything was packed gently and moved out of the main building. If something is broken or missing, maybe you should ask the big group of Romanians that tried to move everything inside before the police came. Hans, when I was there last time you lived in the “stable”. Amrita told me that you were the only one living on the property. I didn’t believe that you would take the entire house in your possession. It looks a bit greedy to me.”

    HH – It was not open. Either you had an old key that fit or you called a locksmith. The moment we saw that you had cut down the sign by the road I made sure the door was always locked. “Nobody was supposed to be there”, you claim. Me and Mariah have legal rights to be there and it is very obvious that you hoped that we would just passively accept your aggression spending months trying to get in again through the bailiff. It has been decided in a court of law that me and Mariah have the rights to stay in Bhoga. And this decision came about because you brought it to court – so please respect the decision that you asked them to take for you!
    And to your strange accusation of greed I already answered in the start.

    KS – “All the Natha thugs came in the night, but was sent away by police. Next day they came back and broke in, when I was sleeping, nearly hitting me with a crowbar.

    HH – I was there in that situation and so was our friend with the camera. You were not nearly hit by a crowbar. You were treated very gently indeed. And if you doubt that you can see our video tape of the whole scene.

    KS – “All of you lose your credibility when you keep lying, and you can’t keep track on your lies. Everybody can see this except yourself. Do you know how many versions of the Bhoga case, you yourself have published? In the last version all the papers were signed in 2002 and I stole the papers! It looks more and more desperate, my friend.
    I know exactly what I am and who I am. I just try to help you discover yourself….”

    HH – The only one that is lying here seems to be you since there are so many witnesses that tell another version of this story. Also you are the only one losing track of your own lies. The statements you made in time were proven – even in front of the court – as being lies and as a consequence you lost the cases. On top of this, hundreds of people know what you refuse to tell. But it is true, that you constantly (here I have to admit that I still have a lot to learn from you on the subject of perseverance) tell your lies without even considering that some are already officially proven as lies. You are constantly making statements without any cover while I am telling you the facts, which you do not seem to accept or answer to.
    And in the end you display yourself as a “truth telling” guru in a camping wagon. Honestly. It’s hilarious.

    KS – “All will be revealed in all good time.Why are you so afraid of the truth? – be responsible.”

    HH – So you are an exemplification of responsibility? Kim Schmock. Your self delusion is immense.
    It would have been irresponsible to accept you stealing this property from the yoga school after all that so many people did for this place. This is our way of responsibility. You cannot see it because you don’t seem to know the true meaning of responsibility!
    You are mistaking personal revenge with some pseudo – philosophical principles that you put forward to justify your actions. You try to present it as an abstract fight while in reality you are just after some money and personal revenge. Who is afraid of the truth? This is not a responsible action from you considering that the people you hurt in your actions mostly have nothing to do with you in any way. I call this deeply childish and immature.

    KS – “Why are you all having so much trouble facing the consequences of your actions?– be honest from the start.
    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time – it will make it much easier to face yourself.
    I am open for dialogue; this is why I post here.”

    HH – To be open for a dialogue means also to be open to admit things: To admit when you are wrong. You only want to be open for a dialogue in order to get everything exactly as you want it. As I heard from Amrita, you even initiated the “dialogue” in the following way: “Yes we can talk but I will under no circumstance change my point of view”. It means that your entry to dialogue has only one purpose: to change the other one. That’s not dialogue. That’s monologue and this is probably why you choose the “monologue” center to speak for you. No wonder you appear in the newspaper together with the “Monologue Center”.

    KS – “In the process I found out who my real friends were – and they are still here.”

    HH – It might be that they are your friends – but seeing how you treat your friends and girlfriends I do not understand why they want to be your friends. Do they not know that how you are with us now, you will be with them as well? Do they not know that once you were nice with us and promised a lot of things, just like you are with them now? Did they not discover that your friends are only those, who are helping you, agreeing with you, and never challenging you? Did they not discover that you are a poor guy, who is not keeping your promises, who is taking back your gifts if there is the smallest of conflicts?
    For you the gap between “friends” and “enemies” is almost non-existent and can change in a flash of a second if one doesn’t agree with you. Try to look at the patterns in your life the last 5 years and tell me it isn’t the truth. It seems to me that your favourite motto is “You will pay for this”: (Danish: “Det skal I nok få betalt”)

    KS – “There is a major misunderstanding in the case of my house. I could use your way of “reveal” things like making an “interview” with myself, with the heading “The unknown truth about the Bhoga Case”, but I will just state it here – I didn’t “promise” you anything, I made you an “offer” and you were not able to take it.”

    HH – You promised everything. By signing a declaration that you would pass over the property, with your words, with your actions of letting people work on “your property”.
    You are again writing to convince other people to believe you and you will do the same to them as you did with us. Promise a lot of things that you do not keep.
    Another clear sign of this manipulation is this role of a victim you are taking now, after your physical aggressions are obvious and documented. You are claiming that you are losing money in the condition you claim to be the owner (as I have said in the beginning of the reply here, this is the MAJOR accidental disclosure of your real position in this case).


    Your own psychology and karma made your life follow this path:

    1) Your parents died when you were young
    2) You found a father figure in Mihai and Grieg.
    3) Mihai hurt you with some issues where you had attachments and samskaras.
    4) You got really hurt (when Mihai fired you as ashram leader after you anyway said you wanted to quit!)
    5) Then you got angry (because you are proud)
    6) Then you got greedy and immoral (“since they treat me like this I can just as well take the property!”)
    7) And then you got evil (stopping people from participating in camps and instigating the media, harassing Helle and harassing us)
    8 ) And then you became a “crusader of the truth” hiding your own evil from yourself.

    After 4 years you are still hanging around Natha unable to let go like a kind of ghost. I would call you a true follower of Mihai because you are really following him around, perhaps not in the way one would aspire to have a follower but you are none the less a follower. Sometimes I even suspect Mihai of hiring you to give us some tests because all your actions are actually making us stronger and more efficient in our inner transformation.

    If you want to get yourself out of this mess that you yourself put yourself into Schmock, please go back to the first steps mentioned above and unravel them.
    Look inwards and don’t proclaim to be a crusader of the truth when it is so obvious that your issues are elsewhere and deeper in your structure.

    I dare you Kim Schmock to look at every single point in this answer to you and really feel it and not to answer with your normal defense/attack rhetoric. I spent 2 days writing this letter to you full time weighing and feeling every sentence, and I expect you to use at least the same amount of time if not more in your answer to me.
    Look through the 8 phases of your life I mentioned right above, revisit each of those periods and bring forth the emotions that were present in you in those times. When those emotions come forth whether it was hurt, anger or pride then write down how you responded to that emotion, whether you defended yourself or whether you attacked those that had caused the emotion.
    Make a little corner in your camping wagon which you dedicate to meditation, contemplation and introspection. Dig up your old yoga courses if you still have them and start reading them again.
    After each visit to a certain period forgive yourself and all those around you in that given situation. This can be done through blessings, through meditation on the heart or through contact with your guardian angel which helps you to forgive yourself and others (if you still believe in these techniques).

    Only in this way can one perform satyam, through intense self enquiry.

    With deep compassion


  441. 441
    Karsten Fischer

    Dear Sahaj – and the rest of you.
    Sahaj raises some questions that I would like to answer.
    First, I do wish all of you more wisdom and I can see it is greatly needed. The wisdom I believe many of you need is the ability to see your actions through other peoples eyes. So many people write on this blog in a way that just underlines the points made by the critics.
    One example is the articles about the Bhoga case where you talk about “KIm making a Faustian pact, Natha being the brothers of LIght”, the responses you Sahaj have made to the press, the socalled ContraPress etc which for me shows that you live in an isolated world. I have been there so I know it.

    To answer your questions:
    1. What is not ‘democratic’ about the way we (Natha) respond to criticism?
    - The fact that you do not listen to any of the accusations and just call it all lies. That you dont admit anything to the outside world, for instance that it is not so clever to have half of the teacher staff involved in commercial sexual activities. That you just defend Mihais movie and take his side, instead of the side of the members. Your reactions to the revealings about the latest movie (Eves erotic awakening) showed us that in practice the association approves of these acivities (very much indeed) but they havent made any decisions about it. A democratic association in your situation would have shoen us that the production of pornography (sorry, erotic art) was in the constiution, had been debated on a general assembly or that the board had been informed about Maria and the teacher team participating. The distinction between the private time and association time is a formalistic approach which few people believes. Also, we are missing to see more board members in the debate.

    2. Where is the socalled paranoia and aggression you refer to in our replies and press releases?
    - Allready on this blogs there are references to an “international conspiracy”. That is paranoia. The agression lies in the tone of voice, using words like “scandalous”, !!!!!!!, that people “stand-up to defend the school”, the idea that “manipulation techniques” are used etc

    3. What is the sectarian you refer to in ‘our pattern’?
    - The fact that everybody who contributes to this debate is so convinced that the criticism is an attack on the school is secterian. Nylund calls it “ALIENATION”. Other scholars of extreme organizations, like Karl Weick, would note the fact that everybody is repeating the same meaning, and no one is (publicly) asking any questions to the leaders of the school shows centralised control. THis strong level of generic subjective meaning is in sociology seen as a clear sign of a totalitarian ideology which many would say exemplifies the sect. The black & white view of the world is also secterian, like the attacks on your ctitiques (Kim Schmock, Cecilia Tiz, Jyllands-POsten) is. Regarding Nylunds paper about Natha/ MISA there are many issues to be discussed. 1) Who paid for the study (I am sure MIhai can answer this), 2) why didnt they use more respondents, and why was Grieg and Mihai allowed to play such a big role. Within the methodologival criterions for qualitative science they fail gravely because they give answers which are beyond the field of what they study. 3) Why did Nylund in his book about sects (“Att leka med elden”) stamp the Swedish OSHO movement as a “sex-sect” – and based this partly on the fact that naked women were in the PR-material and that HIV-tests were obligatory before participating in camps – when he at the same time concluded that Natha is not a sect. This is a dramatic sign of inconsistency in his studies. LIke calling France a tyranny and Germany an open democracy. He knows, like any sociologists, that you cannot conclude whether something is sectarian without combining interviews with field studies and studies of the communication (like this blog and BEcause a sect has a polished surface with smiling, happy people. Then you correlate these things to see whether there are inconsistencies and signs of controlled, centralised communication and totalitarian dialogue. He didnt and this is very, very strange.

    4. Maybe you can also advice us about ‘a more democratic way’ to respond so we can improve?
    - Yes, I can. Since I am not a part of the organisation I can not see how you do this internally but my advice to you internally would be to listen to the criticism and to reflect on the feedback you are getting. Admit your mistakes instead of insisting that the movies, the massage etc never happened. Involve more people in the decisions regarding those issues, especially now when you can se that everybody is paying for the bad publicity. Regarding the exterior world it is always adviced to admit what is already proven. In PR it is said that refusing is the worst strategy. Silence is th second worst. Your whole communication, including those clearly staged interviews with Jean-Baptise Miro shows that the communication is centralised and under restrictions. One very striking thing for me was that you published Mihais response to Celia less than 24 hrs after her article. in his reply he repeats that it is all lies. In a democratic association, you would have taken your time to make an investigation and you would also have contacted Celia. Instead you gave your socalled “co-ordinating Yogateacher with no influence on the school” all the space he wanted. The chairman, MAria Porsfelt, accused Celia on facebook before the article was published – she didnt even ask Celia what it was about. Well, you just prove to the exterior world tht he decides everything! In general, the things are two black and white. The nuances are missing.

    5. Finally please explain us all why the democracy, which you are so proud of do not give us any chance to state our opinion through their media. Is debate and representing equally the opinion of all involved parts in a matter not essential in democracy?
    - The democacy does give you many chances to respond. The Law of Media Responsibility gives you some right to answer in certain conditions. The Press Counsill gives you the oppurtunity to complain and if they agree with you, your complain has to be printed. Jyllands-Posten is a privtely owned newspaper and their only legal obligation towards you lies in connection to these laws and procedures. I saw your reply to JP you misunderstood the rules of media and democracy. The fact that JP writes about you doesnt mean that they will print an extra paper with your statements about yourself. Your reply has to be in connection to the issue of the article. You wrote 5 pages or so and the answers were very general and therefore you cannot expect to have it printed. Also there are some unwritten rules, like the fact that you should never “insist on a reply”. You ask. Also, You dont start by accusing the journalist. It is very simple and very human. We have a free press and they can write what they want as long as they follow the criterions of ethical journalism. They can refuse you as much as they want. If you believe they didnt you can complain to the Press Counsill.

    To summarize my points, it is very hard to act democratic when you dont really believe in democracy – like Ciprian so brightly states: There is no democracy! It is just a Myth. When you live your life dedicated to a totalitarian ideology it will be very hard to see the democracy.

    I still wish you all wisdom

  442. 442

    Short tale: Ciprian’s Adventures in Denmark, chronological order (extremely brief version):

    - February 2002 Ciprian came to Dk, so young and enthusiast.. after a short while he went with his older friend Mihai to a country place to do some karma yoga. The Bhoga place was a total mess, an abandoned farm with big horse stables. “Here it will be the Yoga hall and here the rooms!” said Mihai with sparks in his eyes, but I couldn’t picture it. Much too messy, high level of destruction, horse shit and urine smell everywhere.

    - July 2003 – The Proud Danish Summer Camp. Amazing! That old shitty farm magically transformed into an wonderful Ashram, exactly as Mihai said. A wonderful Yoga hall filled with yogis from all around the world listening very carefully to a.. so so translation after Grieg’s lecture, tents everywhere.. Kim overwhelmed with all things necessary, happy to be a great host. That was the first time I met him, a funny hair smiling guy. We discovered that we have common interests, both computer geeks. I remember how much I admired his generosity and genuine ideas when coming to solve all the problems. The man of the house, always handling things at ease, always happy. I remember his so surprised face regarding the synchronicity about the Montauk Project Books and Grieg ;)

    - also July 2003, the same camp – that was also the time I met Karsten: a charming pisces guy which just totally falls in love with Adina, yes, Mihai’s wife, a woman which I also loved madly (and I still love :) ). Huge challenge for a rookie tantric like me. I was crying in my other girlfriend arms, Celia, all day long. I remember her Hafiz favorite quotas which she wrote in my notebook to help me be strong:

    “Even after all this time
    The sun never says to the earth,
    “You owe Me.”

    Look what happens with
    A love like that,
    It lights the Whole Sky.”

    Thank you.

    - August 2003, Costinesti Yoga Camp: a caravan started from Dk pointing into that direction. A small group of yogies, Mihai, Adina, Kim, Helle, Celia, Ciprian etc. very happy, just arrived in Costinesti after a looong journey. Karsten came also soon, we lived together in same yard and.. somehow, I “succeeded” to live with Karsten in same room (totally different story). Yes, my worst enemy turns out to be a cute guy with pure soul, positive intentions, also generous, who really loved Adina. All my bad thoughts flew away. Over night.. we were great pals. How much we enjoyed our pisces talk, he was like my older brother.

    - March 2004 – romanian yoga school faced a great challenge, but not greater :)
    After that some yogis became confused and they left the school. After a while I found out about Kim… I was veeery surprised!! That so so great pal?? Impossible. But yet… very possible.

    - October 2006 the second wave of challenges, now from the inside. Grieg exposed a group of yoga teachers who thought that they know the yoga stuff better than their teacher and.. they have to save the school! Of course, those guys… they spitted fire when they heard about what Grieg just did. And they swore revenge… and they mount their minions (weak yogis who followed the teachers not the teachings, and by this, transforming the teachers into idols) and a biiig issue started. Slowly slowly repetitive issues occurs: disscutions between minions and yogis like: “Misa is a sect.” vs. “No it is not”; “You are brainwashed” vs. “No we are not.” etc etc etc.

    Interesting thing happened: the minions sickness somehow touched some trouble minded yogis from the Natha school, where all things were just great! Mihai a great leader, school in expansion etc. So this troubled guys, instead of dealing with their inner issue, they preferred to say: “Natha is a sect too. That’s it, I am leaving!”
    So.. the most amazing thing happened: the Mihai’s right hand, Adina’s favorite lover, the small chief, the purest kindest man on planet, Karsten, just tuned himself to this odd frequency and left. And that’s not all, he took Celia with him also :(

    And now.. I just keep reading what this old pals just say here, hopefully maybe they are just upset on big daddy and they left home. Ok, on what are they upset? What daddy did? Besides a tone of “it’s mine, it was always mine” and “I am a proud Danish guy, you sect” nothing… And this is so so sad…

    A couple of questions:
    Kim, loong time no see. I want you to know that I NEVER tried or intended to hack your server or anything like it, as you assumed.
    I have a question: Suppose that Hans and Mihai would just say “hi Kim, we were fools to believe that you will consider Bhoga an ashram, and we were fools to invest 160.000€ in your shitty horse stables. It is OK, our lesson of stupidity has it’s price, take it all, it is yours.” Would you kiss and make up, come back to yoga classes, your yogi life you had before?? As far as I understand, this is the issue.

    Karsten, first of all, I am sorry for my reaction, maybe I was too.. much on you. I was so surprise that you didn’t mention in emails your new position regarding Natha and Misa yogis. You know how much I dislike hypocrisy.. (I’m still an 8 :D) I know I said that I will never talk with you, that was foolish, I admit.
    I also have a question somehow similar: Suppose that Adina would never make a new lover (yes, she is Mae West II) and she would be only with you. Would you still leave regarding this condition? If you say Yes, suppose that Adina would divorce Mihai, he is married with the school, and she would take you as her true wonderful husband.. would you still say all thins things about Natha? You were quite a player there.. How come you didn’t see it before the whole issue with Adina’s new boyfriend? And how funny that your never mentioned it and we were friends..

    And regarding the proud Danish democracy.. ah, you’re still naive :) . Democracy is just a myth.. You will see that at the global scale same laws will be adopted by your country like any other. You are better than other European countries, I admit: you still have krona monarchy etc. But you will get chipped, you will have also Codex Alimentarium etc. And your democratic opinion will not matter. Just wait and see ;)

    And speaking of democracy.. isn’t it interesting the similarities between the press reactions from Romania and Denmark? You can say that it is the same issue. But same issues have different behaviors in different environments, and Romania is a communist country but Denmark.. very democratic.

    I would very much love an happy ending to this Danish tale, I really hope the best of it :)

    Love and light and peace and wisdom and compassion and all good things to everyone of us,

  443. 443

    i am glad that you cannot sleep because i hope you refer to the “sleep of ignorance”.
    The first sign that you dare is this post you wrote. There are a lot of people i know that don’t like that few screaming people (usually saying lies) are attempting to cancel all their wonderful spiritual efforts but they don’t dare to stand for their opinion. Of course you can learn very much in this respect from the ones that are doing this slandering campaign because they dare and they are active (even if they are only three). It is true what the folklore says: “going downhill is always easier than going uphill” and for these people it is easier to get motivated by their inferior agendas and personal interests then for a person that have to stand for a principle but this is the second part of the lesson to learn from this situation.
    Soon i will finalize an article regarding the motivations that are driving these people, who is “jesper”, what are the manipulations techniques that are used in the media in these articles. This will make more people understand this situation, hopefully even the “concerned citizens” (these people that want to help us to get out of the sect), the ones that are serving as a fuel for this campaign will understand more regarding the consequences of their actions.
    As you can see, after publishing this article about daring, the effect was excellent. Even on the “micro group of ridiculous liars” (they can easily called – in view of the article – the TRIPOD OF EGO) already two of them (out of three) dared to write here and they are even making it quite skillful (apart from the lies that are not so convincing).
    Thank you for participating

  444. 444

    Dear Karsten

    I am very happy that you finally said something.

    I would like to talk about what you wrote here:

    Your message is suggesting strongly that you know a better way of reacting, a more democratic way of behaviour and – with you last greeting (‘I wish you all wisdom’) – that you have the key to wisdom in this matter. So can you please explain us all:

    What is not ‘democratic’ about the way we (Natha) respond to criticism?
    Where is the socalled paranoia and aggression you refer to in our replies and press releases?
    What is the sectarian you refer to in ‘our pattern’?
    Maybe you can also advice us about ‘a more democratic way’ to respond so we can improve?
    Finally please explain us all why the democracy, which you are so proud of do not give us any chance to state our opinion through their media. Is debate and representing equally the opinion of all involved parts in a matter not essential in democracy?
    (Note: Jyllandsposten have refuted to publish any of our answers, formal (genmæle) as well as the press replies.)

    Posting such statements here really needs an explanation from you.



  445. 445

    Dear Karsten,
    In reply to your message:”If you are not a sect, I would suggest each of you to act in a more democratic way which means to listen to criticism without getting paranoid and agressive.”
    In democracy, one has the right to defend himself when he is wrongly accused, and moreover, when has the right to stand up for the truth. This is what the students of Natha are doing. This is totaly democratic and has nothing to do with a sect.
    There is no aggression in the behavior that I have noticed form the people form Natha that I have met. There is absolutely no wish to harm any one, less of all you. You know very well that any student, if he had wanted, could have revealed in public the true identity of ”Jesper” as well as the hidden motives ”he” has to attack the school – yet this was not done – obviously because none of the students here want any harm done to the reputation of the person which is hiding behind the mask of ”Jesper” – we respect ”his” wish to remain anonymous even though ”he” slanders all of us.
    As for being paranoid – I think the one who is paranoid is the one who hides behind a pseudonym like ”Jesper” – as though he is afraid that anyone would ever think of hurting him.
    With love, Lars.

  446. 446

    Dear Kim,
    You are a very convincing lier. Someone that doesn’t know the facts might even believe you. But those of us who were there and know the facts Know that your statements are false.
    Let me ask you some questions, regarding your statements:
    If Bhoga is yours and the yogis from Natha broke in their and threaten you – as you claim – why is it that when the police arrived, they decided that the yogis can stay while you and peter (who you say is taking care of the house for you) have to leave immediately? If you have any right to be there, why is it that when the police saw the papers with the court’s decision on the matter, they asked you firmly to leave the place? If the yogi’s broke in, why were they allowed to stay by the police? Or are you claiming that the police are against you?
    You claim that Bhoga belongs to you, yet you don’t mention that there is currently a trial case on the ownership of Bhoga between Natha and yourself. You forgot to mention that the state decided to grant Natha a free trial on this matter. If you are the ”rightfull owner” of the place, why is it that the state, after reviewing the facts of the case, decided to grant Natha a free trial?
    Why is it that the police has called your friend Peter and warned him not to go again to Bhoga? The police did this because he has been repeatedly harassing the people leaving there. If you are the owner of the place and Peter looks after it for you, why is it that the police warned him to stay away? If you would have any proof for your right over the place, surely you could have sorted it out with the police?

    Dear Kim, your statements simply don’t fit with the reality. Anyone that knows the facts can see that you are lying. I hope that you also still know the difference between truth and lie.
    With hope that you will stop wasting your life on trying to destroy something beautiful. Lars.

  447. 447

    To Karsten

    Dear Karsten,
    I’m sorry I didn’t have a camera to shoot our meeting. It would have been clear for everybody what I’ve stated. I came very friendly and open hearted to you and I found a stonewall. Who would stay for more than a few seconds in this case? If I wouldn’t have had a friendly attitude, would I have come to you to shake hands? If i would have been mad at you, would I have crossed the street?
    Don’t take it as a defense! I consider to be childish your way of projecting in the world your own problems and then fight the world. I think reading Miguel de Cervantes’s book Don Quijote will help you a lot with understanding your position. And even laugh at it. :)
    I wish you Peace in the heart and Light in the mind!

  448. 448

    To Kim

    Dear Kim,
    Many years ago I heard a nice saying which I found to be perfectly true: “God is good, but not stupid!” And this saying shares a lot of meanings with the biblical urge “do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw your pearls before swine, or they will trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.” (Matthew 7:6)
    These sayings are meant to be an answer to the statement-question you addressed to Hans (3. I just gave you and others an opportunity to practice one of the foremost spiritual practices proposed by natha self – the Karma Yoga. Why are you all so attached to the fruits of this practice?).
    And here’s the explanation.
    You could not give this opportunity to anyone since you didn’t own the school nor were in the board of the school. Moreover, you yourself couldn’t convince so many people (more than 100) to work on your property. If you could have done it then, you could do it now, too. You would be renowned in Denmark for your ability of persuading people to work voluntarily, which you are not! Moreover, it is clear for me you don’t have the property of the terms you use. First of all, doing Karma Yoga means to be conscious and detached while working, not to throw your work to the pigs. Then, being detached doesn’t mean not to care about what happens with your work, but to care and to even fight for your beliefs, but using ONLY divine, beneficial means. I we weren’t detached, we would probably have caused serious damage to your physical body or even killed you, because this is the way the people who are not detached are acting. If you would have been an enlightened person or at least a wise one, I’m sure NATHA’s board would have seriously considered the version of letting the property in your hands, for they could trust your good intentions and they would be almost convinced you will give a divine use to their work. But if you look at your life, you alone can see that you are far from that. So, we act according to the saying: we are good, but we are not stupid. We are fighting in a detached way and with divine, moral and legal means to put our work in God’s service, not in the service of a thief. Because that’s what you are. A subhuman being, full of greed and ready to embezzle the work of more than 100 people, stating that “the work was done on your property”. Well, even if it was your property before, now it cannot be yours, because your share there is unnoticeable. And this is proven and you know it even better than me. So, my dear Kim, play your game the way you want, but always keep in mind that you are just a tricky guy and you will never be able to fool the ones who are detached, for the simple fact that those who are really detached are both wise and smart.
    May you be blessed!

  449. 449

    Dear Kim,
    It’s good to see you here on the blog. And yes, I am very open and interested to have a dialogue with you.
    I was there when you offered Natha the chance to buy Bhoga from you, meaning to pay you back what you had put in to the place, and Natha agreed and Natha was about to do this, (we all spent a lot of time working extra hours, starting new projects etc to make the money) but then YOU CHANGED YOUR MIND. You turned against your friends and you put money before friendship. How do you think that made us all feel? People who really cared about you suddenly meant nothing to you. Actions speak louder than words! We spent hours together, building Bhoga, preparing camps and then running them together (which are some of my fondest memories of Bhoga), and sharing our intimate worlds with each other, and then you simply turned against us, stole our money box from us, stole private and personal papers, stole our furniture and above all, tried and are still trying to steal the ashram from us. I really don’t understand why you couldn’t have just taken the money that we agreed to give you and leave? If leaving is really what you wanted. You decided to leave the ashram, the school and to carry out this lengthy process of extraction (which I must say you are clearly not doing very well at, in fact to me it looks like you simply cannot leave Natha alone! I think deep down you actually really like us ;))

    You say that since you left Natha your “life has been like hell”, but Kim, dear friend, you made this hell. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know and understand that we create our own reality. If hell is not where you want to live then why not move to heaven? :) You know that we carry inside ourselves the condition in which we live, and we can choose to live either in paradise or in inferno, and that nobody else but us can create this condition. Do you really think that blaming Natha for your problems and making media scandals about the school is going to take you out of this hell-like existence?

    with paradisiacal love,

  450. 450
    Karsten Fischer

    Dear all,
    I have followed your media storm with attention. I can see that many of you have the clear impression that I am Jesper from the article in Jyllands-Posten. I will leave you with your illusions and invite you to use my name when you talk about me.
    My only comment to Nathas situation is that it is very odd for a democratic association in Denmark to react like you do to such criticism. Remember that you are in Denmark! We have a proud democratic tradition. Your pattern have many more similarities with the patterns of a sect. If you are not a sect, I would suggest each of you to act in a more democratic way which means to listen to criticism without getting paranoid and agressive.
    And a comment to Florin: It is very childish to refer to a short meeting in that way. If you had friendly intentions you should have stayed more than 30 seconds.

    I wish you all wisdom,
    Karsten Fischer

  451. 451

    I have to admit I was speechless for a few days. I couldn’t almost believe my eyes: can something like this happen in Denmark? Well, the answer pitifully seems to be “yes”. And for me, after being waiting to see what the newspaper wants, now it is clear that they (the newspaper) didn’t initiate this action in order to bring forth a real social problem. For the ones used to see beyond the words, what happens now in Denmark is an obvious campaign aiming to destroy the image of a prestigious Tantra and Yoga school.
    I am a physician, originating from Romania. I have been practicing yoga and tantra for 12 years now, and I’ve been a visiting student and volunteer in NATHA Yoga Center for more than one year. I have also taken part in the events involving the Romanian yoga school MISA from 1997 to present. I can see the way the Danish newspaper acts is IDENTICAL with the way the Romanian media acted all along these years. Meaning both have the intention to manipulate the public using more or less skillfully issued stories which are putting together lies and partial truths twisted such that they trigger the reader’s disapproval and even anger.
    For example, connecting NATHA Yoga Center with sex and pornography is a way of manipulating people. Those people who still have a problem in understanding that sexuality should be as pure as praying and that love-based sexual relationships between men and women are both moral and legitimate. Because the other people will however laugh reading about someone complaining there is a Tantra school connected with sex. What would the journalist want a Tantra school to deal with? Military technique?
    Another way of manipulating is to connect NATHA Yoga Center with those activities of its teachers which take place outside the school. The teachers in NATHA are free to do what their consciousness tell them to do. And since NATHA Yoga Center teaches people the importance of being conscious in every moment and the tremendous spiritual development that the refined, conscious and love-based sexuality can trigger, this school should be proud of the teachers who put in practice their own teachings. This is something you can rarely find nowadays: people practicing what they preach. The legitimate question a journalist should ask here is “what kind of sexuality did they promote?”. But the newspaper seems not to be interested in this aspect. Then the following logical question is: did these people break the law in any way? Since the so-called pornographic activities did not take place under the authority of NATHA Yoga Center and if they were officially declared, there is no legal problem whatsoever! SO, WHERE’S THE BIG ISSUE, GENTLEMEN? THE FACT IS THERE IS NO ISSUE AT ALL!
    I personally know Celia and “Jesper” and Kim and I also know Mihai Stoian and Gregorian Bivolaru. I here state that I have never met people of higher morality than Grieg and Mihai. Which I cannot say about the others. I’ve met Celia and “Jesper” on the street one month ago an I was sincerely glad to meet them. I went to shake hands wit them and I felt them extremely distant. I didn’t realize why, since I never had anything against them. On the contrary, we used to be friends and I even gave some advice to Celia as a friend, in the beginning of her pregnancy. Now I realize that the distance they manifested was normal, because they felt guilty. The guiltiness that all of us feel whenever we choose to act against our soul. For what they did was to become unconscious tools in the hands of a semi-conscious (because he has willingly written a lot of miserable things he was aware of, without being conscious of the consequences – read KARMA – these actions will generate for him) reporter and to blame an entire school and the people following it for their own (Celia’s and “Jesper”‘s) misunderstanding.
    As for Kim, I even had to temper him once physically when he wanted to forcefully take a couple of friends out of the place where they used to live legally, for he pretended the place was his although he new the Court decided my friends are allowed to stay there. He even lied to the police officers until we showed them the official papers.
    The teachers in NATHA Yoga Center do not lie or hide their true beliefs. They do not have anything to hide. They say loudly and clearly they teach Yoga and Tantra, including tantric sexuality. Is there something wrong with that, people? Is it against any law in Denmark? The answer is no and moreover, any school should be proud of its teachers who practice what they preach.
    I leave the answers up to you
    Love, Light and Peace to all!

  452. 452

    Dear Per

    It is good you keep yourself up to date, and know the whole story.
    Do you find your self objective about the case and natha?
    You should consider the following -
    Can I be objective if I never talk to the other part?
    Can I be objective if I have not been part of the case, and only listen to natha?
    Can I be objective not even being a part of Nathas core?

    Also, if you find that Natha is a genuine spiritual school, you should really join it. Then we can talk again in 6 years – lets see if you are still so convinced.

    If something is “damaged” now – it needed to be fixed.

    I wish you all happines and success in your life
    Kim Schmock

    Dear Hans

    You call me unreliable – from what point of view?
    - beacuse I tell the truth?
    - because you think I gain a lot of money?
    You know that I loose a lot of money, considering that you have planed this scenario.
    Amrita insisted to meet me in March, just to threaten me that everybody moved out of my house except you, with the consequent that I would go bankrupt.

    “HH – 1. You would never have participated in the buying of Bhoga if……”
    1. Where is this condition – I would like a copy. Who was the community?

    “”HH – 2. You have signed a paper saying that you would pass Bhoga……..”
    2. I tried, but no one wanted it, even considering the extreme favourable conditions.

    “HH – 3. You have put forth 160.000 in downpayment for Bhoga…………..”
    3. I just gave you and others an opportunity to practice one of the foremost spiritual practices proposed by natha self – the Karma Yoga. Why are you all so attached to the fruits of this practice?

    “HH – 4. You lied in court claiming that a renting agreement…………..”
    4. Were you there when the lease contract was so called ”terminated”? I don’t believe you were, not even Mihai was participating in those meetings!

    “HH – 5. You have continually harassed the community the last 3 years…..”
    5. Peter Jørgensen is looking after the place for me. Maybe you shouldn’t be so aggressive in your acting, but take a more spiritual approach like humbleness. I look forward to see the accusations, I have nothing to hide. Just remember that somebody has to pay my loss in the end, and it looks like it will be you and Mariah. There is always a price to pay!

    “HH – 6. You have asked your brother in law Kim Grønhøj to harass us……”
    6. I have never asked Kim (Helle’s kid brother), to do anything against you. You yourself provoked him in such a way that he attacked you. Again – don’t act as aggressive as you do. I will remind you that psychological violence is as bad as physical violence.

    “HH – 7. You have caused a lot of personal grievance to your ex girlfriend..”
    7. I have been helping Helle as long as I could, but had to give up. She owes me more than 250.000 Kr. You say I stole from her – I would like to know where she got the money to purchase “her” horse. We both signed the contract of purchase, and I paid for it. I would like to see proof otherwise. She now sold him and kept all the money herself. Well it’s her karma so she will face the consequences.

    “HH – 8. On March the 10th to 11th 2009 You broke in illegally in Bhoga……”
    8. I didn’t break into my house, it was open. I walked into my house, because no one was supposed to be there. Everything was packed gently and moved out of the main building. If something is broken or missing, maybe you should ask the big group of Romanians that tried to move everything inside before the police came. Hans, when I was there last time you lived in the “stable”. Amrita told me that you were the only one living on the property. I didn’t believe that you would take the entire house in your possession. It looks a bit greedy to me.
    All the Natha thugs came in the night, but was sent away by police. Next day they came back and broke in, when I was sleeping, nearly hitting me with a crowbar.

    All of you loose your credibility when you keep lying, and you can’t keep track on your lies. Everybody can see this except yourself. Do you know how many versions of the Bhoga case, you yourself have published? In the last version all the papers were signed in 2002 and I stole the papers! It looks more and more desperate, my friend.

    I know exactly what I am and who I am. I just try to help you discover yourself….

    All will be revealed in all good time.

    Why are you so afraid of the truth? – be responsible.
    Why are you all having so much trouble facing the consequences of your actions?– be honest from the start.
    Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time – it will make it much easier to face yourself.

    I am open for dialogue, this is why I post here.

    In the process I found out who my real friends were – and they are still here.

    There is a major misunderstanding in the case of my house. I could use your way of “reveal” things like making an “interview” with myself, with the heading “The unknown truth about the Bhoga Case”, but I will just state it here – I didn’t “promise” you anything, I made you an “offer” and you were not able to take it.
    Follow your own teaching – it was consecrated, so it was Gods will, you just wouldn’t accept it.

    Love and compassion
    Kim Schmock

  453. 453

    Mihai, I will not sleep tonight. Again! It’s happening every time I read one of your articles.
    I practice yoga for some years and when I don’t have inner crises I consider myself a good yogi, I do my assanas, meditation, purifications techniques and I feel open for transformation and new challenges.
    Still, such events like we have faced now with all the calumnies regarding our school and your last article make me look at myself with big question mark. How can I say I am a good yogi if I don’t care about what others present about the school in which I believe, how can I be so indifferent seeing the distorsionant image created by media.
    Honestly, why do I still have this limited view, limited reactions to what is happening around me?
    Since the scandal have started I was just a simple witness waiting that it will pass, people will forget and everything to be as before. I didn’t worry too much, I like the teachings, I like the teachers , I like the people from Natha. I remember now what Mircea Eliade said ones about yoga * Yoga is criticized by the one who doesn’t know anything about yoga because ones you learn about it you can not criticize it anymore*
    So, I didn’t react at all, I was not involved personally, I knew there are lies and what? It will pass.
    But your article about the courage to dare made the things so clear to me. I remember now that a few years ago in the tantra camp we had a questionnaire and one of the question was *Are you ready to die for an ideal, for your beloved if the situation require that?* My answer was sad * I like to believe that I would do it but I KNOW I wouldn’t. Why? Where did I lose the courage, the power of sacrifice which I remember I had it ones? When I was teenager I had such aspirations to sacrifice myself for a high ideal.
    What happened meanwhile? I have the answer. In one of your lectures you told us about the tendency to relate too much with our experiences and not with the new situation, not with the new person in front of us. We are afraid we will be hurt, we remember it was painful last time and we decide to avoid that. In this way we add layer after layer of no dare, no believe, no courage, no love and finally no life.
    We prefer to keep ourselves in the safety prison which we create it continuously with our choices. I see myself often how addicted I am to comfort. Even if I try to be aware about that it’s so deeply rooted in my subconscious to get the easy way with no risk and no pain.
    What to do Mihai? If not me and others from our school don’t make a difference, because we already have the knowledge, who else?
    I have such moments like now ones in a while, when I promise myself to make more efforts, to open my eyes, to change things in my life which I don’t like. But I forget so easy, just a few days and I lose the track.
    It’s there any way of keeping me in an alert state, in a state of continuous awareness and capacity to see things from above, in a superior way?
    Thank you for the teachings and all the moments of inspiration.

  454. 454

    Isn’t it odd? Why is it that these ”ex-members” of Natha are so virulent and insisting in their attacks against the school? In reality, it is only 3 people. There are others who had left th school for different reasons and do not share their criticism, on the contrary, they hold dear to them the lessons and good memories and friendships they have from their time in the school. So, why is it that these specific 3 ”ex-members” are so aggressive against Natha? Ok, they chose to leave the school – fine, so why don’t they move on with their life? why do they insist on harassing those who have decided to continue in the school?

  455. 455
    Contrapress News

    TODAYS NEWS from ContraPress – ‘Informations which are never brought in the mainstream medias’: Today the ‘People endarkening Association’ Exnatha had their meeting in ‘Jespers’ house, planning their next calumnies and slandering attacks against their old friends. Without knowing that they are only agitated pawns controlled by the dark brotherhood hiding behind this smokescreen. Schmollum payed on his way back a short ‘visit’ to one of the yoga communities exercising his usual full moon harassment filming and provoking the happy yogi friends who were just spending their sunday cleaning the house and preparing the garden for a lovely summer. Meanwhile Cyborg – the slander machine – executed new Terminating charges this time against both Copenhagens Kommune and Natha Yogacenter in his desperate hope for following orders and obtaining his promised Salvation.


  456. 456

    Hi, Congratulations to the site owner for this marvelous work you’ve done. It has lots of useful and interesting data.

  457. 457

    Dear Kim Schmock

    You are a most unreliable source
    And you are in the midst of trying to steal Bhoga from Natha.
    I remind you that:
    1. You would never have participated in the buying of Bhoga if you did not have a community and school backing the idea up. You even put it as a condition yourself for acting as the intermediary (Straamand).
    2. You have signed a paper saying that you would pass Bhoga on to Natha if you should ever want to leave the community.
    3. You have put forth 160.000 in downpayment for Bhoga. Natha has invested more than a million kroner in the property, with many thousands of hours of work by enthusiasts and volunteers. Myself included.
    4. You lied in court claiming that a renting agreement that was terminated was still valid and used it as a justification to throw out the inhabitants. The renting paper was made solely with the purpose to transfer Bhoga ApS to Natha.
    5. You have continually harassed the community the last 3 years, either by yourself or through your 2 meter tall and wide gorilla friend Peter Jørgensen who you regularly send out to Bhoga to intimidate us with different kind of threats. I have recordings of Peter Jørgensen in a very threatening tone telling me that you will ensure that I lose every single dime that I have. There is currently a case running against you at Hillerød police for trespassing private space, thievery and harassment.
    6. You have asked your brother in law Kim Grønhøj to harass us by ruining the root zone sewage system and to act violently towards the inhabitants. Kim Grønhøj received a sentence for his violence and has since expressed his deepest apologies to us claiming how he was under your influence.
    7. You have caused a lot of personal grievance to your ex girlfriend Helle by harassing her and going into her private property stealing her things and trying to take her horses from her.
    8. On March the 10th to 11th 2009 You broke in illegally in Bhoga though we had the rights to be there throwing all our personal belongings out in the big yoga hall causing thousands of kroners of damage to personal belongings and also ruining a door and the shiva lingham statue, which there was no reason to damage. Our musical instruments are expensive and very dear to us and so are our computers as all our artistic work are on them. Thousands of hours of composition and music production. The way you threw them out shows a very deep level of disrespect for the hard work of other people.
    We reclaimed the place as was our right with no violence what so ever to your person.

    I respected and admired you and Helles efforts in the building of Bhoga as you were putting a lot of effort in it. But I have to remind you that all your efforts were made to make a yoga community in the spirit of Natha yoga center. How can you use 5 years of your life to help build up a yoga center, a holy place, and the next 5 years of your life to try tear it down? It doesn’t make sense. It is a personal vendetta and greed that you are conducting under the guise of being a crusader for the truth, when in fact you have done nothing of worth the last 5 years but take away the possibility for hundreds of people to come to yoga and meditation camps through your continual harassment.

    The real fact of the matter is that you feel hurt by some things that happened between you, Mihai and some of the others in the school who dared to take a stand against some of your emotional outbursts and now you don’t have the guts to go in where it hurts and to solve your issues.
    You have made mistake after mistake burying your soul in layers of anger and hatred. After every mistake you feel the need to justify your actions thereby adding yet another layer.
    So like an onion, these layers now need to be peeled of one by one and you now face the choice where you have to dare to peel of the first one to start getting back to your essence.
    But you are not alone. This is a trait that you have in common with many of the people who left Natha.
    They got hurt and instead of looking inwards they react aggressively outwards using the media for example to crusade their own hurt feelings instead of looking into their hearts. You are a brotherhood of hatred, not a brotherhood of love aspiring to bring forth good in this world.
    If you people out there really possess courage in your hearts you should march up to Mihai and the rest of us and tell us your grievances. “You did this to me, you hurt me, why did you do this?”. This is emotional maturity and courage. This is where true freedom lies.

    Instinctively Kim you know this and this is why you published your entry in Mihais blog: You feel a need to understand what it is that is happening to you in your life. It is a cry for help.

    Nothing happens in our lives that is without a reason.
    All the misery that you face in your life now: bad economy, living in a camping wagon, having your friends turn your back on you are the results of the choices you have made you yourself and you only.
    At least you should still posses the wisdom to know that we each bear the full responsibility of our lives.
    I ask you to come to your senses and to keep your promise. Hand over the papers for the property and receive the 160.000 kr you put in as down payment. In this way you fulfill the promise that you have given through all the years where people made thousands of hours of voluntary work for Natha in the property, work they did ONLY because they were told directly from you that the property belongs to Natha.
    One day Schmock you will understand that we in fact are the best friends you have ever had, because we keep you to your word. You promised to make a yoga center for a community and we are keeping this promise alive while you are going through this strange and tough period of your life. When we die the only thing we will take with us is our word.
    Once again I ask you to enter in dialogue with us. In this dialogue you might come to an understanding of why you have had to go through the things you have been through the last 5 years of your life. This might well be the biggest opportunity you have in this life to transcend all this pain and anger you have and to reach the next step of your being.
    With hope that you will come out of your box.

    With kind regards

    Hans Hvass
    Inhabitant of Bhoga

  458. 458

    12:41 AM 6/3 -Alo ? – Da ! – Institutul international de astrofizica, spectroscopie nucleara, prospectiuni intergalactice, studiul quasarilor si determinarea universurilor ciclice cu structura toroidala ? – Da, noi suntem ! – Cu Gogu de la cazane va rog…

  459. 459

    Dear Kim
    You never really owned Bhoga! The place belongs to Natha. I know the whole story from the beginning and I worked there many many hours to fix up that place. You have only been the responsible there on behalf of Natha. If you claim anymore to own that place, then please pay me back in cash my efforts!
    I dont know anything about your personal crime record, but for sure it will not stay clean if you continue like you do now.
    You have prevented Natha and a lot of peoples good efforts to bear fruits by blocking their use of Bhoga to keep camps and so on. And on top you try now to put down its teachings in public. What is this desperation? Dont you think you have done enough damage now?
    I dont come in Natha anymore because of my own personal reasons, but still I am really upset by all this bullshit you and these other people Celia and Jesper says about this genuine spiritual school in the public. I read all the answers from Natha on
    and also about the Bhoga case here and I really found some excellent explanations and arguments about what is going on!

    Thank you!

    and also hello to you Mihai, long time no see – but I follow closely your block. Good luck with everything – Maybe we can meet at some point and talk about the good old days!

    best regards


  460. 460

    Buna, Mihai!

    Tocmai am avut niste experiente, mai deosebite as putea spune, de cand am ajuns in ANglia. In primul rand am experimentat o anumita integrare, a tuturor evenimentelor de pe aici! Apoi o stare de fericire, si buna dispozitie de care nu am mai beneficiat de ceva vreme. si apoi am avut clar 2 experiente despre care as dori sa iti povestesc, si eventual cand ma intorc in danemarca, imi vei confirma sau imi vei explica mai pe larg fenomenul. Mie imi place foarte mult sa dansez, salsa in ultimul timp. Pentru mine in general este o experienta spirituala, pt. ca simt ca imi trezeste sufletul, direct, instant, si intr o maniera foarte armonioasa! In aceasta idee, de 2 ori, astazi, si ieri, cand am plutit pe ritmurile unor melodii latino-americane, AM SIMTIT CA LIMITELE CORPULUI FIZIC DISSPAR APROAPE TOTAL. DE ASEMENEA AM EXPERIMENTAT O SENZATIE EXTREM DE PLACUTA DE “COOLNESS”- nu stiu exact cum sa transpun in cuvinte- ORICUM ERA O SENZATIE FOARTE PLACUTA. parca eram pur si simplu in transa benefica. Am mai simtit asa ceva doar cand faceam dragoste, in anumite momente (aceeasi senzatie ca acest corp fizic dispare, si ma DILAT , PUR SI SIMPLU), sau cand am mai dansat salsa pe aici prin Anglia, in ultimii 2 ani. Am sa caut sa te gasesc in Cope, sa vb si face to face, pt ca sunt mai multe lucruri pe care vreau sa ti le impartasesc!

    Multumesc frumos, si de abia astept sa ma intorc!
    Laura Thea cu drag!

  461. 461

    could you please introduce some friends in London or Watford

    insterested in it and believe this theory and could make some serious

    thinking about it , i mean, not for the body position.

  462. 462

    Hello Mihai
    Since you have stated on many occasions that medias should be objective and fair, I am sure that you will keep my reply to your accusations against me posted. I have seen you and Nathas desperate attempts to make me an unreliable source. You argue that 1) I stole Bhoga from Natha, 2) that I am a convicted fellon, 3) that I have attacked Natha students and the police has been intervening. Regarding 1: From what legal or common sense perspective can I steal something I allready own? I have owned Bhoga since 2000 so it doesnt make sense to take about stealing. If I stole it you should report it to the police. Regarding 2: You say that I am a convicted fellon, that I have been convicted for violence (see You should know that I can proof a clean record. You could have just asked me! 3: I myself called the police when Romanian yogis smashed a window at Bhoga with a crowbar, being very close to hitting me. Kim Schmock

  463. 463

    Sper ca ceea ce am publicat in ultimele zile va raspunde la majoritatea intrebarilor. Eu nu mai folosesc serviciile messenger deci daca mai aveti intrebari puteti sa le plasati aici si eu va voi scrie pe mail raspunsurile. Va sfatuiesc sa cititi inainte toate informatiile de pe site-ul NATHA pentru ca in felul acesta ocolim intrebarile inutile.
    @marc allen
    dear marc, in the last week i was traveling and on my return i got the “surprise” of a slander campaign on me and NATHA. i will reply to your questions immediately i have more time. thank you

  464. 464

    Buna ziua,

    Imi cer scuze pentru deranj. Nu am gasit o alta cale rapida pentru a va contacta si am ales aceasta modalitate in speranta ca voi primi un raspuns.

    In mare, lucrurile se prezinta in felul urmator: sunt jurnalist,si inainte de a publica cev pe tema care a aparut acum doua zile in Danemarca si Suedia, as dori, daca este posibil sa va adresez citeva intrebari.
    Daca sinteti de acord v-as ramine indatorata.

    Precizez ca putem sa luam legatura si pe messenger, ID-ul meu fiind talidacovaci.

    Va doresc o zi buna.

  465. 465


  466. 466
    marc allen

    Hi Mihai, I was thinking a bit about the correspondence between the human soul and the soul of a nation, and was hoping you may offer some insights here. As we have archetypes ( eg. the king, the lover, etc) of the soul is this the same for a nation? Do these archetypes change over time ? When we are trying to understand and feel the pulse of our national soul I know we can do this through meditation and feel it intuitively but can we assume that the events occuring throughout each nations history are telling us something of that particular soul and how it is developing ? Can understand the archetype (if this exists) of the national soul of the country we were born in through the myths and events happening there?

    If human beings are attracted to incarnate in a particular place at a particular time (due to their own karma & resonances) to learn particular lessons then are they perhaps like the cells of that national soul for that time being (for that incarnation)and when they leave this life they are like part of its skin dropping off whilst other beings are attracted there (being the regeneration of new cells). Thus human beings are attracted there and we are absorbed into somehow the soul of that nation,to get the flavour of it in our being, to awaken resonances within us. In this way the soul of the nation exists in that land, in that particular time and space.
    marc, Ireland

  467. 467

    Hi, – da best. Keep it going!

    Have a nice day

  468. 468

    aceste nelamuriri pot sa fie clarificate chiar de site-ul unde vei gasi articole in care este explicata direct sau indirect legatura care exista intre systemul yoga si crestinism. iata aici link la setul de articole:
    de asemenea, pentru a practica yoga la misa nu este nevoie sa fi crestin sau crestin ortodox. eu nu am cunostinta de faptul ca scoala de yoga ar admira pe cineva din aparatul administrativ al vreunei confesiuni sau biserici. din experienta mea, in misa sunt promovate valorile spirituale autentice indiferent de originea lor si de asemenea sunt uneori punctate anumite erori insa numai atunci cand acestea pot sa afecteze pe ceilalti oameni.
    cunosc unele pozitii ale BOR in legatura cu misa si personal le gasesc lipsite de fundament si mai degraba rezultatul unor profunde neintelegeri corelate cu unele interese ascunse ale unor elemente din conducerea BOR care nu au nimic de a face cu spiritualitatea autentica. insa acestea sunt pozitii oficiale si nu reflecta intreaga biserica. eu am avut experiente minunate in discutii si chiar meditatii relizate impreuna cu calugari din anumite manastiri din Romania. cei care sunt cu adevarat interesati sa il gaseasca pe Dumnezeu nu se vor poticni in limitele impuse de o anumita doctrina ci se vor intalni pe calea spirituala mai devreme sau mai tarziu.

  469. 469

    dear Sarah,
    you can begin your spiritual journey by learning more about yourself. Try to practice meditation or hatha yoga and this will give you knowledge about yourself to continue your journey.
    the problem is not that you need to begin, i think you need to continue on one path until the results starts to appear.
    often people are trying one path and when the beginner luck is over they shift to another path and so on. in this respect i would remind you the story with the guy that was searching for water in the ground. after he dig for one meter he starts to think that maybe the water spring is not in that area and move on another spot. there he dig another meter and again the doubts come and he decide to move into the third spot and so on. after may days he was digging almost 30 wholes of one meter and he still didn’t find water. the paradox was that at 10 meters underground there was water in all the places he was digging.
    So Sarah, make up your mind and continue “digging” in the same spot until you find what your heart aspire to find.

  470. 470

    you post make me smile John. It is not only laughing that is solving the problems, it is the resonance you get into that is making you “untie” from the connections with the sadness and unhappiness.
    When you forget to laugh is because you still think that all that you get from life is a result of your efforts.
    And to put more laughter here, look at this clip…it is very funny. Enjoy!

  471. 471
    Sarah Fox

    Dear Mihai,
    I recently found your blog and I want to tell you that I like the diversity of your topics and the things that you say. it is refreshing to find spirituality expressed in a simple and ‘ALIVE’ but also common-sensed manner. I have been looking for a spiritual path and a geniune teacher for a long time and have tried many different spiritual orientations, however i have been unable to find the ‘right’ path for me. Could you offer me any advise on how to start my spiritual journey…
    Thank you,

  472. 472
    Jhon Gennings

    It is a great film and material about the power of laughter. Thank you, Mihai, you made my day brighter.
    It seems to be so easy this solution – if you are sad or upset – just laugh and everything will be better. And it realy works!
    Still, sometimes it is not so easy, as though I don´t even think about it. Why is that? What do I need to do to keep on being able to have this attitude all the time?
    Thank you, Jhon.

  473. 473

    te rog am cateva nelamuriri
    ce legatura are yoga cu crestinismul pentru Misa?
    ca sa fi membru Misa sisa practici yoga trebie sa fi crestin sau crestin ortodox?
    cum de Misa poate sa considere si sa admire asa mult fetele Bisericii Ortodoxe Romane BIGOTE SI CORUPTE ??!declaratiile BOR la adresa Misa sunt critice si chiar ofensatoare .

  474. 474

    Materialul lui Mihai prezentat la congres(adevaratul secret),este fff util acum an pragul crizei(:(:(:.Propun sa fie publicat pe yogaesoteric sau pe acest blog.MULTAM

  475. 475

    Constantine, Constantine,
    Discursuri similare cu al tau, am intalnit pe mai multe forumuri: din punctul meu de vedere, el nu are nici o valoare. Insusi modul de abordare te descalifica. Nu cred ca meriti ca cineva sa raspunda la problemele ridicate.
    Parerea mea este ca ai scris la comanda si dintr-o directie securistica, care nu ma mira. Sa fii iubit si sa ai un an mai bun !!!!!!!

  476. 476
    Kunal Patel

    Dear Mihai, Adina, Elodea, Philipa, Cleo, angela, tressin

    its almost a week you have been here in Chennai-India. Adina, you were like femininity crystallized in physical form. Mihai, your sense of vision, purpose & depth in your endeavor is exemplary, equally supported by your team, you have left some of the wonderful images in my mind, its so vibrant and live even today, I even can sense the smell around me. Thanks for coming to India and sharing your growth of conciousness & energy.

    Love you all

    Kunal Patel

  477. 477

    Ma Mudava, asta e din categoria “sa vorbeasca si Nea Ion ca e si el om”. Dumneata iti dai cu parerea fara sa ti-o ceara nimeni. Asa cum o fac si eu de altfel si zic ca ai putea sa respecti dreptul Mihaelei ca de altfel al oricarui om de a crede ce vrea ea sa creada.
    Dar treaba asta cu respectul se invata mai greu, e mai usor sa te dai special, dand cu tifla pe la colturi, ca puberii cu acnee, nu-i asa ?

  478. 478

    Ma Mihaelo, ma, sa stii ca filmu e de o mare initiere, eu asa am presimtit :)
    Voi vedeti totul ca pe ceva secret, ascuns, initiatic, si cand colo poate sa fie ceva extrem de banal … cum e si marele film pe baza caruia se face atita tam tam, eu unul sincer, n-am vazut nimic special in el, dar sigur tu ai putea sa vezi, ca atunci cand vrei tu ceva neaparat, se face, nu-i asa?

  479. 479

    Sint AUREL din BUCURESTI,an 14 de curs. Vreau sa stiu daca exista posibilitatea sa intru in posesia materialului prezentat de MIHAI STOIAN,in cadrul congresului international de la BUCURESTI,numit “ADEVARATUL SECRET ,ASA CUM NU A FOST DE FAPT DEZVALUIT IN RENUMITUL FILM SECRETUL”. Este un material foarte interesant care m-a ajutat sa inteleg multe lucruri.

  480. 480

    “The Magic Passage”, film inspirat, frumos care merita vazut. Mi-a placut! Multumesc!

  481. 481


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